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doing Babe?"

"I will tell you tonight. I just need for you to ask for Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Monday 15th of February off."

"My birthday's on the 12th Dan. Come on what do you have planned?"

"Just make sure you can get those days off. I'm sorry to rush but I have to go to a meeting. Please message me to let me know you can get the time off and I will tell you more tonight. Ok Honey?"

"Ohhh Dan, I'm so excited. I will go and check right now. Can't wait to see you tonight."

"Neither can I. Bye Gorgeous. See you tonight."

"Bye Honey."

Kate messaged me back about an hour later, saying it was all arranged for her to have the time off. During the afternoon I finished booking our little mini-break away. When I finished work I drove over to Kate's apartment.

Maddie opened the door and let me in as Kate was in the shower. We had only been chatting for a few minutes when Kate came out and gave me a big kiss and hug. Kate then grabbed my arm and dragged me away to her room.

Maddie yelled out "You kids have fun now." As Kate and I giggled, heading down the hallway towards her bedroom.

Kate kissed me again and asked what I had planned for us.

"Well I have booked a little trip away for us to celebrate your birthday and Valentines' Day, if you would like to come away with me?"

"Oh Dan that is so nice, I would love that." She kissed me and then started talking again. "Where are we going? What do I need to pack?" Kate asked getting all excited.

I hugged her tightly. "I'm going to keep you in suspense I think." I replied with a giggle. "I will just say that we are going somewhere near the beach, so you can pack accordingly." I teased.

"Come on Dan. Please tell me where we are going?" Kate pleaded. "I'm so excited and I want to know."

I kissed Kate and she kissed back and we cuddled close. Her hand slid down my front and squeezed my increasingly hardened manhood. "Please tell me Dan." She whispered in my ear, while nibbling on my earlobe.

I groaned as what she was doing felt so good. However I remained strong, laughing as I said "You can use all of your 'womanly charms' on me, but I still won't tell you till I'm ready." In as macho a voice as I could manage.

Just then Maddie knocked on the door, asking if I was staying for dinner. She saw us cuddling and kissing and she just groaned and shook her head. She then giggled and said we should 'go get a room'. Kate and I were laughing as well, and kissed me again on the lips. She was absolutely beaming with happiness at my little surprise.


The next couple of weeks flew by and before we knew it our holiday had arrived. I still hadn't told Kate where we were going, but she did know we were going on a plane to get there, and it wasn't overseas.

I had arranged for us to fly to Cairns and then travel half an hour further north to Palm Cove, staying right on the beach in a secluded villa. Kate was so excited once she found out where we were flying to and then where we were staying. I showed her the brochures of our villa on the plane and she could not believe that we were staying in a place as fancy as I had chosen.

During our plane flight Kate and I spoke about travelling and she marvelled at all of the places I had been to. She was not an experienced traveller by any means, and had only been on a plane a few times before this. Kate and her ex had not really taken many trips away, as he didn't really like travelling.

It seemed to me that all through Kate's previous relationship her ex only did what he wanted and didn't take much notice of Kate's opinion at all. Hearing Kate talk about her previous relationship made me realise how I valued having Kate with me and how I wanted to 'share' our relationship. And most importantly I knew that I loved Kate and I wanted to let her know.

Our plane landed in Cairns and we were met by a car to take us to our resort.

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