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A true connection.

"Then you... well, why don't you do it all just like you did back then?" Ricky suggested. "I always loved this part. Pretend I'm Donald and this is four years ago."

"I - I held my penis up next to his," Lyle recalled as he brought his pale slender organ over and placed it on top of the beige behemoth he held in his other hand, almost mocking the disparity between them. "I told him to look... look how much bigger you are than me I said."

"Feels nice Mr. Quigley - our cocks rubbing together like this doesn't it?" Ricky asked, and after the senior nodded he asked, "Feel me getting hard?"

"Yes," Lyle gasped as he watched the lad's organ get even longer.

"You made my brother feel special that day. Donald told me he was surprised that you weren't embarrassed at how tiny your dick was," Ricky related. "But then he said that it seemed to him like you got off over the size difference, just like you got off by telling him to do those things to you. You liked being humiliated and dominated. Was he right?"

"Yes," Lyle almost sobbed as he held their now erect cocks together.

"Donald said that one time you told him that you wished your wife wasn't such a prude because you would love to watch him fuck your old lady and then clean you both up afterward," Ricky said. "You never got to do that with Donald though huh?"


"You think she's changed any since then?" Ricky asked. "I wouldn't mind doing her."

"No - she would never," Lyle sighed, and after looking down at Ricky's nearly erect phallus he shuddered and added, "She would run away in fright if she saw this. You would tear her up."

"You aren't afraid though are you?"

"No," Lyle croaked.

"Then this is your lucky day Mr. Quigley. OUR lucky day. Now take my clothes off."

Lyle reluctantly let go of their cocks and looked at the only two articles of clothing Ricky had on after the boy kicked off his sandals. The lad's cock waved obscenely out of his open fly as Lyle pulled Ricky's tank-top up and over his head, revealing a smooth muscular chest and abs that suggested that while he might not have been a body builder he was incredibly fit.

"What do you think?" the cocky kid asked as he stood there for inspection, even striking a pose to make his physique even more impressive looking. "Loosen up Mr. Quigley."

"You're quite beautiful," Lyle whispered as he felt himself giving in, unable to fight off the demons within him as he reached up and squeezed the rock hard bicep, unable to make a dent in the muscle.

Lyle leaned closer, his eyes on Ricky's as he gently kissed the bronze bicep, and although he wished the boy wouldn't watch him he kissed it again, even gently biting the muscle to Ricky's amusement.

"Don't be shy Mr. Quigley," Ricky said as he held the pose, moving around a bit to make the muscles ripple. "After all, I know everything you like. Everything. No reason to hold back now."

So Lyle kept kissing Ricky's muscular arm, even nibbling up the top of the broad shoulder before moving downward, and when his lips reached the ridge of the lad's chiseled armpit Ricky let out a sigh.

"Yeah," Ricky hissed as he watched the senior citizen plant butterfly kisses up and down his armpit before Lyle started to lose control. "Been a long time since I showered this morning but I know you don't mind. Ohhh!"

Ricky shuddered as Lyle's kissing got more passionate, and then the old fellow was practically climbing his thigh as Lyle licked the musky hairs, snorting and slobbering with his face buried in the hollow until finally Ricky pulled his face gently back with a fistful of the older man's thinning scalp.

"Lots of life in the old dog still isn't there?" Ricky sneered as the flushed-faced man wheezed, dragging him around to his other side and let him repeat the process with his other arm.

"What are you doing Mr.

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