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Masturbatory fantasy of a slave.

Her first picture is simple, standing straight, facing the camera in her bra and bikini cut panties. The ones after are a blur of commands from Casey, while snapping 'catalog photos'.

"Cup your tits in your bra, and blow me a kiss. Hook your thumbs in the waistband of your panties. Put one hand over your pussy, the other over your chest, and look surprised. Now hands on your hips...give me that power shot. Now turn around and stand as tall as you can. Good. Now bend over, show me that rear shot."

After being put through the poses in just her bra and panties, Jamie thought maybe, just maybe she got off lucky and wouldn't have to do it all again naked. She was wrong.

Janet chimed in as soon as Jamie stood back up

"Go ahead and get the rest off hun." Comes the simple command.

A shaky Jamie unclasps her bra, back still turned to her panel of judges, before she shakes it down her arms and tosses it to the chair. The panties come next, trying hard not to bend over too far as she loses them too, before kicking them off her feet, into a pile on the chair.

All three of you have been watching intently as she's put through her modeling session for the camera. Heidi looks particularly flustered from the show, while Kristin is soaking it in, almost glued to her chair...possibly dreading her turn. Now Sara on the other hand, seems to be lost in another way. Right hand resting firmly in her lap, between her legs. The look of a woman possessed by what she sees, or perhaps what she's hearing, in the orders that Jamie has been getting.

Casey's voice breaks young Sara's concentration as she hears her issuing pose commands to the shy young 19 year old. The commands come quick, with the only sounds of a cell phone camera, and shuffling of feet as the girl responds to the pose commands.

"Hands on your hips, cocked to your left a little bit. Spread your feet a little bit. I want to see some lips showing. Good. Now cup the tits again. Really push those out, they're you're best asset. Tweak your nips so we can see it. Good. Now get your feet spread wider...keep going, about 3 feet apart. There, that's good. Now cup the tits again. Good. Next one we're going to have you put a hand on your pussy, while you suck your other index finger. Good. Turn around, let's see that ass again. Use your hands at the bottom of those cheeks to 'shelf' them up a little bit. Nice, now bend over, with your hands on your tits. Good girl. Now get a hand right on your clit. Perfect. Ok, next one I want both hands on your ass cheeks, and give yourself a good spread. We want to see it ALL."

One last click signaled her 'modeling' session to be complete.

"Ok, come up here close" comes Daniel's direction.

His eyes look her over the entire time as she walks up to him, feeling more confident now.

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