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nda? And you burning down her cabin?"

The men shifted around uneasily as Tsharles shook his head, scratching his jaw. "Glenda kidnapped one of my men and threatened to castrate him, because she thought it was funny. It was her joke, I just added my own punchline."

The wind's hum filled the tense silence. "Glenda has always been an idiot," Amelia said with a shrug, "And a disgrace to the Ephaemeryl. Still, family is family. What would it say about my family name if I just up and let you through Podritia's Pass?"

A ripple of despair passed over Tsharles' face. He lowered his eyes and spread his hands in supplication. "I completely understand, but we don't have much to trade and we'll need our supplies for The Pass."

Fanning herself, Amelia let out an airy laugh. "I'm not cruel, Tsharles... I won't demand what I know you can't pay. All I ask is a gesture, a token to appease my obligation to family."

Tsharles gulped, looking around uneasily at the smiles of the women behind Amelia. "...What sort of token?"

"Oh, I don't know... how about..." she crossed her legs, letting one of her dainty bare feet stick out into the lamplight, flashing a smug grin from behind her fan, "... you can beg my forgiveness. While licking my feet."

The hum of the warm, summer wind through the mountains filled the vacuous silence in the tent. Tsharles' shock-wide eyes contrasted with his stoic, haggard, bearded face. As a moment passed, one of the younger soldiers at Tsharles' side stepped up, stammering as he shook his fist indignantly at Amelia.

"Th- this is an outrage! How dare you disgrace our captain! He is a man of honor, not some-"

The lad's voice cut off as the captain raised one hand to interrupt, his other hand massaging his knotted brow as he let out a long, tired sigh. He looked up, his humorless visage ascowl, and glared at Amelia. "If... if I do, I play along with your joke... you are true to your word? You won't just laugh and refuse us passage, to avenge your sister?"

Rolling her eyes, Amelia snapped her fan shut, bobbing her exposed foot expectantly, the toe-rings and anklets glimmering in the lamp-light. "I'm offended, captain. I value the sanctity of my word over Glenda's childish grudges. I'm trying to be civil, letting you resolve things with a little humility. Take it or leave it." Dragging her fingers along the runes painted up her calf to the sound of her rangers' tittering, she offered, "There's no need to worry. I just had a bath."

Scowling, Tsharles closed his eyes. "So be it. I'll do it." Behind him, his expression was matched by every one of his men. The howl of the wind outside was interrupted by a sputter, then a snort. Unable to contain himself, one of the soldiers brought his hand to his mouth, stifling a violent chuckle. The laugh was infectious, cracking the composure of soldier after soldier until even Tsharles threw his head back with a mirthful bellow.

Confused, Amelia didn't have time to ask an explanation before Tsharles was on his feet. With practiced expertise, his spade-like hands nimbly grabbed and tugged at his travelling robes and the shawl studded with the many medallions boasting his heroic history. Amelia stared slack-jawed at the massive, muscular, scar-striped figure standing before her, bare save his travel-boots and a deep-red silk loincloth. Before she could speak, Tsharles had dropped onto all fours and prowled up to her bench, licking his lips as he chuckled. "Mmmm hmm hnmm hnn hnn..."

"Wh- what're you-" Amelia didn't have time to withdraw her foot when he grabbed her ankle in the iron grasp of one hand as he gently caressed it with the other.

"Mmm, Sheriff," he purred, planting a passionate kiss straight into the arch of Amelia's foot. She gasped, but he paid no mind, continuing to pepper her hoof with playful smooches across the top. "Oh, Sheriff, please forgive me... I beseech you, I am a lowly nothing before you," biting his lip, he pressed her toes to his forehead, "I prostrate myself before your glory..."

"Wh- hey! Shoo! Get off you me you oaf! Lummox!" She swatted the

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