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He moved up the length of the bed, rested a fingertip along the man's shin, then dragged it up and over his knee, thigh and hip as he moved, taking one slow step at a time. A wicked grin produced itself as Tony stirred and turned away onto his side. Now, Jim was becoming a little impatient with Tony - again. Ah, but, he climbed into bed with the man, moving up behind Tony's body, where he pressed his groin against the man's buttocks. Propping up on an elbow, he leaned to Tony's ear into which he breathed lasciviously in a singsong manner, "To - ny."

The man stirred somewhat, but not enough to denote his waking from the deep sleep he was in. Jim slid his manhood along the separation of Tony's bottom, pressing firmly against it. Reaching over the man's body, he grasped Tony's member stroking it leisurely and felt it begin to swell in his hand.

"Are you dreaming, Tony?" he muttered into the man's ear huskily.

A moment of silence filled the room giving Jim the feeling that Tony might not even know he was there. With everything he had within him, he forced himself into the physical plane becoming a tangible being as if he were alive and breathing.

"I know you're dreaming of me, Tony," he whispered faintly. "We did have some good times together, you and I."

Tony moaned softly, his hips beginning to move in rhythm of Jim's slow ministrations.

"C'me on, Tony. You can do better than that," he teased softly. "What's wrong? Don't I excite you anymore? Should I bite something, or prod you a little?" Jim chuckled quietly, knowing Tony's proclivities like the back of his hand.

The feel of Tony's solid velvety shaft brought back so many memories of their moments of playtime together. Jim often had made time for Tony, where he had not done the same for Maurice. Tony was always a more sensual and tempting man, to Jim, much more so than Maurice ever even thought of being.

Jim abandoned the swollen member, grasping the back of the man's thigh. He lifted it, draping the leg over his waist and hip. Slowly, he pressed the tip of his manhood against Tony's opening until it slipped passed the folds of skin and muscle, into the man's body. He then worked his way in completely, inch by inch, pulling back to push in further each time, until he was completely buried inside the man.

Grasping the member once more, the hand slowly glided to the tip, tightening its grip somewhat as it reached the head, then slid back down to the base of the shaft.

"Oh, Tony," he moaned into the man's ear. "You still feel so damn good," Jim admitted. "I could stay like this with you forever, sweetheart. So, you just sleep and I'll do with you as I please, as always," he chuckled at the last he had said. "Oh, and if you wake up in the morning, feeling as if you've been molested, don't blame me, ok?"

To his surprise, he felt Tony push back onto his member and against his body, then slowly maneuver his hips forward away from him. He grinned knowing Tony was either in the throws of a hot dream, or was awake and playing opossum with him.

"Yes, Tony. I know you want it," Jim groaned into the man's ear. "Take it. Take it all."

His grip on Tony's manhood tightened more, as he increased the pace to a moderate one. Tony continued to move with Jim, his breathing altered as his body rose with arousal. Soon their bodies slapped out a tempo that pushed them toward a mutual end.

Jim stopped long enough to lift Tony's head, easing his arm beneath it, then went back to what he had been doing. Tony whined at the sudden stop, causing Jim to grin lasciviously. While he managed accomplishing what he meant to do. His arm curled over Tony's shoulder the hand resting over the man's chest, his finger began to trace the prominent flesh that had peeked and begged for his attention. When it was rock hard, he grasped it between a finger and thumb toying with it - all the while he thrust into the man, stroking his member with his other hand.

Tony began to tremble.

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