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Nicole crosses the line to heal her heartbroken father.

"That is not a good enough thank you, slave" David informed her. "You will thank your Mistress properly, as a good slave should do!"

Kristy looked confused but understanding dawned as Sue slipped out of her slacks and leant back against the couch, legs spread wide. She was obviously expected to eat her pussy! Kristy was torn between her natural dislike of pleasuring another woman and the thrill that swept through her as she remembered how she had felt bringing her mistress to climax previously. Her hesitation, however, had been noted by both master and mistress and they were not pleased.
"How many times have you been told you will obey all instructions immediately, slave?" David snapped.

Blushing in shame at her lapse, Kristy shuffled nearer wincing as the chain rubbed against her tender pussy and ass and the clamps once again tightened around her nipples. This time she needed no urging and bringing her hands down from behind her head, she used one hand to part Sue's pussy lips whilst the fingers of her other hand started to stroke in between them, backwards and forwards, lightly teasing. She bent her head and used her tongue to seek out the other woman's clit, licking and teasing it until it stood proud & engorged. She placed her teeth over it, nipped lightly and was rewarded by a moan of pleasure from above her. Encouraged, she altered the position of her fingers and eased them into the now wet pussy, starting with a gentle rhythm and a single finger, gradually increasing until she had three fingers inside, thrusting rhythmically in and out.

Sue by now had dropped her head back and was surrendering to the expert ministrations of David looked on, his cock getting harder as he watched his new slave working hard to please his former slave. Finally he could resist no longer. He removed his pants and took hold of Kristy's ponytail, pulling her roughly back from her task. Confused, she looked up at him.

"Mistress S, would you mind changing position?" he asked politely, gesturing what he had in mind.

"Not at all!" Sue replied, and swiftly turned so that she was lying lengthwise along the couch, her hips raised by the arm.

David pulled Kristy to her feet, again by her ponytail and positioned her at the end of the couch.

"Now you will continue to pleasure Mistress S," he commanded.

Once more Kristy bent to her task, using fingers and tongue to stroke and tease Sue towards climax. David took hold of the thin chain and moved it to one side of Kristy's asshole, causing her to cry out in muffled agony as the added pressure caused the clamps to tighten painfully. With one firm thrust he was inside. Kristy gasped at the mingle pain and pleasure that this action caused. She actually forgot the task in hand as she felt David's cock move inside her.

"It looks like you slave is enjoying having her ass fucked!" Sue commented. "However, that does not mean you can forget your duties, slave!" she continued, and grabbing Kristy's head, pulled it down hard against her pussy.

Beneath him David could see Kristy's face buried in Sue's pussy. Sue herself was starting to pant as waves of pleasure coursed through her, pleasure that was reflected in the expression on her face. David pumped in and out of Kristy's ass, watching Sue's face carefully as he tracked the progress of her stimulation. He saw her face start to contort with the onset of her orgasm and thrust himself harder and faster inside his slave. Finally Sue cried out as the orgasm swept over her, triggering David's own release. Together they came, each carried away on a tide of desire, completely ignoring the slave who had so obediently provided the means of their release.

As they came down from their high, Kristy remained where she was, bent over the edge of the couch with her face in Sue's pussy still licking and stroking her and with her ass impaled by David's cock.

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