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A lonely businessman learns the joys of anal sex.


Aden couldn't believe it he had just fucked the most amazing pussy of a woman he had fancied for years, now he had his cock buried up to the hilt in her ass while she talked to his boss on the phone like nothing was happening.

"Great, he will be little while as I've just got to finish off something before I cum in,"

"Okay see you soon."

Hanging up the phone this time Sarah rode the young man's cock hard until he came with a cry and fired his hot seed deep into her bowels.

Sarah kissed Aden before climbing off his hips.

"Thanks lover I needed that." she said as she stood beside the bed.

"Jesus, you are so hot Mrs Chapman. That was fantastic."

"C'mon lets have a quick shower before we go. And call me Sarah."

The pair went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower.

An hour later Aden parked the car at the service entrance of the large garage forecourt. Leaving Aden to sort booking the car in with the mechanics Sarah went to the office to talk to Steve.

She spent an hour in the office talking business with Steve. The garage had been part of the divorce settlement so she would now have to keep an eye on this and two other small businesses in the area.

Before she left she had been given the keys to a brand new convertible and secured the use of Aden as a driver for the day.

As they left the forecourt in the gleaming red car Aden asked Sarah where she wanted to be taken.

"I'm off out to a club tonight so I need to go find something suitable to wear. I never had the chance to dress really sexy and go clubbing when I was married. And now I want to catch up. I intend to fill my days with as much fun and sex as I possibly can."

"Can I assume from your phone call with Maria while we were busy earlier that you like to sleep with women as well as men."

"You bet. You found out earlier how much I love a stiff cock but another woman is sort of a different sensual level entirely. Why is that a problem for you."

"No. No problem, for most guys the idea of watching two women get it on and even to be invited to join them is the number one fantasy. Its like this, my girlfriend Kathy has said a couple of times that she is kind of curious about making out with another woman but the opportunity has never come up."

"I was sort of wondering if you would be interested in sort of teaching her what its like."

"That sounds like fun. Why don't you invite her around tomorrow night for dinner and we will see how things develop."

"But for now I need to shop."

Aden was surprised at how much fun it could be to shop with Sarah. The woman had a dirty sense of humour and was never to busy to stop for a quick kiss or grope even in the most public places. She seemed to get a devilish amusement out of the shocked looks on peoples faces as she did things like stick her hand down the front of Aden's trousers and giving his cock a few brisk strokes in a crowded shopping mall.

Eventually they arrived at a beauty salon where Sarah Left Aden outside. She told him to take some time to buy his girlfriend a nice present and entered the salon.

The girl at the desk looked up and smiled. "Good morning Mrs Chapman, is it the usual today."

"I think I need something a bit different, is Lucy around."

The girl came out from behind the desk. "Take a seat, I'll just go and find her."

Sarah didn't have to wait long before Lucy came hurrying through the salon and gave Sarah a huge hug.

"Sarah, I haven't seen you for months. How are you. Has it been rough." she asked concern written all over her face as she led Sarah towards a more private room.

Sarah had been one of Lucy's first customers when she had opened the salon fifteen years ago and had been genuinely worried about her when she had heard from another customer about the divorce.

"Hi darling, yeah it was a bit rough at first, I kind of realised all the people I thought were friends were just the partners of Stu's friends. And it doesn't do much for your self image when you get traded in for a newer model."

Lucy sat S

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