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Two couples become much closer.

"I don't have your stretchy mouth, much less a gizzard..."

"Poor thing..." 'Ri crooned, stroking his jaw and planting a kiss on his cheek while she worked her clever little hand up and down his length. They fed eachother until Nate was stuffed, then she dug into the rest with a vengeance while he massaged her back and kissed her neck and ears.

"MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." She purred luxuriously after the last bite was gone, arching her back and patting her belly with satisfaction. Nate tossed the empty rice pouches to the end of the truck bed, and moved the pot over to the side as Ketri laid back and continued to purr. He lay down next to her, gathering her up in his arms and nuzzling his nose into her soft neck.

"You spilled some..." Nate smirked, looking down over her collarbone at a few drips of stew spattered across the swell of her breasts. Almost as though she'd done it on purpose. She chittered, and gave his cock another squeeze.

"Oh, why so I did... MMMmmmm, why don't you clean it off me?" Ket purred, slowly rubbing her thumb over his glans. He leaned over her, and slowly licked along the side of her left breast, running his wide Human tongue across the soft, warm mound.

Ohhhhh yessss... That's it hun... Mmmmmm..." Ketri purred, stretching and arching under him. "Ahhh... I love it when you lick my breasts, mmmmmm... That tongue of yours may be short, but it's so wide and soft, and it feels so good on my skin..."

Nate grinned, sliding his tongue over her perky nipple and down into the valley of her cleavage. The alien girl purred, her big chest vibrating under his eager tongue as he went to work on the other tit.

"You know... I bet this stew would taste even better with cream..." Nate said with a wink, and a squeeze of her breast.

Ketri purred, but pushed his face away as he leaned in.

"N-no, don't suckle me yet..."

"What gives? You've been begging me to do it these last few days..." Nate asked, cocking his head at her. Ketri chirped, and brushed her forehead against his with a smile.

"You've been so diligent about suckling me... My titties don't hurt today, they're comfortably full and plump... Now my belly's nice and full too, and you're going to fill my little womb full too..." Ketri purred, kissing his nose and giving one of her breasts a squeeze.

"You sure get off on being full of things." Nate teased, tickling her and making her squeal.

"It's my kink!" She protested, nipping his earlobe with the tip of a fang. "Something about the sensation of being stretched inside just makes me so happy and turns me on sooooo much... Especially when it's you. I'm even starting to really like sucking on you too, feeling that thick snake of yours filling my poor little throat..."

Nate chuckled, and climbed ontop of her, straddling her hips and pinning her to the nest by her shoulders.

"Should I fill you now, baby?" He crooned, rubbing his shaft along the outside of her slit. Ketri whimpered and nodded frantically, grinding back against him.

Her tail curled in through their legs and wrapped its tip around Nate's cock, guiding it into her eager pussy. He thrust into her, feeling her tight flesh part around him. She was soooo tight tonight, he could feel the bulge of her full stomach inside of her as he pushed all the way in. Ketri whimpered and contracted on him, holding him deep inside of her as her nails bit into his ribs. He felt her tail move under them, then gasped as she thrust the appendage into her other hole.

"H-holy shit... K-ketri... You're crushing my dick..." Nate groaned, biting his lip at the ever-increasing pressure. "I can't move..."

"Y-you don't h-have to..." She gasped breathlessly. "I will."

Nate moaned as she pulled her tail out and thrust it in again, and again.

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