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He finds out what is expected of him.

"Sure, is she ready now?" I said as she plopped back into the seat facing forward and putting her hair behind her to put it in a ponytail.

"I called before we left, she's ready now!" As she gathered her hair and put the tie around it, her chest was stuck out. I noticed no bra and my dick noticed, too. Rita noticed me staring and blushed, smiling shyly. Nothing was said, nothing had to be.

We pulled into Jessica's drive and she skipped down the driveway like a kid on a playground, wearing torn jeans and t shirt like Rita. I watched her big tits bounce all the way down the drive. As she got in the truck, I noticed she too was braless, easier to tell with her chest, and it was obvious that she really needed a bra to not be obscene. Her nipples had gotten hard running down the drive and were poking out and up through her shirt. Rita scooted over and let her in, and I was in heaven, but feeling guilty at thinking these thoughts about these two young girls. So naive, young, unsure. But also so sweet, eager, giggly, and putting on a show for me, flirting and looking so hot!

So here I am, washing walls and floors with two teens in t shirts and no bras, moving their arms up and down, or round and round. It did not help that they were behaving immature, younger then they were. Giggling nonstop, making funny noises, smearing soot on each others faces and bodies. They did a lot of work and I was safe so far, then Rita came up and smeared soot on my nose.I grabbed her waist and we spun, ending up on our knees bent over.

Rita was laughing out "No! No!" because since she was a little girl, I knew she was ticklish under her arm, at the armpit. She knew I was aiming for that and she was extremely ticklish, losing control when I did it right. She would just collapse all limbs and go weak, half laughing and half gasping. It was funny. After overpowering her I hit that spot and she jerked and collapsed and snorted her breath. Jessica was on the ground busting a rib laughing. As I was letting go of her my hand found her tit. It was no accident. I had her in a way that Jessica could not see me do it and I rubbed and squeezed Rita's tit looking her right in the eye. Her nipple got very rigid under my palm and her chest pushed up slightly as she took a deep breath. Five seconds, eye to eye, I fondled her on the ground. She did not move, but she bit her lip like holding back a groan. I let go and pulled her up.

Jessica was still laughing at Rita, and we looked at each other. We shook our heads and both jumped on Jessica. I held her arms down and Rita mercilessly tickled her. I was on my knees on one side of Jess, stretched over her holding her bent arms by her ears. My eyes stayed on those bouncing boobs, and as she struggled I managed to cop a quick couple feels without being to obvious. My dick was so fucking uncomfortable and throbbing.

I had to stop this now, so I yelled "okay, truce!" and we all calmed down. Rita had been down at Jessica's waist tickling her, but had turned her head and was now looking right at the large bulge poking from my pants. Jess noticed and soon two panting teenage girls were silent, looking at the hard on I had from wrestling with them. My turn to blush, and I stumbled to get up, when Rita grabbed my hand and stopped me. I stopped suddenly and almost fell from her grip. I looked at her quizzically, she was searching for words.

"What?" I said, and I never forget what she said next.

She looked at Jess and swallowed before looking down. In that little girl voice she said "Don't be mad but me and Jess are best buds and tell each other everything, so I called her last night and, Jess has never seen one squirt, would you please let us watch you do it again?"

My body went numb, but the blood kept pumping to my cock. I froze for ten seconds, then a wicked grin came on my face. Looking down at these two, I knew I was going to do this.

"Is this really what you two want?"

They barely mumbled yes.

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