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They served first the Duc, then the Golden Lady.

As Thierry turned to leave, Dor__e summoned him back again. In a dangerously casual tone, told him to kneel at her side. He did so immediately and without complaint, holding his tray up at shoulder height so Dor__e could pluck whatever she wished from it. Dor__e left him there on his knees as she ate, until most of the guests had almost forgotten him.

When the cold meats arrived, however, Dor__e took the opportunity to order him relieved of his tray and stripped of his jacket. The order was carried out, as she gave it, in an understated fashion. Nonetheless, he caught the eye. It could hardly be overlooked that his nipples were gilded with hot flakes of gold leaf, as were his eyelids, highlighting the striking contrast of his dark hair and blue eyes. He bent his noble head to Dor__e and pushed his chest out as she toyed absent-mindedly with the golden nubs of flesh, plucking at them with her sharp nails. Even the most jaded guests could not fail to see the devotion in his posture and the grace in his service. Murmurs of approval rippled around the table. The Duc watched like a hawk but said nothing.

With the arrival of the fish course, Mariette was pulled from service and similarly stripped to the waist. Not only were her nipples gilded, but they were also pierced with rings between which ran a fine golden chain. Any time the Golden Lady wished to take a sip of her wine, she tugged the chain, guiding Mariette to stand, step up to the table, turn to present the glass, and kneel again when the Lady was finished. Mariette, too, looked to her with worshipful eyes. Without force or pretension, the Golden Lady showed her influence and the loyalty of her servants throughout the meal. It was all the more remarkable, a few dared to comment in whispers, since Thierry and Mariette were favourite slaves of the Duc, and yet here they were, utterly in thrall to this striking young Lady who had so recently been subservient herself.

When the platters of the final course were cleared, Dor__e once again stood to command the attention of the room. The nobles continued to chatter. Frowning for the first time since the dinner began, the Golden Lady gestured to the Chamberlain. The sound of the gong filled the room, drowning out their voices with its reverberations. Dor__e spoke quietly in the silence that followed.

"I am truly grateful to all of you for your presence here today. You have taught me many things over the past year. I have learned fortitude and discipline, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

She smiled beatifically. But when she spoke next, her sweet voice had turned to frost.

"That said, some among you have not always appreciated my service, nor respected the wishes of those I served."

She took a long look around the room. The Chamberlain shifted from foot to foot behind her, suddenly looking distinctly nervous. The Fop also stilled. On the Duc's face, gathering clouds signalled the storm that would break if she dared to call him out publically.

"Juliet." The Golden Lady said with deadly calm.

Juliet jumped. She had been licking cream off her fingers, not paying attention to the speech of a Lady she didn't respect yet.

"Come here, Companion to the Scarlet Lady."

Dor__e's voice held thunder now.

"My Lady, must I?" Juliet stammered, looking to her Mistress.

"Yes, Juliet, you must."

Juliet rose. Her chair scraped the floor, a sound that echoed in a room gone deadly quiet. Like a child about to be chastened, she approached Dor__e with her head down, all her habitual gaiety fled.

"Juliet, do you remember what I asked you before you turned me in to the Duc?"


"I asked you, for the sake of all that we had been through together, to spare me. I appealed to you, as one girl in service to another. But you felt you were higher than I, and you had the right to punish me. Is that not so?"

"I was ranked higher than you!" Juliet spat, her eyes flashing.

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