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Dani's father teaches her an important lesson.

"That looks better." Rebecca said back at the studio.

I had to agree with her, those tits were not overly large, but nice and perky, with mouth sized nipples at the top of them.

"Well it feels better, Rebecca." Carmen said into the microphone.

"I can see that it is cold down there, or are you happy to see me." Rebecca laughed.

"No, its not cold, but I am glad to see you and also I have some one here that is helping me get into the spirit."

With that the camera slowly panned down to reveal Carmen's knickers slowly getting pulled to the ground to join her skirt. The same women that had taken off her bra was now taking off her other clothing as well.

"I see the natives are friendly." Rebecca said.

"Yes they are." Carmen smiled as she shuddered on screen.

From the shot of Carmen we could see the lady's head positioned right in front of her cunt, moving up and down. Carmen's legs opened up further as the head moved closer.

"I'm getting a real licking here." Carmen breathlessly told the audience.

"Yes you are." Rebecca said with a slightly higher voice and a big smile.

This was hot. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

"Let's leave Carmen there and come back later." Rebecca said.

"Jim are you there in Washington?" She asked.

The shot showed a naked male standing behind a woman who was bent over at the waist leaning on a car.

"Yes, I'm here Rebecca." Jim said as a microphone was hastily passed to him.

"Hmmm. I can see that. So is there any need to ask how National Nude Day is going in the capital?" Rebecca asked with a smile.

"No, it's going very well here. If you can see to the right looking at the congress building, there are people in all states of nudity and some fucking can even be seen in the windows." He happily replied as he continued thrusting his cock into cunt in front of him.

The camera panned and zoomed in on the widows and there we saw people with the blinds open fucking each other or just standing there naked.

I undid my dressing gown to reveal my cock, which was highly aroused by this news report.

"So, Jim, who is the lady that you have there with you?" Rebecca asked.

"I don't know. Some slut who I fancied." Came his reply, "Can I go now?" He asked, "I'm just about to unload a whole army of sperm, into her warm juicy cunt." He did not even wait to be told, but just threw his microphone down and kept humping her from behind. Thrusting harder and harder into her before...

"Yes, lets leave Jim there and go back to Carmen." Rebecca said as she undid some of her tops buttons.

The picture changed to show Carmen leaning against the television truck with her legs spread as the unknown broad ate her out. She was even too engrossed to notice that she was on the portable screen as she held the woman's head to her sweet lips and moaned in pleasure as her tongue slid in and out of her swollen lips.

"Carmen." Rebecca shouted.

"Hmmm." Carmen said dreamingly with a beautiful smile on her face,

"I see that you have definitely gotten into the spirit down there." Rebecca said.

"Hmmm." Was all that she could say as her body shook with an orgasm.

"Gawd." I said to myself, "This shows hot." I said to myself as I pulled myself. Rubbing my cock up and back.

The shot went back to the studio, where Rebecca was looking very hot and flustered and yet more buttons undone, showing off a lovely cleavage.

"Let's go to New York. Sandy are you there?" she asked.

The shot came on screen showing a striking redhead sucking a man's cock, while she was fucked up the arse.

"Hello Sandy." Rebecca said again, with an even higher voice.

The shot stayed with Sandy as we watched her getting fucked and sucking the cock that was stuffed in her mouth.

I continued to jack off, watching.

"Well it looks like we will not be getting anything from Sandy." Rebecca said as she stood up and peeled down her panties from her sodden cunt. She proceeded to sit on the desk and took the microphone and put it to her lips. Slowly she moved it across her wet lips and pushed.

I could see the moisture on the mic

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