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Alycia Debnam Carrey from Fear the Walking Dead.

I knew that after I'd been spanked that I'd be more willing to have them taken with my panties down. I'd only allowed one other person to do so and I did not want the picture. I doubt he still has it as well.

He took some pics of me sitting in a chair with my uniform on then had me bend over the back of the loveseat for some 'panties up' shots. He then pulled my panties down and picked up the belt.

Cold? He's gonna use those things on me cold?

"Now," he started. "Is it Amy's fault that you were on the computer all day?"

So he was seeing reason now, was he? "Yes. Yes it is, She..."

I felt his free hand on my lower back and I braced myself. That was exactly what he did before he lit a fire into my ass with that switch.

"Clasp your hands," he ordered. "And tell me about the rules regarding your hands during a spanking."

"I know the rules!"

"Tell me what they are."

Boy he was sure putting up with a lot of mouth. "Okay, okay. They are to remain clasped."


Did he want me to actually say what the consequence was if I didn't? Unless he specifically asked me that, I wasn't about to say it. "And...they are not to come apart for any reason."

"What about your feet?" he asked.

"They are to remain on the floor in the spot they started in."

"Good." His hand put a bit more pressure on my back and he raised the belt.

All in all he gave me somewhere between 12-15 strokes with it. I managed to stay in place but it hurt. I did think he'd do a warm up but he told me later that he didn't cuz he wanted me to get the full effect of it.

When he stopped he told me to remain in place and he put the belt to the side then picked up that awful looking black strap. I was kinda fearful but in an excited kinda way.

But when that first stroke landed, "Oooooh gawwwwd...." came out of my mouth. Up til this point I had pretty much been silent but that thick thing hurt like a MF and I am not kidding! Another stroke landed and I thought if he gives me as many with this horrid thing as he did with the other then I am bolting! I knew that I could not take very many from that heavy strap in this unwarmed state. It was thick, wide and double stitched.

"How was that?" He asked after he'd stopped. My bottom was still throbbing.

"It hurt." I answered. Damn it did!

"Well, that was doubled over. Let's try it singled."

Well, daggone it. He wrapped the end around his hand (I think) and then let it fly a few times on my already burning bottom. Wow! Not as forceful as when it is doubled over but a very wicked, cutting bite nonetheless.

I am gonna be brave if it kills me but, damn that thing hurts!

He stopped. "What about that?"

"I noticed a big difference," I admitted. "It is more stingy in a topical way and definitely didn't feel as heavy like that."

He had me keep position and took a few more pictures. Then he had me get up and I pulled my panties up and rubbed my bottom gently.

"Where's CB?" He asked me.

"Which one?" Still rubbing, something I never do. And yes, I was trying to make things difficult for him.

"Both of them."

"One is in that closet," I pointed to the closet by the door where I had put CB (or so I thought) after my last punishment spanking. "And the other is in my underwear drawer upstairs in my room."

"Okay go get them. You have two minutes."

I stood there, dumbfounded. "Both?" And a time limit! How mean is that?

"Yes, both. One minute and forty five seconds."

I rushed to the closet and tried to open the top of my Hope Chest. It proved to be a challenge because of the stuff stacked on top of it, but I did and stuck my arm inside, feeling for the box, the small box that one CB had been gifted in by him at Christmas.

Empty! Oh god, what had I done with it? "It's not here!" I cried.

"You better find it." He said matter of factly. "One minute and thirty seconds."

I ran down the hall and up the steps to my room.

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