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Katherine Heigl uses other means to pay for a cab ride.

And no kissing. Understood?

Mae and Jim both nodded quickly, and immediately Jim's hand slid under Mae's dress and cupped her panty-covered mound. Mae's knees moved apart automatically. At the same time, Mae's hand began to stroke Jim's bulge through his pants.
"That's fine, but no further," warned Ron. "And keep watching our little show. OK?"

Pat was getting more turned on by the minute, and watching her husband and her friend giving each other hand jobs increased her arousal.

"Now Pat, back to you. I'm sure that my wife sucked your husband's cock, am I right?" Pat nodded. "And you watched her do it?" Pat nodded again. "Good. So now you're going to suck mine, while they are watching. Put on a nice show for them."

Ron put his hands on Pat's shoulders and pushed her down so that she was kneeling in front of him. His cock was only semi erect, but it fascinated Pat. She had fantasized about this cock, and now it was in front of her. She was actually eager to get it into her mouth. She looked over at her husband on the sofa. He was still watching, although his eyes were glassy with lust as he stroked Mae's pussy. He gave a slight nod of approval. Pat took hold of Ron's shaft in one hand, while she cupped his balls with the other, and closed her lips around the cock's head. His balls were heavy with fluid, fluid that she knew would soon be filling her vagina. The thought made her vagina tighten, and she felt the first stirrings of an orgasm.

Pat swirled her tongue around the head of the cock, pushing the tip of her tongue into the tiny opening, all the while sucking gently. After only a minute or so, she was rewarded with a groan from above and Ron's cock stiffened into a hard rod. Ron pulled her back to her feet, his cock escaping from her mouth with a quiet plop.

"Jeez, Pat, that was magnificent. Too good, in fact. I don't want to come in your mouth and I nearly did. You are an incredible cocksucker," and he leaned over and kissed her hard on her mouth, pushing his tongue past her teeth. Pat was equally aroused, and opened her mouth to receive his tongue while stroking his rod to keep it hard.

Ron looked over at the sofa. Their two spouses were still fondling each other, but they hadn't taken their eyes of the naked couple in the middle of the room. "She's a real keeper Jim. You need to take better care of her. You need to be fucking her more often, or I'll have to do it for you. I nearly shot my load into that wonderful mouth of hers. Do you like sucking my cock, Pat? Would you have liked me to shoot my load into your mouth?" Ron was being deliberately graphic. It was part of his payback. Pat remained silent, continuing to stroke his cock.

"Oh well, that's enough of that. Time to continue," he announced. "You two keep watching. Pat, sweet girl, now it's time for you to lie down."

Pat did not hesitate. She lay down on the lush carpet, and closed her eyes. Her arousal had been growing steadily, and now all she wanted was to feel Ron's beautiful cock in her vagina, and experience the orgasm she now craved.

She felt Ron lying down beside her and waited for him to push her legs apart. Once again, Ron addressed the couple on the sofa.

"Mae, last week did you open your legs nice and wide hoping that Jim would lick your pussy?"

Mae was aroused by Jim's hand stroking her mound, and by watching her husband slowly fuck her friend, so she could only nod.

"Jim, did you lick my wife's pussy?"

Jim, similarly aroused, could only nod as well.

"Well then, guess what's going to happen to this sweet lady here. Open your legs for me, Pat. A bit more. Good."

Pat had spread her legs wide, and knew that Ron was now seeing every part of her pussy. She felt her vagina tighten again, and wondered how long it would be before her orgasm overwhelmed her. She was aching to be touched, aching to be fucked, aching to feel Ron's hardness inside her wet hole.

"Why wait any longer? Don't bother eating me.

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