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Friendship between couples leads to more.

.. Her fingers disappeared, and I nearly bellowed because I hadn't came. I was so close, yet I hadn't. I didn't have the time to finish thinking, because her fingers went in again, deeper, giving me pure ecstasy as they drew all sorts of shapes inside of me, circles, rectangles, exploring all my walls before coming to a stop in a place even I had never dared find. My G-spot. I knew it was unnaturally deep, however Phoenix, of all people, had found it without a problem. I was ready. This time I knew she would make me cum, make me shout and weep in pure joy, and as her fingers started flicking back and forth, waves of pleasure once again were sent down, down towards my pussy, preparing me for release... until nothing. That bitch had pulled out again, whilst I had been on the brink of orgasm. Twice!

"Why?" A desperate moan escaped my lips. I was on the brink of tears.

She looked at her cum-covered fingers, and said, "This makes your orgasm last longer. More time for me to feast upon you, hmm?"

They slid in again. My walls were so wet by now sticky noises were unavoidable even as her fingers dove in, straight as an arrowhead toward my G-spot. Her mouth planted a trail of kisses down my body, and her fingers started moving. I was going to cum this time. I wasn't going to let her pull out again. I would force her to keep her fingers there, and force her to sip my juices as they leaked out of me. Her mouth found my clit and her tongue slurped its way into me, soaking up all that juice as it went. I now knew what she meant. By putting me through extreme pleasure twice, I had built up a barrier, that would delay orgasm, even with her tongue flicking at my clit and finger milking my G-spot, I felt fresh to sex. Like I could go another hour without cumming.

"Have you ever squirted?" Phoenix's sudden question broke my train of thought.

"Never tried." I couldn't help noticing my breathing was laboured, heavy with horniness.

"You're gonna squirt for the first time in your life! How exciting!"

She moved faster now, with almost a sense of urgency, and I could feel her saliva mingling with my wetness and finger rotating inside me, as my world melted into true euphoria; only me, and Phoenix. Everything else was non-existent. Phoenix was about to open her mouth to say something, when, out of nowhere, by far the strongest, most intense, most pleasurable and longest orgasm I had ever had hit me. I felt my vaginal walls tighten, and as Phoenix drew her hand out, I started to cum. My juices spurted out of me with a squelching noise, and landed everywhere. On me, on her, on the bed. I couldn't stop, either. I could see Phoenix smiling so widely, rubbing my wetness all over her, and me, all the while I was cumming, squirting. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss passed, I felt there was nothing left anymore. Nothing else to come out. I was well and truly done. We were covered in nectar, both of us, but the afternoon had only just begun. I felt refreshed, ready for another round, this time on her.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked.

Soundlessly, Phoenix turned over and laid down on the bed, her flat stomach and luscious breasts still gleaming with my cum, and opened her thighs to me. She had somehow gone through all of that without removing her legwear. They were an abomination, and they came off, without protest, and her hot, U-shaped panties came right off after. Unlike me, Phoenix's vagina was fully shaved, with no sign of pubes or their roots around her. I was ready to fuck her, to fuck her senseless until she was begging for me, for me to make love. I dove straight for her pussy. My tongue struck, all of my tongue, hitting her outer vagina walls. Phoenix gave a small cry, and tilted her head.

"How long is that thing?" she half-asked, half-moaned.

"Long enough," I snarled back playfully.

I flicked my tongue over to her clit, licking her until my saliva had her shining in the afternoon sun.

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