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Daddy finds his long lost girl.

She should have been putty in his hands, just like her mother. Perhaps her innocence hindered the desire to submit to a man, or perhaps she was just too defensive and for the song to affect her as it should.

Leon wasn't discouraged. He was still determined to be the one to take her virginity. The widow's daughter was a challenge, and that made her even more desirable. He would find a way inside her, he was not about to lose his bet with Borso. He would prove that he can have any woman he desired, and the brandy was going taste exquisite.

He then noticed the tavern doors open and two tall figures walk through. Several of the other tavern patrons stared at the newcomers, murmuring to each other. The sight of the large shapely amazons was a rare sight within the city. Leon was surprised to see them there, too. He never saw the guards drinking in any of the taverns the caravan had traveled to.

Despite standing out among the gawking city folk, the two amazons seemed relaxed, and casually walked over to an empty table. The buxom wench soon came over and took their order. The other patrons soon stopped their conspicuous staring and went back to their business.

The amazons were talking to each other and didn't seem to look Leon's way. He wondered if they had noticed him there on the other side of the room. He wondered if they had chosen to come to the tavern he was in. He had propositioned them the other night after the fight, offered them carnal pleasure. Perhaps it had been playing on their mind, and now they were ready to accept.

Yes, those two were still in his deck-the Knave and Queen of Hearts. Perhaps he could notch up another conquest tonight without the aid of his music. It would certainly raise him up again after his failure with Marion. Leon got up from the table and approached the wench who had just finished pouring them a couple of large mugs of ale. She didn't complain as he paid for the drinks and offered to take them over to the table. The two amazons smirked at him as he approached with their drinks in hand.

"Well, look who it is," said Quinn.

"Ladies, how wonderful it is to see you here," said Leon as he placed the drinks down in front of them. "I wanted to buy you these drinks. It is the least I could do after you saved my skin from those ruffians the other night."

"Thank you, bard," said Alkaia, returning the smile. She gestured to the empty chair and the bard didn't hesitate to take a seat.

"Leon, please. So, I see the two of you are off duty tonight. Looking for some fun and recreation before we set off tomorrow?"

"Something like that," said Alkaia before taking a big swig of her ale.

Leon's eyes lingered on her full breasts held tightly within the scaled armor chestpiece, plenty of her tanned skin could still be seen, pressed into an impressive bulging cleavage. He yearned to free them and grab hold the smooth flesh with both hands, to feel their weight. It made his cock stir. Alkaia put mug down and smirked at him overtly staring at her chest.

"That is an impressive necklace," he said, drawing his eyes back the jewellery hanging above her cleavage. The black beaded thread looked familiar. The stone pendant hanging from the center had a green jewel which seemed to pulse with a dim light. "Is it magical?"

"Yes, it's very special."

"What does it do?"

"Maybe you'll find out."

"Hmm, okay," Leon didn't quite know how to take that, but it didn't sound like a threat. Their demeanor seemed more warm and friendly than usual. "The two of you really are magnificent. It was something to behold, watching you fight. I want you to know that my offer still stands, I am at your service if you are seeking bodily pleasure."

"Oh, here we go," said Quinn. "You said you were a great lover. Is that just a title you gave yourself, bard?"

"Oh no, It has been stated by a great many women from south to north, east to west. Nearly all of them claim that I am the best they've had."

"And what is it that makes you a great lover?"


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