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It had been the longest hour of pet's life waiting for the doctor to come out. He noticeable sagged hearing that mother and baby were ok and had made it through with little fuss. Ziggy had put an arm about his shoulders for support and pet was grateful. The doctor told them that the little girl would be ready in the nursery shortly if they wanted to see the her, and by the time they had done that the mother should be into a room and waking up.

They listened to the doctor's directions to the nursery and where the mother would be moved. Ziggy and pet decided to go wait at the nursery until the baby was set into one of the cribs at the windows.


After they had seen the sweet lil cherub of a baby swathed in pink they went to see the new mom. She looked weak and groggy when they first entered and dozed back off so he and Ziggy sat and talked softly among themselves for a while.

Pet felt more at ease now that he saw her and while he and Ziggy talked pet's eyes kept glancing to where she lay in the bed.

As they talked pet found the topics change to a subject he never expected. They had talked of various things when Ziggy looked him dead in the eye and said.

"Pet these last few months and today have made me see that I want Gabrielle for my wife."

"Whoa Ziggy Sir but she is going to be my wife." Pet protested. "W/we were practically wed before we came here to have MY daughter. My daughter will have my name."

"Pet she need not be married to you for your daughter to have your name."

Pet was speechless at both of Ziggy's last two comments and sputtered softly trying to find words. He looked to her again as she continued to doze peacefully. He struggled to keep his emotions under control pushing them deep inside of him, when he finally found words again to speak.

"But Sir why would she want you when she has already agreed to be both my wife and owner?"

"Ok pet I will give you that one, she did agree to that. But as things were stopped mid way it would seem fate has given me a chance to change her mind. I should have made my intentions known to her before now. I was stupid by letting it go so far, but I've been given another chance to pursue her and let her know that I want her for my wife as well."

As he listened to Ziggy he struggled all the more to contain his anger jealousy distress and agitation. Doing his best to show no outward signs of it.

She was being pulled from her rest and unsure as to why. As she struggled to make out what had woken her she heard Ziggy talking. Her eyes flew open when she heard Ziggy say I've been given the chance to pursue her for my wife. As she was still very groggy she lost a few words she was sure but didn't miss the meaning of what was said.

"Ziggy Sir she is MINE"

"She...." Ziggy had started to say when he was cut off in midstream.

"Both of you sit down and shut up." She told them, levering herself up from the bed her eyes slit shut cause of the light and partially from anger. "I am not a damn piece of property to be fought over. I will be with who I want in the manner I want am I clear boys?"

They both nodded their heads for both knew that she was very angry at this moment and if they didn't step lively that they could set her off even worse than they already had.

"I'm glad for I don't EVER want to hear the two of you arguing over me again. Now you two play nice with each other I've just had a baby and I feel like I have been run over by a truck instead."

"My Goddess forgive me." Pet murmured and went rushing to her side. " Is there anything I can do for you my Owner and soon to be wife to make you feel better?"

"Yes pet there is one find a nurse and get her to get me something for the pain and two I'd like to see my daughter."

"Of course my Goddess I will get something for your pain and our little girl."

With that she watched as pet left the room Him gone she turned her attention to where Ziggy still sat in the chair She lay back gingerly on the bed but as ge

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