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What his daughter proposed.

I quickly spun around behind her, overpowered her with a bear hug and she dropped the golf nearly on my toe. I was holding tight around her waist and her left arm was secure but her right arm and legs were flailing wildly. My lips rested against the soft line of her neck and I waited for her to calm down but she was showing no signs. Her body had a faint sweaty smell mixed with a touch of sweet perfume. She swung her free arm back and caught me right in the kidney and I coughed. I let go of her for an instant and re-secured my grip pulling both of her arms behind her back.

I tried to reason with her, "Mom, you can't destroy things. Do you want to go to jail?"

"You knew he was fucking her!" she screamed. I had never before heard my mother say the 'f' word.

She leaned her head forward then quickly slammed it back into my face crushing my nose. My vision blurred for a second and I winced with pain. The robe had slipped down her right shoulder and I buried my chin into her shoulder bone to limit her head movement. She writhed and her right breast escaped the confines of her robe. The swollen nipple on her milky globe pointed at the ceiling. I leaned with my back to the wall holding her tensely and stared at her sweet naked breast over her shoulder. With no premeditation I opened my mouth and took a soft bite of her bare neck. Her skin was salty on my tongue. I had a sudden realization that I was aroused.

"Nick, let me go, my robe!" she barked.

"Karen," I said sternly, "are you done breaking things?" I have never called my mother by her first name.

"Yes, I'm done," she assured.

I let go of her and she turned hotly and tugged her robe into place with a quick motion. With no warning, catching me totally by surprise, she lifted her left knee and jammed it into my groin. "Never call me 'Karen' again," she shot. Luckily it was a glancing blow but it still made me double over. I knew at this point her behavior was unpredictable and she was anything but subdued. My own temper flared. My patience goes far but there is no excuse to knee a man in the groin. I grabbed her around the waist and slammed her down to the floor on her back. She hit with such a hard thud I hoped she hadn't broken any bones. I swung my leg over her stomach and held her arms against the floor above her head. She was breathing hard with a sweaty face and wild eyes.

"Karen, I won't let you go until you calm down." I sat on her stomach and she tried to buck her hips under me. The position of her arms above her and her bucking motion caused the front of her robe to open more with each movement. Her natural breasts fell lusciously away from her chest. Ok, this is your mom for goodness sake, I thought to myself.

"Nick, let me up! My robe!" she wailed.

"Karen, I can't do that. Last time you kicked me in the groin."

Her robe had fallen completely away from her body and was crumpled to her sides.

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