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Tina is surprised when she meets Talon's brother.

I leaned forward and slowly but forcefully drove the length of my pipe up her chute in one motion. Sherry groaned plaintively as my shaft plumbed the depth of her colon.

Her tone changed to a hissing "Ooooooh..." as I slowly withdrew from the clutching grasp of her ass.

I drove forward again slowly repeating the process while Sherry cooed and keened like the finest Stradivari-ass.

"Come closer," I ordered Harvey. "Did you ever think you would see this?"

I pulled my cock from Sherry's abused asshole. After two violations in less than an hour, it gaped open, greasy, red and raw. I plunged my shaft back into her ravaged ass and delivered a few rapid-fire thrusts which set the table and her generous cheeks shaking. Harvey stared transfixed at the place where my root entered his wife's bowels. His face was blank but his focus was clear. I yanked my cock out and waved it in Harvey's general direction. I laughed out loud as he opened his mouth reflexively, prepared to take my dirty cock in.

"Very good Harvey," I laughed. "You want to show us what you can do with that mouth of yours? Is that it? You want to show us what you can do with this?"

I taunted him with my soiled, throbbing cock.

"I don't think so. Not today. I think you'd like that too much. Don't you think Harvey would like that, Sherry?"

Sherry looked at me, cross-eyed with lust, and nodded, slowly.

"Uh huh," she grunted with surprising authority, making me think that she'd like to see that herself.

"Yes, I agree. The little cocksucker would like that. No Harvey, you can show off your cock sucking talents some other time. Now's not the time, so you just kneel there and watch."

I set up a pattern, alternating between pumping my cock into Sherry's plump ass in rapid fire strokes and pulling it out to tease Harvey with the sight of my engorged tool and Sherry's yawning anus.

Her ass felt absolutely incredible molded around my dick, and I reveled in the clutching heat of my new toy as I stroked in and out. I was surprised at how quickly my climax came on. I fought it for as long as I could, but when the end became inevitable, I yanked my cock from Sherry's ass and turned toward Harvey as my twitching cock suddenly exploded, firing a blast of molten sperm directly into his face. Another blast caught him right in the neck, and his hand clutched at his throat in a gesture of surprise.

I turned back to Sherry and slid my convulsing cock back into her gaping chute. I pressed in deep and enjoyed the feel of her spasming colon milking me through the last few paroxysms. All too soon I was done.
I staggered away from the table, pulling my cock from Sherry's ass with a noisy slurp. I gasped for breath, stunned by the intensity of the illicit ass fuck, and surveyed the scene.

Sherry lay limply sprawled across the table, seemingly drained of all energy. Her hair was askew and her skin was flushed and mottled with sweat and my handprints. I looked underneath the explosion of hair and caught a brief glimpse of Sherry's eyes, not glazed and vacant as I expected, but seemingly bright with an emotion that looked a lot like triumph.

* * * * *

The buzzer went off again, and this time Lisa groped for the switch to shut it off and stumbled off to the bathroom. Soon I could hear the shower running as Lisa cleansed herself before the start of the day. I felt guilty at what I had done, and by how aroused I had become thinking of it. Could I wash away my own filth, or was this what I had become? I was shocked and horrified at what I had done and the depth of the depravity that had come out of my soul, and especially the ease and joy with which I had imposed it on my neighbors. But I also felt a sense of pride that started as just a warm glow in my stomach and swelled as I relived the previous day's events until I burst out with an audible laugh as I remembered Harvey unwittingly eating the carrot that had been the instrument of his wife's anal de-virginization.

I lay bolt awake and listened to t

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