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Karl cheats on his wife . . . and learns how to love her.

The attachments included consist of a micro-size nub tip that is not really dull, but not prickly either, it's right in-between the other two. The medium size nub, but very prickly tipped cover, really "gets under" or in this case gets into-your skin (clit skin that is.) It comes with a larger nub tip that gives you that weird sensation of a foreign object without the prickliness. The one smooth tip is rounded like the head of a dildo and makes for easy insertion.

No matter what your pleasure may be...this toy definitely provides you with the maximum stimulation to reach your highest goals. And ladies, it's fast, the amount of power that this thing puts out will have your pussies clamping down in a pinch... if you last a full 10 minutes the first time you use it you've done pretty well.

Oh, and the very best thing is that you can get this little gem for about $7.00. They were so cheap that I bought two, one for upstairs and one for down <wink>.

Now that we have all that description out of the way lets get to the fun part...the how to maximize your pleasure ideas for all of you to try. Girls for your enjoyment alone, this little baby makes a good addition to your shower supplies, and you actually have time to sneak it in since it won't take but about five minutes to make you climax, especially when coupled with the feeling of the warm water running down your body at the same time.

I like it in its simplest form-without all the added attachments. At times it is so strong that you don't actually want to put it in just the right spot, you want to back it off a little and it will still do the job, then move in for the kill when the end is in site!

It also feels great to put it on the backside-or-inside- of your clit and let it vibrate against you that way, this thing is so strong that when you do that you feel the tingling vibrations from it throughout your pelvic bone. Using it this way also has a bit of an extra advantage in the fact that it separates your lips for you and as they become slippery it gives your fingers easy access to that warm, gooey slit and tight, hot asshole.

Another great advantage is its length. Since it is longer than traditional pocket rockets it is easy to get on all fours with can practically rest itself on the floor and allow you to have free hands and to be able to move your hips back and forth to stimulate yourself further. And when inserted inside of traditional bikini panties...its length will hold it on your clit without requiring the help of your hands. Then you can slide those fingers of yours up from the bottom through the side of the panties to your warm awaiting hole...or holes.

Now the guys are going okay...but what's in it for me? Well guys, it is an awesome ball tickler and when applied right to the tip of the cock during a blow job or a hand job it can send a guy into spasms...the thing is so powerful you'll be begging her to move it.

My all-time favorite use for it though is during sex. I love to do it doggie style and I am sure there are a lot of women out there that agree with me...and adding this little jewel to your clit while your man is pumping the hell out of you from behind will definitely send you over the edge-and if your lucky like me it will do it over and over in the same session!

There is a benefit to using the Power Rocket in the doggie position for the guy as well, you see since this one is the only one on the market that runs off two AA batteries its strength is unreal. If your girl is holding this thing to her clit while you two are fucking...your cock is gonna feel some "good vibrations" for sure. Plus she can slip it past herself every once in a while letting it land on the base of the underside of your shaft...and then your balls...and with a little practice you might not loose it immediately <wink. >

Its next best use during sex is in the woman on top position, sitting straddled facing forward.

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