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With two fingers inside I proceeded to suck her clit as I fingered her hot, dripping cunt. Bonnie bucked up against my onslaught as I continued to fuck her.

Suddenly she cried out, "OH YES, FUCK ME!!! MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM, OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!!" I moved up and placed the head of my cock to her lips. As she felt my hard cock at her entrance she said, "NO Don, Don't do it, please not yet!!"

I told her, "Now Bonnie, I'm going to take you now!!" I started to slide my cock into her body slowly, letting her feel every inch of my hot, hard cock. I pushed forward in until I felt her hymen. "Bonnie, I'm going to break through your cherry now. I'm then going to give you every inch of my hard cock."

"NO", she cried out!! I pulled back out and thrust back into her body and through her cherry. I bottomed out with my balls against her sweet ass. I held her down as I held my cock inside her hot pussy. I kept it there and let her feel my throbbing cock deep inside her body. I started to slide back a little and then slid back into her body. She was tight, hot and dripping wet. My cock slid effortlessly in and out of her body. I slowly continued to fuck her with every inch of my cock. I felt her body starting to move with me and I picked up the pace. Her breathing again started to get heavy as I started to move faster in and out of her pussy.

I could feel her walls starting to grab at my cock as I moved it inside her dripping pussy. She moaned louder and louder as her body was responding to my cock. I picked up her legs and put them over my shoulders letting me drive deeper into her previously virgin pussy. I bottomed out against her cervix and started to really fuck her. She cried out, "OH, OH, OH MY GOD, OH MY, FUCK ME, GIVE ME IT ALL!! FUCK, ME, FUCK ME!! I'M CUMMING, I, I, I'M CUMMING, YES!!! I'M THERE!!!"

I pummeled her hot cunt and she came three more times. I was hard as a rock and pulled from her cunt. I turned her over onto her knees and pulled her sweet ass up and spread her legs. I came up behind her and thrust my cock back into her sweet cunt deep. I drove my cock into her body and pushed her head down onto the pillows. I fucked her hard, I fucked her long, I fucked her deep and I fucked her fast. She was cumming again when I felt my balls tighten. As Bonnie screamed out that she was cumming again, my balls let loose a torrent of cum. I shot 6 or 7 times into her hot, tight, dripping pussy.

When I finished shooting into her hot pussy I was surprised that my cock was still hard after cumming so hard. I pulled out of her cunt and saw my cum flow from her body. I heard a gasp behind me. I turned and saw Georgia standing a foot away. She looked at her naked sister, my naked body and my 9" cock, dripping Bonnie's cum and my cum. She started to attack me. She hit me once and I started to get off the bed. I slapped her across the face, hard, she turned and started to run but I was too fast.

I jumped from the bed and grabbed her from behind. I held her tight and put my hand over her mouth so that she couldn't scream for help. I looked over at Bonnie and she had turned over onto her side and was watching us. I said to her, "Would you like to see Georgia take my cock like you just did? Maybe she'll enjoy it as much as you just did or maybe she won't! Either way she's going to get it! You can help hold her down!" She smiled and nodded.

I took hold of Georgia's blouse and ripped it open. Her satin encased tits looked gorgeous! I unhooked her bra and spread it open, revealing her naked breasts to me. I pulled her back to Bonnie's bed and pushed her down. She started to scream; I slapped her across the face and told her to be quiet.

I told Bonnie to hold her down. Bonnie laughed and said to her, "This is for all the boy friend's that you stole from me. I'm going to let Don fuck you with his big, hard cock and you'll cum hard from it!"

Georgia tried to break away but I slapped her again and Bonnie held her tight.

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