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Armand fucks her reanimated body; her succubus blows him.

"I'll come," I offered a bit too quickly and rushed to her side.

"Why am I not surprised," said Nami returning my comment back to me. She was the only one who knew what happened last week. I glared at her and followed Kasha as we took the lift to go to the basement.

As soon as the lift door closed I pulled her to me and kissed her hard.

"God I missed you sweet lips," I said breathlessly.

"You were at my place yesterday," giggled Kasha as she responded to my kiss passionately.

"Well that still makes more than 15 hours," I grinned at her and pulled away as the lift reached the basement.

"Hi guys, going to the storage room?" said Orlando the security guard as he gave us the key.

"Cheers mate. Nami is upstairs by the way," I said before walking away, I knew he's been having a crush on Nami for some time now.

We opened the storage room and locked it behind us. I pulled Kasha towards me and kissed her again. Our lips met again and our tongues started to play with each other.

"I can't seem to get enough of you babe," I whispered as I pulled her closer to me and pressed my erection on her.

"That's good to know," she commented as she reached below to unzip my pant. I had to try hard not to moan as she reached inside my boxers and felt my cock.

"Hmm someone likes my touch," she said playfully as she started to stroke it gently.

"You know this is damn dangerous, we could get caught anytime if somebody knocks on the door," I said a bit worried.

"You worry too much! Besides this makes it more exciting," she said as she pulled me closer and kissed my lips.

Not wanting to be the scared one I inserted my hand inside her top and unclasped her bra. I pushed her on top of a pile of boxes and pulled her top up releasing her gorgeous tits from her bra. Her boobs sprung out and were greeted by my waiting mouth. I started to suck on them one by one giving special attention to her very sensitive nipples.

"Oh Dan, it feels so good," she moaned as I sucked on her gorgeous tits. I lifted her up and placed her on the new printing machine our manager has just bought.

If only our manager knew Kasha's cute ass was on his state of the art machine, I grinned to myself as I continued sucking her tits.

"Dan, please touch me," moaned Kasha. I looked up and was met by her hungry mouth. I kissed her hard while my hands unzipped her pants clumsily. Kasha quickly lifted her ass to make it easier for me to pull her pants down.

Suddenly I had an idea of eating her in a different position. I instructed kasha to stand up and bend over. I told her to hold the Printing machine for support as I moved behind her. Kasha did what I told her and waited impatiently for me to touch her very wet pussy.

The sight of her cute ass sticking out as she stood there bending was making my cock painfully hard. I gently parted her ass cheeks and smelled her damp panties. Kasha now really impatient pushed hard resulting in my nose getting very wet. I grinned to myself and pushed her panties aside and gently licked her pussy.

"Oh God, Dan!" she moaned pushing back harder. I parted her ass cheek again and held it tight as I started to lick her pussy cry. I slowly inserted my tongue inside her dripping pussy and gently started to fuck it. Feeling her approach her orgasm I took my tongue out and licked around her cute little asshole.

"Hey, careful!" she squealed as my tongue played with her virgin asshole.

"Shh! Relax," I instructed and inserted a finger inside her pussy as I continued to lick around her pucker hole. I felt her relaxing again as I gently pushed my tongue deeper inside.

"Oh God, I am coming babe," she moaned as spasm overtook her body. I kept on licking her ass as she came back to sense.

"Oh God, that felt great," she said as she stood up and adjusted her panties and pulled her pants up. Somewhat reluctant I pinched her ass hard before adjusting my cloths.

"You think you can quickly take care of this," I said pointing to the front of my pants.

In order to answer that Kasha quickly knelt down an

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