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Couple plays games in lingerie store.

"We'll see" was her reply.

Sue climbed up on the bed, still fully clothed, (if you call it that), and sat on my chest. I could feel her warm mound pressed against my hairy body and my excitement grew. She lifted her skirt exposing to me what it hid beneath. She was indeed wearing her crotchless stockings but had on a small lacey white G-string.

"Lick my pussy," she demanded, as she moved forward placing it on my mouth.

I hungrily arched my head back to meet her warmth as I darted my tongue at her. I didn't need to put much effort in as she began to heave herself back and forth across my face letting my tongue glide into her slit she shifted. She would go so far up that I would clean her asshole and so far back that I would lick her clit. She kept this up for what seemed like 20 minutes before moving herself off of me. She lay next to me on the bed and again began to stroke my cock.

"Do you want some more?" she asked.

"Yes please." I managed to moan out.

"Ok then" she continued.

She got off the bed and went to the closet where we kept our sex paraphernalia. She then returned to the bed with a blindfold. I lifted my head up to assist her while she covered my eyes with the leather blinders. Now I could only hear what she was doing which only served to heighten my excitement. I thought to myself, if she keeps this up, I'll blow my load in no time at all.

I could hear her fumbling through the basket of toys in the closet and when she came back to me she immediately began stroking my prick again. After a moment her attention fell to my sack which hung loosely over my asshole. Gently she stroked the sack taking a ball in each hand as she kissed and licked along my shaft. Precum began leaking onto my stomach as she continued to tease me. I felt her pull my balls up and gently press them against the bottom of my rod.

I was surprised at what came next. She began paddling my asshole with a small heart shaped riding crop. I was amazed at the feeling. I frequently spank her during sex but aside from an occasional full hand slap on the ass cheek, I have never been spanked. It was a light fluttering feeling with a sharpness at the peak. The sound it made intensified the sensation. Sue began to wander around with the tool as I became more comfortable. First she moved to my left cheek, then across to my right. I couldn't help but wonder if this is how she felt when I did it to her. Moments later, she released her grip on my scrotum and stood me up at attention. Starting gently then growing more firmly, she started paddling my cock. It wasn't very uncomfortable, nor pleasurable but it was definitely arousing. This is not something I had ever considered, even when we discussed these things.

When Sue thought I'd had enough of her beating my cock, she again raised my jewels up exposing my dark hole. She began massaging around it with her fingers. Putting some lube on her fingertips she began to insert her index finger into my hole, followed by her middle finger once I loosened up. I have experimented myself with fingers and small toys but never could get relaxed enough to enjoy anal penetration. We had discussed her trying it with me years ago and even bought her a strap on but we just never have tried.

Slowly she began to massage me from the inside. It was like nothing I have ever felt before. Never has another person been inside me. I could feel my balls begin to tighten with excitement as she reached for my cock. Sue pulled my shaft back towards her and began sucking it again while she violated me with her fingers. She must have known I was getting close soon after because she retreated from both my cock and ass.

Still laying there exposed, blind and close to a climax, I eagerly awaited whatever was to come next.

I got nervous as I heard the buzzing of a vibrator.

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