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Twin brother helps with a problem.

I didn't think this time alone with her could get any better. I was wrong.

We skipped lunch and stayed inside, having a good make out session on the couch. I very rarely pass up an opportunity to do this, believe me. I was on top, and in the process of trying to give her a hickey, while she was orally raping my earlobe in return, when my phone rang. I got off Liv, thinking it was my mom or dad.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a text from a girl I went to high school with named Meghan, or Meg as she was called. She was a year older than me, and actually in the same graduating class as Liv. To put it bluntly, she was ranked about 14 on the 1 to 10 hot scale. I'd known her for as long as I could remember, since I was about 5 or 6 actually, and we'd been good friends ever since, often going to each other's birthday parties. We went to each other's graduation parties too. She had a very friendly personality, and was a genuinely nice girl. She was about 5'3" with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She was an avid volleyball player at her college, actually only about half an hour from mine, so she had a great body too. She wasn't as well-endowed as Liv, maybe B cups, but she had an amazing ass and great legs. Like my girlfriend, she had a toned stomach with a very sexy bellybutton piercing too. I was actually on the verge of asking her out when I met Liv during my junior year of high school and fell for her instead. I'm not gonna lie, before I got a girlfriend, Meghan was the focus of many intense masturbation sessions. She was the first girl I'd ever kissed too, back when I was 13 and she was 14. I was at her Halloween party and got paired up with her to do a corn maze. We got lost in it before long. She remarked that we were "all alone in here" and kept gradually coming closer to me. She finally asked if I'd ever kissed a girl before. I said no. She quipped, "Well, you're about to" and just sort of came at me, and that was that. It lasted a solid 5 seconds. No one knows about that to this day except the 2 of us. Meg still talks about it. We often hang out a lot, not as boyfriend and girlfriend though, I've made it very clear to her that I'm taken. I've gone to the movies and the mall with her and stuff like that. She's came to some of my band's gigs too (which I based the first Double Trouble story on, check it out). I even took her to my homecoming dance when I was a sophomore. To be honest, I'm not sure what the fuck I was thinking back then, not asking her to be my girlfriend or anything. Definitely a dumbass move. I had no confidence with girls back then. She was, and still is, definite girlfriend material though. Liv knows that I find her very attractive, and often teases me about it. Meg has had boyfriends obviously. Being as sexy as she is, I'd be shocked if she didn't. She was single now though. Her last boyfriend was caught growing and selling pot last year, and when she found out, she dumped him.

Anyway, she'd sent me a text that said, "Hey Matt ___ your parents and mine are going out for a drink. Wanna come over and watch movies or something? I'm bored haha"

Obviously I couldn't. I would've definitely taken her up on it if I wasn't busy. But maybe she could come down here instead? I turned to Liv and asked, "Would you mind if Meg came down here too?"

She smirked knowingly. "Is this another opportunity for you to drool over her, baby? No, of course not. She's cool. Go ahead, invite her."

"Sweet. Thanks." I typed in response, "Shit, I can't shmeggy (my nickname for her. I called her that when we were little, and it stuck). I'm watching my aunt's dogs for the week with Liv. But youre welcome to come down and stay with us"

She replied, "That would be awesome! Let me ask my parents. Hold on." She texted back a few minutes later. "I can come___"

I replied, "Sweet! What if I come pick you up with Liv and we go out for dinner?"

"Sounds great ___ is like 7ish tonight ok? Ive got some shit to do first lol"

"Fine with me.

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