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Leaving him is not as easy as she thought.

I went with Pam; we returned with the mattress, pillows and some towels, rolled the mattress out onto the floor and lay down, kissing and holding each other tightly. Pamela has large, warm lips, seemingly designed for kissing but there are other parts of her face that are also extremely inviting to me, and I did not ignore them. Down her soft throat my lips wandered, while my hands removed her blouse. Pam knew where my lips were heading and she reached up on her back to unhook her bra, letting her lovely breasts swing free.

Jim and Ruthie had gotten a head start on us so they were both already naked above the waist and he was licking her breasts. We quickly caught up, though, and once again my tongue enjoyed the feel of Pamela's erect nipples and her nipples enjoyed the feel of my tongue. I can't murmur happily with my tongue sticking out of my mouth but Pam was making up for that.

"I love the way you lick my tits, George," she told me. "And I know I'm gonna love it when you eat my cunt." There was no hurry about getting to that point, and we were enjoying ourselves along the way.
"Along the way" included licking both nipples, switching back and forth, using broad strokes of my tongue or short jabs with just the tip. Either way was good for both of us and this time I took my time on her breasts. One of the things I most enjoy is the way the dark spots on her nipples rise when Pam is aroused, which she was by the time I started licking her nipples so they felt especially good on my tongue.

Her pussy was already squirming on the mattress when I took one of the luscious globes into my mouth to suck on it. The firm flesh felt good on my lips as I sucked, and the nipple felt especially good as I caressed it with my tongue. The second of the gorgeous twins felt just as good in my mouth and I switched back and forth until I knew it was time to start kissing my way down Pam's body to get to the other place where I really wanted to suck and lick.

Jim was kneeling in front of the sofa, happily eating Ruthie's pussy. She was naked, her clothing scattered on the floor, with her legs draped over his shoulders. This was the first time anybody but me had eaten Ruthie's pussy and I was glad to see how much she was enjoying it, already cooing in pleasure. Jim was enjoying it too, I was sure, because Ruthie has one of the nicest pussies to eat that I know of, with some of the most delicious juices.

Pam also has one of the nicest pussies, and I was eagerly unfastening her pants, anxious to get my tongue her where we both like to have me lick her. As usual, I pulled her pants off separately, after taking off her shoes, and then I slowly removed her panties. They were wringing wet and fragrant with her pussy juices and I enjoyed inhaling deeply of the marvelous aroma before pulling them from her body, leaving Pam gloriously naked on the mattress in front of me.

I've eaten her pussy enough that Pam knows what I like to do and I know what she likes. Once her legs were over my shoulders, she reached under herself and spread her ass cheeks. "Put two fingers in my ass like you did last night, George. That was really great." Once again I twined my fingers together, inserted the tip of the middle finger and twisted them back and forth as I wedged the pair into her ass all the way to the knuckles, spreading her sphincter pleasurably. "Oooo, yeah. Now fuck me good."

I proceeded to do just that, thrusting my fingers slowly in and out of her ass while licking the flood of juices from her pussy. When all the fresh nectar had been devoured, I started licking both an inner and outer lip, exploring the area between them with my tongue and probing the seam between the labia. As I licked slowly, covering all the areas of both lips, I could almost feel them becoming engorged as Pam's arousal increased. By the time I reached the end of the inner lip, her pussy was humping into my face and she was cooing happily.

After I had finished licking the inner lip, I decided to continue and lick Pamela's mons.

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