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A gambling debt, a masturbating politico, and history.

Marla tried to free herself from the rope, but it was tied nice and tight and there was no escape. Marla's eyes opened wide as she saw 9 rock hard cocks soon staring at her in the face.

"See what that ass did to us and we can't go home with hard cocks now can we Marla" Chris said as he stroked his cock as he moved it up and down right in front of Marla. Chris undid the cloth around her mouth to see what she would do and to his surprise Marla licked her lips and bent her head forward and took the head into her mouth and began to roll her tongue around it as Chris moved in and watched as she took the entire 8 inch shaft in her mouth.

Chris pumped in and out of her mouth as his buddies began to rub their hands all over her body as she nodded at them to continue.

Chris backed his cock out of her mouth.

"God I made all that horny. I want all of you studs. I want you to fuck me good' Marla purred as she was horny as hell now and her pussy was on fire as she had 9 well built hung studs with hard cocks right in front of her.

The guys quickly untied her as she slide up and took a cock in her mouth and grabbed one of Chris's friends ass as she easily took his entire cock in her mouth as Chris went around from behind and began to lick that round ass only covered by the thin gold thong. Chris leaned over and ripped the thong on its side as it fell to the floor as Chris spread her cheeks wide and began to rim the very ass that he had jerked off to numerous times. God it tasted so good. He looked up as Marla was taking turns sucking each cock for a few seconds as he jammed his tongue deep in and out of her ass. He rimmed that ass north, south, east and west as the ass opened for him and the tip slipped in and out of the skin.

Marla's pussy was dripping wet as her ass was being cleaned by Chris as she was sucking and slurping on cocks like there was no tomorrow.

"Chris my ass has never been fucked and I want you to take it. Take my ass you fuckin pervert" Marla demanded as Chris looked up and Marla nodded at him as she moved his tongue away and replaced it with the head of his cock.

Marla then began to pump one of Chris's friends cock hard and fast as she wanted him to cum right in her mouth as Chris's entered her ass.

Chris pressed the head into her puckered hole very gently not wanting to hurt Marla. Marla moaned as she increased the pumping of her mouth on the cock she was sucking and she felt the guys balls begin to increase as she felt her ass open and the head of Chris's cock forced its way into its new home and as the head popped in a scream was heard as Chris's friend let loose with a hot, full blast of white cum that sprayed and splashed inside Marla's mouth as she quickly gulped it down and waited for more and more came as jet and after get of white cream filled her mouth as she quickly gulped it down. Marla pushed away the limp cock as she turned around to see Chris.

"Fuck my ass. Stick that cock in there you fucker" Marla pleaded as while she watched Chris pushed in another 2 inches.

'Make it hurt baby. No mercy' Marla cried as the big cock was splitting her asshole in half and her cries were silenced as another cock entered her mouth and she was forced to suck on it as Chris filled her ass with his cock.

"Guys we don't have much time so tell ya what. I saw this hot movie of a porn chick swallowing a whole glass of cum and I think we should make Marla swallow from a glass" Chris said as he slide his cock out of Marla's ass and then plunged it right back in with force and fury as he felt her body rock from it, but she continued to suck.

Chris pointed to a glass on the table as each guy took turns jerking off and shooting into a glass as each guy looked at Marla getting fucked as 5 guys shot their loads into a nice big wine glass almost filling it up to the top when they were done.

Chris had his cock buried to the hilt in Marla's ass as he began to get a rhythm and he fucked her ass good, hard and deep.

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