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Two girls are readied for their coming of age deflowering.

The two of us are similar in coloring but where Lillian is tall and slender I am shorter with a voluptuous figure. Together we make a stunning picture and you find yourself getting aroused.

You know that I enjoy women almost as much as I enjoy you but you've never pushed for me to engage in any sort of threesome. You like being with me and in the end you aren't one to share. For my part I am more than content to spend my passion upon your body. You know me to be an enthusiastic lover and the two of us find hours of enjoyment with each other. But tonight you're inclined towards something different.

I knew you were up to something. You'd been watching me for hours and often times included Lillian in our conversation. You also made sure that Lillian and I were seated together and on more than one occasion left the two of us to dance alone. I'm not the least bit surprised when you offer to drive Lillian home so that she wouldn't have to take a cab.

Lillian had enjoyed her evening and the company of both James and Liz. It was obvious that the couple adored each other as was evidenced by the hundred little ways they touched. It was something noticeably missing from her own marriage and one of the reasons she and her husband had separated. Now, she found herself wishing to be a part of something so special, or at least bear witness to it.

You seem to know the exact direction of her thoughts. Instead of driving Lillian home you take her to your place. After helping both of us out of the car you open the front door and show us into the living room. I slip out of my shoes before sinking down on to the couch, tucking my feet beneath me.

You indicate that Lillian take a chair opposite of me while you go and get each of us a glass of wine. Both of us are relaxed, talking comfortably when you returned and sit beside me on the couch. You brush my hair off my shoulders and run your fingers along me neck. I shiver and smile at you before settling back against the couch.

Your hand slides down from me neck, along me collarbone, and into the tender place between me breasts. You can see me nipples harden through me dress and moved to trace the one closets to you with your fingertips. I shift against the couch and arched me back, pressing me breast into your hand. I take a deep breath and let it out on a long sigh.

Lillian sat mesmerized as James continued to stroke and caress Liz. They seemed to slowly enter their own world where no one else existed. She felt her own nipples harden as if James were stroking her instead of Liz. Her breath caught when he took one of Liz's nipples in between his fingers and rolled it gently.

You can hear Lillian from across the room and smile as you lower your head. You brush your against the tender skin of my neck, inhaling my light scent before pressing your lips against the pulse that beats beneath my jaw.

Your hand, which had been teasing my nipple unmercifully, moves to caress the flat of my stomach before sliding down my thigh. Your fingers move under the hem of me dress and back up the inside of my thigh. You can feel me tremble as your fingers brush above the top of my stockings and reach bare skin. The skin there is softer than the most expensive silk and you know that I will taste even better.

As Lillian watched Liz uncurled her legs and spread her thighs allowing James access to the very center of her being. Lillian could see the moisture already collecting along Liz's pussy. Her own pussy was wet and she could feel her clit throbbing against her panties. She longed to rub herself with her fingers and before she'd completed the thought her fingers were already sliding up her thigh, pushing her skirt up as she went.

You move me until I'm lying back on the couch. You're seated between me spread thighs, my pussy open before you. As you sit staring down at me, I arch my back and lift me hips in invitation. You draw the moment out, teasing me with your fingertips along my thigh but never touching me where I want it most.


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