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The neighbors fall deeper into his depraved control.

He didn't own me.

As soon as I touched the doorknob Blake had me by the hair. He grabbed my ponytail and pushed my face on the wooden door. I had my back to him and I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

"Don't be a little bitch. I know what you want. You like it when I'm angry. You just make me angry because you like it rough." He said pressing me against the door. "Say it." He commanded.

"Yes sir, I like it." I breathed.

Blake backed away and for a moment a missed his body pressed up against mine. Blake dragged me to the table by my hair. He pushed my face against the black table causing my ass to rise. Blake pressed himself against my ass. I could feel his cock hardening as he pushed himself into me.

"I think you should have some rules. You like that? " he asked. I didn't take it as a question. I took his words like demands.

"You have to call me 'sir'. Even around your prissy friends. I want them to know you belong to me."

"Yes sir." I moaned. Every time he pushed into me, oh God, my body clenched in all the right places.

"You will never wear underwear, unless I say otherwise. I want to see those suckable nipples though your white shirt."

"But sir I..."

"Are" SMACK "you" SMACK "refusing" SMACK "me?" SMACK

After every slap my body moved up the desk. I groaned with pain as his hand came down. I only had my pleated skirt and panties covering my ass.

"No sir." I moaned. Blake pulled up my skirt and exposed my white panties. My cheeks turned crimson with embarrassment.

"Since you won't be needing these. How about I get rid of them for you?" He said laughing.

Blake gripped my panties and pulled hard. A loud tearing sound echoed through the class. My ass burned like fire and my heart thumped against the cold desk.

He rubbed his hot hand over my cheeks. His slow touch on my sensitive flesh, the blood pounding in my ears and his tight grip on my hair all melted down into an erotic dream that I never thought I would have. In my dreams I had control but Blake had all the power. He controlled me. This was no dream.

Blake gripped my hair and pulled me upright. My head rested on his chest and my eyes were focused on the white ceiling. Blake's breathing was steady, while mine was harsh. The thump of his heart was steady, while mine was wild.

"Put your arms to your sides. Do not move, do not make a sound or else." He said placing his hand on my breast. I didn't dare ask what he might do if I misbehaved.

"Yes sir."

Placing both hands on my breasts he pulled my body close to his. His rough hand massaged my sensitive flesh though the white shirt. His hand traveled down my body to my thighs. Just like the night of his party, Blake drew small circles on my inner thigh. I still couldn't understand how his simple touch could make my body scream.

Slow circles. Painfully slow circles. His hand moved up against my thigh. Blake was in no hurry. He played with my mind, my thoughts and body.

I groaned as his hand made contact with my sensitive flesh. His expert finger circled my little button. Light touches, not too much pressure but just enough for my body to react.

I moved my hips, pushing my pussy harder against his hand. The smallest of movements. The slightest movement and he stopped.

"What did I say?" He breathed. "You know, for a smart girl, your not smart at all."

"No please..." I gasped. Blake had no mercy. His hand came down hard on my clit. Once, twice. Each time I groaned. Loud crackling spread through the classroom. Gasps turned into moans and small screams.

"Be quiet my little slut." He whispered into my ear. His left hand slid over my mouth, muffling my pleading screams.

He continued with his punishment, with my punishment. Each time my back arched and then pressed against him. I could feel the outline of his cock. Why would he torture himself like that? We both knew I wanted him. I was as wet as ever and he knew it. He knew I craved him.

I could feel something building.

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