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Michelangelo's statue as an object of desire.

In particular the sessions on edging and rimming were especially popular. Gentlemen, I expect you never knew it was possible to experience quite such intense pleasure without actually cumming or needing the bathroom. It was obvious the ladies enjoyed watching too."

"Andrew and Linsey Dawn. Your kegel exercises went fairly well last night considering what happened earlier in the day, although I think more work still needs to be done. Matron was, however, disappointed to find both your beds soaking wet this morning. What happened?

Andrew, you tell me what went wrong first."

"Well Miss, it was like this. I woke about three thirty and just couldn't get back to sleep, however hard I tried. To be honest I felt so horny after yesterday that I just had to do something with my cock and it came down to choosing between a wank and a wee. As a rational man I knew than a wee would be more useful than a wank and it would still make me feel less horny. Since I don't wear pyjamas or briefs in bed, there was a mattress protector and I knew the consequences, other than a touch of peer shaming which I can take, wouldn't be any worse than if I'd had a wank instead. What's more I knew it wouldn't result you forcing me to wear one of those beastly chastity devices you made David wear the other night. The worst you could do would be to make me wear a nappy and I'm man enough to take that."

Miss Sarah scowled.

"Actually Andrew, that's where you're wrong. We have all sorts of devices in our armoury and tonight you will wear one which is not only one hundred percent effective against masturbation but, unlike the one I put on David last night is also ninety five percent effective against urination. Don't look so scared, young man. You'll only be wearing it for one night and that should be enough to teach you a lesson. When I first worked in urology we had Hypospadias patients with tubes up their dicks and it was a week or more before some of them could pee properly. The device you'll wear works by plugging the urethra and Matron will insert it quite painlessly after you've been to the lavatory at bedtime. You'll be quite comfortable. Now come to the front and get your tail out.

You may as well give the ladies a little treat whilst you're about it. Wow, you have got a whopper."

"Right Linsey Dawn. I know you've been quietly enjoying Andrew's humiliation but you can take that smirk off your face right now. What's your explanation - or rather excuse - for that wet bed. We've all been waiting to hear."

"I'm sorry Miss Sarah but I'm afraid I've got the same problem as Anne. Like her I only wet the bed very occasionally but when it happens I just wake up totally sodden. It's always to late to do anything about it. I didn't stick my head above the parapet yesterday when she was describing her problem because I'd no wish to draw attention to myself. Apart from that there would have been a sea of spunk in the male dormitory this morning for Matron to clean up if I'd mentioned it."

Miss Sarah shook her head.

"Linsey Dawn, you really think you've 'arrived' don't you? I know you're trying to relaunch your career after a break and I don't wish you any ill will in that - but maybe some of the gentleman here don't think you're quite such a big deal as you seem to imagine.

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