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My family doesn't approve of Kyle.

"I really want to find a hot body now."

"I don't think we will here. Shall we try the Pepper Club, it has a better selection and it's open late." Tabby suggested.

"Ok, why not," Lana said.

They got up to stagger out into the warm air. Both girls picked up their bags from the cloakroom clerk and went outside. They were just in time to see the man disappear into a cab. The sight of him made them giggle again.

"We will have to get a cab," Tabby said. "I can't walk that far in these shoes."

"Yeah, how much money have you got?" Lana asked.

"Let me see," Tabby looked in her purse. "Shit! Only $5.00 left. What have you got?"

"Umm..." the blonde opened her bag. "$9.30. We better find an ATM." There was one not far from the club and so they walked the short distance. It was then that they both realised they had left their money cards at home. It had been a rush to get ready and the excitement had obviously left them in a spin.

"I don't think we have enough if we pool our money to get a cab to my place, and it's closest," Tabby said. "Damn, I don't want to walk that far."

"I know," Lana said. "Let's see if I can ring someone."

A few minutes later and a number of calls by both girls indicated that there was no one available who could help them out. They looked a little deflated now as their stupidity sunk in. Tabby turned toward the club with Lana following. At least they could afford one more drink before the long walk home.

As they walked to the entrance they passed the line of cabs waiting to take people home. At nearly 3am the cabs were doing a great business. Son all the clubs would be closed and everyone would be wanting a lift home.

"Hey wait on Tabby, I've just had an idea," Lana grabbed her friend by the arm. "Wait here and let me see what I can do."

"What..." Tabby never finished the sentence, her friend had disappeared into the crowd near the cabs.

A moment later the tall blonde reappeared. She was red in the face, as if she had been running.

"Ok, come on, I have got us a lift back to your place," Lana said grasping her friend by the arm.

"What...what have you done?" Tabby asked as she was pulled toward the back of the row of cabs, through the growing crowd.

"Here we are," Lana said. She was stopped by a cab, the driver was standing at the door, holding it open for them.

"But how are we going to pay?" Tabby asked as Lana pushed her friend toward the open door. She only had time to smile at the tall, pitch black Indian driver.

"Don't worry, I have worked out a deal with Ravi here," Lana said with a smile. A wide white smile spread on the drivers face as he closed the door on the two girls.

Tabby settled herself in the backseat next to Lana, smoothing down her short pink dress. Lana slid closer to her friend.

"All we have to do is give him a little show," Lana giggled. "Like we gave our friend in there."

"What...Lana!" Tabby exclaimed. A warm feeling went through the brunette's body as she protested. "Look, it will just be us two. Just a little touching and kissing. Maybe flash him a look at your knickers, nothing too much. Anyway I'm so hot and we don't have any way of getting a guy now." Lana looked, pleading at her friend.

"Well, I suppose it won't hurt this once. You're right I'm as horny as hell now, so maybe we can help each other out," Tabby relented leaning toward Lana and kissing her cheek.

Just then Ravi opened the door and sat in the drivers seat. "Time to go ladies." His heavy Indian accent sounded exotic as he started the car.

Soon they were out on the main road, driving through the night. It would be about a half hour trip to Tabby's place.

Lana leaned over the seat to Ravi.

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