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City people didn't have drive-ins.

Once the head of my cock was inside her, the going became much easier. I was surprised at the ease of action, as my cock slid back and forth as easily as a piston in a cylinder in a high-performance sports car engine, her bowels holding it in a snug, slippery embrace. I began pumping her ass with wild abandon, just like I would a wonton and well-lubed pussy. However, her ass pumped back with much more talent than I've ever experienced from any vagina. For one thing, she was able to clench her butthole tight around my shaft, much like a fist might choke up on a baseball bat. She would clench me tightly on my in-stroke, then loosen up on my out-stroke, and then tighten again on my next in-stroke. The effect was like that of a never-ending penetration, like I was fucking an infinitely-deep pussy. Several minutes of that, and my cock was stimulated in ways it had never before felt. The clenching also helped contain the pressure of my blood in the shaft, and I felt bigger and harder than I had ever felt before.

But that wasn't the end of her talents. Next, her butt cheeks themselves began to get into the act; while her butthole was squeezing on the middle of my shaft, the muscles of her cheeks began closing and clenching on the base. It felt like two large, soft pillows, gently cradling and loving my cock shaft. Between the bite of her anus and the nibbling of her cheeks, my cock had never before felt so coddled and loved. I began swinging from my hips, probing the depths of her colon, and feeling the beginnings of a powerful orgasm start to well up deep in my loins. On each thrust, I also felt the firm softness and warmth of her butt cheeks on my thighs, adding yet another dimension to the stimulations. I could easily have reached an awesome climax this way, but she wasn't done surprising me yet. She began swiveling from the hips, moving in a circular, gyrating motion, a figure-eight combined with an up-and-down and a back-and-forth, all in time with the anus-clenching and buttocks-nibbling. I fought to maintain control, as I wanted to enjoy this marvelous symphony of sensations for as long as possible.

The last straw was when she reached her hand down between her own legs and began stroking my dangling nutsack. Her fingertips, wet with the juice from her own pussy, twirled and caressed over the sensitive folds of my scrotum. I found out later that at the same time, she had her thumb on her clit, which of course only made her bucking, twisting pelvic motions all the more intense. All of these sensations were more than I could stand: her clenching, almost prehensile anus, her firm, warm butt cheeks, her gyrating hips, and her delicately stroking fingers. Oh my!

As I felt my orgasm reaching the level of inevitability, I realized that all this stimulation was not strictly for my benefit; that for each action that stimulated my tortured cock, there was an equal and opposite reaction acting on her sensitive, highly trained anus. She screamed as an orgasmic shudder wracked her entire body, and her shuddering, twitching motions were just enough to send me over the edge. We came together, our bodies vibrating and spasming as one, my cock pumping spurt after spurt of cum deep into her colon. She collapsed onto her belly in a swoon, and I flopped onto her back, completely spent.

We lay there for awhile like a short stack of pancakes, both gasping and breathing and drinking in the afterglow of our orgasms. The blood was pounding in my ears, and my cock was only slowly softening in her glorious ass. My mind was reeling; I felt that I needed to take some time and reevaluate my entire opinion about anal sex. Maybe a perfectly good pussy an inch away ISN'T a reason not to fuck a beautiful, tight, sucking and clenching asshole? Who knew?

Finally, putting these thoughts out of my head for now, to be considered at a later date, possibly over a martini at some hotel bar on a more lonely road trip, I rolled off of her, extracting my shri

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