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He had a penis, about four inches long and a vagina.

"I think you can feel pleasure," I said and triggered him/her again and again. at fourteen, he was leaking fluids from both his brass pussy and cock.

"Don't stop," she said, her voice softening to the female, "Haven't cum since the change. Years of none. More, more!"

I shifted my hand to her pussy and pushed there and watched as her body changed. Her tits grew and her cock shrank until it was barely bigger than a clit. The brass flesh beneath me was softening as well. I watched her body lose the brass tone and become a gorgeous woman. I slipped my fingers inside her and pushed more orgasms. At twenty, she was wholly human again, and writhed beneath my touch.

"Take what you want, you have saved me," she said, "I'm yours now, anything for this, anything!" She leaned forward and began to suck my cock pulling back only long enough to say, "Fuck my face, my master!" I fucked her mouth and at twenty five of her orgasms, I came in her mouth. Then at thirty, she passed out.

Crow arrived with Princess and I unlocked Mary, "Mary dear, you are so lovely and devoted, but these are my kind, you are only human."

She nodded and tears rolled down her face, "I am sorry I disappointed you. All I can offer is the potential to bear your gifted child. Fuck me and make a baby on me. I will be your baby maker, you little mama, caring for our offspring.

I thought about it. Then decided, "You will be my new Pussy. I will call you and you will present your ready pussy for my seed."

She fell to her knees and said, "Thank you, my master. Shall I don the suit?"

"Yes," I said and she went and put it on, then knelt in the corner, waiting for a command.

The rest of the day was very satisfying. By the end of the day, we figured out how to turn Figurehead back to a female version with all her previous powers intact. She also learned to turn it off and on. We dubbed her Venus and got her a shorty toga to wear. Once I had Black Queen fuck his big sister, she lost her sense of self and I helped her find it again as my woman, my thing. We called her Puta. But Snowball, she was perfect as is and I just turned her mind to me with the promise of love and the granting of orgasms. She became Icicle, though we changed nothing about her costume.


I spent the next two weeks with them, reinforcing their programming, but mostly, using them. They were mine. Crow was still my favorite and was a fine slut, sucking pussy while I fucked her as the girls touched and I gasmed them. My libido had always been considerable, but I noticed that the more I use my ability, the more I was ready to perform. Black Queen became a sex toy. He could barely function outside of sex.

Puta too was severely addicted. She didn't care much about the touching, the forced orgasm, even the orgasm at all, she wanted a dick inside her, all the time. So, I drove the van into the city with Icicle. She was 'warmed' up and raring to go, so I had her suck me as I pushed three orgasms on her during the trip.

"Gasm, baby," she said as I had her start to go cold. "Does this mean you love me?"

"Yes, baby, I love you," I said, "You're mine, my toy, my bitch and my love. Where is this coming from, sexy one?"

"No one ever loved me before," she said and held out one still warm hand. I took it and she kissed it with her frozen blue lips.

"Don't I give you my seed enough to know I love you, my slut?" I asked and she giggled.

"I still feel it inside me, little spermy ice cubes," she said, "You do, but there are men that do that and don't love."

"Is there a man that did that to you, baby? Who is he, I'll teach him about fucking with my girls," I said and she smiled.

"Can I tell you later, honey?" she said. "I want to kick some ass right now."

"Baby, I'd gasm you right now, if it wouldn't melt you," I said and she smiled. We cruised through the slum area of town, "What's this hero's name?"

"He calls himself, Pack Ra

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