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He teaches Joy's husband not to take her for granted.

I showed Tess Kristy's room and Tess set her down on the bed; I covered my baby with a light blanket.

We sat at the kitchen table and at last I heard about last night's mayhem.

"Last night Denise's husband went berserk. He knew the two of you dated; but until yesterday he never knew about the sex. Little Mike said something that set him off. He slapped Denise until she admitted you two slept together. Then he went out looking for you. After he finished with you, he went back and hit Denise a couple more times; Mike stepped in; what a brave little boy. Dillon grabbed him and broke the poor kid's arm. After he left the house, Denise called me and I brought her to the emergency room. You should have heard her; she was so worried about you.

Tess got up and poured the coffee she brewed. I sat thinking.

"Wait, if Denise's husband only heard about the sex last night; how did he find me so fast?"

"Don't know; maybe he was already stalking you. We'll know more after the police pick the asshole up. They have an officer stationed in front of Denise's house and there's an all-points bulletin out on him."

"How are Denise and Mike?"

"Denise has a swollen lip and black eye; Mike has his arm in a cast; they're both on pain killers. I called her folks' house and her mom hung up on me. Said something about a dyke before she hung up the phone. I don't think either one of us are going to get through to Denise while she's staying at her folks'."

The police came over later that morning; two detectives took my statement and asked if I would be willing to press charges. Their attitude toward me started out cold; but changed over the course of our conversation. At first, they treated me like some pervert who seduced and screwed a married woman, then got my just deserts. After I explained the abandonment, our lengthy courtship and my intention to marry Denise when the divorce was finalized, they treated me differently.

Things got even goofier after that first morning. After the police caught and processed Dillon, it turned out there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Montana. Seems the reason he left Denise is he got a seventeen-year-old waitress in Whitehorse pregnant while he was with his buddies on a fishing trip. When she threatened to have him arrested for statutory rape unless he came back and married her, he went out to Montana, convinced her to have the baby aborted, then spent the remaining months being such an asshole that she finally kicked him out and sent him packing back to his wife.

When the young girl's parents found out the whole story, they called the cops and the warrant for his arrest followed. Unfortunately, it was a low priority and the Whitehorse PD never followed up until Dillon was arrested in Spokane. Dillon eventually spent six years in a Washington State prison for the three assaults before being extradited to Montana to spend a few more years as a guest of their prison system.

Dillon never made it home. Given his propensity for violence, I was tracking just in case he decided to come after me again. I lucked out when Dillon got into an altercation in the Montana prison and ended up getting stabbed to death.

After Dillon's arrest for his assault on Denise, Mike and me, I thought about renewing my relationship with Denise; but it never happened. She quickly reverted back to her old ways while living with her parents. They laid it on thick; convincing Denise she sinned by sleeping with me while she was married, that she was under the spell of me and an ungodly lesbian. Her mother screened my one phone call to the house. When I approached Denise outside her house the next day, Denise refused to talk to me.

Dillon's parents also blamed Denise for Dillon's criminal temper-tantrum; said it was her fault for being an adulteress; totally ignoring Dillon's eleven months with an underage child in Montana.

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