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You never know when that break is going to come.

"Just how special do they have to be?"

She glanced over her shoulder and stood. With a quick movement, she had the office door shut and locked. She leaned against it and smiled at him. "They have to be special, alright." She pushed off the door and slowly walked towards him. "And I think that you just might be special enough."

The expression on his face was priceless as she straddled his lap. His hands went to her hips as he looked up into her face. "Loraine, this is highly illegal." His eyes closed slightly as she ran her hands through his hair. "Loraine, we can't."

She smiled and leaned down to gently kiss him. In a whisper against his lips she asked, "Why not? Don't you want me?" She pressed her body against his and kissed him again. "Show me how special you are."

That was all it took. HIs mouth was against her in a fury of kisses. He tasted every part of her mouth while his hands caressed the curves of her sides and hips.

Loraine ground her hips against his as she pulled away and looked down at him. She smiled a sexy little smile and raised one eyebrow. "So, is that a yes?"

He grinned as he lifted her and lay her back against the couch. He pinned her lower body with his. "Yes. Oh god, yes." He kissed her deeply again. "I've watched you in class. The way you get lost in a subject. The look you get on your face when you finally figure out a concept. The way you chew the end of your pen when you get lost in thought. Why do you think I have to teach from behind the desk most of the time?" He pressed his erection against her clothed mound. "I want you so much."

She kissed him again, even as her hands were taking off his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt. "Take me. Please. I want to be with you. Right now."

Dr. J leaned back slightly and pulled his shirt the rest of the way off. Loraine took the opportunity to slide out of her t-shirt and bra and kick off her sandals.

He stopped her from unbuttoning her jeans by pinning her against the couch and kissing her again. His hands were cool against the warm skin of her breasts and her nipples instantly hardened. She moaned against his kiss and ran her hands up his sides and pulled him closer.

She moaned again and threw her head back against the pillows as his kisses moved from her mouth to her chin and onto her neck. Her fingers gripped at the hair on the back of his head as his very talented tongue teased her nipples. She didn't think she could take much more of this delicious torture, so he pulled him back up her body and kissed him deeply. "I swear to god, if you don't fuck me right this second, I think I'll explode."

He gave her that sexy little smile again as his hands make quick work of the button on her jeans. "Then let's get these off so there won't be anything in the way." He leaned back and watched as she lifted her hips so he could remove her jeans and her small panties. His grin widened when she lay completely naked in front of him. "Very impressive. Did you shave for just this occasion?"

Loraine ran her hand down her body to her smooth pussy. She let her index finger tease her clit as she looked at him. "I shave everyday. I can't stand to touch myself and feel any stubble or hair." She held her finger out to him and groaned when he sucked it into his mouth.

HIs hand followed the path hers had taken not minuted before. She arched her hips into his touch, even as she reached for his belt buckle. He teased her clit and opening, never really sliding his finger inside of her, as she unbuttoned his slacks and tried to push them off his hips.

Finally, he stood and slid the rest of his clothing off. She smiled as she took in his body. His cock was hard and jutting out from the rest of his body. He wasn't a skinny, trim man, but his body was nothing like that of a normal older man. She reached out for him and pulled him to lay onto of her again.

The feel of bare skin against bare skin was almost to much for her senses to process.

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