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A nephew fills his uncle's mouth on July 4th.

She tried to forget where she was, tried to imagine herself alone with her own erotic fantasies (and yes she did have them, and yes they did involve beautiful, naked women!), but playing with herself while yards from her gang bangers were shooting up what looked like coke, while money changed hands and all sorts of other nefarious antics were ongoing, it was mightily difficult.

"Get that billy club in your cunt, bitch!"

Manny had had enough of her stalling antics and his voice held enough menace to convince her that he was entirely serious in his threat.

As Carole began to slowly but surely push the hard tip of the nightstick into the barely aroused folds of her pussy, three more women joined the exclusively male (with the obvious exception of Carole) company. They were Candace, Christy and Tyra, all three were coloured and all three prostitutes, paid, like Carole, to perform a role that night. Manny had arranged for them to be here and filled them in on what they would be doing! They took up position at the back of the room and, in truth, no-one really noticed them, their moment in the spotlight would come later on. All three knew each other and had been working the streets for about three years apiece (they were all aged between 19 and 24) and had even had time to discuss what they were going to do tonight -- oh boy had they discussed it! So the three hookers leaned back and watched as the pretty blonde slid the night stick inside herself and to the obvious delight of the guys began to fuck herself with it.

The atmosphere was poisonous with lust while the music was hypnotic in pushing Carole on almost trance like until nearly five inches of the club were buried inside her and being worked in and out of her tight cunt. It made quite the visual contrast: the dark colour of the nightstick, like a thick, black cock against the creamy, white skin of Carole's toned, athletic body.

After five minutes of having her use the nightstick like a giant vibrator Manny snapped his fingers at her and indicated that she should get a move on to the next stage of the entertainment.

"You lick that fucking thing clean then I want to see you jam it up that tight asshole of yours, and remember if you don't get it up there far enough we got plenty of volunteers down here who'll stick it there for you!"

Indeed he did, and that little instruction brought a clamour of guys wanting to do it but Manny waved them away and smirked at Julius, yeah, his homie looked like he was enjoying his night. Even more so when Carole plucked the nightstick from her pussy and ran her tongue up and down the end, desperately trying to get it even wetter for where she had to put it next. Under instruction from Manny she turned her back to her audience, got down on her hands and knees and somehow worked the tip of the nightstick into the tight, puckered asshole that looked out at the assorted criminals and gang members. As the hard tip penetrated her and they saw her grimace the biggest cheer of the night went up. So far. The three whores at the far wall smiled, they were they could get the crowd ever louder.

The position was actually really awkward for Carole and her embarrassment seemed to be ramped up with her back to the crowd and her ass cheeks pulled wide apart, she sensed someone come onto the stage right at her ass, fearing a hefty shove to the nightstick she spun her head around to see Julius there.

"Don't worry bitch, I'm here to pull it out not push it in further."

He was as good as his word hauling the piece of police equipment from the blonde's ass with an audible pop and holding it aloft before the crowd like a triumphant gladiator in ancient Rome.

"And now she's going to lick it clean again!" he announced to a tumult of cheers and applause.

However, having the shit stained end of the nightstick, so recently buried in her asshole, presented to her mouth was too much for her and she balked, even though she had agreed to this earlier, the gangster wanted to see her

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