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Seduction and sex in Dixie.

I was immediately hard as a rock as I looked over him. He was pouting at me, his pretty blue green eyes wide and mischievous as always.

I ignored his look, though, taking to slowly stripping my clothes off. He didn't move a muscle as I took my clothes off. When I was down to nothing but my boxers, I looked over at him.

He was panting lightly, his cheeks red as he watched me. He was watching me intensely, his lip being bitten between his teeth gorgeously.

I took my boxers off slowly, watching as his eyes widened as he looked up at me. "Little puppy is so naughty, aren't you?" I asked and he keened softly, looking up at me.

I walked forward petting him softly. He whined, moving his lips against mine, not pressuring but allowing me to lead him. I could feel his eyelashes fluttering against my cheek and I smirked.

I pushed him back, spreading his legs and running my hands all over his body. He whimpered, looking up at me his hands immediately going over his head to clutch at the bedframe.

I spread his legs, looking down at him as I ran my fingers down to the toy that was stretching his hole beautifully. I smirked, pushing my finger against the tensed ring of his asshole.

"You're such a good boy," I praise him, pulling the toy out looking at his beautiful little hole. I had picked a smaller toy so that his hole wouldn't get too stretched out. I love to watch it gape just the slightest as I run my tongue over the rim of his hole slowly. I love to be able to push just the tip in his hole, making him shiver around my tongue.

He closed his eyes, his face gloriously flushed as I rolled him over so that I could have easy access to his hole.

I lean down, running my tongue slowly along his ass cheek. He whimpered and pushed back into my mouth just the slightest as if he couldn't control himself at all.

Slowly I ran my tongue over his hole, him moaning loudly but keeping his head buried in my pillow. I smirk a bit, pulling back to look over my desperate little puppy.

He looked so good with his ass arched into the air, his back bent from where he was pushing his ass up but keeping his chest down on the bed. The light in the room seemed to create an erotic halo around him, making me admire how utterly gorgeous my little puppy truly is.

I lean back down, slipping my tongue inside of him again. He yelped in shock, pushing back into my tongue. I ran my tongue over him slowly, and then I slipped my tongue inside him again, and wiggled it around a bit.

He moaned, and fuck; it felt like I was the one moaning. I lapped at his hole, spitting on it a bit before I slipped my finger into him down to the knuckle. He gasped, his eyes slipping shut as he shook in front of me.

He was such a beautiful sight, so wonderfully desperate as I rimmed him. I pulled back just enough to look up at my little lover and he whimpered, his blue green eyes focused on me as I touched him. I smirked down at him, leaning back down and running my tongue around the rim of his hole where my finger was stretching him, readying him.

He whined desperately, pushing back into me. "What does daddies little puppy need?" I asked and he keened loudly, pushing his ass higher in the air a clear sign of more. "Good boy, you know just how to ask daddy what you need."

He yapped, pushing back again. I smirked, biting his ass check softly. He moaned, letting his eyes slip shut again.

"God, puppy, you are so delicious." I murmur against his hole and he sucks in a deep breath. I slip a second finger in suddenly and he lets out a surprised cry. I run my tongue over his hole again, slipping it in between my fingers and running my tongue along his rim.

I pulled back enough to where I was able to stretch him. Maxie is small everywhere, even his hole after two years is like a vice around my cock. I have to stretch him enough for it to be pleasurable for him. I love my little puppy, and my little puppy loves being loved on. He finds his own way of communicating what he wanted, and I understood every motion and noise that he makes.

I added a third finger and he growle

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