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Only one thing to do when the air conditioner breaks.

They even picked up a few drinks from the floor. It was quite the array. One of which Aubrey, Sophia and Katee capped off by reaching into the island's cupboards and setting full-sized bottles of Karkov, Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels alongside the many stacks of Solo Cups. Which made me wince, half in awe of their score, half revolted by their choices.

"Thank you," I said. "So, first thing's first. If I'm to let you have this party, you need to abide by four rules. Can you do that for me?"

"What are the rules?" Sophia brushed her blonde mop behind her ear and looked up at me.

"Well," I started to say. But then strangely, I locked up. Out of nowhere it seemed, a shiver came rushing through my torso as I found myself center stage to two dozen twinkling eyes, two dozen tweezed brows and two dozen pairs of fluttering lashes. In the afternoon light, Aubrey's friends were no longer statues. With the way the afternoon sun illuminated them, they were much more like figurines, priceless figurines. "The four rules are," I stammered. From Sophia's freckles, to Alexis's doll-face, back to the twin's Siberian stare, every girl shined. Brooke's buttermilk complexion the brightest.

"Dad?" Aubrey whispered. "The rules?"

"Right," I said, clearing my throat and ridding the flush on my face before I made a bigger fool of myself. "The rules..."

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"One. No one leaves this house. I don't want the neighbors seeing or hearing any drunk underage girls outside. Also, the backyard is off limits."

My chest sank. No backyard meant no pool. No pool meant no bikinis.

"Two," I kept on. "No one else comes over. Especially boys."

Some of them giggled.

"I mean it," I said. "You're not to invite anyone else over. The more communication there is the more likely cops or parents will show up at my front door and I will not have either. Okay?"

Like bobble heads, they nodded.

"Good... Three, if somebody doesn't want to drink, none of you can make her. I don't care about the games or whatever else you're going to do, but there will be no bullying at this party."

"Bullying?" Sophia repeated with a laugh. "Do you really think we bully?"

Again, some of them giggled and from the corner of my eye, I saw Brooke's lips part into a smile.

"I don't know what you girls do." I looked back to the Blonde. "But I will not have beer pressure at this party--"

"Beer pressure?" Katee interrupted me, which caused the throng of girls to break out into laughter. "What's beer pressure?"

I bit down my own smirk. Apparently, in a room full of estrogen it was easy to drop one's guard.

"Hey now," I said. "You know I meant peer pressure. I will not have peer pressure at this party. Got it?"

Once more, they nodded, some of them still giggling.

"Okay, good." I took a deep breath. But as much as that should've helped, their flowery perfumes only stirred me further. "Lastly," I continued. "Four, and this one might be the most important. None of you can tell your parents. In fact, don't tell anyone. What happens in this house must stay in this house. You hear me?"

For the third time, they bobbed their heads.

"No, no more nods," I told them, my tone lighthearted yet stern. "I want to hear it from you girls. Promise me. Say, we promise, Mr. Erickson."

Perhaps I was on a bit of a power-trip with that one but despite what might have come off as condescension, the girls listened and, in a symphony of soprano voices, they spoke together like my own personal choir. "WE PROMISE, MR. ERICKSON!" They all snickered afterwards.

"Good," I said, my shoulders in tingles. "Second order of business. Do any of you actually like mixed drinks?"

As anticipated, the room went quiet, some of them shying away, others looking to their feet. I figured it was a coin toss. Heads: They didn't know if they liked them because they've never had them before. Or Tails: They did like them but didn't want to tell me so.

"Okay," I said a bit later.

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