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He gives her sensual oral while she stands.


My jaw dropped, "I have to drink his blood!"

"Yes we must drink blood to stay alive otherwise you will sicken and parish if it goes too long. Human blood is the most refreshing but you can feed on the blood of animals if it is necessary, but you will find it doesn't quench the thirst like human does. Also for your mind and heart you will find that it is better to drink from the wicked than the innocent, you will learn to love their blood over all else."

My senses were in overdrive, I could smell his blood just below the surface of his skin, my heart thundered, and my stomach felt like I hadn't eaten in a week. I gave in to my urges and dove forward my sharp teeth that I hadn't felt there before broke his skin and brought forth his blood, his life. I drank greedily and so deeply that I did not hear when his heart stopped beating, I had taken his life. Once I came off of his wound and felt his blood dripping from my lips, I felt myself sicken with guilt and horror of what I had just done.

"Yes you are so new at this; I have forgotten how hungry and desperate the young are. You will learn how to keep them alive to pump more blood into you, how to make it so that they are not afraid or hurt when you pierce them, but this will come quickly. Come now we will find you one more for tonight then we must retire as I am sure you are most tired from your changes."

I simply looked at the body of the boy, I could feel his blood coursing through me relieving some of my hunger yet I could still feel him. I looked at the wound I had made in his neck and couldn't believe that my teeth could do that, that I could do that. He had made me a monster. I ran my tongue over my new teeth and pierced it; I let out a cry of sudden pain.

"Yes, best to clean up that wound, since you have already injured your own tongue just let a bit of your blood hit his wound and it should close as he is still fresh. Our blood will heal minor things in humans but it heals us if we should get cuts or such. Well best to get going, they will find him in the morning and think it was the drinks that did him in."

I watched his neck become whole again and wondered what else this horrible blood was capable of. In spite of it all I followed him into the night to find my next victim, my next meal.

We went to the meager side of town to a tavern, I was told to wait outside as he went inside to find an evil man for me to drink from. Luckily James was quick about it and had a large man walking unsteadily next to him when they exited. I looked at the man, he was broad and well muscled, but I could see into him and found a memory of him killing a family for money and treasures to buy drinks with. I instantly found I did not pity him whatsoever, a death for deaths seemed very fair.

As he came nearer I smelled his blood coursing through his body and I looked to James to signal that I could rip his neck and feed upon his very life-source.

James said to the man, "Here is the beauty that I was telling you about, isn't see so fine?" He waited for the man to nod, "Don't you want her to kiss your neck? Wouldn't that feel divine for this gorgeous creature caresses your neck so gently nibbling?" He looked at me with the last words.

I took the hint that I was to keep the illusion and be as soft as I could. I went into the man's arms and kissed his neck until I found the beating blood just below the surface and carefully bit into his neck. He stiffened then weakened into my embrace, yet I could not detach from him as I consumed his blood and I lowed myself as he sank down. I sucked harder and found that I had killed him instead of getting more of his blood.

James laughed, "You are a natural killer, soft yet deadly, but we will work on how to extend their life to give you more blood this next evening.

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