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A tale of blindfolding - and voyeurism.

"Yes." I whisper as I look

Into your eyes.

Oh god your eyes.

I stare.

Seeing that mischievous twinkle in them.

My eyes flash to your lips.

Smiling that devilish smile, You take a finger and begin rubbing between my pussy lips gently for a moment.

Stopping ...

You bring your finger to my lips.


My lips part. Your finger touches my tongue.

Closing my lips around your finger I begin to suck. Tasting myself.

"Mmmmm...Thats my good girl."

I moan.

You start sucking my nipples

Once again. Stopping for a moment. You blow across them.

"How wet are you now?"

I squeak out, "Very!"

You dip your finger into my wet. I shudder and whimper.

Grabbing one of my arms, You raise it above my head as you lean yourself onto me.

Forehead against my own, you rub my clit. Its swollen and slick with my wetness.

You dip your finger. Then you work your finger a little deeper while you take your thumb and continue to Rub my clit.

Rubbing over and over gently while slowly finger fucking me, until my eyes are rolling into the back of my head.

I'm moaning, "Please...please please?"

My knees buckle l. I start to fall.

Grabbing me laughing. You kiss me hard before quickly turning me around and slapping my ass.

One arm is wrapped around my waist and the other is playing with my body.

Rubbing up and down my side.

Fingertips gently over a nipple. Swat to my ass. Then down to my soaked dripping pussy.

Rubbing your fingers over my soaking wet pussy lips.

then over to my ass once again you use your leg to make me spread mine as you nuzzle my neck and your fingers caress my ass and find its hole.

I'm trying to squirm away.

You admonish me with a tisk.

You bend me over,. Then grab hold of my hips.

I feel you. Your hard length against me.

Then suddenly you plunge

your cock deep.So fucking deep.

Your cock fills my pussy.

The mix of slight pain and intense pleasure make me scream out.

You grab both my arms and pull them toward you behind my back. Gripping tight as you use them as your fulcrum to pound me hard.

I scream in ecstasy.

Fuck! You feel so good!

I begin begging, pleading.

"Don't stop?"

"Please...please... PLEASE!!"

"Please don't fucking stop?"

But you do.

Im whimpering and begging you.

Sobbing. Pleading.


Im sobbing and don't even notice that you've let my arms go.

Suddenly your mouth is against my pussylips. You suck each one.

Then, I feel your tongue on my clit.

Sticking a finger in both my pussy n ass.You murmur.

"Such a good little slut for me."

You walk me forward and bend me over the arm of the black leather couch. Fingers still in my holes.

The coolness of the leather against my fevered flesh makes me gasp as you begin fucking my holes with your fingers.

"Mmmmm...Thats my good girl."

You add another finger to each hole. Alternating your rhythm for each. My pussy muscles tighten around your fingers

I can barely hold myself together as I float on the sensations.


The slap against my ass

Brings my awareness back along with another flood from

My cunt.

"May I cum?"

"Please? May I cum?"

You laugh.

"No.You may not."

You start finger fucking my holes even faster for a moment.

Then stop. Removing your fingers from me.

"I said no."

I know better then to move right now. The cool air moves along my flesh. I feel the absence of you keenly.

"Please? I need you."

"I need you. Please...please?"

"PLEASE??!!" I beg.

Your hands on my ass cheeks.

You spread them. Oh fuck.

I brace myself as you slowly enter my ass hole. Buried fully now you just stay that way.

I buck my body towards you.

"So impatient my fuck toy is."

You laughingly say as you begin fucking my ass.

Each thrust harder and faster than the one before until soon you are pounding my ass.

You grip my hair and wrapping it around your wrist you pull my head back and kiss me hard.

Your tongue playing with mine as you pound me.

"Such a good girl."

You grip my shoulder.




My head still pulled back by my hair around your wrist.

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