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Daddy loves his little pup.

She turned and followed the girl down an aisle while I felt like I had just been punched in the gut. Of course I was still in love with her, I don't want anyone touching her but me! I took several deep breaths, stopping myself from making a scene, and then I left the store. Hey, we're not together right? She can do what she wants, fuck anything breathing if she'd like.

I called up my friend Luke (he's straight as a circle) and decided we'd go out to the gayest club in town tonight so I can find someone to play with.




I had a mini tight jean skirt on with 4 inch black heels, and a 'fuck me' black crop top to match. Luke was matching me, only with tight skinny jeans and black toms on his feet. We were ready for a good night.

Walking into the club we hear the crowd roaring and the base bumping, so we shimmied our way through everyone to the middle of the dance floor and danced with each other like there was no tomorrow.

Luke looked over my should and scream whispered to me over the music,

"Hottie at 12 o'clock"

As he said that I felt a body push up against my back, definitely their front side considering I felt boobs pressing into me. Luke gave me the have fun look and made his way around the club leaving me.

The fast paced, edm raving type of music gradually changed into slower more sensual music and I started grinding with this anonymous female behind me. Her arms were around my waist, keeping me close, so I decided to grab them and push my ass into her even harder. Not even sure I was with the music any longer. Anon was exactly my height at that time, I had heels on and she didn't. As we swayed I felt her hands start roaming my body and she whispered sexily in my ear,

"You're so sexy, I want to make sex with you baby" Ahh a French accent that sent chills through me and dampness coating my thong.

She swung me around facing her and our lips stuck. My tongue kept probing at her lips until she opened them and let me in. I grabbed her head to pull her in more so I could French kiss my French anon. You know what they say, when in Rome..! Drifting from her lips I whispered back to her

"Come on" and started pulling her outside of the club.

We hailed a cab and headed to my apartment. While holding hands and giggling to one another in the backseat, we arrived and basically ran upstairs. My hand in hers I lead her into my bedroom. After kicking my shoes off, I leaned in to kiss her and she shoved me to my back on my bed and jumped right on me attacking my lips. French ma'am smiled down at me with a look I couldn't quite make out but I smiled back at her. She leaned back down to my face, licked my lips, and planted a quick soft kiss on them. Her kisses were soft and gentle, but very sexy. She continued planting these kisses around my face and while she was doing that, I felt her hands slip under my shirt and grip the bottom. After tearing my shirt off of me in a hurry, she took one of my nipples and licked around them. It felt really good, but I stopped her,

"Look I get you might want...everything or whatever, but I just need a quick fix ok?"

I tried to say it as nicely as possible. She shook her head 'yes' then snaked down my body, pulling my skirt an thong off in one motion. Frenchie swirled my wetness around my slit with her fingers and took a dive in. Her tongue felt extra long, it was bliss. She licked up and down it at first and then shoved her tongue into my hole and pinched my clit with her thumb and index finger. At that I flinched and my hips bucked up off the bed more into her face. Her tongue fucking sped up as she massaged my little nub and I threw my head back in ecstasy.

"Yeah yeah, unff right there, don't stop!" I moaned in a high pitch voice and shoved her head deeper into my cunt.

I felt my orgasm building up and could not let her come up for air. For all I knew she can be drowning down there, but I needed to finish. Her head kept trying to get free and gasp in a breath, but I held it there until,

"Oh fuck! I'm cominggggg" I screamed and my whole body shook then

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