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Holly gets a chance st revenge.

As he did, he gently pushed the door open a bit wider.

With that movement, the other woman turned her head, her eyes widening as she saw his form in the darkness behind the door. She tensed, letting out a gasp, causing Kathy to lift her face and look around. As she did, he pushed the door open wide, letting her see who it was. Kathy's initial shocked expression quickly turned to a wicked smile as she recognized him.

"It's alright, Chrissy," Kathy said as she turned to look into the other woman's eyes, "It's my boyfriend Ed." The fear quickly was gone from the woman's face, and a soft smile came to her lips.

Kathy rose from the bed and came to him, sliding her arms around him and giving him a soft kiss. As she pressed her lush body against him, she whispered "You've always wanted to be with two women, so here is your chance, and I know Chrissy is game."

With that she took his hand and led him to the big chair in the corner of the bedroom. "Just watch for a bit," she said, "Join in when you feel the urge!" She turned and walked sensuously toward the bed.

Chrissy was now kneeling on the bed and he let his eyes roam over her naked form. She was one sexy lady, and her eyes twinkled as they caught his. Her tongue darted out, circling her lips, wetting them as Kathy moved onto the bed with her. He watched them embrace, Kathy taking charge, her hands sliding over Chrissy's body. They pressed together, breast to breast, lips locked in a deep sensual kiss.

As he watched he began unbuttoning his shirt, he felt hot; aroused in a way he had not felt before. He stripped it off, baring his muscular upper body, his eyes fixed on the two women. His fingers moved to his belt, unbuckling it, sliding the zipper of his trousers downward, and then raising his body to slide them off. The thickness of his cock was prominent in his white briefs as it strained against the soft cotton.

The women had moved now, Kathy moving behind, her lips caressing the curve of Chrissy's neck. Her hands slid around, one cupping a breast while the other dipped downward, trailing over the flat belly, fingertips sliding into the silky hair below.

He rose his hips again, sliding his briefs off, letting his swollen shaft spring free. He saw Chrissy's eyes move to his cock as he moved his hand to it, fingertips sliding slowly up the hard flesh.

Kathy's fingers pressed into the soft folds of flesh, moving sensuously in and out, her movements in sync with the movements of his as he stroked his shaft. His mind was racing, his heart beating fast in his chest as the anticipation of being with these two beautiful women took over his senses.

The two on the bed moved together, their bodies writhing sensuously as Kathy's fingertips massaged the velvet of Chrissy's vagina. He saw her whisper in Chrissy's ear and then the two rose from the bed and moved toward him. His breath caught in his throat as they approached and knelt before him.

"I told you his cock was beautiful, didn't I" Kathy whispered, her eyes twinkling, her fingertips lightly stroking his thigh.

Chrissy smiled and her hand moved to him, fingers encircling the base of his rock hard shaft as her head dipped. Her mouth was on him then, her lips sliding over the swollen helmet of his shaft, tongue moving across the spongy cock-head. A moan of pleasure escaped his throat as he felt her lips move slowly down his thick shaft.

As Chrissy sucked his cock, Kathy's hand moved to caress his scrotum, fingertips massaging his sensitive glands as her lips moved to his chest. Her mouth found his nipple, tongue swirling around it, teeth lightly nipping the flesh. His head was spinning; this was every man's dream, two gorgeous women making love to him. His fingertips softly stroked Chrissy's hair as her hot wet lips moved slowly up and down his engorged flesh. He knew that pre cum was oozing from his cock, mixing with the saliva that now coated his shaft.

He felt Kathy's lips slide downward, showering soft kisses on his belly.

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