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The beginning of a very interesting relationship.

No one was on the street and she was desperately trying to explain something to me. I grabbed her hands and shouted, "Look I CANNOT UNDERSTAND YOU!"

She shook her head and her black hair bounced with the wind. She had a very sexy face but had very small breast, a B cup. However, that was not what did it for me, it was that incredible ass. Latin chicks have the best of both worlds, the sexy white girl features that turn me on, with the sexy black girl features that a brother must have. She was maybe 5 ft and all of 110lbs, and she had a strong gymnast type body. She reached in the pocket of her tight fitting jeans and showed me the lent on the inside. I quickly understood, she had no money and had run out of gas.

I started to laugh at how stupid I was, this was simple. She was laughing too, and I was happy to swipe my card and give her a few dollars for gas. She smiled and pumped, gas was only $1.17 back in those days, so it did not take long, or much to fill her tank. She thanked me in Spanish and smiled and then winked at me. I tried to be tough and I flexed my chest as I smiled back. My uniform shirt fit perfectly around my pecks and shoulders, I often got noticed by the ladies when I wore this uniform.

Once again she started to speak to me in Spanish, I shook my head because I could not understand her. She smiled grabbed my hand and lead me to the bus. She motioned for me to get inside and I did wondering what else this woman wanted. I was clueless back in those days, I did not think about sex all of the time, I did not see the obvious signs of it then, I was younger and innocent in a way.

We were in the bus and she started to write a phone number down for me and she handed me a basket of soaps and body oils. I did not understand who this gift basket was for. She was talking faster and louder and faster, then she threw her hands up in frustration. The next few words that she spoke were curse words I did know that and I laughed. She grabbed my hands once again and looked at me, deep in my eyes. We looked deep into each others eyes and then it happened, the CD changer in my car had started to play a new CD, Digital Underground and the song was The Freaks of The Industry, which was playing loud enough for us to hear it on the other side of the pump. For those readers that do not recognize this song or group, I will say this, the song starts of with a sex woman moaning and the bass drops as a very hypnotic rhythm plays in the background.

She recognized the song and started to smile and bob her head to the beat. Then she licked her full lips and my body reacted. Watching her move to this music and enjoying herself was turning me on. She was dancing and moaning, running her finger through her hair. I was burning up, this Spanish chick smelled so good and despite her small frame she was all woman. I think she was playing, however when the song was nearing the end she leaned in to blow me a kiss, and I took advantage of the opportunity. When our lips met there was no need for any words, I understood that sexy moan of hers.

I took over, I let my hands explore her body touching every part. I ran my fingers through her silky hair and massaged her shoulders and back while we kissed her. I leaned her seat back and went straight to the buttons on her jeans. The first one was easy to unbutton, but the next few I struggled with. She did not care she stopped kissing me long enough to unbutton them herself. I was already rock hard, but watching her wiggle out of those tight black jeans, almost made me cum right then.

I took off my pants, with her help and she yanked down my pants and briefs in one swift aggressive pull.

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