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Tension between friends erupts in a night of passion.


Her eyes enlarged, starring forward into the back of the front seats. Katherine's voice immediately changed in pitch, almost into a cry as she felt her pussy tense up and release into his mouth.


The hot juices of her clit went spraying past David's lips. He moaned against her pussy, swallowing down every bit of it as she gushed and squirted her juices among his jaws. He had worked to please her, hoping he could leave quite an impression that would inspire her to do the same for him when it came to oral pleasure. Once he had swallowed every hot drop from his mouth, he began to rise up. Katherine was panting, attempting to quickly catch her breath. When their eyes met, she loved so angelic to him. Despite how she could pull an aggressive mean act with her attitude, it didn't take away from a beautiful moment like this. Once she caught her breath, she spoke to him.

"That was wonderful, damn. You do know how to use your mouth, I liked that."

David smirked. Despite her complimentary words, he was ready to snap her back into the mean tone he quite preferred from this woman.

"Yeah, you needed that. But I gotta tell you something, babe. You're fucking sexy when you're angry. I liked that, when you were calling me an asshole and a nasty fucker."

Her jaw dropped. Katherine was somewhat shocked by his reply. David smirked as she replied back.

"Wait, really? I've been quite a bitch to you so far today, I figured you deserve-"


He shook his head, cutting her off as he finished speaking.

"You're a bitch and you know what else? I fucking love the fact that you act like one. Go on, embrace that. I see you in movies, Katherine. You seem very proud of it, so keep it up. I like your attitude quite a lot. Don't let that go here with me, babe."

She couldn't help herself but to laugh. Who the hell did this man think he was? Katherine loved to hear men offer flattering remarks towards her beauty. Most of them were too scared to flat out call her a bitch, but this man was genuinely enjoying it. She didn't have to question his sincerity, it was apparent from how he spoke of her. Rising up from the seat, she leaned up and softly kissed his lips. David sunk his tongue into her mouth, creating a spark that morphed their kiss from a small one into a kiss of flaming passion. Moaning into his mouth, Katherine broke the kiss and then gazed back into his eyes. If he wanted her to act like a bitch, she was ready to order him around in her stern voice.

"What the fuck are you waiting for now, huh? Get your pants off! Remember, I told you I'm not taking them off myself."

David smirked to her. He stood up from the floorboard of the car and then proceeded to unbutton his shorts and push the zipper down. He and Katherine swapped places, as he stood up, she lowered herself down to her knees. From his eye, he noticed that her bra was still clasped over her bare breasts. He wanted to see her tits so badly, but he knew better than to question her right now. She was in control, like a true bitch who enjoyed to have a man lusting over her. When he shoved his shorts down, Katherine smirked seeing the white brief underwear he wore.

"Oh, wow. You wear tighty whities, huh?"

She couldn't help but to tease him. David nodded as he shoved them down, allowing his hard cock to flop freely out of his nest. Katherine reached her right hand up and wrapped her slender fingers over the shaft. She looked into his eyes and then he replied, teasing her about the fact she was a cheating wife today.

"Does your husband wear white briefs too?"

The expression on her face changed to a forced disgust. Katherine began to stroke his cock while replying to him in an aggravated tone of voice.

"Fuck no! My husband isn't a sleazy, dirty man that drives a fucking taxi van for a living! He don't wear cheap underwear!"

Glancing down, she looked at his cock and quickly spit on

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