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Arc Deco #3 - Our minor magician travels but finds trouble.

This painful position thrust her breasts up to him giving him easy access to her. He reached up and yanked her blouse apart, sending buttons flying all over. "Nice fucking tits, bitch" Davis said. "If the rest of you is this hot, than I am going to have a great time."

"Please stop, you're supposed to uphold the law not do things like this. Please let me go, I promise I won't tell a soul," Jessie cried. "Shut up cunt, here this ought to keep you quiet" he said as he unzipped his trousers. He yanked them down to his ankles revealing a huge cock. Bigger than any Jessie had ever had before, "Please no" she said. "I said shut up now try this bitch and no teeth if you know what's good for you, people have been known to just disappear around here you know" he snarled as he shoved his fat cock into her mouth.

Terrified that he would kill her, Jessie offered no resistance as he grabbed the sides of her hair and fucked her face. As she tried to control the gagging reflex of the head of his massive cock when it hit the back of her throat she felt one of his hands move to the back of her head for a better grip. Before she knew it, he crammed the whole thing down her throat. He slowly pulled it all the way out until the piss slit grazed her lips then crammed it all the way to the hilt in one clean, smooth thrust. "Yeah baby, suck my big, fat cock. You love it don't you? I'll bet that hot snatch of yours is dripping with pussy juice, isn't it? Don't worry honey, I will make sure to pound your pussy with this rock hard 11 inches of meat. I wouldn't want to send you home wanting." He grunted as his hips started moving faster. "Oh yeah, baby, suck it. I wanna give you some of my hot cum as an appetizer, suck it harder slut. I know you love it. Uh, Uh here it comes bitch, swallow it! UUUHHHHH" he grunted as hot spurts of cum filled her throat forcing her to choke it down or smother with the onslaught.

Yanking his cock out of her mouth he ripped her shirt the rest of the way off. Cramming it into her mouth so that she couldn't speak, he knelt between her legs. Realizing what he was doing, she clamped her knees together to try and prevent him from touching her. Whimpering low in the back of her throat, she tried to scoot away from him. He reached over and smacked her tits hard. "Cut it out bitch, I know you want it, I can smell your arousal." He reached down and shoved her skirt up around her hips and yanked off her panties. "MMM, nice and shaved, just the way I like it, been waiting for me haven't you slut." He crammed two fingers deep into her snatch and threw his head back in laughter. "See cunt, you're dripping with it" he snarled as he shoved his glistening fingers under her nose. "Since you're all ready for me I guess I will save eating this hot snatch till later and fuck the shit out of it now."

He reached over and yanked her to the edge of the seat, pinning her arms under her body weight. Whimpering at the pain in her shoulders, she tried to turn to the side to ease it a little bit but he smacked her tits again, making the nipples stand up even more. Leaning over he grabbed one between his lips and circled it with his tongue. Sucking it into his mouth he bit down hard the same time he crammed his 11-inch cock to the hilt up her cunt. Screaming around the blouse in her mouth she tried to get away from the monster tearing her tender pussy apart. Amazingly he held still after he buried himself in her until her whimpering stopped and soon she began to feel her pussy muscles contracting, begging for movement. Chuckling, he started pumping in and out of her slowly and worked his way up little by little as her moans increased. Soon he was plowing his cock in as far and as fast as he could and she was screaming with orgasms. They flowed over her one right after the other until she lost count. "Uh, yeah bitch, I knew you were hot as soon as I saw you on the side of the road" he grunted as he continued to fuck her.

"Let's try something different," he said as he pulled

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