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Knowing Jeremy....

You know I can't resist for long.

I take long languid licks at that gentle crease, your hips are trying to move sideways, upwards, trying to get my tongue's pressure where you want it most.

On my left cheek I can feel the heat emanating from you, growing warmer with each lick and tiny thrust of your hips, I can smell the sweetest un mistakable aroma of your wetness coating you.

I can hear your breathing, ragged, and deep. I can see your body move under the influence of my tongue. I need to taste you!

As I have teased you, I have unbearably teased myself, avoiding any contact between you and the hardness I have is difficult, as I've paid you attention, keeping that point of contact off you has been an unending ache deep inside me too.

I lift my tongue from your delicate crease, I see your pussy, dampness coating inner lips, outer lips, and a small trickle running downwards, I burn the image of your turned on pussy into my mind, open, waiting, anticipating, almost visibly throbbing. The last 45 minutes of teasing you have certainly got you to where I want you to be, at bursting point,

As you feel sensations stop I look at you for a brief moment, laid there, chest heaving breathing in and out, an imaginary trail of all the places my tongue has touched and aroused you, from your neck, bare of your long dark hair, gently nudged away as my tongue teased those sensitive, under skin tendons earlier.

Your arms outstretched, bent at the elbow where I planted long trailing kissed along their length, your hands and fingers now splayed and grasping handfuls of bed linen, where they had ended up shortly after I finished kissing your palms, and sucking each finger, in turn, into my mouth, with long suctioned strokes

Your chest slightly flushed from the butterfly kisses that teased around before taking your breasts into my mouth wetting and blowing, blowing and wetting, your nipples standing proud as they rise and fall, the 'tenseness' and 'relaxation' of your stomach muscles as they alternate between pleasured relaxation, and thrusts to gain more.

Your legs either side of me spread a little, tingling flesh, -I guess- from soft tender kisses on the firm skin and firmer, more desiring ones on those soft sensitive areas, behind the knee, the inner thigh, taking time to make sure, in your mind, you could remember every place my tongue had touched, every tiny cell of your skin that had received my attention.

Now as I take in this vision before me, mentally making note of every area I have kissed, your eyes half part, gazing at me, a look of lust only seen a couple of times before in our time together.

"Don't stop baby, I'm so near."

I take a moment to let those words sink in as I look at you, so wanting in front of me, its not for self praise that I have done this for you, it's a welling emotion that between us we are so close, we can bring each other to such an aroused state, such a loving emotion that we both want to be right here. And we can be so relaxed with each other to be like this.

I lower my head. You know what's coming next your hips are involuntary moving, tiny rocking movements, looking at you I'm sure the air around you is enough to arouse you more, almost charged with our love making.

I blow onto your damp outer lips causing you to recoil a little but as the sensation becomes familiar those little rocking movements return. As I blow I see you open more, almost pulsing open, your tasty juices at the bottom of your pussy increase a little.

I am about to extend my tongue to taste you.

"Baby do it now, or I'm gonna cum without you."

"Ok baby"

I extend my tongue and run it up your outer lip, a quivering begins inside you. Your stomach tenses and squeezes as though being pulled through the bed, I lick up your other lip and the same reaction happens, I run my tongue up between your outer lips.

Over your concave stomach I can now see bed sheets in your hands lifted clear of the bed its self, arm muscles fully tensed, stomach sucked in by muscles so tense you could p

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