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Opening the envelope revealed a beautiful off white card embossed with a border of vines and leaves in the corners. Written on the card in a perfect penmanship with an almost calligraphy quality were these words.

"This is what you are to wear tonight for our dinner,

I will pick you up at eight. Be ready"


Her heart did a little flutter in her chest, and of course the same was echoed between her legs, a sensation that she now knew was beyond her control. The effect this man had on her wanted to make her scream and shout for joy at the same time. And again, there was no name, just the simple initial R on the note.

She set the card to the side and carefully untied the bow holding the two boxes together. Taking the smaller box in her shaking hands she opened it to find a beautiful pair of black four inch heel shoes with delicate windings of black and silver bands that crisscrossed over the toes and terminated in a buckle that would ride high on the ankle. They also happened to be in her exact size, slipping one on gave the impression that they were made to fit her exclusively. There was also a small black purse that matched the shoes and would hang gracefully from her shoulder.

Setting the shoes aside for a moment she opened the larger of the two boxes. Folding back the thick black tissue paper to expose a deep purple velvet bag with a gold-corded drawstring lying over a black evening dress. She put the velvet bag to the side for a moment and gently took the dress nestled in the wrapping. It was beautiful, her heart fluttered at the site of it. It had tiny little straps that flowed down to a low cut top outlined with beautiful cut crystals that glistened like diamonds. She could see that the hem was quite short and that when it was on it was only going to cover a few inches of her thighs below her panties, she blushed at the thought. The material felt like silk against her skin, an expensive fine silk and must have cost as much as she made in a week.

She felt giddy at the thought of wearing the dress on her date with him; her mind was racing and her heart followed. Laying the dress carefully aside she smoothed it out on the couch cushion beside her, careful not to wrinkle it. Next she reached for the velvet bag and opened the gold cord that held it closed. First she pulled out what must have been the most exquisite pair of sheer black stockings that she had ever held in her hands. The stockings were thigh highs with the elastic garters at the top that didn't require any sort of strap or belt to be worn with them.

Laying the stockings carefully over the back of the couch she continued her exploration of the velvet bag. The next item that that she pulled carefully from its velvet cocoon was a black sheer strapless bra of sorts. She had never seen a bra like it before, it was obviously designed to lift and cup her breasts yet there were no cups, there was just enough fabric to lift and hold her breasts up and nothing to cover them, her nipples would be totally exposed. The thought of her nipples poking through the tight silk of the evening dress caused her to blush and feel an excitement deep inside. She was going to be more exposed in this outfit then she had ever dared in public before.

Reaching into the soft bag with her hand she slid out a sheer black pair of high cut panties. Looking them over them she noticed the quality of the material and the interwoven lace, the way the back of them will do little to cover her ass and how high the will ride against her in the front. There's something odd about them as well, a thickness to the cloth that will stretch from her back side up between her legs and in front of her. Almost as if there is something built into them.

Further investigation of the inside revealed a soft ridge running that length that would nestle itself between her lips when worn.

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