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Dying man and wife ask his brother for a favor.


Someone found something to throw over his shoulders and they headed for his home.

The pier was mostly undamaged, and the boats in their slips showed scrapes and a couple had sunk, but it looked like the storm had concentrated its marine damage farther out. Rick walked over to Gus and Bill's slip to be sure it didn't have a sunken boat in it. It was empty.

Heart heavy, he figured he should head back to give Karen the news. And he'd get to work helping clear the streets.

Anthony stopped him. "Hey we're not done looking over the shoreline over yet. Why don't we finish?" So they spent the next hour putt-putting along the shore of the rest of the bay. It was more of the same, wrecked boats along the shore and capsized or sunk ones still at their moorings. Only three sailboats seemed to have survived the storm more or less intact.

When they finished, Anthony sent him off, "You head back-I'm gonna do some cleanup around the shop."

Rick got back to the dive shop and reported about the destruction and that the slip was empty, then they had to explain to the Janks about their friends. He made only passing reference to the boy's rescue: "They found a kid in a boat, but he was okay. They took him home." Karen looked at him, but held her peace.

Karen and her folks had taken down the plywood, and they and the two Italians had managed to clear some of the street. Rick pitched in, and the six of them plus a couple from another store managed to clear enough of a path that vehicles could get through. A couple more people came out down the street, but Rick and Karen figured most of the population were working on their residences. At one point a squad car came through and the officer told them the electricity would be coming on soon, part of the town at a time; and a dozen or so fatalities so far, mostly people in buildings that had collapsed.

Just as the policeman started to pull away, they were approached by a trio walking purposely toward them, a couple and a child.

Rick recognized the boy, and thought "uh-oh."

The woman ran the last several steps and threw her arms around Rick, weeping and repeating "thank you thank you" over and over, and the man shook his hand vigorously. The boy hung back a little.

Karen put two and two together and smiled, and her folks looked on, mystified. The policeman looked out his window, puzzled.

"I'm sure anyone else would have done the same," muttered Rick.

The mother looked around, not sure whom to address. "You people must be proud to know such a brave man." When she saw the puzzled looks, she continued, "Didn't he say anything? He saved Charlie's life!" and went on to describe her version of the rescue, adding details that increased the danger and difficulty of the event.

Everyone stood around open mouthed, except Rick, who looked embarrassed.

"Some guy got the whole thing on video," Charlie offered.

Roy looked at Rick with new appreciation. "I was beginning to think you're all right, but I guess I underestimated. I'm proud to know you!" and he shook Rick's hand.

Rick said, "Really, anybody would have done it, and the boy was smart enough to stack some cushions so he could get out of the water. It wasn't all that big a deal." He turned to Charlie's parents. "Your son is a brave young man. And I'm glad you didn't murder him when he got home. We liked the cookies he brought." He smiled a little.

The dad looked stern. "Well, he's pretty grounded for a while. We still have to figure out some community service or something."

"You could have me bake these guys some more cookies," Charlie suggested.

His dad snorted.

Roy looked at Karen and nodded his head toward Rick. "He's a keeper. Hang onto him."

Karen hugged her dad. "I'll try to keep the other dive shops from stealing him."

The policeman got a few details, and left to continue his rounds.

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