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Catherine and Denise play while Rob is away.

Ann had never seen a black cock before. Forty nine years old and never seen a black cock. It wasn't overly massive, but this was her first and she wasn't disappointed.

She grabbed Terry's stiff prick, pushing on his stomach so he couldn't get up, as she closed her wide, open mouth over his engorged bell-end, caressing his taut balls, as she took swallowed him deep.

"Fuck!" Terry gasped, as she her mouth enclosed his whole shaft all the way to his black balls.

Ann slowly released Terry's rock hard cock, inch by inch till her red, juicy lips were back caressing the tip, licking the slit in the middle of his cockhead, then devouring it again, repeating the action continuously, while at the same running her wet smooth tongue up the sides of his black root, her tongue gliding over the pulsating veins and sending short, sharp shocks back down his cock and through the rest of his heavily sweating body. She repeated this action till Terry felt his balls begin to tighten, his hot jizz fizzing inside them ready to be released. Ann deep-throating him one last time, this time almost taking both his balls in her mouth before she suddenly stopped, her petite hand gripped the base of his cock as she fingered the blood filled veins.

"I want you to fuck me! Hard and deep with your black cock!" Ann gasped as she licked away the spit from her red lips with her filthy tongue.

She got to her feet and began to pull down her blue jeans over her mature, child bearing hips. Her tits, encased in a black bra, jostled slightly as she stared at Terry, never losing eye contact as her jeans fell to the floor. Terry could see the hairy, wispy bush of black hair sticking out the sides of Ann's pink panties, fanning out up her womanly thighs towards her belly. The middle of her panties was transparent with her ripe pussy juice which formed an almost perfect line with her wet hairy slit. Terry's dick hardened at this sight. He'd dreamed and fantasized about this sight for ages. He slowly got to his feet, pulling his black sweatshirt over his head and throwing it on the sofa. By this time Ann was naked and laying back on the floor, her left hand between her spread thighs, fingering her wet hairy pussy, rubbing her middle finger slowly up and down the slit. She parted her thick vaginal lips with two fingers and rubbed the tender bud of her clit with her middle finger. Terry was now naked, his hard cock jutting outwards as he wanked himself off slowly to the delicious sight before him, the soft slippery sound of her pent up juices squelching as her finger flicked in a blur. Her milky white, round, pendulous tits hung invitingly. The pink stiff nipples at the ends of each tit twitched slightly as her chest heaved to the movement of her heavy breathing.

"Suck my tits. Please!" Her voice was quiet and sultry.

Terry stopped wanking with his hard cock and knelt down over her, cupping both wonderful breasts in his hands, running his long tongue along the first protruding nipple, licking it around and around and then engulfing it in his mouth. He sucked on the stiff pink teat, licking to the rhythm of her stifled moans, as she writhed. Ann rubbed her thighs together as Terry transferred his attention to her other nipple. He gave it the exact same treatment as the previous one, this time a bit faster as her breath quicken and her legs began to tremble.

"Stop! Stop!" she moaned.

She could feel a leakage of cunny juice running down the inside of her left thigh from her hairy wet hole. She pushed him back, her tits covered in Terry's saliva. Her aching nipples still sensitive. Terry eyed her fuckable mature body for a second time. Her stomach sweating as her short gold necklace moved rhythmically between the valley of her titties. Her dark thatch of hair covering her wet pussy as it pulsated between her thighs. He saw the glint of cunny juice trickling slowly down her thigh. He wanted to taste it.

"Lick me out!" Ann demanded as she parted her knees and spread her legs wide.

Terry knelt betw

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