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Eve and Lucifer find one another very attractive.

"Relax, hon", Renita coos, stroking the trembling brunette's lower back, just above the swells of her buttocks. " Push out a little bit; that's my's gonna hurt at first, then you're gonna love it"

Jen tries her best to follow these instructions. Concentrating mightily, she strains to open her sphincter to the large cockhead intent on prying its way inside. Sharp, traumatic pain quickly shoots through the huge-mammaried brunette, spreading like a spider's web through her lush body; she bites her lips to keep from screaming. Still, she continues to strain her bowels in her effort to allow the thick shaft further inside herself. Renita is patient and deliberate, pausing every few seconds before continuing her inward journey. Ten minutes pass before she is fully-imbedded in the groaning wife's outward-bulging anal trench.

The ebony beauty's crotch rests fully against Jen's widely-splayed butt-cheeks. She pauses to give her partner time to adjust to the massive latex dong stuffing her rear portal. Her hands slide under and around to cup and knead Jen's enormous titties. She thumbs the already-protuberant nipples into ever thicker, harder nubbins. Jen gasps and moans, her poor, full-to-capacity anus spasms painfully around the bowel-clogging torpedo strapped about Renita's lean middle. Now, she posts gently, steadily in and out of her lover's still-tight backdoor, loosening it with each stroke. In tempo to her thrusts, Renita delivered a series of light slaps to Jen's substantial buttock-meat, causing it the hefty globe to shimmy and ripple gelatinously. Millions of bright, tiny sparkles dash through Jen's beleagured mind. Her whole being is focused on her over-stuffed asshole. And the huge, pistoning dildo stuffing it...

After ten minutes or so, Renita decides to give her whining victim a break and withdraws completely. Jen gasps as a rush of cool air swoops into and up her slack, wide-open pooper. "OOOoooo!" she whimpers, as Renita pushes her face between the brunette's wide-spread ass-mounds and thrusts her randy tongue into the breach. She swirls it in tight, looping circles, swabbing the inside of the raw, abused orifice until Jen can't hold back her anguished plea for respite: "R-R-Renitaaa! Oooo, I'm gonna..."she blushes furiously as she feels her bowels cramp painfully, signaling an impending gas attack. "I-I think you should s-stop; Ohhhhhnooo...!" she groans, unable to suppress the loud, blatting fart from escaping from deep within her squirming guts: ffffffFFFllllLLLAAAT!!

"YEAH, baby! TALK TO ME!" the black woman chortles triumphantly. "Are you trying to tell me that you want me to keep butt-fucking you, sweetie?"

"Y-y-yess" The defeated wife and mother hisses.

"Say it, honey. Say the words: 'I want you to keep butt-fucking me, Renita' "

"Please; I-I CAN'T!"

"You WILL!" Renita states coldly, slapping Jen's left buttock with her sticky cock, sending it a-wobble.

Jen is so hungry for the black executive's rubber dick that she gives in, all pretenses swept aside.

"I want you to keep butt-fucking me, Renita", she whispers.

With minimal effort, Renita is once more buried balls-deep in Jen's now-welcoming rectum.

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