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Doctor goes beyond call of duty for sex addict.

When Fred got there, he was cleaned up but totally embarrassed. It couldn't get any worse than this. WRONG! It could and did get a lot worse for poor hapless Fred.

"You're the first person I ever heard of who socked himself in the nose while jacking off," his mother laughed.

He tried to pry the panties off his first girl when he was eighteen. They were in her living room watching a movie. Fred ran his hand under her bra and started squeezing her bare tit. She moaned some encouragement for him. He removed her blouse and her bra. Her bare tits were now exposed. He kissed them both and sucked on her nipples. Although Fred could smell the aroma of her arousal, he didn't know what it was. She took one of his hands and shoved it down the front of her dress onto her waiting, wet pussy. Fred couldn't believe it. That pussy felt so good. He removed his pants revealing the tented boxers. She grabbed the tent and Fred almost came. He slipped her dress down to the floor and removed her panties. The more he removed, the better it smelled.

She spread her legs and Fred got ready to mount her. He had seen this a thousand times on his erotica sites. Just as the head of his cock hit her pussy, the front door opened and there stood her mom and dad. Fred's cock immediately wilted.

"What the hell are you doing to my daughter," her father yelled.

"Oh my sweet baby," her mother cried.

"Get out of my house. If I see you here again or even suspect you have talked to my daughter, I'll shoot your dumb ass!" the father declared.

Fred rapidly ran from the house with only his boxers on. He would never go there again. He would never see the girl again. In fact he had decided to move from that town as soon as possible.

As he was walking home clad only in his underwear, a group of six football players spotted him. He tried to escape but the easily chased him down. They quickly divested him of the boxers and ran down the street laughing. Fred had to walk home nude. He almost made it.

Half a block from his house a police cruiser pulled along side him. The cop got out.

"A bit breezy isn't it son? Get in the car."

Fred begged the officer to take him home; after all he was almost there. The officer took him to jail. It took him 2 hours to convince the detectives that he wasn't really a perv. Just when he thought things were starting to go his way, his mother showed up.

"God, Fred, what have you done this time?" she asked.

"It wasn't my fault ma," he whined.

"It never is," she said as she wrapped a robe around him and took him home.

Fred next tried sex when he was 20. He had a sweetie pie all undressed and in the back seat of his car. He had parked on a deserted boat launch ramp. Just as he was about to consummate the union, the emergency brake on the old wreck failed and the car slid down the boat ramp and into the water. He spent the next 2 hours looking for the clothes. When he finally got them all together she wasn't in the mood. So while Fred waited for the tow truck, she hitched a ride with some bikers who gave her all the cock she ever wanted.

Desperately Fred sought solace at the local whorehouse. He had saved up $200 for this mission. There was $100 for pussy and $100 for drinks to celebrate afterward. As he sprinted up the steps, the door flew open and conked him right between the eyes. He rolled backwards down the steps and landed in a heap at the bottom. He was out cold. He was bleeding from the gash in his forehead. He had a broken arm.

The whore who had opened the door for him jumped down the steps and assessed the situation. She got his wallet, took out the money, put the wallet back and jumped back up the steps, shut and locked the door.

A passerby, seeing Fred's condition, called 911.

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