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The picture was taken as cum ran down her thighs.

She gave a small series of musical gasps as she came in my mouth, shivering.


I pulled her down into the grass as a pair of cars crossed on the road, beams turning the grey clearing into a pornographic stage.

My pants slid off easily and I thrust into her with all of myself, clutching hard at the ground behind her shoulders as her body spasmed in the wrack of another orgasm. She always came when I first pressed into her; lovely for my ego and even better for her, allowing as it did for very quick sessions of passion in times where caution seemed a better choice than stamina.

"Take me back to your room, little miss," I breathed as I slid my cock out of her quaking heat, "I want more of you."

The wind threw our scent into the countryside as we chased the fireflies back home.

* * *

It had taken quite a bit of talking to get her into the fishnets, but the result was well worth the effort. Coupled with the stilettos, she made for quite an imposing sexual figure. Even more arousing was the fact that I had her tied to the corners of her bed on her knees, legs spread and arms bound behind her back. She whimpered, embarrassed but incredibly aroused, as I circled her, appraising with my eyes as I determined how best to begin.

"Will it be my fingers?" I asked, running fingertips from the heel of her right foot, up her calf and thigh and across the smoothness of her ass. Her moan drew a chuckle from me.

"Perhaps my mouth?" I suggested, pulling her chin up off the pillow I had placed under it so I could look in her face. Excitement wrestled with fear in her sky blue eyes, but she kissed me with a great measure of trust, even as I ran my fingers down along her back, across her anus and into the wet folds of her pussy. She arched her back, sensitive beyond her ability to ignore it, begging with her gaze for me to press into her.

"Noted." I walked to the other side of the bed, taking my time while out of her line of sight so I could watch her shift around. I flexed the muscles of my stomach so she could watch my hard cock twitch.

"This? Is this what you want inside you?" She nodded, eyes heavy with desperation. I smiled as I climbed up behind her, running my hands up her legs and down her back in slow, sweeping motions. She squirmed and tried to press back into me, but the bonds were too well-tied.

"Patience," I mocked as I let my cock drag back and forth across all the sensitive parts between her legs. I knew she was afraid of me shoving it in her ass, so, of course, I let the pulsing hardness of it press momentarily thereabouts, smiling as she moaned, half-afraid, half-aroused at how sensitive she was despite her fear.

"Don't worry, sweetheart," I cooed, sliding further down, "I'm not going to be mean to you..."

I slid down onto my belly and took her pussy in my mouth, biting gently on her piercing and flicking it back and forth with my tongue as she strained at the restraints holding her in place. My tongue and teeth worked quickly and she began to shake just as I slid a finger inside her to press the lovely little button just inside. She bucked as the orgasm shocked through her, crying out through the silk gag between her lips.

Feeling merciful, I reached up and pulled the fabric out of her mouth, smiling as I moved in front of her and sat down just far enough away that she couldn't get my cock with her swollen lips.

"Oh? Do you want this in your mouth, sweetheart?" I placed a finger under her chin and lifted until she grunted at the strain it put on her neck. "Tell me you want to suck my cock."

"I want to suck your cock," she breathed.

I shook my head, clucking disapprovingly. "I don't believe you."

"Please let me suck your cock, Mike!" she begged. I pursed my lips and let her chin go, shaking my head again.

"Still not buying it."

"Mike!" she whined, "I need your cock in my mouth! Please!"

"Ah," I said, scooting forward and moaning in pleasure as she took me all the way to the base, "that

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