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Husband and wife celebrate the end of summer with friends.

That he could take a life in the blink of an eye without remorse, or seemingly so, was all forgotten by me, if I had ever truly cared. I knew him so deeply, past the ways so many had known him before and this predator ... this hunter by my side only brought me joy. Let me be his victim, I often thought; I'd gladly pay my life for these moments here with him.

His eyes begged me for an answer and so I gave him one. "Yes, I want you. You can smell it already, I know you can. How wet I am inside, sitting here against this leather, wanting ... what am I wanting? You know it without the words, don't you?"

He returned a sly smile and nodded slowly, grabbing my ass and kneading his fingers into the skin beneath the black dress pants. "Oh yes, I know," he spoke seductively, lifting me up onto his lap. I could feel the rock hard press against my abdomen. He grew hard so quickly when we were together and sometimes even hours spent lovemaking wouldn't render him satisfied. His need was as deep as my own and those blissful hours were filled with such sweet exchanges, hot and heavy, hard and slow, fast and utterly explosive. To say we couldn't get enough of one another was an understatement.

"I want to fuck you right here, right now," he said licking the side of my neck, tasting the cologne I had just applied. I laughed softly against his throat as he said it and kissed that pulse there, mouth opened so he could feel the warmth I wanted to radiate out over him like flames licking at his fair skin. "Yesssssssss," he hissed sliding deeper into the leather. I pressed my hips into his solid length, grinding slowly against him, arching toward and away while he shut his eyes letting his other senses take over. That part of him I could feel so rigid beneath me seemed to grow even more. His hands held my hips tightly as I rode against him teasingly, deliberate and yet somewhat undemanding.

I wanted him to whimper the words I longed to hear. Undoing him was one of my greatest pleasures in life. Rendering him helpless, the prey upon the predator thrilled me to the very core. He knew it and he'd hold out as long as he could, sometimes longer than I could stand, but this time I'd be vigilant.

I slid my hands down his chest, pushing the jacket over his shoulders before wrapping my hands around to pull closer to him. My mouth was on him, hard and challenging, tough and severe, pushing the pinpoints of his small teeth into his lips so the blood trickled from his mouth as I forced my tongue through. He moaned softly, the taste of his blood filling his mouth and I sucked hard against his tongue to taste it all. He repaid me in kind and bit down while I was caught up, making me cry out into his mouth as he did it. My blood mingled with his and we both hungrily consumed one another. Our hips thrust together while we suckled and drank and lapped and devoured. We were all but having sex for the clothing dividing our bodies. His hands reached up and pushed my jacket completely off... with any more force he would have ripped it from me and I was thankful he still had some restraint. The knot at the bottom of my shirt was slack; his fingers deftly undid it and slid up past my bare stomach to cup both of my breasts. His thumbs slid along the silk camisole under the shirt, raising my nipples to stiff peaks. He pinched each tenderly, making me moan once more and as I did he forced his tongue further back, fucking my mouth as he wanted to my entire being.

I pulled back then, losing our little competition.

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