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A shy girl's first time starts in a pub.

You keep you fingers on your thigh pointing towards me and wink. I drop my mobile to the floor, bend down and smell the heady aroma off your finger. I smile and you return it and I lick your finger, taste your pungent and sweet pussy.

I sit back to my original position with paper covering my trousers; lick my lips which gets a appreciative smile from you. I mouth 'my turn' and lower my zipper when the train pulls in to my regular stop. The two people sitting next to us shuffle and get their bags from overhead racks. We assume normal positions and wait for the commotion to finish. I am glad that there is normally no additional people that get on in that route.

The extra space and the slightly better privacy is a welcome change. I lift my newspaper insert my fingers to undo the buttons on my boxers and get my hard cock out. You stare at my large, being, foreskin covered cock; you lick your lips that get my cock to twitch. I pull my dark foreskin back and the precum coated purple head glistened in the evening sun under the news paper. Your fingers reach out to caress my glands and the well lubed cock head. This produces a new drop of precum that you collect in your finger. You then lick your finger clean and mouth 'yumm'.

The next two stations come and go in quick succession and our coach thinned to a handful of people spread out. Anyone can still look at us waist up if standing and anyone walking past can see everything. I lean forward and hook my fingers around the base of your pants and whisper 'lift your arse' in to your ear. You shimmy your arse slightly and I get some purchase to pull your pants down to your calfs. Your waxed pussy glistens in your moistness and makes me harder than I was before. You have a small triangle of tightly trimmed hair just above your now prominent clit. I reach out to finger your clit which makes you moan a bit too loudly.

You whisper that you can't sit with your pants down. I fix that problem by removing your pants; I can't resist but lick your crotch area that was soaking wet in your knickers. I lean in for a kiss and you reciprocate. We share a short kiss and you tell me that my lips taste like pussy. We both laugh heartily and It is our first social interaction. I insert my index finger facing upwards in your wet pussy and ask you to sit back, relax and enjoy the next few mins.

I slowly trace the top of your pussy walls and after two knuckles in, I find your soft ridge that hardened when my fingers started brushing it softly. I start making a slow pulling motion repeatedly on your ridges and you close your eyes, your breathing hardens. After a cpl of mins, I put my middle finger in and continue to tease your g-spot. You close your mouth with your hand when I increase the pressure. Taking the clue, I dig faster and use my thumb on your clit flicking it.

10 seconds later I feel your body stiffen and you let out a laboured grunt ; my fingers are wet with your cum. I switch hands and feed my wet fingers to your lips; you suck on them hungrily. I sensually caress your both your lips below and above; we share a more hungry and passionate kiss. I tell you that you taste more like a pussy now.

The next stop leaves the train with 2 other people facing the opposite direction in our coach. We have 20 mins to go for our final stop; you softly caress my cock with your fingers expertly trace back to the base of my cock massaging my now tortured balls after 65 mins of hardness. You move and sit next to me bent down and take my cock in your warm inviting mouth, give it a deep suck for a second or two and start undoing my trousers. I hold your hand to indicate that I don't wanna get them completely off and make sure that the newspaper provides sufficient cover.

You gently massage my balls while squeezing my throbbing cock.

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