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The sound of her intense breathing and sighs of pleasure made my cock twitch and strain against my swim trunks. After kissing my earlobe, she said "I'm about to cum." My hand picked this moment to start to cramp up in the confines of her tight pants and panties. I raised my hand up to readjust and my palm brushed against her clit. She stifled her cry by burying her head into my shoulder. Taking the hint, I reluctantly pulled my finger out of her and started to rub her clit with two fingers. Sometimes my fingers would slide to the side and I would lose the bump that was driving her crazy and I would hurry to find it again.

She kissed under my chin and said "I'm cumming." I leaned down and locked lips with her as her body started to tremble against me. She gasped for breath and I felt her body tense up, her grip on my dick tightened but the precum lubed it up to allow for the tighter grip to feel amazing. With one last sigh, I felt her muscles release and she collapsed against me.

I pulled my hand out of her panties and reached around her back to hold her tight. I had been about to cum and I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to finish but being able to just sit there and hold this beautiful girl who I just gave an orgasm to felt rewarding in itself. Her hand was still wrapped around my straining dick which twitched every now and then from the abrupt stop of stimulation.

I was thinking we were done when she started to rub the underside of my cock head. She started stroking up and down again. Before I knew it was close to cumming again and told her so but the angle of her hand in my swim trunks restricted her movements and I lingered on the brink of bliss. Sensing my frustration, she grabbed my hand and brought it up to her tits. I kneaded them through her thin shirt and bra and it provided the extra stimulation I needed and I started to cum. My cum coated her hand and she continued to stroke me which felt amazing. She slowly stopped stroking me, milking the last of my cum and the last waves of pleasure out of me.

We sat together in post orgasmic bliss in a timeless bubble, neither one of us seemed to be willing to speak after what just happened. I peeked down at her face and saw through the locks of hair that cascaded down her face that she was smiling. While we both seemed content to just sit in the garden holding each other mother nature had other plans. I felt a large drop of water land on my shoulder. As if it was a recon unit declaring a target was found, I started to get pelted by cold rain drops. Thunder boomed overhead and lightening flashed.

Amanda shrieked when the rain hit her and pulled her hand out of my swim trunks. She turned to me and asked, "You know what this means?"

"No what?"

"During lightening storm's, the water park closes early so I can be off soon." She kissed me and then seductively said "My parents are out of town if you want to come over."

She said it would be 10 minutes until she was off so I walked back to my locker and opened it up. I was carrying my clothes to the changing room when I ran into my friends. "What happened did you embarrass yourself so badly you have to sneak away now?" teased Jacob.

"No, the opposite. We are about to go on a date." I almost said back to her house but I didn't want to tell my friends just how well lunch with her had gone.

"Ok we will see you later."

"Don't forget to use protection," shouted Ramon over his shoulder causing me to nearly drop my bundle of clothes and phone.

I changed quickly and then jogged through the rain back to the snack bar. It was a lot more crowded now as people sought out shelter from the storm and hoped that maybe the rain would pass and they could resume getting wet. After ten minutes Amanda emerged from the back room. I saw her gaze sweep across the crowded room looking for me, when she spotted me a smile light up her face. I smiled back.

When we stepped out of the door together she handed me some plastic sheeting.

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