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A story about Gina's abduction, training & sale.

But after about six seconds or so, her eyes slowly shut and her lips parted and she leaned into my embrace. My hand slid down to her thigh and I casually slipped my tongue into her mouth as I felt her exhale.

After maybe just ten more seconds of kissing, she gently pulled away, "can we get in the back?" she asked.

Her question struck me as strange in two ways, first because of how quickly she had initiated this escalation in physical romance but also in the non-chalant way she said it as casually as someone might ask for you to pass the salt.

"Yeah, hang on," I said, my heart pounding as I bolted out of the car around to her side, opening the door and putting the seat down, creating a carpeted flat surface the cavernous back of the blazer. I scanned the parking lot for others and was relieved to see we were unspotted.

She hitched up her dress, exposing her ass as she crawled into the rear, with me just behind her, shutting the door behind us.

As I turned to her, she was flat on her back with her dress bunched at her waist, her hands wrestling her nylons down over her hips. I watched agog as she shimmied from side to side until her pussy came into view. She wasn't wearing panties. Wow.

My cock churned impatiently, reminding me that it was still unacceptably confined, so I undid my belt and pushed down my pants and boxers over my boyish hips, letting my skinny erection spring free.

I turned to see her roll the hose from her toes, roll to the side and place them in the corner of the car before slowly lying prone, letting her legs part like an unfolding flower.

In the colorless moonlight, her skin and her shiny silk dress were nearly indistinguishable. Her hair, eyes, and her dark pussy cloaked in dark mystery.

"Take me," she said. It was neither a question, a command, nor a tease. It wasn't coy, or seductive, desperate, lewd or suggestive. It wasn't a dominatrix command or a challenge either. It was as unceremonious and casual as asking a stranger to open the door. It was amazingly arousing.

I looked down at clear bead of precum crowning my straining, arrogant penis and I came back to earth.

"I've got a condom here somewhere...." I said, turning to rummage in the glove box.

"You don't have to," she stated. "I'm on the pill," she explained as she reached up and grasped by penis, stroking it gently.

"She might even let you take her bareback," I suddenly remembered Cyndi telling me. "She takes the pill for her acne, so she sometimes lets boys cum inside her."

"This is it!" I thought. My first real fuck the way nature intended. I didn't mind condoms per se, but they always added an element of distraction and anxiety, making me second guess every thrust.

For some reason, I noticed my reflection in the window as I kneeled back on my haunches with my pants around my ankles. In particular I recall absurd my erection looked, curving in a semi-circle at an impossible angle, pointing towards my chin, almost like some kind of rare orchid framed by the smooth, white folds of my formal shirt. It looked totally out of place, its proud, natural rigidity stood in complete contrast with my stunned expression of surprise, my shaking nerves, and my rumpling formal attire. Nature is weird.

My heart skipped a beat as desire triumphed over judgement as I crawled over her, lowering my body onto hers. I marveled at her magnificent pussy, the shiny dark curls framing a glistening fleshy rosette. She was my Venus, beckoning me to the heaven of her interior.

True, I technically wasn't a virgin, but I might as well have been given that my previous encounters lasted only seconds. This time with Jane was going to be very different.

With a volatile mixture of self-doubt and extreme lust, I lowered my hips to hers and tried to restrain myself from thrusting madly. I pressed forward feeling heat and wetness in abundance crushed against the head of my thin organ, but missing the mark. I pushed again three or for more times, feeling my glans slip over the firm nub of what must've been her clitoris.

Her face re

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