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The witch chooses new neighbors to play with.

Harold bent his head and applied his tongue.

Charmian smiled. "He can do that as long as he likes," she said. "I just love it. The trouble is he can't usually wait to get into my knickers."

As she spoke, a pair of eager hands was already peeling the garment down her thighs before guiding her to the bed. There he asked her to lie on her back and spread her legs for our inspection. She was shaved and the lips were already puffy and I thought they appeared damp. The pale thighs above the black stockings were an almost obscene invitation. I definitely knew I was hard. I wondered about Laura.

As though reading my toughts, Harold said, "There may come a moment when you two may want to stop being voyeurs and join in. We don't always make that offer, but I think you would be OK. If you get the urge, if you know what I mean. Yes, Char?"

"Not a problem for me. But they don't have to."

"Of course not."

I had wondered if this might come up, and I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. Laura had been half excited, half nervous about meeting Harold and Charmian. She's no prude and very open-minded about sex with me, and she admitted she was aroused by the thought of watching. That far would not be a problem. But I knew in the back of her mind she wasn't at all certain whether she would ever want anyone but me to fuck her. There was also the matter of how I would feel if that possibility arose. I put the thought aside: I'd make decision if the situation arose.

Meanwhile, Harold was swiftly stripping off. "My turn now," he said, taking Charmian's place on the bed. She knelt between his legs, took his cock in her hand and lifted it to her lips. "You'll not see everything, of course," he went on. "You can see how she works the shaft with her hand while she only takes in the head, but when she sucks it all in you have to guess what's going on with her tongue."

"It seems to be working," I said. His tool was already erect and Charmian was still gobbling it greedily.

"It's not one of those monsters you read about - eight or nine inches. I suppose there may be some but we haven;t seen any. We measured me once and it was four-and-a-half. Char says when I go at her with it, it must be the full five. It's how you use it, really."

After a while, Charmian removed her husband's dick from her mouth completely and held it out for us all to see. She had had a substantial effect. "Good enough for me," she said proudly. "Now sixty-nine. The way we do it is one of our specialities.. You on top, Harold."

For this manoeuvre, Charmian lay on her back on the bed and Harold knelt astride her head, facing towards her feet. She then reached round his right leg to grasp his cock and hold it in an upright position. When she began to stroke it slowly, her tongue licked the underside of his balls and back towards his arsehole. It made contact and he croaked, "Yes, that's it. Good girl. But careful now."

It seemed there was only so much of this Harold could cope with this early. His next move was to topple slowly forward so that his head came to rest between his wife's thighs. Inching forward at the other end, he nestled his prick between her tits and then brought his tongue into play. His fingers were holding Charmian's lips open so he could concentrate on her clit. For her part, she was alternately using her hands to squeeze her tits round his cock and then applying subtle stimulation to his arse cheeks and sphincter.

Laura looked at me. "Remember this," she said.

"For later?"


Without pausing in her attention to Harold's cock, Charmian looked up at us and said, "This is going to be great. I can tell from how hard he is already." Her husband, busy with his tongue was in no position to say anything. In any case, Charmian was beginning to lift her arse from the bed, pushing her cunt against his mouth as though she might come at any minute.

Apparently, Harold could recognise the signs and backed off and turned to us.

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