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A frolic in Times Square. Our heroine makes her choice.

His cock was hard, and my view was one of the best in the house, given I was not a participate in the action that was about to take place.

Demi walked over and stood behind her husband. Ashton's gaze held mine and when the first slap of the whip landed on his ass I saw the shock and surprise clearly reflected in his dark orbs. My breath caught in my throat. My pussy tightened and my pulse raced as I watched Demi lift her arm and send another wave of pain ricocheting through her partner's flesh.

As Ashton was whipped, I asked Bruce the first question of the evening, "So, if he's being gagged, what's his safe word? Or action?"

Bruce walked over and lifted Ashton's right hand, which up till now I had not noticed was clenched into a tight fist. "Open your hand," Bruce said in a heavy and demanding voice, much different than the tone he'd used on me earlier.

Ashton opened his hand and revealed a red scarf decorated with brass rings. "If he's had enough, he drops the scarf."

"And you trust yourself that you and Demi won't be too preoccupied with fucking him that you'll notice?" I asked, somewhat doubtful.

Demi frowned. "It's our job to notice everything. Including his limits. We're very responsible with our pets."

I could hear the annoyance in her voice and quickly apologized. She nodded her head and sent another slap of the whip toward her husband's bare ass. Ashton closed his hand around the scarf, a true sign to me that he was far from ready to end his torment.

Bruce began to caress Ashton's face with the tips of his fingers. He traced the young man's eyebrows, teasing the flesh with his nails, before pushing his bangs to the side and drawing his fingers across Ashton's brow. "He's such a soft man," Bruce whispered as he lovingly touched Ashton's cheek and traced the stretched skin of his pet's lips.

Ashton loved the attention. He angled his head, hoping to lean into Bruce's touch. Bruce chuckled, but gave the young man what he wanted. He palmed the man's face and rubbed tenderly the skin beneath his palm. All the while Bruce was slowly drawing down the zipper of his leather pants and Demi had abandoned her post as whipping master, exchanging the whip for something more soothing. She now wore mittens that looked to be made of animal fur, rabbit perhaps. I didn't ask, nor did I care. Bruce's cock was out and the swollen head was slowly being fed into Ashton's mouth.

I shifted in my seat, felt the evidence of my arousal as it slipped along the inner seam of my labia. My breath caught when Bruce pushed several inches of his cock into Ashton's gagged mouth. Demi ran her fur-covered palms all over her husband's body. I watched Ashton's expression change to pure pleasure as the soft mittens stroked his skin, pampering it with gentle caresses, while his mouth was used to bring Bruce pleasure.

My tongue darted out. I licked my lips and heard a whimpering sound that made me blush. I looked over at Demi who was smiling back at me. "That wasn't me," she said, making my skin grow more flushed.

"I know," I admitted. It was my whimpering that seemed to echo about the room.

Bruce looked over at me, grinned and began to draw his cock out of Ashton's mouth. I watched, envious of the young man who was being slowly face-fucked by his wife's ex-husband. I had sucked on Bruce's cock many times, but never in the way Ashton was. Jealously washed over me and I wondered if Bruce had invited me because he had seen something in me that I hadn't recognized. Either way, I was experiencing something now and had plans to add role playing with this group to my bucket list.

Demi's gloves were now moving along Ashton's hips and around to the underside of his groin. I watched her wrap her hands around Ashton's cock and pump softly. Ashton purred around the gag and Bruce's cock. I chuckled softly, never having heard a man purr before. "Look Dee," Demi whispered. "He's so hard right now. But I can get him harder."

I lifted a brow.

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