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Remy reveals his past and now Diego must help him heal.


"Its not me, it's your geriatric hound. I've opened all the windows, but it doesn't seem to help"

David glared at Hector who cowered in his basket.

"He must like you. He normally growls at strangers."

Then he patted Lucy's buttocks again. "Nice ass, don't you think Hector?"

Hector's mournful expression didn't change, even as Lucy pushed herself back into David's hands

"What are you going to do about it?" she was shocked to hear herself plead.

"The couch, I think."

Lucy went to lie on the couch, but David directed her behind.

"Bend over the back, lovely Lucy."

Lucy did so and felt David hoist her dress far up her back.

"Lucy I need your help."

He wandered around in front of her his cock only half erect. Lucy was surprised he could even get this far after the previous twelve hours. She eagerly took his member in her mouth and was proud of herself as his meaty wand was restored to full glory.

"Which one Lucy? The pink or the brown?" asked David, now behind her again, parting her buttocks and his fingers gently exploring her labia. Again she was surprised, this time at how quickly she was moist.

"Both, please, Davey," Lucy pushed her ass higher and was vaguely aware of how incongruous it must look; her being ravished from behind under the mournful gaze of Hector.

But she soon became oblivious to her canine voyeur. David had wasted no time on preliminaries but she was soon orgasming again from her vagina and rectum.

After his efforts the night before it took David a little longer to come. Lucy's ravished body just collapsed as he thrust into her rectum. Her feet were behind the sofa, her ass was pointing roof-wards over the back and her head rested on the seat as she whimpered in delight.

Hector thought those sounds meant that Lucy must be in pain and climbed onto the sofa and licked her face in sympathy.

David finally came and Lucy finally recovered control of her body.

"Get your farting hound away from me."

"You're very lucky. I told you he always growls at strangers."

They did the dishes together then David had to go to his part time job in a car audio shop. Lucy cleared the three weeks debris from the flat then took Hector to the vet.

The Labrador was well known there. The receptionist insisted they wait outside as other pet owners always complained about his smell.

"I've told David a dozen times, Hector's digestion can't cope with a solid diet of red meat," said the vet holding his nose with one hand. "Try these."

"It looks like sheep droppings," said Lucy examining the carton.

When David returned .

"Hector will never eat this crap. They look like sheep droppings. He's a red meat dog."

"Let's see," said Lucy and poured some into Hector food bowl.

Hector charged across the room at the sound and emptied the bowl in half a minute.

"That's the third bowl he's eaten already."

Within a week Hector was flatulence free and had developed a devotion to Lucy, as strong as his master's.

Lucy's sexual delights compounded. They had many of those orgasmic all night and sometimes all day sessions.

Lucy also came to recognize a particular glint in David's eye when he looked at her blouse or skirt at pussy level.

He wanted a quickie.

Although she didn't often orgasm from these one minute quickies, she loved feeling him come in whichever of her three orifices he chose and loved the excitement and the impetuosity.

Behind the bushes in the park, in the toilets at the movies, and once on the lecturer's podium in an empty lecture hall.

Three months later Lucy completed her law studies. It was the middle of winter and cold so David and Lucy decided to drive north for to get some sun.

"We can't take your heap, we'll never get there."

"We can't have your sound system. I'll throw up," said David as he examined her sporty off-the-roader.

So he installed a far too expensive sound system which blew Lucy's mind with its power and beauty.

For a day and a half they drove north, the wagon always a cacophony of sound as David played everything from the latest r

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