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A routine filing task ends up with a pleasurable surprise.

Then the day came where they were delivered. I remember not being able to take my eyes off him as they set him into place in the heart of my new special place. When they finally left, I stood on my back deck and looked out over my garden. It was so beautiful and so welcoming; I just knew that it would be the pride of my home. Its entrance was guarded by an arbor adorned by blooming wisteria and a little iron gate that beckoned me within. Broken shells crushed into small fragments lined the pathway that wound through its beauty. It was as if this garden has advertised only for the most lovely and softest singing birds to come make their permanent home in its foliage. Each step further into the garden took me to a place where I had never been before. I was transported from one state of being to another with each step further into its depths that I went.

I remember noticing all the different things that adorned my special place ... the weathered potting shed, the wheelbarrow turned on its side with dirt spilling out where hostas had found their home, the little cherub that perched beneath a weeping willow tree that seemed to have been there for years, the whispering stream of water that bubbled alongside the path, soothing my soul with each step. But even stronger still, was a magnetized pull towards the center of the garden where he crouched, waiting. I found him embedded in a sea of moss and surrounded by beautiful cherry trees that were in full blossom. A softly spraying fountain was to the right with a small sitting area beneath a large red maple tree. A beautifully wrought bench built for two and deep enough to lay upon in a stretch of tired limbs to soak in the beauty of this place welcomed me deeper.

As I stepped closer to the statue, it was as if the trees bent closer, shielding us within this harbored room of beauty. I couldn't help but stare at him. It was as if his eyes were boring right into mine and if I looked hard enough, I could see the muscles in his well-toned back flex beneath the rays of sun that filtered through the thick trees. I felt a flutter in my belly and the velveteen softness of my tongue was slipping over my lower lip. He was beautiful. I found myself gazing lower still down his body, even moving to the right a bit to see if I could see anything past his bent leg. I couldn't believe that I hadn't seen it before but there they were in plain view ... twin ball sacs hanging beneath the lower portion of an erect cock. I couldn't see the tip of it as it was resting against his upper thigh that lay against his belly, but I could definitely make out the large vein that ran up the underside length of the portion that I could see.

I blinked and pulled back a bit, shocked at the twinge I felt shooting down my belly and pooling between my thighs. I even felt a reflexive throb in my clit and knew instantly that it was hardening between nether lips as my hands raised to my flushed cheeks. I broke my gaze from this rock man and turned to move over to the bench, taking deep breaths to calm the sudden wild beating of my heart. This was ridiculous! I was getting worked up over a stone statue. Shakily I sunk down onto the bench and closed my eyes, swallowing past the lump I felt in my throat as I tried to calm the ridiculous thoughts running through my head. But when I opened my eyes and looked back at him, it was as if he was staring right through me and could read my thoughts and innermost desires. I felt myself blush even as my gaze dropped to his strong thighs once again.

Mink brown brows furrowed as I tilted my head a bit to the left.

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