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Making a boy into a man.

Her legs were truly stunning, and seemed strong. They had to be to hold up those breasts, I mused.

And to my right was Hannah. Hannah's black lingerie gave her a bad-girl look compared to the other two, and contrasted with her angelic face and blonde hair, pulled back in a ponytail as I like it.

I reached under my bed and pulled out my camera. "Give us a pose, girls." I told them. I began snapping away with the fresh film I had loaded especially for this. I took about five shots before I got an idea.

"Start interacting with each other. Give me some lesbianism." I had to loosen my belt and unzip my pants to continue, as my dick was hardening by the second and was getting very uncomfortable. I came very close to prematurely ejaculating as the three girls began kissing and groping each other, and I captured the whole scene on film.

"Take the rest of it off now. One at a time. Holly, you first." I continued snapping away as Holly first unclasped her bra, releasing her petite breasts and then reached down to pull off her panties. A couple more shots of her and I turned to Hannah.

"Hannah, your turn." I planned to hold onto these pictures for a very long time for when I decided to release her, just in case. I made sure I got some beautiful shots, including one of her bending over braless, her large tits swinging and her hands on her panties, revealing her bush. Now the moment I had been waiting for.

"Now you Anne." I used up the rest of the film in the camera taking shots of her, her beautiful face, her stunning legs, her massive breasts, her hairless beaver, her flawless ass. I pulled off my shirt and pants and sat down on my bed.

"Hannah, go put more film in the camera while Anne and Holly suck me off. Be quick, but be very careful with that existing film." I handed her the camera before laying back on the bed to enjoy a double blowjob. The two girls' tongues moved up and down my dick, before Anne pushed Holly off and took the entire thing into her mouth and began bobbing up and down. I groaned with delight. Neither Holly nor Hannah had been able to do that. Adding to the pleasure was that Holly moved to begin sucking on my balls. With this sort of attention I knew I wouldn't last long. But I dug deep and managed to hang on until Hannah returned.

"Hannah, start taking photos of this. Girls pull back, I want to shoot all over your faces." As soon as I saw Holly and Anne's faces in front of me I let loose, shooting a massive load of sperm all over them. Without a doubt it was the largest load I had ever shot.

When I'd recovered I sat up to face the girls. "So, what did you all have planned for the weekend?" In the past I'd found that I got honest answers from people I'd hypnotised.

"We were going to see a movie, order a pizza, gossip and taunt you."
I grinned. "I can't see why we all can't still do that. But there's something I'd like to do first. Anne, you're on the pill aren't you?"
"Yes, Master. Ever since my first and only time, back in L.A. I have been. "I don't think my grin could have gotten any wider. My cock automatically sprang back to life. I rolled back onto my bed.

"Then come over here and ride me." I wanted her on top so I could watch her tits (as you may have worked out I loved her breasts). She moved lithely over to me and stood over me. She took hold of my dick and slowly lowered herself onto it.
"Snap away Hannah." I said to my sister who was still holding the camera. I just lay there while this gorgeous blonde kept raising and lowering herself onto my dick, her large tits bouncing up and down while Hannah took pictures. It was incredible.

But now I wanted to take charge, and try something that I had heard of.

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