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Adrian takes part in a threesome with two women.

Grabbing a handful of your hair I drag you to your feet.

"It's high time you learned a lesson, you little bitch." I say. And I start to drag you to the door that leads to the basement. You are aware of the room in the basement that is always locked and you have the foreboding feeling that you are about to find out what's in there. I let my hand off your arm for one brief moment and slap you Hard on the ass.

"Oowwww!' you yelp.

"Be careful going down the stairs...or do I have to carry you?"

You look me in the eyes and decide that it might be better just to go down the stairs rather than fall and break your neck. You lead the way down, ever aware of my hand in your hair.

I drag you to the door and hold you by the hair as I struggle with the key. When I get the door open I push you inside.

You are suddenly in a room unlike anything you have ever seen.

There is a leather-covered table-type device that has chains on the four corners. There is a leather-covered device that reminds you of the gymnastics horse you used in high school. And on the walls are various pieces of equipment some of which you have no idea about. The gags, the blindfolds, the wrist and ankle restraints are pretty obvious, as are the paddles, whips and collars. You are stunned. You have no idea that this room existed. Well at least not what is in it. An evil grin forms in your mind's eye as you take all of this in. Your foster father it turns out it quite the kink master.

I once again propel you across the room and lift you bodily onto the table. The leather is cool against your skin. I push you down and grab your hands and cuff them to the table. Then move to your feet and cuff them as well.

You are now lying on your back spread eagled on the leather table. You feel movement of the table as I press a button in my hand. The table rights itself and you are now standing. I walk up to you and look you in the eyes.

"I think it's time for you to learn how to behave properly. If you want to be a slut, then you can BE a slut, but for ME not for the world."

You are not sure you heard that last part right, but you stare back at me intently as I talk.

I continue to tell you all that I will expect of you as I walk around behind the table. I tell you how I believe you should act in public. As the lecture continues you hear noises that are unfamiliar to you. Then the back of the table falls way. You are now strapped to a rectangular frame. Your body is accessible from both front and back.

You begin to tremble ever so slightly as you realize that you are in the most vulnerable positions. Then I am in front of you once more.

"You are going to get a spanking, Ari. After that we'll see. But I am starting with a spanking since you seem to have forgotten how to properly behave."

I raise my hands and your eyes fly wide open as you see the glint of the knife in my hand. In a flash, your bra is laying on the floor at your feet. Your little breasts are now exposed to my eyes. You blush a bright red as you look at my eyes and see that they are staring at your breasts and nipples. My hand comes up and flips one nipple ring then the other. You cannot conceal a moan.

"Would never have guessed." I say softly.

Then the hand holding the knife moves to your hips. You feel the coldness of the blade as it slips between your panties and your hot skin. In seconds your panties are laying on top of the bra. And I stare at your shaved pussy. The blush on your face intensifies. I slowly walk around you staring at your lithe young body intently.

Leaving you to your plight, I walk to one wall and select a paddle. Then return to stand in front of you again.

"I'm going to start with 15 smacks to that adorable ass of yours, Ari. Then we'll see from there."

It is fairly obvious that you are turned on. Your pussy lips are glistening with your juices and your nipples are erect.

"You can scream, yell, whatever as much as you want.... the room is soundproof."

I rub the paddle over your butt cheeks and the back of your thighs.

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