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Her plan backfired.

She would whisper to me that her husband was acting stupid and irritating her. Anytime I was around her husband would get extremely jealous. He had become extremely overweight and had problems getting hard. Steph would often call and confide these issues to me.

I had stayed in shape and for my age felt like I looked pretty good. I stand 6ft, 205lbs, shaved head and blue eyes. I workout a lot and have a 8" cock. I never have a problem finding a date.

The day after the wedding Steph and I chatted on the phone. She told me how sexy I looked in the tuxedo I wore and I was turning her on. I told her how much I wanted to take her into a empty room during the reception and pulled that dress up and fuck her. She told me she had enough of her husband's bullshit and wanted me.

Keep in mind it had been over ten years since we were intimate. We both are in our early forties now. Our sex during marriage wasn't to bad but boy was I in for a surprise.

Steph told her husband she was going shopping. She drove to my house which is about fifteen minutes away. It was summer and she was wearing jean shorts and a tight sequined green shirt that highlighted her giant tits.

After a few minutes of small talk I lead her to my bedroom. We kissed with so much passion. This was different from when we were married. We took off our clothes and jumped onto bed. We began kissing, she stroked my dick and I rubbed her clit. She told me her husband's dick was small and she could barely feel it during sex and she had missed my big cock.

After a few minutes of stroking and kissing each other I stood up on my knees. She knew what to do next. She crawled to me and grabbed my dick and shoved it in her mouth. She started sucking and licking my dick in a very aggressive manner. She was moaning with my dick in her mouth and sucking it so hard I felt like my dick was coming off my body.

This never happened during our marriage. I was in shock to see her so aggressive and hungry for my dick. I didn't want to come to fast so I pushed her away and laid down on the bed. I grabbed my dick and started stroking it. Steph loved watching me do that. She was on one knee straddling my legs rubbing her clit while I jacked off.

I stared at her for what seemed like forever. No one in my mind was as beautiful as her. My love for her never ended. I told her to get on my dick. She leaned forward grabbing my steel hard cock and slowly sat down on it. She winced as my dick went way up inside of her.

My room has two giant closet mirrors which are adjacent to the bed. I looked into the mirror. I so enjoyed the view of this curvy, huge titted sex goddess sitting on my dick. She started to grind getting use to that dick fill her up. She commented her pussy hadn't been fucked that deep since our divorce.

She leaned forward and let those big tits graze my chest. I grabbed her left tit and sucked on her nipple. Her nipples are as big as those erasers you stick on the ends of pencils. She began fucking me faster as I sucked on her tit.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her further down on me. I began thrusting my hips, pumping into her as hard as I could. Steph moaned and told me to bang her hard. I felt her coming and saw her skin go flush. Wanting as much of her as I could get I flung her off of me and told her to put her ass up in the air.

She stuck that round ass up high for me. I entered her pussy. She was so wet and silky feeling. I reached under her and grabbed her balloon size tits. They were so full and heavy. I plowed my dick into her as deep as it would go. Hitting her cervix as she cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain.

I pushed her forward so she was on her stomach. I raised myself into a pushup like position and began pounding her from behind. The angle of my dick made her come over and over. She kept screaming for me to keep fucking her. She was turning me on so much. Where had this sex goddess been when we were married?

I wasn't finished.

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