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The cork pops off the champagne and the party begins.

I take my lips to his one more time before I start slowly down his body, kissing and sucking. I get to his boxers and his cock is straining to be released. I slowly take the boxers off, never letting my lips leave his body. My mouth goes to his cock, I take it into my mouth, slowly licking it while I suck. My hands reach to stroke slowly up and down. With one hand I unzip my pants letting them drop to the floor. I continue to lick and suck him, but I bend down to get my bag, unzipping it, I reach in and bring out my toy.

I turn it on, I can see Mike hears it, I continue pleasuring him, but start to do the same to myself. I plunge the toy deep into me, letting the clit stimulator work its magic. I can't help myself, I start to moan with the pleasure of it. "Oh god Jackie" Mike says. I keep working with my toy while sucking and stroking Mike. I can feel him tighten, and I am almost ready to cum. I turn off the toy, and get on the bed-mounting Mike. I ease down on him, my tremors continue. He starts pumping his ass up and down, as I start riding him. "Oh yes Mike, fuck me now" I plead.

He goes faster and faster, up and down as I ride him. I reach to release his handcuffs, I need his hands on my body. He reaches out to me as we strain together. "Oh god yes, this feels good" I say. "Oh...Mike, I can't hold it" I moan. "Cum for me Jackie" he says. I strain to release it, oh god yes...I cum over and over again as he continues to pump into me. "Uggggg..." he moans as his cum shoots into me. We both lay exhausted, I'm licking and sucking him, trying to calm down.

"Baby, I have more toys" I say smiling up at him. He raises his eyebrows at me and says "My turn baby, my turn."

Blindfold Part 2

I lay naked on the bed, calming down from our lovemaking. My hands are busy stroking him, tweaking his titties, running down his stomach to his cock. I can hardly wait to feel him inside me again. He turns over and says "My turn Jackie." He reaches out to me, slowly running his left hand over my shoulder to my right tit. He rolls the nipple between his fingers then continues down my body till his hand is lightly rubbing my pussy.

I lay on my back, close my eyes and just enjoy the feel. He slowly starts stroking my clit with his fingers, while he bends over to suck on my breasts. I can feel my nipples harden. I reach out to press his head harder onto my, running my other hand down his arm following it to my clit. I stroke his hand, wanting it to go faster. He leaves my breast and I feel him move down the bed. My hands go to his shoulders as I feel his mouth move down my tummy, licking and sucking its way.

His tongue reaches my clit, flicks it fast and teases me. I groan "Oh Mike." He places his hands on my ass, spreading me farther apart as he starts licking and sucking me. His tongue never leaves, I can feel it dart in and out. His lips press harder to get to me, I feel the pressure building in me. I spread my legs wider to let him have what he wants. My hands reach out to his shoulders, pulling him deeper into my pussy. My ass is squirming with the need to explode.

"Harder Mike, faster" I beg. He kneels on the bed, raising my ass up to his face, licking and sucking. He plunges one finger into my cunt, never letting his tongue or his lips stop. My hands leave his shoulders, I lay them flat on the bed, my eyes open, I need to see him. I start pumping my ass, squirming and wiggling to get closer, deeper to Mike. He pulls my cunt apart, exposing the clit to his tongue and lips. I feel him sucking harder on it. The pressure is unbearable, my legs start to tighten, I can feel it coming.

"Oh god babe, yes-that feels good, don't stop" I say.

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