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A woman and younger man begin to discover passion.

"So you took it out on me. When you were the guilty one...."

"Please, baby....please..." He towered over her now. Janet's heart pounded in her chest as she looked up at him pleadingly with doe eyes.

"When all this time you've been craving this ....." Vince slowly pulled his zipper down.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" Janet cried out, her eyes bulging at the awe-inspiring sight of her son's magnificent penis as it burst forth from his jeans like a nuclear missile.

"This is what you need. We both know it now....."

"No! It's not true....not true....." Try as she might, she just couldn't tear her eyes from the massive pole.

"Take your clothes off...."

"No! I can't! Please, baby!" she whined.

"Damn you, I said take those clothes off!"

Janet flinched. Never before had he dared to speak to her in such a rough, commanding manner. It made her go weak in the knees. With a sob, she slowly reached for the top button of her blouse with trembling fingers.

"Yeah, that's right.......expose yourself to your son like the shameless hussy you really are......" Vince muttered. A long, thick string of precum began to drool nastily from his huge red cockhead. The sight caused his Mom's swollen clitoris to throb almost painfully.

Janet's face was crimson as she eased the blouse off her slim shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

"Well? What're you waitin' for? Take the bra off."

"Oh no! It's n-not right, honey! Not ri-"

"I think you heard what I said....", Vince growled.

Openly weeping now, Janet obeyed.

"Christ......" Vince said with awe as he saw his mother's breasts for the first time: big creamy peaks, jutting proudly without even a hint of middle-age sag; the puffy, pink, mouth-watering nipples their crowning glory. Vince's penis jerked violently at the sight, flinging a small string of precum up onto the left tit. It slowly oozed onto the rubbery areola, making Janet shiver.

"Now the rest...." Vince managed to croak.

"Ohhh sweetheart - this has got to stop now! We've gone much too far already!"


Vince watched Janet's every movement like a hawk as she eased the skirt down over her hourglass hips. Finally, she was clad only in a tiny pair of green silk panties and black leather flats. He could see that the crotch was sodden.

"Drop them..."

"Please, darling, please don't make me take my panties off! I'm your m-mom!!" she cried.

"Goddammit, I told you to get 'em off! NOW!!" he barked, crazed with lust. With a loud sob, Janet slid them down.

Vince gazed in dreamlike wonder at the stupendous sight of his nude mother cowering before him. A trickle of pussy juice seeped out of her, leaving a glistening trail as it slowly made its way down her curvy inner thigh. Janet was quivering with a combination of fear and unholy desire, and that made Vince every bit as excited as the sight of her gorgeous feminine flesh. This was an outrageous new sensation for him, made all the more potent by being completely out of the blue: the awesome feeling of sexual power over his own mother.

A hitherto dormant aspect of his psyche came bursting forth with shocking suddeness: the terrible Id had broken free from the inhibiting chains of morality. And he reveled in it.

With a starving tiger roar, Vince sprang forward and swept Janet up into his arms. She gave out a frightened cry as he tossed her onto her bed like a rag doll and pinned her there with his powerful body. He instantly found her left nipple and drew it deep into his ravenous mouth, eliciting a squeal of shock from Janet. She frantically tried to resist him: pounding his broad wrestler's shoulders with her tiny fists as he mercilessly worked his jaws on her breast - desperate not to give in to the awful lust that had been pent up inside her for so long. - but to no avail. Her feeble punches slowed, then ceased altogether; the fists unclenched, and the little French-nailed fingers began to knead the rippling muscle.

"Omigod! No, noooo.

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