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Julie/Jim /Jim and his mom waited at the school for almost an hour. It wasn't the line, but because of the unique circumstances presented. Julie/Jim 's mom had insisted on speaking to the principle before signing up her "daughter", and both had been led into his office a short time later.

"Principle Soso, I want to first make something clear, and ask what your school's policy is on the matter, before registering my "daughter" here. Julie/Jim /Jim isn't a normal girl. She is in fact a boy, in a new petticoat punishment suit. She has asked to live her life as a girl, and my husband and I want to let him do so. We have already made arrangements so that only you will know she is a he, but I want to be sure that is as far as it goes here in the school."

"Julie/Jim , Mrs. Jones, I can assure you, you are not the first family to make the request of me, to have their son enrolled as their daughter. I will of course allow it, with the following conditions. Julie/Jim /Jim will be subject to the same punishments as the other girls. She will have her skirt raised and her panty clad bottom spanked for any rule breaking and uniform violation. She also will have to take the ballet classes, and join the cheerleading squad, to improve her flexibility, and to give her a chance to make some friends. Also, our school, while doing everything in its power to prevent such occurrences, can only do so much, to prevent any practical jokes by the boys here perpetrated to the girls. The most common seem to be skirt flipping and bottom spanking. We do, however, punish the boys caught, by forcing them into skirts too, but without the feminine make over. Boys in skirts are fair game to the girls. Julie/Jim , if you can agree to these conditions, I see no reason why you can't enroll here."

Julie/Jim /Jim smiled and nodded. "Sir, I think I can accept those rules. And thanks for the heads up on the boys antics."

Julie/Jim 's mother smiled, and sent her child off to register. Meanwhile, she and the principle sat and talked some more. Julie/Jim 's mother had been at the same school, and had remembered the pranks, and the punishments. She had also remembered the principle. Mr. Saso also remembered her, and how she had kicked and squealed when her bottom was being spanked.

"Well, Margret. It seems it has been a while since I have seen you in my office, young lady. And you seem to be out of uniform."

Margret smiled, seeing that Mr. Saso wanted to play. She also had spied the school uniform hanging in the closet. "Yes sir, it seems it has been a while, and I guess I am out of uniform. Do you have one I can wear?"

"Yes Margret. It is in the closet there. Now, go get into uniform, and we can make sure you are properly punished for your transgressions."

Margret got up, smiled, and slipped into the large closet to change. She slipped off her summer dress, and pulled off her lacy panties, and then began dressing in her old school's uniform. She pulled on the white cotton panties, the simple white bra, the blouse, and finally the jumper. She had always hated the jumpers, since it reminded her of something the little girls wore, not the high school girls, but now that she was wearing it again, it brought back her childhood memories. She finished off by slipping on the knee high socks, and Mary Jane shoes, before doing her hair up in a ponytail and walking back out into the principle's office.


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