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Heat of the day brings Heat of the Night.

I began to squeeze it and stroke it softly while I watched the two young girls make out. I was jacking my self off fast and hard when they quit kissing and turned to the window. They saw me masturbating, giggled and laughed, then closed the curtains.

"Those fucking little teases!" I said out loud. They got me all hard and horny, and just left me. My disappointment went straight to my dick and in no time, it was hanging soft again. I pushed it back into my pants and went downstairs for a glass of water before I returned to bed.

I retrieved some ice from the freezer and some tap water from the sink and started back up the stairs when the doorbell rang. I stopped in my tracks. "No way!" I thought. "If I go answer that door, there will be no one there and those two little teases will be hiding somewhere laughing." Then it rang again. I was sure that this was just part of their tease, but curiosity had the best of me and I had to find out for sure.

When I opened the front door I expected to see nothing but the empty porch, but instead, there stood the neighbor girl and her friend.

"Well....uh...hello." I said surprised.

"Hi" Said the neighbor girl. "I'm Lisa from next door." Looking at her friend she continued "And this is my friend Cat."

"Well....uh.....come on inside." I said, still finding it hard to believe they were really there.

They stepped inside, and I closed the door with out once taking my eyes off of them. Lisa was a frail looking teen, not tall, but skinny and for the most part, pretty plain. Her hair was blonde and cut really short. Her eyes a bright shade of green with high cheek bones that made her look as though she was always smiling. Her shoulders were relaxed and the nightgown she was wearing was hanging off of one shoulder revealing the top of her breast, which seemed to be a small a-cup.

Cat was just as plain, but with slightly longer, shoulder length red hair and milky white skin. Her nightgown was very sheer and revealed her much larger c-cup breasts and erect nipples. She was a few inches shorter than Lisa and seemed to still have most of her baby fat. Her nightgown fit tight and showed a good outline of her wide hips and thick legs.

Even though somewhat plain, I was in awe at the site of two teenage girls standing in front of me in their nightgowns. My dick began to react immediately.

"We've never done anything like this." Cat said.

"It was my idea." said Lisa. "We just think you are cute and we get so horny when we watch you."

It was unbelievable. The dialogue and the situation was right out of a 70's porno movie, but these girls were not 25 year olds in pigtails, they were real teenage girls and apparently very horny.

"Well, we should go to my room and get a little more comfortable." I said.

They both smiled shyly and followed me up the stairs to my bedroom where I offered them a seat on the bed. I stood in front of them and pushed my shorts down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Their eyes grew large as they took in the site of my rock hard dick protruding from between my legs.

"You girls weren't this shy on the phone." I said. "Let me watch you undress each other."

Lisa stood and Cat followed her lead. One at a time they helped each other pull the nightgowns up and over their heads until they both stood before me in nothing but their cotton panties.

"Lisa. Why don't you help Cat with her underwear." I said.

She bent at the waist and started to push Cat's panties over her ass.

"Wait." I said. "Get down on your knees and kiss her stomach as you pull them down."

"Yes, that's it." I said as I stroked my dick and watched her follow my orders exactly.

"Lower." I said. "Kiss her between her legs. Use your tongue."

Lisa did as I said and began kissing and tonguing Cat's pussy. Cat spread her legs farther apart to give her friend easier access. I jacked myself off and watched until I could see that Lisa was getting uncomfortable being on her knees with her neck arched so.


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