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Kin comes together, as all sides of the triangle meet.

I was cool on the outside, but secretly THRILLED to see Karrie wearing my gift!

Karrie hurried home right after school. It was last Friday. She ate a quick bite and headed for a long, hot bath. The fragrance of her body wash? Appropriately enough (and quite ironically) it's "Secret Crush." She fondled herself in the tub, but managed to curb her appetite before getting too far. After all, a guest was coming!

She had a nice glass of wine. Damn! It was still only 7:00! A little tv to kill the time perhaps? She flipped through the channels and saw the beginning of a movie. Uh-oh, "Original Sin" with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. No one EVER watched that movie at home without getting laid!

She lay on her bed and watched the movie, not even noticing her hands slip out from under her head and down her stomach, under her robe and into her warm, clean pussy....the ringing phone awoke her from her reverie!

"Marty? Oh, I miss you SO much, dear.....You miss me too? Good............What am I wearing? I'm on my way out to the gym, so I'm in sweats....Yes, I'm sure I'll run into John and Chris on a Friday night at the gym...NOT!....Yes, I'll tell John tomorrow that you want a rematch!......I love you too. BYE!"

Karrie now noticed her fingers stroking her clit, and all of sudden she noticed the other hand working on a nipple. She couldn't help herself this time. The first sex scene in the movie was on, and so was SHE! Karrie's orgasm subsided at precisely 8:01 p.m. She considered cleaning herself up again, but decided that she LIKED the slutty smell of her own cum mixed with the "Secret Crush." She watched the rest of the movie, and worked herself over another time.

During the last 15 minutes of the movie, she began dressing as instructed. The scent of the vanilla candles, her own juices and the Secret Crush were intoxicating. Add the wine, and she was somewhere between a submariner on shore leave in Virginia Beach and a nervous little girl. She wondered who the admirer was...

Karrie place herself on the executive chair, briefcase in hand, at 8:58. She looked across the room to your dressing table mirror, and was astonished at what she saw. Instead of a casual looking, elementary school teacher, she saw a high maintenance ball-breaker looking lawyer or executive. If only Marty could see her now!

The mantel clock downstairs began to chime 9:00. Karrie heard the slight click of the doorknob opening, and the creak on the stairs as I walked up. I reached the top of the stairs and paused for a moment before I turned into the room. A little self-doubt gnawed at me. I mean, she works with my WIFE! I steeled myself, took a deep breath, and turn right into the room.

Karrie noticed the double-breasted charcoal suit with the lavender tie. French cuffs on the shirt. Spotless, shining black shoes. She gave a faint smile.

I walked forward toward her. She started to say hello, but I put my finger to her lips and shake my head. Norah Jones' "Waiting for You to Come home and turn me on" poured out of the stereo. I circled behind her and begin gently massaging her shoulders.

When she was nice and relaxed, I gave the chair a medium spin and turned her towards the big window, with me between her and the window. Without a word, I knelt down and begin running my fingers lightly up and down her short, shapely, tan legs. I leaned in for a kiss, and gently landed with my tongue on the edge of the birthmark on her left thigh, just above the knee.

Karrie smelled incredible, but I couldn't even tell her. It would have broken the spell. My hands left her legs for a moment and reached behind her lovely ass. I locked my hands together and gently (well, sort of) pulled her forward to the edge of the chair. Her skirt rode up a little as I pulled her, and her pussy lips dribbled a little cum on the leather manager's chair.

When she was positioned on the very edge of the chair, I reached down to her ankles, grabbed them in a most ungentlemanly manner, and pushed my arms outward quic

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