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Sangitta moves into her own apartment and christens her bed.

He had just left the townhouse adjacent to hers and quickly, perhaps angrily, walked out the backyard and strode out onto the sand as if in search of something important. He was dressed similarly, tank top and jeans, and she watched as he quickly disappeared over the dunes. She sat down, tape in one hand and photo in the other, and took in this new information. Her mystery model was staying next door. Next door. Her heart pounded and her body flushed.

She mentally thanked her parents for nagging her about staying in the beach house this summer. The beach house still belonged to her parents, despite the divorce, but it was hers this summer. They had been wanting her to take it for a while now, not only to relax but also to have someone stay in the house as opposed to letting it sit empty all year. It helped them justify having a townhouse right on the beach. Their reasons didn't matter; only his proximity mattered right now. As the sun set on the close shores, she contemplated how she'd be able to meet him. Night came as her thoughts meandered through fantasies before finally reaching sleep.


It was the loud yelling and heavy movement next door that woke her up. She could hear some kind of argument taking place, muffled yet harsh tones that piqued her interest but couldn't satisfy it. She tried going back to sleep, tried listening to music, tried counting- but there was no going back. Her mind was furiously imagining what was happening, and sleep was fleeing from its ferocity. So, she decided to enjoy the otherwise still night.

She grabbed her short terry robe and climbed the stairs that led to the roof. Her parents had installed a tanning spot on their roof that she felt was one of the house's best amenities, but she had never been up there at night. She breathed in the salty sweetness of the evening and allowed it to caress her legs and weave through her hair. She had always loved the intoxicating night air, and she was about to slide into a chair when a light next door caught her eye.

Having always been on the roof during the daytime, she had never noticed the skylights that ran across her neighbor's roof- the sunlight must have reflected off them and made them difficult to see through. With the darkness, however, the lit rooms pierced the night with startling clarity. Unable to squelch her curiosity, she walked closer. The sundeck gave her the height to peer into the skylight and see what was happening. She couldn't hear any more yells, so she assumed the argument had subsided, but she did see her model pacing his room. Bare-chested. She could tell he was angry by his rapid movements and the way he kept running his hands harshly through his hair. Every now and then he would cover his face with his hands and breathe deeply; she watched his chest move with each inhale and exhale, and she started to grow dizzy with focused anticipation. But nothing could have prepared her for his next movements.

She felt her cheeks grow hot and her pussy grow wet as she watched him unzip his jeans and sensuously slide them down his legs, watched him step out of them and kick them to the side, watched him slowly walk towards the other side of the room and out of sight. She stayed motionless, looking at the lit room, breath held. Had she merely imagined that? Imagined how his cock had slowly been released from its encasings and stared at her, as if it knew she had been watching? Imagined the way it had slowly waved as he kicked his jeans aside? Imagined his taut legs and tight ass as he walked away? She shook her head in amazement and began breathing heavily. It was then that she realized there were other skylights, other ways to watch. She quickly walked in the direction he had gone and hoped with her aching pussy that she'd be able to see what he was up to.

She clenched the railing of the sundeck as she saw him sprawled out on a bed, one knee up and the other leg dangling off the edge.

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