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Three couples in murder mystery experiment!

"Hmmm - it says here that I get to eat you 42 times - you forgot that one."

I chuckled. "42? You'd better get busy! We only have a few days!"

He playfully bent his head to my lap and inhaled deeply. Stroking my leg, he tugged at the waistband to my drawstring pants. My crotch started to surge. I looked around in the darkened cabin. There were still many people awake, including a woman directly across the aisle. I didn't like the probability of being caught.

"Sasha!" I whispered urgently. "Let's save that! Not that there's anything I want more, but look - there are too many people around." He lifted up his head. "Besides, I want all of you and you want me. All we have to do is wait a few more hours. Then we'll have a proper reunion."

"All right," he reluctantly agreed. "But just one little taste?"

I punched him again on the arm.

He winced and said, "Ow!"

We got our pillows and blankets and settled in for the rest of the long flight. He asked me how things were with Dylan.

"I don't want to talk about it now. Let's just say, it's not any easier to live with him - or without him for that matter." I took his hand in mine and peered intently into his face. "Promise me that we're not going to talk about Dylan, or about what will become of us, while we're on this trip. It is just so difficult right now; I don't want to spoil one single moment."

"You're right," he said and patted my hand.

I fell asleep with my head against his shoulder.

It was daylight when I awoke. Everything seemed so different in the morning light. It dissolved all the frustrations and agonies of the day before. The Land of the Rising Sun was near. I turned my head to see if Sasha was still asleep. There is nothing like gazing at a lover when they are unaware. I studied the angles of his face, the textures, the colors. His expression was calm, even serene. It gave me so much confidence to look at him, so much excitement to know that I was the one he might be dreaming about.

After he awoke, we talked about what he should see and do during the days I would be in meetings. He'd done his homework, even learning a few Japanese phrases. I had studied Japanese and had a decent command of the spoken language, enough with which to conduct business. I had a great respect for the Japanese people and their culture and loved most everything about my trips there. I was also looking forward to being able to show off a little for him.

We finally landed, made our way through customs easily and emerged into the throngs in the Narita terminal. For a first time visitor, even one from a big city, the crowds in Japan can be overwhelming. You can't be shy or else you'll be trampled. I'd learned how to be polite, but assertive when it came to negotiating even small things like walking from Point A to Point B. I strolled confidently along, not giving ground to anyone who walked in my path. Sasha trotted behind me, trying to keep up, constantly saying "Excuse me" in Japanese if he brushed anyone's arm.

I made it out to the sidewalk. I turned around as he came up, panting, a good sweat on his forehead. "What's the matter?" I teased. "We just had to walk a little ways!"

"Is it like this everywhere?" he exclaimed incredulously.

"Oh, not at all! It's much worse downtown..."

We took our place in the taxi queue and I put down my bags. I looked around, took a deep breath and smiled. I'm back in Japan! I loved the crowds and the urgency, yet the orderly way it all fell together.

Sasha stood close behind me, slumped over, leaning on my shoulders. "Kinda overwhelming at first, huh?" I poked him with an elbow in his ribs.

"Kinda," he groaned. "I'm having flashbacks to my childhood riding on the Moscow subway. I remember spending a very long trip helplessly pinned by the crowds with my face directly in an old man's crotch." I burst out laughing. "No, really!" he cried.

"Oh, I believe you," I reassured him.

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