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Sorry, Clay, but we simply must have your wife!

She resumed the fuck and soon had her second and third cum.

Megan heard it and pushed Molly off me and got on.

Apparently Megan was very horny since she fucked me as hard I had ever been. Fortunately for me she did not last long and I heard one of her patented orgasmic squeal close up.

Rachel pushed Mom off then pushed Megan off and Fucked me even harder than her sister and lasted for even less time. Mom pushed her of and sank me back into her. I rolled us over and fucked her with purpose.

She had an orgasm but I did not pause. Finally my second orgasm of the day approached and I savaged Mom who was apparently hoping for that. Our orgasms were simultaneous and loud.

I rolled off Mom and immediately someones mouth engulfed my cock and another devoured Mom's pussy. The fourth pussy was descending over my mouth. That session lasted about ten minutes and we all fell asleep on the grass.

By then we were in the shade and needed each other's body for warmth.

Rachel was spooning with Mom, Megan was spooning with Rachel, Molly was spooning with Megan, and I was spooning with Molly. Each of us except Mom had a tit in our hand.

We heard Dad approach. Mom got up to meet him at the dock and so did Megan, she was Dads favorite. None of us begrudged her that.

"He caught fish," Rachel said and began to walk over to him. I embraced Molly and kissed deeply and then joined them.

Dad had caught enough fish for dinner and then some. I patted him on the back then began to help with the cleaning. Mom and Rachel went inside to begin dinner. Megan started the fire in the grill.

Thirty minutes later we were happily consuming a great meal. Mom poured some white wine for Molly and me even though we were underage. She probably figured we had already shattered a bigger law than that and the was no one there but us anyway.

I sat between Molly and Mom and both would periodically check on the condition of my cock. Megan and Rachel checked on the condition of Dad's cock.

Our cabin had electricity and running water, and a water heater. It did not have a dishwasher, well except us. We formed a line and the dishes, the trash and the leftover were taken cared of in less than five minutes.

As we adjourned to the living room Rachel took a DVD out of her bag and put in the machine, It was a lesbian movie. I later learned that if Dad was going to get an erection a lesbian movie would make it harder.

He got an erection. Megan and Molly followed him to the bedroom.

"Rachel, you can have him first tonight and you can keep him until you are done. I get the leftovers if are any."

Rachel gave Mom a long deep kiss that lasted until each had small orgasms. Apparently a fingerfuck had accompanied their kiss. Mom went to get more wine as Rachel began to try to resurrect my cock with her mouth.

"You are very good at that. I bet your ex enjoyed that part of you marriage."

"You would lose that bet. He much preferred to suck cock himself if you remember. I thought I had the perfect husband, I could eat pussy and he could suck cock then we could fuck. He seldom got to the fuck part. It's a good thing I had Dad for emergencies.

Mom taught me to suck cock by the way, I learned on Dad's cock.

Yours is beginning to wake up."

She needed to go pee and Mom took over for her. Mom was fabulous at sucking cock and by the time Rachel returned it was nearly serviceable.

Both took turns loving my cock as I loved their tits with my hands.

"You better get on before I go back on my word," Mom said to Rachel.

Rachel gave her a monster kiss then straddled me. We were on the living floor. The movie was still playing.

Mom sat on the couch and I maneuvered Rachel and me until my back was between Mom's legs. I scooted down a bit and now Rachel had easy access to Mom's pussy.

When she leaned over me her tits were at mouth level and I decided to make then whimper. Soon the three of us where making every sexual noise there is. Mom had an orgasm first quickly followed by Rachel's.

Rachel paused until she could br

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