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Young woman seduced by a charmingly perverse neighbour.

Then, I walked up, spun her around so that her back was mashed into my chest, and cupped her breastbone firmly on either side of her torso, my grip serving to raise her tits higher. My breath was hot on her neck, exciting her all the more. By now, she nearly palpably exuded electrical sparks, her desire evident to all, having captured the club after only perhaps ten minutes of her entrance.

We've all seen it, witnessed it, enjoyed it, envied it. The hot chick on the dance floor dancing as though she just HAS to get fucked, and soon. The dichotomy in this particular case was that Linda's pretty face was the essence of natural country-girl purity. What's that they say about the quiet, innocent ones?

I whispered in Linda's ear naughty words designed to heighten her arousal and accelerate our trip from the dance floor to the next step of this 'good news' first date. "You know that every guy here wants to fuck you, don't you?" She shuddered and gasped in response to my words, reaching back to pull my head onto her shoulder, while she gyrated even more animatedly.

"You have all of them hard, wishing they could feel that hard body of yours, part your legs, suck your tits, finger your hot cunt, lick you, taste you, smell you, and then fill up your needy pussy with a big cock, pounding you." Her shallow breaths had reached a crescendo, she was virtually panting now, seemingly on the verge of orgasmic release.

I reached my own verbal climax, the purpose clear. "Just like I'm going to when we get to the car." Her body heaved in my embrace, she convulsed into a subtle but discernible spasm. The crowd watched closer, entranced, waiting to see what would transpire next. I felt like a passenger in the movie "Speed", a third-party observer within my own surreal dream, holding on for the wild ride.

I went for the closing statement, followed by the inevitable inquiry. "Tell me what you want, Linda, you're the hottest piece of ass this place has ever seen, and I'm gonna take you outside and fuck you. You need to get fucked tonight, don't you, isn't that what you want?"

She looked at me with that innocent face, but her eyes were filled with unmistakable and unbridled lust. "If you wanna fuck me, John, you better get me out of here now before I take you up on your offer to fuck every guy in this club, I'm so fucking horny."

Um, that was good news.

I felt like Mark Anthony escorting Cleopatra to the scene of the carnal events to come.

Some corners of the bar's male patronage burst into applause when we exited. The same bouncer who provided free entry handed Linda a VIP card for free lifetime admission. (Gee, that was sentimental, I thought, I wonder if he has a discounted tattoo offer, also?)

We drove back over to the parking lot where we started our adventure hours ago. Linda warmed up for the pending activities by seductively rubbing my crotch over my pants with one hand while pushing her other hand beneath her skirt to diddle herself leisurely. It then dawned on me that I hadn't yet seen Linda's vehicle or where she had parked since I had met her inside the first bar hours ago.

"Over there," Linda said, releasing her hand from my crotch to point to a minivan parked in relative seclusion by the river's towpath. "It has reclining seats and a privacy window, will that work?"

As we climbed into the van and Linda immediately pushed me back into the back seat and virtually tore my pants down, raising her own skirt, I thought that would work just splendidly indeed.

She grabbed the base of my shaft and literally stuffed it into her tight hole, grunting to accept the girth, positioning herself by circling and rocking and writhing her hips down onto my length. She took her blouse in each hand and lifted it over her head, revealing her slim, fit torso accentuated by perfectly proportioned tits, highlighted by those big light brown nipples that I had been waiting to suck upon all night.

She reached behind me to stroke my balls as she used my instrument like her personal trampoline.

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