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Mother and son finally connect.

"I fucking slipped, dick. I think I might have twisted my ankle, and I'm so hot, it must be like 100 degrees out here." I shot back.

"It's not that hot, and considering you aren't wearing much to begin with, I don't see how you think it is," he said as he jogged back to me.

Hurt, pissed, and hot, I decided I'd push things a bit farther, so I pulled my shirt up and off, and tossed it over on the side of the road. Kneeling there in just my tiny shorts and jogging shoes I already felt cooler. He just stood there with his mouth agape not knowing what to say.

"Ya, you're right, it's not that hot out here now," I said without looking up.

It was late and we were in a wooded area so I didn't really think that it was a problem, so I did it just to piss him off. It didn't take long for him to regain his composure though as he walked over to where my shirt had landed.

"Well I guess you won't be needing this then," he said as he picked up the shirt.

"Don't you dare, we're too far from home," I yelled at him.

He took my shirt and balled it up and threw it up in a tree as hard as he could, way out of reach. Fuck, here I was at least a mile from home and now I was topless, laying in the sand, hot and sweaty. Kneeling there trying to think of what to do next, my bf walked around behind me. I was on my hands and knees afraid to move because I thought I might hurt my ankle more.

"I don't think you'll need these anymore either," he said as he yanked my shorts down, so that all I had on was my pink thong. "It's been awhile since I've seen this," he said as he yanked my thong aside exposing me to the open night air. I didn't know what to do, my bf was stripping me in a public setting, I was turned on and angry and hurt. As my mind was racing with what to do or say next, I felt him push my lower back down with one hand and shove his full length into me in one solid movement.

"Fuck that hurts!" I shouted out loud, no longer caring if anyone heard me.

He didn't care though, all his anger was apparently turning physical. I was both excited and angry about it. Finally he was doing something about it, but this wasn't really the place for it. What if someone walked by?

"Shut the fuck up and take it, bitch, you've been denying me long enough," he grunted as he pounded me with long hard strokes. I still wasn't wet enough for what he was doing so it was pretty fucking painful, but he didn't care, he just wanted what was his. And my pussy at that moment was his, his to do whatever he wanted to with it. I felt one hand slide up my back and fingers run into my hair and then my head being yanked back so that I was looking almost straight up. His other hand had my lower back in a death grip, I couldn't even move. He was using me, hard. I bet I looked like such a bitch, on my hands and knees in the sand, topless, my shorts around my ankles, my thong carelessly pushed to one side, and my head yanked back while my bf forcefully fucked the shit out of me.

"Ya, take it bitch, I'm gonna get what's mine, and you're gonna get what's yours," he said as he increased his pace. I wasn't on the pill and he wasn't using a condom. Usually I make him wear a condom, because I'm not on birth control and I so don't want to get pregnant. I knew what he meant when he said it, but I felt helpless to stop him.

Just as I was about to tell him to pull out, he rammed up in me as hard as he could, right against my cervix and unloaded. I'd never felt a guy cum in me before, and it was amazing. I could feel his muscles twitching inside me, feel the warm fluid filling me up. He didn't just hold it there, he jolted a few more times and I came right then. The feeling of him taking me, making me his bitch was just too much. I'd never felt anything this powerful before. I couldn't help it, I just started shaking violently.

"Fuck, I'm cumming," I whispered low enough I didn't think he heard me.

"Louder bitch, I want people to know who's pussy this is," he shouted.

"I'm fucking cumming you.

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