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And now it is my turn to have Norm by the balls to torment.

Tracie and Richard had me serve them breakfast in bed, then Richard took a shower and left saying he'd call Tracie later, on the way out the door, he patted me on the top of the head and said, "You've made the right decision, this is going to be fun." With that, I was left alone with Tracie. Immediately after Richard left, I began to sob uncontrollably. Tracie hugged me and calmed me down telling me that I had crossed a boundary and had finally become the kind of husband I never was and that it was a huge moment in both our lives and that we would both be happier in time. After soothing me, she looked down at my tiny erection and giggled like a schoolgirl making fun of a nerdy boy on the playground. "Do you want to cum sweetie?" She asked in her best pouting voice.

"Yes! Very much Miss Tracie!"

"Well get on your knees here on the bed next to me."

I did as instructed kneeling on all fours on the bed while Tracie lay on her back taking the remote control in one hand and my balls in the other. She began to toss them around like a pair of dice while watching TV and paying no attention to me whatsoever. The feeling of her hands on my balls was incredible but I wanted her to stroke my cock in the worst way.

"Please Miss Tracie will you stroke my cock?"

She laughed, "Oh no, sweetie those days are over, if you want to cum you have to cum like this without me even touching that little thing you call a cock. After all, you saw how big Richard's cock is, that's the cock I want in my hands, and pussy, and mouth."

As she said this I shot a load all over her arm and the bed. Feeling totally humiliated, I stared at Tracie not knowing what to do.

She raised her arm up and said simply, "Clean it up."

I liked with a frenzy cleaning my cum off my wife's arm. She then got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower telling me to clean up the room, pack up our things to go home and to make sure I cleaned the rest of my load from the bed sheets with my tongue. Blissfully, I bent over and began licking the sheets.

Chapter 3

My life changed dramatically after that fateful weekend. For one thing, Tracie became more demanding around the house. Insisting that I pamper her, I became her devoted slave attending to her every need and whim. In addition to that I was required to do all the housework, laundry, cooking, and every other menial task she could think of. At first Richard would come over two or three nights a week or they would go out only to return and fuck in our bed until morning when I would serve them breakfast in bed. After one particularly vigorous night of lovemaking, Tracie lay on the bed with her head resting on Richard's chest making tiny circles through his chest hair when I entered the room with their coffee. Tracie had recently required me to wear different demeaning and humiliating outfits around the house for their amusement. Today I was dressed in a pink leotard with a ruffle around the waist, ballerina slippers and tights.

I knelt as was required and offered them their drinks as they both smiled at my appearance. "Don't you look cute sweetie!" Tracie said, laughing as she took the first sip of her coffee.

"Thank you Miss Tracie," I said, bowing my head and blushing at the compliment.

"Sweetie, Richard and I have been talking and we think it would be a good idea for Richard to move in here and become the man of the house. I mean after all we certainly do need a man of the house and you're not it!"

"Bbbbutt.." I stammered, before she cut me off.

"Oh sweetie it will be wonderful. Richard can fuck me whenever I want and you'll be here to help, plus why should Richard pay rent at his place when he's here most of the time. So after you clean the breakfast dishes, I want you to go to Richard's and move all of his stuff over here. Oh and yes, we want you to wear the cute little outfit you have on for the move."

"Please Miss Tracie don't make me go out in this outfit."

WHACK! I felt a h

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