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Alpha Stan and Chairman Robert were both coming out, along with a number of warriors. I saw four men being carried to the clinic. "Let me guess, injected?"

Stan nodded. "All the guards were knocked out. One of the prisoners said a masked man came down, unlocked Shura and left with him. One of the trucks is gone, a blue F-150 quad cab. We've given a description to all the men and sent patrols in all directions. Shura's scent was lost when he got into the truck."

Shit. "The surveillance is a no go, the control room was taken out, Alpha Michael and two of my men were hit with injections and the recordings destroyed. I've got guys coming to look at it but I'm not hopeful."

Robert looked around. "So, we have multiple guards from two Packs taken out with drugs, which means someone they trust got close enough to inject them."

I nodded. "Probably multiple people, there wasn't much time to get this done after we brought the last group out of the cells." We had gathered a group of senior people, so I went over and grabbed a map out of a Pack vehicle and spread it out on the hood. "Any of you have people staying offsite?" A few nodded, they were at hotels nearby. We marked the locations, and they sent their men to block access roads. Vehicles filled with warriors were sent in every direction, and Stan got the helicopter pilot on the phone, he'd be here in thirty minutes. "Anyone spots them, call in at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Let's go."

"Alphas, I'd like to meet with you in Alpha Sven's office, alone," Chairman Roberts said. I nodded and led them that way. All the excitement must have been getting to me, because my heart was racing and I was breathing hard even though I hadn't done much.

Alpha Stan's POV

I got off the phone with the helicopter service and linked with Jessie and John. "Can you guys go to the cells, see if Jessie can do that thing to locate Shura? We don't have any idea where they went," I said.

"In a few minutes, I'm with the Pack doctor, helping to clear their systems of the drugs with my magic," she said. I called warriors to me, when we got a location I wanted the helicopter ready to go. "Go find a clear spot for a helicopter landing zone, take some flares with you to mark the spot. No trees or power lines around," I told the first two. The next two, I told to go arm up and wait by the helicopter.

I joined the Alphas as they followed Sven into the conference room attached to his office. The guards were left outside, the doors closed, the soundproofing making the conversation private. "We've got someone working against us here in this room," Robert said. "The Council is taking over as of now. Put your phones on the table please."

There was an outcry from the assembled Alphas, but when the Council enforcers and Council members stepped in, their dominance level was enough that none of us could withstand it. I took my phone out, placing it on the table before me. One of the enforcers picked it up and placed it in a bag before leaving.

I looked around at the others. "None of us have any reason to help Yuri," I said. "He's killed my Pack members, Sven's too."

Sven nodded. "My friend Michael is in the clinic now. I don't see the European Alphas in this room. If anyone has a reason to spring Shura, it's them."

"Chairman Francois is taking care of his people as we speak. We are in agreement on this; Council business has been interfered with, and the Councils will handle it."

"But who did it?"

"We are going to start narrowing things down now. The proceedings were taped, we are going over them now to get a list of everyone who was in the room at the time. What I need from you now is a list of any of your Pack members who were not in the trial room, and where they were."

Sven went to a cabinet and started passing out pads of paper and pens. "I'm going to need help from my Betas on this," I said.

"That's fine, you can link with them and have them list the assignments made.

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