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Mom, daughter & chocolate neighbor make threesome.

She caressed the head of his cock with her tongue and the inside of her mouth, gently scraping him with her teeth as she took him in and out of her mouth. When Robert pulled back, she squeezed his balls as if to warn him, then began to suck on his cock as if to pull his sperm from deep within him. She wondered how long he would last before she would taste his cum, but instead, he gently pushed her back. "Not yet," was all he said.

Robert knelt between her legs, and dipped his hand again into the bowl of oil. He began on her breasts, massaging the oils with his hands into Danielle's breasts and tummy. Then he took both of her legs, and put one of her calves on each of his shoulders. Back Robert went for the oil, covering Danielle's breasts, her stomach, front and inner thighs.

With each time he massaged Danielle's inner thighs, he came closer to her labia. Danielle was wet now, she could feel her wetness cresting her cunt and as Robert moved again to her breasts, she could feel him deliberately slide his cock along her folds, rubbing her clitoris. Danielle felt she could take no more. She wanted his cock in her again, to experience what she knew would be the slipperiest fuck of her life, her body covered now in oil and sweat. As she reached down for his cock, Robert seized her hands and pushed them each above her head.

Leaning forward upon her, Robert continued to tease her clit with his cock, sliding it back and forth, and then stopping to take one of her nipples into his mouth.

Robert was not to be stopped in his erotic torture of her. He sucked hard upon each nipple, then released her nipple, to gently bite on her breast, before moving to the other, only to repeat the pressure upon her nipples.

Struggle as she might, he held her arms fast above her head. Then slowly he released her hands, both of his now on her breasts, covered again in oil and massaging, squeezing, her breasts and her nipples while his tongue began to snake its way down her tummy. She lay back to enjoy the inevitable -- his hands alternately rough then gentle upon her breasts. His tongue, licking her inner lips, caressing her clit, then plunging into her sopping cunt. She could feel his suction as he pulled her juices from the depth of her cunt into his mouth. She could feel his swallowing as his licked and sucked her, her arousal building.

Then she began to come and he attacked her clit with his tongue as if possessed. With the eruption of her orgasm, she could not endure the assault upon her tender clitoris. She turned abruptly onto her stomach, as if to escape him. Robert stopped, let Danielle's breathing subside and then gently caressed her back and her ass. His hand traced the crack of her ass, and gently, he pushed two fingers into her cunt and began to gently work them in and out, insisting that he try to make her come yet again. As he gently fucked with his hand, his lips caressed her ass. She opened to him, and felt his tongue at her rosebud, pressing and insistent to enter her ass.

Danielle was deeply aroused by the perversity of Robert's actions. Here he was, gently fucking her with his fingers in her cunt, and his tongue probing her ass. She opened to him, daring him to push his tongue past her ring and into her. But Robert was only teasing her. His hands were suddenly both on the globes of her ass, and moving up her sides, his tongue tracing her spine.

Danielle lay on her stomach, Robert on his side, next to her. Gently he kissed her neck and her cheek. She turned her face and their lips met, followed by their tongues, each gently caressing the other. Robert dipped his fingers in the bowl of oil, and once again returned his hand to Danielle's anus, gently probing and lubricating.

"Am I about to be fucked in my ass?"

"No, I just like to play with it.

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