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He finds his unlikely angel as the snow falls...

Without even looking at Tom, she knew he was most certainly fidgeting. Using only her fingertips to lower the straps, she imagined him peering closely at her nearly naked body. She looked in the mirror, confirming her suspicions. Her son looked like he was watching a peep show. They maintained eye contact and she seductively bit her lower lip.

When the bra came off, she used both hands to cup her beautiful breasts. Her large brown nipples were hard and difficult to contain. Knowing they would certainly catch his attention, she relented and decided to proudly reveal them.

She put her hands down, freeing her breasts. Her brown nipples turned even harder from their sudden exposure to her son. Was it possible that she was becoming aroused?

Nora noticed Tom's eyes shift from her face to her generous breasts. Watching him, she fleetingly wondered if he was hiding an erection as he shuffled in place. It couldn't be... could it? One thing was clear, Tom had no intention of looking away.

Nora had to admit it to herself, but knowing her son was sporting an erection was strangely erotic. Normally she'd be ashamed, but this was a unique circumstance. She contemplated the best way to remove her panties, especially since they had become so damp. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband, she shimmied them down her curvy hips and over her tight ass. When they were at the level of her mid-thigh, she let go. They dropped to her ankles, and she stepped out of them, seductively.

No one saw the wet stain inside her panties: Mission accomplished!

She continued to study Tom and noticed his eyebrows rise as his gaze focused on her pelvis. Nora was fond of Brazilian waxes and so, she stood with a completely bald pussy in front of her son.

Thankfully, Meiko broke the awkward silence. "Nora, let's start with the black embroidered bra, open panties, garter belt and stockings."

Nora decided to start with the bra. It was so delicate, she was almost afraid to touch the sheer material. She put her hands through the straps and Meiko clasped it for her. The elegant setting framed the buds perfectly. Nora gasped and involuntarily moved her hands to gently trace the outline of her own breasts, quite taken by the image.

The sheer black panties came next. They were crotchless and made to be worn while fucking. Stepping into the exquisite panties, she adjusted them on her hips. Again, she was struck by the fine craftsmanship of the beautiful piece as she looked in each mirror to appreciate her reflection.

Picking up the garter, she stepped through the center and settled it on her waist. The advantage of crotchless panties was that it didn't matter in what order she dressed. Absolutely nothing needed to be removed prior to sex.

Finally, she moved to the stockings. Placing one foot on the stool, she unfurled the silky material up her shapely leg and repeated it on the other side. They were clipped in place on the garter belt and Nora suddenly felt sexy, wrapped in the expensive lingerie.

Nora didn't look at Tom, but felt the heat from his eyes on her body. Stepping forward, she boldly met his gaze with the confidence of a woman who was comfortable in her sexuality. Yes, she was his mother, but she also looked hot and wanted him to acknowledge that fact.
"Nora, you are absolutely stunning," Meiko gushed with sincerity. "Better than the models in the magazines. Your partner is so lucky."

Nora raised an eyebrow, "Do you agree, Dear?"

"Without a doubt," Tom confirmed, trying not to sound so brazen about his overwhelming approval. "This looks amazing, Mom... err, I meant... this is a momentous occasion. Sorry, you look so hot that I'm tripping over my words."

Nora appreciated his smooth recovery after calling her 'Mom.

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