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An Irish family draws closer after tragedy.

We do stag parties, weekend things, you know. They always wear shoes like that. The customers like it." the elderly driver said as he eyed her up and down.

"I think you and your tall girl friend there would fit into my stable very nicely." he volunteered after confirming that her assets were genuine.

Annie was surprised and bemused by the suggestion that his old man would be making such an assessment of her and more boldly making her such an offer.

"What's in it for us?" Annie asked playing along to find out more.

"With a body like yours and your willingness to show it off, I guess about eight hundred dollars a night. I little less for your tall friend unless you add some girl on girl stuff and for cash on the side at the parties you can get all the cock you two would want. Plus, you get regular access to one of the best cocks this side of the Rockies." the driver said as he stroked the significant bulge forming down the inseam of his pants.

"What would I have to do to get the job?" Annie asked naively as she stared at his hand running long this fattening cock.

"Well that depends. Here and now, you would have to undo your robe and show me what you got. Then give me a bareback blow job to prove you are not a cock tease. If you wanted to audition later, I'd have to fuck you to see if you take a big cock." the driver said as a matter of fact. It was pitch he had given many a time.

"You show me yours and, if I thinks it's as good as you believe it is, I'll show you mine." Claire offered just as confidently as she toyed with a button on her robe. With that statement she saw the driver undo his belt buckle, unzip his pants and open the fly wide. He reached into the opening and down his leg to draw out a truly beautiful specimen of a cock. He may have been old, but he had the goods. Large well proportioned, with heavy veining and a fat pink helmet of a head. It extended out the past his palm and the girth was sizeable. Annie had to admit it was a keeper.

"Whooow. You were right. You got a good one there. Fairs fair." Annie said as she slowly undid the buttons on the robe she peeled it back and let it fall away from her breasts. Watching him show off, her areola had begun to wrinkle up as her nipples extended themselves on top of her large tanned chest. She pulled the robe away from her crotch so he could see the tiny pouch concealing her clit and the string running through her swelling labia. She heard him inhale deeply as he saw the opportunity of a lifetime in front of him.

"Swing your leg around and open up so I can see you better darling." the driver said as he slowly stroked his lengthening member. Annie watched him masturbate himself as she did what he asked. Her left leg swung over the edge to the gap between the seats. She let her right leg fall away displaying herself to this stranger. The driver saw the string of the small elastic waist band, the small yellow pouch covering her clit and the narrow string running between the lips of her bald vulva. The tan lines were being erased by the fully nude days in the sun and soft yet taut skin shone.

The driver had asked hundreds of women to join his posse. He had seen a ton of tits and lots of pussy. If you don't ask you never know the answer was his motto. As he worked his thumb down the length of his cock he thought of the frequent hand jobs, the many blow jobs and the wonderful fucks he had received. None of them, and I mean none of them compared to what was in front of him today. Here was what he had been looking for all the years - a beautiful, classy, experienced woman with a body to die for and a willingness to listen to his patter. His mind raced trying to figure out how to close the deal.

The sexual tension was palpable in the cab as he stared at her crotch. He brought his handsome cock up to vertical and extended the length of his slow strokes. "Show me all of you." he stated more than asked as the pink cock head began to turn a darker shade of red.

Annie reached down along her hip and quietly place

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