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The city, the park and the shower.

I envisioned my pussy being that strawberry, which caused my breathing to deepen. He placed his hand on the small of my back as we shared the fruit.

I gazed into his dreamy blue eyes deeply as they watched my lips passionately suck on a wedge of orange. I was pleased to feel the unmistakable twitch of his cock becoming excited.

As I nonchalantly but purposely, ate the fruit more seductively and with exaggerated moves, wiggled my ass more, I felt his cock stir and then begin to grow. Daddy, becoming quite embarrassed, shifted in his chair uncomfortably as his cock began to stiffen beneath me. I slightly wiggled my ass down onto his new erection, grinding against it playfully.

Daddy suddenly spoke out, saying he had to get up. He was very obviously uncomfortable and feeling guilty that he had a huge boner poking up under his young daughter's ass. I just giggled and told him, "But the fruit isn't finished". I giggled as I listened to him stammer and stutter, making absolutely no sense at all, but trying to escape the situation.

I spun my whole body around to face him. Straddling his lap now, my legs were on either side of the chair, and my ass rested on his bare thighs. As I moved into this position, daddy's' robe gapped open.

Suddenly, shocking both of us equally, his raging cock bust free and stood up firmly in between us. I instantly looked down at the huge purple head that pointed directly toward his belly button. Looking up, I met his absolutely horrified eyes.

He began to speak, "Honey, I am so sorr..." I immediately leaned forward and planted a passionate kiss right on my daddy's lips. I forced my tongue into his mouth and sought his out. At first he didn't respond, but then something happened. Temptation and lust simply overpowered his morals.

Knowing I wanted him and had obviously teased him to the point of no return, he suddenly picked me up and lay me back on the table. He grabbed my bikini bottoms and with one tug ripped them right off my body, throwing them aside. He groaned his approval as he gazed upon his daughter's clean-shaven pussy. Taking in his hand, the orange slices from the bowl of fruit, he squeezed them strongly, pouring the juice all over my crotch.

At the same time he began lapping up the orange juice, and my own juices.

I trembled and moaned, "ooooohhh yessssss daddy", as his tongue lapped at my labia seeking out my clit. The puffy, excited lips of my pussy were now soaked from his talented tongue-lashing. I thrust my ass up off the table, pushing my cunt up to meet his mouth.

He stood up, kicked his chair out of the way, and kneeled before me. Placing both his hands under my ass cheeks, his thumbs inward towards my ass crack, he again began his oral assault on my bare quim.

"Ohhh my godddddd!" I screamed.

I could feel the mixture of orange juice and my womanly secretions trickling down to my ass. As his lips began sucking on my swollen clit, a thumb sought out my tiny puckered virgin hole and rubbed it playfully.

"Yess, ooohhhhh yessss oh daddddyyy don't stopppp," I moaned loudly at the pleasure he was causing, he penetrated me in synch with his thumb and his tongue.

I thought I would ecstatically pass out. I had never had anything in my 18year old ass before and his thumb felt huge, but incredible. He had used my own juices to lubricate his thumb as he thrust it in to the first knuckle. As his thumb invaded my virgin ass, he thrust his tongue all the way into my tight pussy. His lips were locked around my whole crotch as his tongue wiggled around deep inside me.

"Oohhh please don't stop...daddy pleeeeease".

I realized at that moment at how lucky my mom really was. Not only did she receive one hell of a fucking from a big beautiful cock, but also knew this tongue had spoiled her pussy many times.

I screamed out again as daddy began rhythmically sliding his tongue back and forth in my pussy and began fucking his thumb in and out of my anus.

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