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A women walks into a trap, but it's not quite what it seems.

..God!" Vivian turned and gawked at Brandi, who refused to wilt. "I didn't need to know any part of that."

"I want to know," Rio giggled.

"No, you don't," Mercy tugged on Rio's arm. "I'm taking you to bed now and make sure you behave."

"Oh, poo," Rio grumbled, but her eyes were clearly burning with hunger for Mercy who was doing an admirable job of not melting on the spot.

"You are going to have Rio sleep in Zane's room?" Vivian spun around and addressed Mercy. "Where is Zane going to sleep?"

"I'll sleep between them," Mercy replied. She left hanging out there that I'd be sleeping with her.

"That's my cue to go to bed," Barbie Lynn gave a sexy, lopsided leer my way.

"No," Vivian sputtered, clearly losing control of the situation.

"Coach," Vivian pleaded to Dana.

"I'm going to give you some advice, Vivian, not as a faculty member of FFU but as a combatant," Dana spoke clearly. "What is your goal for Zane? Think about it."

"I'm to make him live by FFU standards and morals. That includes getting to his classes and sports as well as keeping him chaste and respecting the Purity Pledge," Vivian outlined.

Dana preempted the laughter with a sharp glare.

"Zane has missed three classes because of the fight he got into defendingtwo of his fellow students and two due to legal complications ordered by the Administration," Dana informed her. "No one is in more sports than Zane. We've all seen him go to his sessions crippled too. How do you plan to improve on what he's already done?"

"In this case, that part of the job should be easy," Vivian countered.

"And there you are doomed," Dana sighed. "Zane does what he does easily because it is not in his nature to go against the grain. Every chance he gets, he does what we want. That doesn't make him weak, though."

"To the contrary, when he sets his mind to something, he drives at it with all his force, and when we get in the way, he fights with a rare desperate intensity and cleverness that many women here have come to admire. Zane didn't defeat the Chancellor and me; Christina Buchanan did. The thing is, it was Zane who convinced Christina to fight."

"If you want to beat Zane, you are going about it all wrong; stop the women around him, not him," Dana concluded. "If you try to rein him in, he will slip past you, and a hundred girls will help him get away with it."

"What should I do, then?" Vivian was stymied.

"You are a good Christian girl; you'll figure something out," Dana winked. I knew what Dana was getting at, and while I didn't believe it would work, it was one of the best bets. A good Christian woman might be able to make me a good Christian man; seeing how Vivian might make that work wouldn't be boring.

"I'm heading down to the bathroom," I announced into the confusion. Rapidly, Barbie Lynn, Mercy, and Rio went down at well. "Vivian?" I invited her to join us.

"No. I'm not afraid to use the readily available facilities here," she answered snidely.

Down in the bathroom Rio finished quickly, then came up behind Mercy, who was still brushing her hair. Rio's hold on sanity slipped away and she grabbed each of Mercy's ass cheeks in her hands, jiggled them up and down and giggled maniacally.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it," Rio went off. "I love this ass so much!"

"How do you feel about that, Sugah?" Barbie Lynn teased Mercy. Mercy lowered her face until her long hair obscured her expression. Balancing carefully on her hips, Mercy pulled her skirt up to give Rio a better view. Rio looked to me on the verge of crying.

"Best -- Slut -- Ever," she wept tears of madness.

"Alright," I chided Rio. "Get your stuff together, both of you, and we can get to bed. At the moment I thought I had the situation restrained, Mercy turned around and started to push past Rio. Rio jumped onto Mercy and slammed their bodies onto the counter, making guttural animalistic noises as she bit and kissed Mercy's shoulders, neck and lips.

I scooped Rio by the waist and yanked her away.

"No!" she growled.

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