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Tricky Domme sets a game for two newly acquainted subs.

But Emma again took matters into her own hands.

Smiling sexually at her brother, Emma suddenly took hold of the waistband of both his shorts and boxers, and ripped them off...exposing her brother's thick, 7.5 inch dick. Emma slid back and gaped, not believing what her brother had been hiding.

Colin quickly tried to cover up, but it was useless. There was nothing laying around to help him do so. "What the hell Em?!" He yelled out.

Emma still stood there looking down at her brother lusciously. "God Colin, I can't believe you got a boner from your own sister!"

Colin looked up at her. "Well what did you expect? Your ass kept inching towards my dick, you kept moaning, and then you started undressing! Can you blame me?" He said, Still holding his hands over his erection.

Moving back towards her brother she spoke. "No I don't blame you...that's what I was hoping would happen!" She replied.

"What?" Colin questioned.

Emma kneeled down. "Mm,hmm...You have no idea why do you?" She asked him.

"What do you..." but Colin couldn't finish, for his sister hurriedly moved her brother's hands out of the way and grabbed onto his hard shaft and started pumping it.

Colin began to moan. "Mmm, Uhhh, Emma what the, Ohh fuck!...what the hell's gotten into Y...oooou...!? He got out slowly as his sister spat on his dick and slid her saliva down his cock with her hand.

"Mmmm, you know how many times I've heard you jacking off at night?! I can't help it...You were keeping me up almost every night! I just had to find a way for you to stop!"

"For fuck's sake Emmmm...Uhhhh...I didn't...Oh fuck!! I didn't mean to!"

"This is...S...Ohhhh...wrong!!" Colin moaned out loudly as he bucked his hips up.

Emma hushed him. "Quiet bro! I couldn't stand it any longer..I've had enough; and I figured that if I helped you out, maybe you'd finally stop keeping me up at night!" She said, and then went on stroking him once more...milking him like a cow.

"But seriously Emma, I didn't Mmmm...mmmm...mean it! He told her, clenching his lips into his mouth. "I was just trying T..Ughh...mmmm...trying to release myself. Seriously Emma, I mean this is...S...Ohhh shit!! It's wr...wr..Uhhhh...GOD! SO Wrong!" He got out, breathing heavily.

Easily, Emma slowed her pace. " you want me to stop?" She asked, staring intently with her bright blue eyes into his own hazel colored eyes.

Although Colin's brain told him that this was completely bad to do, he couldn't help himself...the enjoyment of what was happening took hold. Colin suddenly made an awkward face and spoke. ", but..."

"Then shut up, and let me get what I came for!" She told him abruptly. As she took a hold of his cock once more, she shifted from jacking him off, to blowing him. Her warm wet mouth engulfed his shaft. Over and over she sucked in the full length of him, which almost made her gag.

"Ohhh FUCK...Mmm...God sis, you are REALLY GOOD at this! Ahhhh...yeah...Shhh...Shughh...SHIT!!" He let out crazily.

Emma took his cock out of her mouth and thanked him, then went back to work. Playfully, Emma only kept the tip in her mouth this time. She looked up to her brother and started playing with his balls, making a shiver go up his spine.

Still holding only the tip in, Emma finally started sucking on it, making sure to swirl her lustful tongue around it. As her tongue swiftly went around in circles, Emma inched it up and stuck it into the slit of his cock. Colin moaned loudly; his hips began bucking up, causing his dick to slide back down his sister's throat even further than before.

Emma gagged, and quickly pulled her brother's cock out of her throat. Coughing, Emma stopped for a second. "Are you alright?" Colin asked, making sure his sister wasn't hurt. Emma looked back up and grinned. "Yeah, I'll be fine." She said. As she got her breath back, she then Slowly, grabbed back onto Colin's shaft and shoved it back into her mouth. She quickly started pulling at it, roughly slurping on it...hoping and trying to make him cum.

Both Emma and Colin's elation was cut sh

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