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My roommate's girlfriend interrupts my shower.

I wriggled back to my sitting position resting Di's head on my lap, her head looking up at me with closed sensual eyes, now on her back, her ass being aggressively pistol hammered by my lover Red. He thrust into her gaping anus, her ring opening and grabbing him deep. With each thrust and pull, her head jerked back and forth on my naked wet lap. Her breath was increasing with his as she frigged her cunt button in rhythm.

I pinched her left nipple and she moaned. I applied more pressure rolling the solid teat head between my fingers, finding the place between her pleasure and pain. I rolled and rolled it, pinching it harder, waiting for her to reject, but she didn't. Rather she kept the build-up going, breathing faster and faster, frigging her womb slit ferociously. I grabbed her head and brought those amazing lips to mine, kissing her so deeply, I could have fallen into her, my lovely Didi. I tasted her every nook and cranny, her breath, her lungs, her stomach, her inner soul. We got more passionate as Red took it up another notch.

Mesmerized by the amazing situation, enhanced by the pot and wine, every time Red slammed into her ass, a deep body scent wafted up through her mouth into mine; her insatiable perfumed lover scent was invariably mixed with a lower body sulfur odor which I drank in, slopping for more, it was as if he was pushing farts up her body through her mouth. In, out, in, out, our tongues collided as he fucked and fucked her steaming asshole. I breathed in her most personal, most guttural and profound scent and fed it back to her, oh did I love her.

Red grunted loudly hammering his balls into her cunt slash, spewing boiling lava spurts into my dear Didi's rectum. It seared her insides and she moaned loudly, our mouths still glued shut. She came in a writhing wet mess, her fingers digging so deeply into her coozy you could only see her wrist. She bucked and screamed while milking his jackhammer, his balls pumping the milky drain into her moist private shit cave. I tasted every thrust, my mouth deeply drinking her insides as we kissed so passionately. In her climaxing she clamped my pinching to her tit the whole time.

Red finished his honeypumping with a slow thrust and just sizzled inside her bottom as he softened. Di and I slowly finished our languishing kissing as she pulled gently away, shitting out his pecker with a wet squish. He fell back onto the floor and just lay there for awhile, a dreamy expression across his face as he closed his eyes.

Di let her legs down, which may have been cramping by now, being pretzeled way back like that. She got up and moved me down on the couch from my upright position to lying on my back. Lover that she was, she gently crawled over me and squatted over my face, on her haunches, the still gaping anal wound glowing pink. Watching these two lovebirds fuck and come made me horny and ready; it was my turn.

She leaned all the way over to lick my vag slit but stopped short, letting her fudge box quiver above my chin. I reached out with my tongue to lap at it, the brown mouth wide and breathing. She slowly heaved outward and the rings parted, releasing an enormous glop of pale yellow semen strands, streaked with delicious brown threads, dropping like syrup into my mouth. I eagerly took in Red's jizz from her ass, so tasty, so thick and fresh. Her back oven kept it hot. I sucked in the last droplet and savored the salty pungent and somewhat shitty flavor, lapping it over my tongue and swallowing it carefully. How could anything be so sexy?

She pushed again and a long vibrant girl fart erupted, all the air Red pushed into her rectum finding its pressure release.

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