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Once a Lyox turns 18, they must be sorted into dom and sub.

I did as I was told and bent over at the waist.

I screamed as the first strap hit my ass. It hurt like crazy, but I didn't have time to recover as the next 3 followed straight away in quick succession, causing my ass to burn.

"Now, put your stuff down and begin stretching as I start exercises with Nicole."

I stood up and looked over at Nicole. She was watching me with a triumphant smirk on her face which she turned away when we made eye contact. That bitch! I suppose I deserved it. She was probably wondering when I was going to get strapped. I had pushed myself pretty well so far though, as I wanted to get results. I was also becoming addicted to the rush of completing the reps. When I did complete them, I was mentally saying, "Fuck you and your strap Victor." When I saw her get the strap I thought to myself, "She's weak; I will always be able to do the reps, so I'll keep it up."

That was all about to change today. Nicole managed to complete all of her reps without a single strap and I was on my last exercise for the day - bench press. I don't know if I used up too much energy over the weekend or what, but I ended up being 6 short on the bench press. Victor had been screaming at me to push them out, but I just couldn't do any more.

"Ok," he said, taking the bar from my hands and putting it back on the rack. "That's 6 straps I owe you, but don't move." He said, picking up his strap from the desk. I just lay there on the bench, trying to recover from the massive workout today, all the time getting nervous about how sore my ass was going to be in about 3 minutes. It was still a little sore from the 4 at the beginning of the session for being late.

"You received 4 for being late, plus another 6 now equals 10 all up. You get extra punishment."

"What?" I said in shock. "I didn't know the first 4 counted!"

"Well now you know," he said rather annoyed.

I was going to protest more, but then realized that I was at his mercy and I had better not aggravate him anymore that he already is.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked, anxiously looking up at him from the bench as came over and stood next to my shoulder.

"Spread your legs a little," he said. "I want to create a static resistance for your groin muscles, as well as receive punishment." My feet were up on the bench and my knees pulled up a little, making a triangle from my ass to my knees to my feet. I then did as I was told and spread them until my knees were about 12 inches apart and held them there. I could feel my groin muscles working already.

Victor then began pulling down his shorts and proceeded to step out of them completely and kick them away. He already had a hard-on which I hadn't noticed though his shorts, probably because I was too caught up in the position I was in and the punishment ahead. Nicole was standing on the other side of the bench and was looking on.

Victor took up his position next to my shoulder again and then, ordering me to stay still, raised the strap up and brought it down directly on my soft pussy.

"What the hell!" I yelled as this was not what I was expecting. He responded by bringing the strap down between my legs again onto my pussy. Once again I was going to protest, but thought better of it and stifled another cry as I kept my legs at about 12 inches apart, providing a clean shot for the strap. He had not doubled it over like he did when he had strapped mine and Nicole's ass. He kept it at one length, probably so he could reach my pussy to deliver the blows.

He strapped my pussy for the third time and, noticing that I had become accustomed to what my punishment was going to be, he moved closer to my head and lifted a leg up and over, so that he had one leg either side of my head which was on the thin part of bench sticking out. He then lowered himself down so that his ball sack lined up with my face.
"Open up and suck my balls," he commanded.

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