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Lucky meets the reporter.

We've done a lot for America and for ourselves in a very short amount of time. However, in the United States of America we acknowledge that atrocities and injustices were committed against people of color for centuries. We teach it in our history classes. And we absolutely demand that young people understand how terribly unfair our country's policies were for centuries. Canadians go around pretending they're the nicest people in the world. And some of them actually believe this bold-faced lie. It's eerie. But they're not fooling me.

In Canada, both Blacks and Whites pretend that racism doesn't exist. I've seen a lot of racist White folks in the city of Ottawa where I stayed for a while. They give you funny looks in stores and especially on the bus. Whenever they see me reading one of my Black magazines like Black Enterprise, Ebony or Essence, they always stare. I guess they've never seen an African-American magazine before. They also say some very negative things in a very subtle way. If you're not paying attention you could miss it. I confront them about their racist bullshit nearly every time. They're always surprised when I call them on their subtle bigotry. I guess racist White folks in Canada aren't used to being confronted. Bunch of dumb asses. I can't stand them. In Massachusetts I had friends across the racial spectrum. I had Irish friends and Jamaican friends along with Asian friends and Mexican friends. In Canada, since ninety nine percent of all people I encounter seem to be hypocrites, I'm not eager to make friends. It's not a color thing, it's a cultural thing. Everyone is two-faced here, regardless of their ethnic background.

Canadians of African descent are a weird bunch too. It's not just the White folks. Take the residents of Ottawa for example. At the two major universities in the capital, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, there are lots of educated young Black women. Where are the young Black men? Even though Canada has many accessible and affordable top-notch schools, lots of Black Canadian males aren't interested in pursuing higher education. They'd rather work menial jobs, smoke weed, party hard, get into fights and chase women. Make that chase White women. That is so disappointing. In America, lots of young Black men want to go to college but lack the funds. In Canada, anybody can go to college. It is both affordable and accessible. Yet many Black guys in Canada choose not go. My cousin Jean is one of them. The guy is smart as hell but he doesn't care for school. He makes deliveries all over the province as he drives a truck and makes okay money. That seems to be all he wants to do with his life. He could do so much more.

Due to Black Canadians males apparent lack of ambition, a lot of college-educated Black Canadian women seem frustrated with them. Add to that the fact that lots of young Black Canadian men, whether college-educated and not, seem to have a thing for White chicks. Yeah, I can kind of understand why so many young Canadian women of African descent seem frustrated with the young Black men of Canada. Well, I'm not one of them. I'm Haitian, first of all. And I grew up in the United States of America, where Black men have achieved a lot. My father Franklin Magloire has his doctorate's degree in engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Nowadays he teaches at Clark Atlanta University. My mother Elsa Rameau Magloire has a degree in business administration from Howard University. They both live in Atlanta, Georgia. I know Black folks can accomplish anything. Black Canadians don't seem to share the sentiment. What a bunch of losers.

I see a lot of good-looking, educated young Black women every day.

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