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Samantha was bound by the wrists and ankles with layers of duct tape, struggling and flailing about. A heavy blindfold was tied tightly around her head, her mouth duct taped as well. She must have just woken up and was confused and angry. She always had had a bit of a mean streak, something that had drew Victor to her when they had first started dating in college. Sliding the window panel closed, he turned back to watching the road.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. He decided it would probably be better to drop her off with Jhiraagh's men." Eddie said, flicking the ash from his cigarette out the cracked window. Victor usually didn't like smoke, and would have made a point to say so. However, with all that was currently on his mind, he didn't even notice the acrid smell or haze that had quickly filled the small cabin of the van.

They continued on for another hour, sitting mostly in silence, the rhythmic thumping in the back from Samantha's struggles, the only interruption. Pulling onto a small, country road, mostly forgotten by the rest of the world, Eddie drove deep into the wooded area, foliage blotting out the dark blue of the evening sky. Another twenty minutes go by before Victor sees the small cabin, sitting cozily atop a slight incline. The tires dug into the gravel that made the parking spot in front of the cabin as the van slowed, the crunching of the leaves beneath announcing their arrival. Three men stood on the porch of the cabin, waiting silently for the 'package' Eddie and Victor had brought with them.


Jaren had really hoped he could make Victor see reason. Hoped he would still be a loyal soldier in his army, even after discovering what had happened. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. After discovering his wife had not, in fact, cheated on him, that the whole situation that had led him to be drinking his troubles away in that bar four years ago, had been manufactured by Jaren, had been too much for the man. Victor hadn't even said a word. He merely stood from where he had been sitting, calmly, too calmly, moved toward Jaren. Jaren stood still, looking Victor in the eyes, eyes that, a moment before, had been tired, now burned with hate, a powerful loathing that Jaren knew was directed right at him. Victor clenched his fists in his fury, about to take out every ounce of his aggression on the man before him, when Layla raised a Beretta, 92 compact with rail, a fired once, twice, into the side of Victor's head.

Victor fell heavily, shaking the cabin as he hit the ground. Jaren sighed, removing the ear plugs from his ears. Layla lay the gun on the table and said nothing, ignoring the twitching body at her feet. Eddie had made it out the room, wearing only his boxers, Samantha following meekly behind him, completely bare. Looking down at Victor's body, he shook his head. Elmoira hadn't deemed it necessary to leave. She knew what might happen tonight and was much more interested in Kimberly's tight ass than the death of one of her fuck buddies. Eddie figured she'd only miss his dick.

"Eddie, you know what to do. Samantha, be a dear and clean up the mess our poor Victor left behind, would you?" Jaren said, waving his hand dismissively at the spattered blood patterns on the furniture. Eddie nodded, moving the table and couch away and began to roll Victor up in the rug he had collapsed on, dragging it out the side door where a freshly dug hole awaited him. Samantha went into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of club soda and some fresh hand towels, and went to work.

"Now, Layla..." Jaren began, turning to his wife. "I believe there was something you wanted to do..."


Elmoira was delighted.

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