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They're extremely mild and on the most forgiving setting. For now at least,' threatened Jack. 'They're linked together by this chain,' he said, pulling it gently, causing both nipples to be stimulated at the same time. Meg cried out at the intense feeling that rushed through her body.

'You bastard,' she moaned, writhing against her cuffs.

'Just be thankful I didn't select the vibrating nipple clamps.' Jack was delighted to see Meg's astonished face, suggesting she had no idea such a thing even existed. It seemed Luke was right about her being fairly innocent, despite her hobby. Jack shook the thought out of his mind and got back to the job in hand.

'And now its time for the clitoral examination,' he continued. 'I need to ascertain where the most sensitive sections of that whole area are for you. Please bend your knees.' He waited whilst Meg begrudgingly did so. 'Put the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to flop open as far as they can.' Feeling sickeningly vulnerable but ridiculously sexy in equal measure, Meg did as she had been ordered. She realised, no doubt by devious design, that because of the additional padding under her lower back and bottom, her knees dropped much further down either side of her than they would had she been laying on a flat surface, ensuring she was entirely exposed. She could feel herself embarrassingly wet and swollen and knew that even the slightest touch from him would cause very intense sensations.

'I'm now wrapping a scarf around each inner thigh,' he explained as he worked, 'and tying it off under the examination table. This is to assist you in maintaining your position during the procedure, which you might otherwise find rather challenging. It also ensures I have unimpeded access, of course.'

Meg groaned with uncontrolled desire. Trying to adjust her legs, she realised her knees were tied firmly down. Worse still, the scarf was positioned over the top of her swollen outer lips, opening her fully. It felt very unfamiliar to feel air moving freely against such intimate parts of her body, entirely susceptible to whatever he chose to do.

'Good. Now, I'm going to touch you in two different places or in two different ways. Each time I do so, I need you to compare and let me know which gives you the most pleasure.' And without allowing Meg a moment to consider what was happening to her, Jack got to work. Leaning down to Meg's wide open lips, Jack ran his tongue firstly down the left hand side of her swollen nub and then teasingly down the right hand side. Meg immediately spasmed at the intense sensations, her knees naturally trying to close together but unable to do so.

'Just say "first" if you prefer the first. "Second" if you prefer the second,' pushed Jack, and repeated his previous movements a number of times. Meg cried out, experiencing further delicious aftershocks, jumping further as his stubble made contact with her inner thigh.

'Meg, I really need you to focus,' insisted Jack. 'First or second?'

'Second,' croaked Meg.

'Good,' smiled Jack. 'Now we're getting somewhere.'

For what felt like an eternity, Jack kept her on the edge of orgasm, forcing her to compare and contrast different touches, methods and techniques, when all Meg wanted to do was scream with frustration.

'Good,' said Jack eventually. 'I now have an excellent understanding of how you can receive the maximum amount of pleasure.'

'I think I hate you,' groaned a trembling Meg.

'Hate is a very strong word, Meg,' said Jack in a low, husky voice. 'It suggests there is nothing further I could do, to elicit any stronger reaction in you than I have already. And I simply know that's not true.' And with that, Jack picked up a third clamp, also attached to the chain, and clipped it onto one of her labia. Ignoring her groans, he then pulled gently on the chain, stimulating all three sites at the same time. Meg screamed out at the mindnumbing intensity of the feelings swirling around her desperate, agitated body.

'I was just about to remove the clamps,' smiled Jack.

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