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A Velvet fairy tale.


I pulled the panties on, enduring three more smacks of the crop. Turning around to face her, I felt the riding crop rubbing my hard-on.

"Yes those look so good on you Sissy Boy," she said as she walked around checking me out, rubbing me all over with the riding crop. Swish...Smack

"Ouch!" I yelped.

"Is that how Elaine has taught you to respond?"

Elaine has talked to her? How many other people know?

"No ma'am that is not what she taught me."

"Well, I am waiting."

"That's one ma'am, thank-you very much."

"That is much better Sissy Boy." Swish....Smack

"That is two ma'am, thank-you very much," sensing that the other customers were gathering around. By the looks of the nipples, poking through the tops of a couple of the scantily clad women around, this was exciting to them also. What I did not know was that someone had locked the door to the store. The store was no longer open.

The saleslady, whose name was Sue I found out, also noticed my roaming eyes.

"So I see that you noticed how exciting this is to us ladies. What do you think should be done about that?"

"I am not sure what you mean ma'am," not knowing how to respond.

"What does Elaine have you do when she gets excited?"

"Elaine makes me satisfy her by cleaning up her juices."

"Okay then, follow me Sissy Boy." My cock twitched every time she called me that. I followed her to another part of the store, where the shoes were on display. The other customers followed us.

Sue pointed to one of the young women, "Are you ready to be satisfied by Sissy Boy?"

"Oh yes, I am so wet right now!"

Sue pointed to the bench in front of us, and the young woman pulled her skirt up over her hips and sat with a leg on each side of the bench. Her wet shaved pussy on display for all to see.

"Okay Sissy Boy, get on your knees and take care of her."

Kneeling down, smelling her pussy, as my mouth got closer, I licked from the bottom up to her clit. A moan escaped her lips letting me know she enjoyed this. I continued to lick her pussy clean, paying close attention to her clit, nibbling on it each time I reached it. Her moans became louder and her hands went to the back of my head, pulling me into her pussy as she let her orgasm go. Forcing her pussy into my face, she bucked as she covered my face with her juices. After a few more licks, she released my head and let me lap up the juices that flowed. I finished licking up the juices from her pussy and thighs, then rose back up to the kneeling position.

Swish...smack...swish...smacks, "Did you forget something Sissy Boy?"

"Thank-you for allowing me to please you ma'am."

The young woman got up, straightened her skirt, and planted a kiss, with a lot of tongue, on my lips, "That was great Sissy Boy! Elaine was right; you do know how to please a woman Sissy Boy. Lay down Sissy Boy."

Not knowing what to expect, soon I was lying on my back on the bench. The young women then reached down to release my now raging hard-on from under the panties. Slowing wrapping her hand around the base, her tongue reached out to lick the pre-cum from the tip. Opening her mouth, she engulfed my cock and began to move it in and out of her mouth. While she was doing this, I found another young woman was lowering her shaved wet pussy down to my lips. My tongue shot out to lick the lips of the pussy now above my face. With a pussy on my face and a mouth around my cock, I was in heaven. Doing my best to give the pussy as much pleasure as my cock was receiving, I licked away, nibbling occasionally on the clit. Soon I found the pussy pushing harder onto my mouth, the juices flowing freely all over my face. I cleaned the pussy as best I could before she was up moving away. I caught a glimpse of my very wet face in a mirror off to the side of the bench. The woman that just had her pussy on my face, leaned down to lick the juices off my face and kiss me. My cock exploded into the mouth that engulfed it, filling it completely with all of my cum.

I saw her walking over to Sue and giving her a deep kiss, "Thank-you for the use of Elaine's Sissy

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