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She's lucky to have known her soulmate all her life.

She had acted very rudely to him calling a nerd. What was worse two footballs players saw it and really began to put him down. Now it was some get even time.

Alice also felt the same need as Sally and squeezed her breast. She also saw Alice do the same and Josh watching them.

Before either of the girls could regain their composure Josh sent another thought "Now put your right hand on your left breast and squeeze. Then continue holding it while your rub between your legs ten times," Josh again sent the thought to both girls.

Both girls did as he instructed and noticed Josh had a large smile on his face.

When she had rubbed herself ten strokes between her legs Sally ran over to Alice. "What is happening?" she gasped.

"Is something wrong?" Josh innocently asked.

"No, there is nothing wrong," Alice said attempting to appear calm but it was obvious she was not.

Josh watched as the two girls were talking to each other. Sally was standing with her back to him facing Alice and was moving her hands as she talked. Josh sent them another thought, "Reach around and hug each other. While you do grab each other's ass and squeeze ten times. Even though you don't want it to it will feel great."

As Alice was listening to Sally's hysterics she suddenly had the same compulsion that Alice was having. At almost the same instant they reached around and hug each other. Alice could not help but let her hand slipped down to Sally's young ass and squeeze. She felt Sally doing to the same to hers. It shouldn't but it felt really good. Both girls felt something they did not want to feel and under their jeans their pussies began to moisten.

Josh simply stood there and watched them. He looked at many pictures on the Internet of girls doing things to each other and love seeing it. Here it was live. Josh also noticed the familiar budge in his pants.

Alice and Sally again regain their normal senses and were looking at each other wondering what the hell was going on.

Josh sent another thought, "Unbutton your blouse and pull your left boob out of your bra and let me get a good look at it."

Sally was trying to comprehend what was happening. She still had the buzz of the wonderful feeling of Alice's hug and her hands on her butt. She never thought she would be attracted to another woman. Suddenly as she pondered this, she had the strangest feeling in her left breast and began opening her blouse. She looked up at Alice on what to do and saw she was doing the same thing. Then both girls shoved the left side of their bra down and allowed their left breasts to break free of the bra. They turned and allowed Josh to see them.

"What are you girls doing?" Josh said still playing innocent.

When they heard his question they seem to break free of the spell and quickly began to cover themselves. However, before they could do so Josh sent, "Don't cover your tit." Both girls stopped and just stood there looking rather frantic.

"Why are you girls showing me your boobs?" Josh asked giving his most innocent look he could imagine.

Alice finally responded saying, "You need to leave now. We are having a little problem."

"I don't want to. I like seeing your titties." he said again. With that he walked toward the two girls who were still just standing there with their left breast for the entire world to see.

"I told you to leave right now or you will be in big trouble," Alice said in her firmest voice. Sally was beginning to cry.

"No, you will be the one in trouble. It is against the law for you to show your boobs in a store and I will tell," Josh replied as he neared the two girls. Josh did not know if this was true but it sounded good.

Alice did not have an answer for this. She was still unsure of what was going on and was having difficulty thinking at the moment.

"Your boobs are feeling great being out of their bras," Josh pushed the thought at them. He noticed immediately both nipples seemed to perk up. Josh was standing right in front of the two girls.

"Take off your blouse and bra," Josh projected his thoughts.

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