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Naturally, my fetish became even stronger when I had kids. I continued to play with my boy and girl friends and spent rest of the time taking care of my family. Even then I would try to find ways to be alone for 15-20 minutes so i could slide off my clothes and rub, finger, caress and fuck my own bald pussy. As the kids started to turn 18, I decided that it was time to teach them the importance of being clean and bald down there. I passed on this practice onto my two daughters and a son. I taught them how important, easy and fun it is to stay bald and hairless. It was a torture to a horny mother to know that her children are sexy sweet and totally shaved bald down there but not be able to do anything about it except see them in their swim suits. Turning point came when my children entered Jr. year. See I teach Jr. and Sr. year and my crazy fetish lovers are from those classes. Once my daughter Tanya starting going to the same class as my lovers and became friends with them she quickly found out something was wrong. She confronted me and showed much interest in my fetish. We talked for hours about it. I told her that I loved seeing a bald pussy. She kissed my cheeks, took me up to her dorm, took her clothes off and showed me how smooth bald and hairless her pussy and ass hole were. We immediately started kissing each other and in a few minutes I found myself tongue fucking my daughter's horny wet pussy. I was in heaven. My own little baby girl, all sexy shaved and bald getting her pussy fucked by mommy's big wet tongue. Tanya would always return the favor very well. I remember when the very first time my daughter stuck two fingers up my anus while shoving her full big wet tongue in and out of my horny wet pussy. I came so hard that I almost past out.

I did similar thing with my other daughter, Jenna. Jenna was going to a community college and lived at home so it was easy to develop my relationship with her and in isolation with the other kids. It also meant that I had to be careful when I bring my sexy friends home. So I started going to Tanya's dorm room almost 3-4 times a week. Jenna very quickly quickly figured it out that something was up and confronted me. When we told her about our mutual fetish and attraction for bald bare hairless pussies and ass holes, Jenna quickly dropped her panties and asked us if that is what we were talking about. Needless to say all three of us were very happy that day. Back home with Jenna, I would lick suck and fuck her horny bald pussy and she would in turn finger fuck my pussy. One night while she was tongue fucking my horny wet pussy she shoved two fingers up my anus. I guess Tanya and Jenna were talking and exchanging points on how to drive mom over the edge.

Jenna was the crazy one.

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