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What do I do about my girlfriend's bratty little sister?

But to marry me and withhold this information is unforgiveable, "she added.

As Angel continued I could hear the emotion in her voice, "To share this information with a professional dominatrix and her staff and keep it a secret from me? They showed me the video. Is this what you want? I thought you were a real man!"

I had tears of shame running down my cheeks. There were no words to justify what I had done. I realized I had just lost the best woman I had ever met. I felt sick inside.

"You might want to reconsider, Angel," my mistress stated. Just think, you're not losing a husband, your gaining a maid!"

All five people laughed at this including Angel.

"Look at that sissy mother-fucker!" one of the black men said.

"You said she was punked-out but you didn't tell us what a fine looking sissy-bitch she was!" The other man added.

I was totally mortified. To be seen in my feminized state by two women was one thing but to look like this in front of two men and my fianc__e was even worse.

"Kelly, this is Mark and Alex," my mistress said. They have been helping me with some landscaping and I promised them a nice, white sissy-bitch to play with as part of their payment. "

"Pam," she continued, "this is lesson four. Once a man is feminized he is much more vulnerable and susceptible to any advances by other men. Kelly is not gay; therefore performing forced bi-sex is much more humiliating and degrading to him. Boys, he's all yours!"

With that said the two men got up from the couch and walked over to me. Mark unzipped his pants and pulled out the largest cock I had ever seen. He waved it in my face and said, "Like what you see bitch? I bet you can hardly wait to suck on this magnificent black mamba, can ya?"

I was dumb struck. I shook my head no in protest and started crawling backwards away from his giant cock.

"I thought you said this bitch was trained Ilene, "Mark said disappointedly.

Mistress Ilene then commanded me in her sternest voice, "Listen to me sissy. Once again you have insulted me and my friends. Would you like Pam to repeat your earlier punishment? We can make it two-hundred blows this time. Pam dear, would you like to whip him some more?"

"Oh yes! I'd love to! I was hoping he'd be bad." She answered eagerly.

I knew I was beaten. I could not stand to receive another two-hundred blows to my already swollen, red bottom.

"I'll do it," I replied meekly, just don't whip me again. I'll do anything!"

"Oh no," Mark replied. "I need more enthusiasm than that. Now you will have to beg to suck my cock and beg Angel to let you!"

I started begging with tears flowing, "Please Angel, let me suck Mark's cock, please. Mark, I am sorry I refused you may I please suck your cock?"

Angel laughed and said, "Does my sweet little faggot need Mark's cock in his mouth. That's understandable; I wouldn't mind having that beautiful cock in my mouth either. Go ahead sissy, suck it and make him cum!"

God she was getting into the game too!

Mark then said, "Come on bitch, start sucking!"

I had never sucked a cock before. I lifted his semi-hard, ten inch cock in my hand. It was heavy, hot and kind of satiny.

Even at partial erection I had to stretch my mouth and lips wide to even engulf a portion of the increasingly growing member.

It was not entirely an unpleasant experience. I much prefer the odor of estrogen to testosterone. The taste wasn't bad. It was the size I had trouble with.

I was starting to gag with only one-third of his cock in my mouth and as it increased in swelling I began to gag even more.

"Man, this pussy really doesn't know how to suck a real man's cock. Anybody want to give him lessons?" Mark asked.

Immediately Angel joined me on the floor. "I'd like to help Mark. After all, it's my fianc__ that's blowing it, to coin a phrase."

Everyone laughed at this remark, everyone except me.

"Listen honey," Angel said, "We all know you haven't had much experience at this so because I really want my man, I mean sissy, to succeed, I am willing to show you how it's done.

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