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Unexpected encounter on a college campus.


"He is one of her most regular guys," Jim replied. "I think at this point he is her favorite. He enjoys going down for a long time, and has a very pleasantly sized penis. Not too big, not too small. And he uses it very creatively, but doesn't get too aggressive with it. He should really go for you. You look a lot like Amy."

Jim, John, and Beth just did some small talk for a few minutes, and even though it seemed like an eternity, Jim's phone buzzed again within less than 10 minutes. John and Beth looked almost sick with anticipation as Jim checked the text.

Jim looked up solemnly. "You're in!" he said with a grin growing on his face. "Dennis is anxious to meet both of you, and to get going with Beth as soon as possible. He thinks she is gorgeous. He said to double check that she is good with him going down a lot."

"Oh fuck. He is perfect. So how soon can we set this up?" Beth asked excitedly. "Can we meet him tonight?"

"Not so fast. Thursday. In just two days," I replied laughing. "I already have a room at the hotel that day for Amy to use with a date over lunch. John and I can go clean it up in the late afternoon, and you and Dennis can use it that evening."

"John," Jim asked. "Do you know Beth's sizes? We need to go shopping tomorrow to pick out something hot for her first night with Dennis!" John nodded yes.

The next afternoon Jim and John met at a sexy women's store. Together they thoroughly searched for just the right outfit that Dennis would enjoy taking off. They tried to find a balance between cute and slutty, and were very pleased with the things they found. "Man, she is going to look so hot in all this." John exclaimed.

"It's almost a shame that Dennis will be taking all this off so soon after they meet," Jim laughed.

The big day finally arrived. John and Jim met at the hotel at 2, and went to the room. Amy and her friend had just used the room an hour earlier, so it still had the pleasant smell of Amy's perfume combined with a recent sex smell. The room wasn't too bad. The sheets had been ripped off the bed, and there were a stack of pillows set in the middle, probably to support some sort of rear entry position. And a couple condom wrappers on the bed stand.

John picked up the wrappers and held them up for Jim, "Nice," John laughed. "XL. She got poked by a big one today. Twice."

"Yeah, I know," Jim said. "She sent me a picture of the big thing while I was at lunch. This is probably her biggest current guy. Not only is it long, but it is really thick. It's almost impossible for her to do oral on him, so they usually just have sex. But he's always good for multiple rounds. They must have been short on time for him to stop at two."

Jim turned on the air conditioning, and called room service for new sheets. John was straighten up the room a bit, while Jim retrieved two large used condoms from the bed-side trash, inspected the contents, and wrapped them in toilet paper for disposal. Housekeeping came and soon the room looked great.

Beth was meeting Dennis at the room at 7 pm, but Jim and John were back at the house by 4 to get her ready.

"Beth," Jim instructed. "Get going on a nice hot shower, and get your hair and makeup going. We need to start dressing you by 6."

Beth nodded and headed to the shower. "Let me have her phone," Jim said to John. "I want to set it up so it's easy for Dennis to get us pictures tonight."

Jim played around with the settings on the phone for a while, and made some changes to the streaming TV system in John's living room. Jim then took a picture of John with Beth's phone. Almost immediately both Jim's and John's phones buzzed, and the picture popped up on the big flat panel TV in John's living room. "Yep," Jim said proudly. "All Dennis has to do is point and shoot, and the pictures are immediately sent to both of us, and will even be displayed automatically on the big screen. Dennis is really good about sending a constant stream of photos. He likes to know that the husband is enjoying the evening, too."

Jim and John went into the bathroom where Beth was s

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