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Max's gamble.

"You're a wonderful woman, Rose. You make me so happy when we're together. Perhaps next time I'll bring you diamonds. Would you like that?"

"I'd like that very much, Mr. Winthrop. You're the most kind and generous man a girl like me could hope for." She licked his balls, then let him go.

"Cut! Stay right there, mom." Drew went over and turned off the camera. He brought her a box of tissues to clean the cum off her face and chest.

"How was that, Mr. Director?" She stayed on her knees, cleaning her face.

"You were fantastic, mom. A remarkable performance." He stood in front of her with a camera in his hand. "I want to get a few stills of you like this. Look up at the camera." He snapped a picture, then moved closer, so his soft cock was just inches from her face. "Beautiful, mom. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out." He put his cock on her tongue and snapped another picture. His cock was beginning to get hard again, so he pushed it into her mouth. "Oh that's nice, mom" he said as she began to suck him. "Look up at the camera." He snapped a picture with his cock halfway in her mouth. "You're doing great, mom."

"This is so naughty, Drew." she said as she looked up at him.

"I know. That's what makes it so hot. I told you I'd be taking you outside of your comfort zone. Oh, yeah. Mmmmm. " He took a few more pictures. "Okay mom, when I cum this time, I want you to hold your mouth open with your tongue out. I want to get a picture of your tongue covered with my cum. Don't swallow it right away."

"Like this?" She looked up at him with his cock resting on her tongue.

"Yeah, just like that. Beautiful. Go ahead and suck it for a while. Mmmm, that's it." after a few minutes, "Oh fuck, mom. Here it comes. Unnngh." he grunted as he began cumming.

She held him on her tongue, looking at the camera as her son's cum slid down and pooled in the back of her mouth.

"Hold it just like that. Oh fuck yeah." He filled her mouth with hot semen. "That looks so hot, mom. Swish my cum around a little. Now open your mouth so I can get a picture. Yeah, that's it." He put his cock back in her mouth. "Go ahead and swallow now, then keep sucking until I'm completely soft."

She swallowed his cum, and sucked him for a few more minutes. "Was that OK, Drew?"

"That was perfect mom, just perfect. How did you like it?"

"I loved it. I haven't done that in years, I forgot how much I like sucking a nice cock." She licked his cock again. "You really do have a beautiful cock, Drew."

"I'm glad to hear that, mom. You can suck me anytime you want."

"I might take you up on that." She let go of his cock and stood up to hug him. "I love you." she breathed into his ear.

"I love you, too." He hugged his nude mom tightly. "You did such a good job on that shoot, I almost hate to ask you to return the neckace, but..."

"I know, Drew. It's too much for a plain jane like me anyway. Would you take it off for me?" she turned around and held her hair up.

"You're not a plain jane, mom. You're a beautiful model, exclusively under contract to America's hottest young photographer." He put the necklace away. "I should take that to the jewelers for a good cleaning before I bring it back to Mrs. Thomas." he thought to himself.

"You're so sweet and you say the nicest things to me, Drew." She hugged him again, feeling his flacid cock against her stomach, then kissed him on the lips.

"How are you feeling? Are you tired or can you do one more scene?"

"I could do one more. What's the premise this time?" she asked, standing nude in front of him.

"I'll tell you in a minute. The setting is an average suburban home, so I set up a few lights in the guest bedroom. Go on up there, your wardrobe is on the bed. Put it on and I'll be up soon."

She went up to the guest room and saw a few lights and two tripods set up around the bed. On the bed was one of her normal everyday outfits, jeans and a t-shirt. Her regular plain cotton underwear was there too. "This doesn't seem very sexy." she thought, but got dressed anyway.

He came in dressed in jeans

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