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Server becomes a servant.

Blum struggled and squealed defencelessly, like a little girl, kicking her legs in the air.

The small woman was no match for the big stud: he manhandled her like she was a midget, toying with her soft, naked body; red traces of hungry love bites marked her white unblemished skin.

John was a tit-lover and her large, tender, white mounds, decorated by two erect, pink buds, were his target: using teeth, lips and tongue, he flicked, bit and pulled her nipples, till they protruded almost one inch and a half from her chest.

"Dinner is ready. Watch carefully, kid. I'll show you how mom's big breasts can be worked; and then I'm sure you would like trying the same," John said to her son.

Then he opened his mouth: it was wide like an oven and when he attached his lips to one round orb and sucked hungrily, her fleshy cone, little by little, disappeared and was entirely engulfed, filling his jaws and gullet.

"Oooooohhhhhh nooooooo, don't do this, not here, my son is watching. Please, sir, ooooohhhhhh my god, what are you doing to my tit! Please, not your mouth, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!."

The woman couldn't stop high pitched squeals escaping her throat, but John was insatiable: her swollen globe was chewed, tasted, slobbered and viciously devoured like a sweet cake, topped by an incredibly long strawberry, hard as a bullet.

When the tit slid out and was again free on her chest, John licked his lips and asked her son: "Did you see how a tit can be deep throated, kid? Did you imagine that mom's boob could be fully sucked and mouthed? I'll show you again."

And, without mercy for the small woman, he repeated his assault to the second tit, swallowing it like it was a piece of meat, without caring the moans and squeaks of the poor trapped housewife.

Finally satiated by the mammary food, the cruel giant bent his victim at her waist, holding her with one arm; then slapped hardly and resoundingly her dangling huge titties.

"Tell me, little one, does your husband play with your beautiful melons like me? Does he palm, lift, lick and slap these heavy round "bazookas" of yours that way? Tell me, mommy!!"

"No, sir, never I had my tits played so much. Nobody fondled my tits like you, master. But now stop, please!"

"Did you like it, mommy?"

No answer.

And John again: "Whore, I'm waiting your answer! Don't make me angry!!"

"Yes, yes, sir, I like it, I like when you play with my breasts. But now, please, let me go, sir. You got everything from me, you made me piss, you sucked all of my tits, but now put me down, master, I beg you."

"Everything, you say? Bitch, I have just started with you. There are still so many things to do with this small, white, soft body of a bimbo like you. And don't forget my friends here: they are eager to taste your tender flesh. And may be your son, too. Am I right, kid? Don't you like to taste a piece of your little mom?"

John was right. The sight of the long and brutal handling of his mother had petrified the boy, who was silent, but his eyes showed clearly how much sexually affected he was by the devastating treatment the giant was giving to her abused mother.

In the last months the eighteen years old son was getting the hots for his mother.

When his parents invited their friends, he could check how much his mother was able to tease the male guests. Sometimes she was sunbathing topless and the men who played with her in the pool were taking liberties on her small frame: someone would pick her up like a feather and would carry her inside and outside the water, just to feel her naked titflesh.

She had been elected the good-luck mother of the school football team and now it was a tradition, for the boys, to hug, kiss and sweep her off the ground, after a winning match.

Her shapely body and the sexual approaches she openly accepted from her flatterers turned on the boy.

She was well aware of it and not at all indifferent: her husband was too old for her still lively sensuality and she loved arousing passion in younger people, no matt

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