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Gasm continues to wreak havoc.

She pulled the disposable diaper close to Gwen's tummy and taped it closed snugly. Gwen bawled with the humiliation of the crinkles the diaper made as she squirmed uncomfortably. Imogene smiled down at her patient and picked up the items she had taken from the bag earlier.

"Now, this will be something that you'll learn enjoy over time. Or you may never have to experience it again, depending upon how you act." she said as she attached the tube to the water bottle.. She tightened the clamp and smiled down at Gwen, "Ok, get ready.. This might be a bit uncomfortable, but I'm sure you'll feel much better afterwards." With that, she pulled the corner of Gwen's diaper away and slipped the tube inside her diaper. She leaned close and looked into the diaper as she snaked the tube a good bit between Gwen's rump cheeks. Gwen squealed and tightened her muscles.

Her tears flowed freely as she squeezed her ass muscles for all they were worth. "We'll have none of that, little Gwenny.. Unclench or I'll have to spank you," Imogene said with steel behind her soft, feminine voice. Gwen refused, shaking her head back and forth, screaming over the pacifier. Imogene sighed softly and began to spank Gwen's thighs until Gwen was crying so hard she couldn't think to clench her muscles anymore. Imogene slid the cold metal nozzle on the tip of the tube into Gwen's soft puckering spot.

Imogene pushed it deep inside, ignoring the grunts and cries of Gwen. She smiled with satisfaction and glanced up at the beautiful, flushed face of her patient. "Are you getting used to it, baby?" Gwen sobbed in relent and nodded a bit, as her muscles were conforming around the metal. The pretty nurse smiled and nodded happily, "Good! Now I'm going to get you dressed and we're going to go for a little exercise. Endurance is the name of this game, baby Gwenny," she said as she slipped a hospital gown that had been cut short just above the navel.

"Are you going to be a good baby girl and not fight me as I take you down the hall for a walk?" Gwen nodded and sighed softly, feeling quite tired and too weak to fight back. The nurse smiled and removed the restraints, helping her stand with the tube and all. She hooked the tube to her IV tree and took Gwen by the hand as she wheeled the tree with them, the tube from Gwen's IV and the one inside her diaper trailing behind her. Gwen's tears began to roll down her bright red cheeks as they walked out the door of her room.

. . Chapter IV . .

Imogen smiled to Jimmy as he passed by, knowing that he hadn't 'seen anything'. Yes, Jimmy knew her well enough to know that she wasn't someone to be trifled with. Meanwhile, Gwen walked slowly - kind of waddling a bit with the diaper and the nozzle inside her sensitive bottom hole. As she walked along side the pretty nurse, she wondered what the hose was for and, as if being able to read her mind, Imogen chimed in, "Ever had a douche, darling?" Gwen nodded her head, thinking, Of course I have! Is there an eighteen year old girl that hasn't? I wonder what she asked that question for...

Imogen continued, "Well, that's good because you'll understand this. What the tube up your.. *ahem* heiny is.. is an attachment to this little baggy here." She wiggled the bag that looked kind of like a hot water bottle to Gwen and it sloshed a little, letting her know there was liquid of some sort inside it. Imogen began to grin rather widely as the look of understanding came over Gwen's face like a cloud over the sun. The nurse gripped the release valve and let a stream of water drain from it slowly into the girl's asshole.

Gwen squirmed and stopped moving, trying to keep the water from entering, but it was useless.

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