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A sexy tale from the old Wild West.

"What are you doing that for?" Called Michael from the other end of the van. The three of them continued, ignoring Michael's question.

But once I was naked, Jamie walked down to where Michael was and knelt down beside him. "I know all this must appear a bit unusual, but I assure you, it is necessary. If it'll ease your mind, I'll get them to take you down nearer to the bed and prop your stretcher up, so you can see exactly what we're doing. Would you like that?"

Michael replied with a begrudging, "I guess so."

Michael was brought down near the bed, and his stretcher propped up so he could see everything, and he was only a yard or so from the edge of the bed. "There you are reverend, from there you'll be able to see her little pussy squirting when she cums."

"Come-on now Roy, lets be professional about this. It's her vagina, and I'm sure the reverend has seen her orgasm many times."

The look on Michael's face was classic, he obviously had no idea what they meant by squirting. And I'm not sure he even knew women could have an orgasm. So he didn't appear to know if he should be annoyed or pleased. Just at that moment, Jamie began to hand around various sex toys. Until this moment I'd never seen the like of these devices. And judging by Michaels face, neither had he.

But seeing them, in pink, gold and all manner of sparkly colours; it must have been so obvious to Michael; these could not have been any kind of medical apparatus. There was even imitation penises made of rubber or silicone, but these were monster size, at least ten inches long, and fat as small cucumbers.

The men all had a selection of these toys, and with my Michael looking on, Jamie said, "Right rev. I want you to watch your wife's pussy very closely. As I pull this vibrating bulb out of her, it'll drive her nuts, and her pussy is likely to give a squirt or two."

Michael had now obviously come to the conclusion these men were just using me for their pleasure. "Look here you charlatans, if you don't stop this fiasco now, you'll all be spending a long term behind bars."

"Don't be silly reverend. You know we've videoed everything we've done, and everything has been done with your wife's consent. Now you just calm down, relax, and watch the show your little lady is about to put on."

"I'll make sure you all go to jail if it the last thing I do."

"That's up to you, but if you don't keep quiet, I'll tape your mouth shut, and stick you on the floor at the other end of the van."

"Ok you've got the better of me now, and I'll keep quiet; but mark my words, you'll regret touching my wife."

"Ok rev, so long as that's your last word on the subject, you can stay and watch the show. Ok boys, it show time! And Terry, make sure you keep panning back to get a close-up of her face, we want the people to know just how much the little slut is loving it."

All this time while my Michael had been arguing, I'd been under the influence of this vibrating bulb, so by now I was well and truly thrusting my hips up and down. And my pussy as these men like to call it was also throbbing hard.

But Jamie was right when he said show time was about to start, because as soon as he began to pull on the wire, and that vibrating bud began its journey back out of my love tunnel, my body went wild. Thrashing up and down, with my pussy hole kind of bulging itself almost inside out and then contracting again. I could feel the bulb making its way along, and the nearer it got to my pussy lips, the more frenzied my trashing became.

As it appeared in the opening of my pussy, my pussy gave a massive spasm, spitting it out followed by lashings of sticky juices, which splashed around as my hips thrashed about. The three men were cheering, clapping, and generally making rude but basically complimentary comments about my performance. But throughout the whole of my orgasmic display, Michael just watched in silence, his eyes out on stalks, as if he was looking in disbelief.

Now as I calmed down, Michael asked calmly.

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