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Ellenor meets the man of her dreams.

I can visit every once in awhile. How does it sound? Think you can manage?"

Now her husband was abandoning her. Maybe not literally, but it sure felt like it to her. "That's great. Yeah, we'll be fine." her voice started breaking again. "Sorry honey. I really need to go." She said hanging up the phone abruptly cutting off Austin's "I love you."

She cried and cried until there weren't any tears left to cry, then she cried some more. She had never felt so miserable in her life for the next two months. Alone and depressed, she hardly left her bed. Austin said he'd visit, but thing kept happening with the contract that prevented him from leaving.

Finally, two months later Austin returned home. The house was a bit dirty in an unusual way. As if it were abandoned. "Honey? Rick?" Austin hollered to the vaulted ceilings. No one responded.

He walked upstairs and into his room with his luggage in hand. There he found his wife crying in the bed. He rushed over to her, "What's wrong honey?"

She got up quickly wiping away her tears acting as if nothing happened. "Oh, you're home. Sorry, I'll make you dinner."

"Woah, slow down Vanessa. What happened?" He said kneeling down while holding her hands. Vanessa broke down again crying into her husbands chest. "Where's Rick?" he asked curiously.

"Rick left. He said he's leaving forever."

"What? When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me?" Austin was concerned.

Vanessa couldn't tell him the real reason why he left, otherwise she'd have to expose her entire fucked up past. "I don't know. He just left one day." She lied.

It was odd, up until that point Vanessa never lied to her husband, but when it came to Rick, she was willing to lie straight to his face.

"Do you want to go look for him?"

The reason Vanessa was so torn was because she knew that if she wanted Rick back in her life, Rick would no longer be a son, but a man to her. She couldn't bare the thought of her son looking at her with the intent of a man wanting a woman.

"No, it's okay. I'll be okay."

Austin couldn't understand what was happening but he thought it was best just to do as Vanessa asked.

The year following Rick's absence was one filled with misery and depression. With Austin's new contract, he had to eventually move a state away to oversee that the project was being handled. Austin pleaded Vanessa to move with him, but she refused saying that she had to stay at the house in case Rick ever came back. Austin wasn't angry, it just meant it would be a bit of an inconvenience in order to see his wife. They agreed that Austin would visit as often as he could while Vanessa remained at home.

Ever since Rick had left, an unnerving sense of sexual frustration shook Vanessa's body. She masturbated regularly thinking about sometimes her husband, sometimes Frank, and sometimes Rick. She was always disgusted with herself after she finished. She blamed herself but blamed Austin as well. The newlywed phase was over and she could see herself slipping into the same person she was when she was with James.

She had developed an impulsive personality. She would do things because of her body. It was driving her insane. She decided to head out that night. Almost a year had passed since Rick had left. "Today would have been his 22nd birthday. I wonder what he's doing." She dressed up and headed out to the same club that Rick had taken her on his Birthday.

She sat at the same table remembering what it was like.

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