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A young beauty provides her cousin with her favorite snack.

I am ashamed to say that I popped my cork thirty seconds after she took me into her mouth. What, like YOU wouldn't after having been teased and prodded and sexually stimulated for three weeks straight to build up your testosterone without being allowed to cum? But thankfully, Anneke didn't seem to mind, swallowing every drop like a pro before taking my shaft in hand and using both her fingers and mouth to bring me back up. It certainly helped that while she did so, I had my tongue buried in Marika's cunt.

Oh, did I not mention Marika? Funny story about Anneke and Marika: the world thought they HATED each other. Both girls were eighteen, and had spent the last couple of years competing in the same events each year. Some of the press tried to make it into a kind of Cold War between blonde German Anneke and raven-haired Dutch Marika; but then, the last time the Dutch were a military superpower was like in the 1600s.

At the pool, the girls made it a point not to even look at each other, let alone speak. This was of course, quite awkward every time they were put in lanes 4 and 5 together, but that was just their competitive spirit. In the water, each of them wanted to be the best; but out of the water, they had actually become the best of friends. That sort of thing happens when you compete against the same person at meet after meet after meet.

The two girls were together when Tyler and I met them in one of the communal lounges. Though Anneke and I immediately hit it off, Marika and Tyler just didn't seem to find that spark. After a few minutes, Tyler wandered away to get a drink... and then never came back. About an hour later I saw him chatting up an Argentinean cyclist. In the meantime, I'd enjoyed the pleasant company of two beautiful teenage swimmers in the prime of their sexual desirability.

Marika hadn't been around every other time I'd met up with Anneke. Anything and everything goes in the Athlete's Village, and I knew she was hunting on her own. Fuck, -I- was hunting others rather frequently in my down time, no matter what chemistry I'd been building with Anneke, and I was sure she was doing the same as well. But Marika had been around quite a bit, especially on one particular occasion when I'd met the girls in Anneke's room and they'd proceeded to team up and give me a full-body rubdown with their tits, purely for the sake of improving my testosterone buildup, you see. So it really wasn't much of a surprise when two minutes after Anneke and I burst into my room, the sultry Dutch 18-year-old sashayed through my unlocked door.

She made sure to lock it this time, while Anneke popped off my cock long enough to explain that she'd texted Marika to come meet us and figured I wouldn't mind. I'd busted my nut down Anneke's throat while watching the sleek raven-haired teenager strip her clothes off and shove two fingers into her freshly-shaven twat. And as Anneke went to work reviving me I'd invited her best friend to straddle my face and let me get my first taste of her.

But that was just the start.

"H__rter, h__rter! Ahh, **scheisse!** Fuck me du hurensohn!"

Oh, yeah... back to the present. Long story short, having gone off so quickly, I was in the mood to prove my manhood, no matter the excuses. So I grabbed onto Marika's thighs and kept her trapped on my face until I gave her a screaming orgasm, then tossed her aside and bodily yanked Anneke onto the bed so I could give her one as well. Then, and only then did I slap on a condom, fist my eight-inch cock, and slam it home, spearing Anneke's pretty pussy while she was still in the throes of her orgasm. I quickly fucked her to a second climax, then pulled out and moved over to where Marika lay beside her friend, pounding the Dutch girl with all of my pent-up sexual frustration before yanking myself out, ripping off the condom, and then stroking my meat until I covered her tits and belly with my spunk.

Anneke then showed me a side of her I wasn't expecting, although I wasn't totally surprised by it.

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