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A reluctant uncle is seduced by his nieces.

Dave then leaned over and started to kiss me. Suddenly, I no longer felt my bra, my thong, or my dress. All of the sensations that had made me feel so alive were not giving me the rush. My bra and my thong were now just a part of me. The sensation was him. His lips were so big and wet that I felt like I was being swallowed every time he kissed me. Part of this was due to me still being tentative considering it was the first time I had ever even kissed a man. We french kissed for a few minutes, rubbing tongues and feeling each other's bodies. Finally, I led him to the bedroom.

As soon as Dave took off his clothes and laid on the bed, I couldn't believe how incredible his body was. He was very muscular with no body fat, and his cock almost looked fake, that's just how beautiful it was. Like Dave, I too was shaven down there but mine was being hidden by a red thong under my red dress. As soon as he laid on the bed, I laid on my stomach between his legs and started sucking his long black cock.

I can't explain how amazing it was. Until now, all I had ever sucked was dildos, which actually turned out to be pretty helpful. I was licking his 8 inch shaft over and over like a lollipop, while also playing with his balls at the same time. I tried to deep throat him a few times which got easier the more I did it. This was as close to euphoria as I've ever been. My natural breasts looked like they were jumping out of my dress, especially because of the position I was in. I could see my cleavage while I was sucking the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. The only problem was my hair kept falling front of my face, but Dave helped out and kept trying to hold my hair.

After about ten minutes of sucking him off, Dave stood me up on my knees and began sucking on my tits. It felt incredible. These breasts that I have spent so many days being ashamed of were now allowing me to feel like a real woman. I kept moaning, "suck them Daddy." At first the feeling of having my tits sucked was a little weird, but once I fully embraced the fact I was now a woman and my man was sucking on his women's tits, it felt exhilarating.

Five minutes later, Dave slid off of the bed and walked to the edge. I inched myself over and grabbed his cock, I simply could not control myself. It was so beautiful and was basically staring me right in the face. I remember thinking I could play with this all day. He bent down and kissed me on top of my head and then started making out with me again. I was a little overwhelmed by how aggressive he was kissing me, but it also felt good to be wanted by someone like that.

Dave then stood on the bed and began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth, to the point that I started to gag a little bit. I told him let's go slow, which he was okay with. It seemed like an awkward position to give a blow job but I went along with it. After another five minutes, I rolled over to the other side of the bed and spread my legs. Truth be told, this is the position I was most excited about. I wanted to spread my legs wide with his cock between my thighs. Dave got down on his stomach, slid on top of me with his rock hard 8 inch shaft rubbing my thong and back pussy, and we began making out again.

This was the first moment when I stopped being nervous and began to fully embrace everything. I stuck my tongue right back in his mouth and began passionately kissing him back as he kept thrusting between my thighs. He was not inside of me yet, but it was almost even more exciting to feel him rubbing against me. Dave then pulled my dress down a bit to reveal my breasts and continued to suck on them. I then saw Dave do what I had been waiting for... He pulled off of me and grabbed the lube.

After making a joke about the lube being water-based, he put a Magnum condom on his big and perfect chocolate cock and covered it with the lube.

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