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Harry and Charles ravish Savvy.

Vee's entire body screamed at her to flee, to get away from this man because he was right. She had feelings for him.


By the time Jesse returned to the set on Monday, he was at his bottom. Vee was serious this time, he could tell. It wasn't part of some elaborate game, where he would come back and continue his pursuit. Vee was done and he knew that if he went back to her bar it would only make things worse. It ripped him apart, but he had no idea what else he could possibly do.

"Whoa, you look like you haven't slept all weekend. Was it that good with Vee?" Alec's voice barely took him from his stupor as he sucked more coffee down.

"Hey, uh no, quite the opposite." Jesse couldn't even muster a smile this time and Alec knew then that his friend was suffering.

"What happened? Did you get the wine, flowers, candles all that?"

"Yep, all of it, and I tried to say all the right things, but she backed away. I don't know what happened. She just kept saying that I deserved a different woman and that she was complicated and didn't want to be pursued. She ended up leaving before anything physical even happened."

"Damn, so did it seem like maybe she was just spooked by it and if you give her some time then she would come around?"

"No, she was pretty clear that she wanted to be left alone. Vee's done with me Alec, like lose my name and number done."

"Well, I guess that's it then, you have your answer. You know you didn't really know her, maybe she was just putting on an act when you were together. So she was trying to tell you that before you found out." He tried to think of anything convincing to say to Jesse, but he was really at a loss. Not once had he seen his friend pursue a girl and not get her, not once. The actor was gorgeous and most women at this point would do anything to just get a picture with him. Who the hell was this Vee that had the man's head spinning?


Vee tried to not think about him, tried to bury herself in work, but Jesse just kept popping into her mind. It was so stupid of her to get involved. She should have cut things off after their first meeting and never seen him again. Now, she had led him on only to make his last memory of her crap. Sure, he would get past her, he was gorgeous and could have anyone he wanted, but the last thing she wanted was to see that hurt on his face.

The week stretched on as she dreaded going back into the bar on Saturday night. Vee knew that Jesse wouldn't come back, not after what she said, but a part of her wanted him to. She wanted to see his smile and his eyes twinkle. It was just a great time and great sex in the beginning, but now she felt connected to him. The time for her to realize it was too late though, and she had to let Jesse go, let him fade into her memory.

That night, no mysterious stranger came into her bar to woo her. She went home alone and sat in her apartment watching his show. Vee wasn't going to torture herself with it, but she missed him. She missed how he looked and those pouty lips. The sideways grin when he said something sassy to her. Watching reruns of his show was the closest she would get to that now, though. So, she took it and made through to another Monday with a sadness in her heart.


Jesse took things worse than Vee. He had barely slept since the last night they were together. Her face would come to him in his dreams and that look of hope and excitement, which would be replaced quickly with confusion and sadness. Vee had captivated him from the moment he first met her, making him want to know her - all of her. Never had a woman so completely captured him in that first moment. He hadn't known it then or he would have done things differently, but now he did. Now, he knew that he was never going to be the same, he would always compare other women to Vee.

His work suffered the most, with his ever sharp memory fading.

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