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Shades of grey and Shattered Dreams converge.

All of her beautiful dresses were in the trunks. Tomorrow, the trunks would be loaded into a wagon. Aidan would board a carriage with her mother and father and head toward Pieter Melovic's Prussian estate.

Aidan moved close to Lila, caressing the smooth, strong calf and thigh. "Don't pull away from me, Lila. Please don't close me out on our last day together." Lila sniffled slightly, tensing beneath the same touch she had craved thirty minutes earlier. Aidan's caress became more familiar, sliding to the inside of Lila's thigh. Her fingertips brushed against the outer lips of the gypsy's mound.

Lila reached down and grabbed Aidan's wrist, pushing her aggressive partner away. "You can't fix all problems with sex, Aidan," she growled, rising from the bed. She wrapped herself in a blanket and went to the window, looking over the jagged rooftops.

"You knew about Pieter," Aidan insisted. "I told you we would be leaving as soon as Father returned."

"Don't go," Lila pleaded. "Tell your father you don't want to marry Pieter."

"It wouldn't matter to Father what I wanted," Aidan sighed. Aidan left the bed and crossed to Lila, curling her hands around the girl's shoulders. She kissed the back of Lila's neck, inhaling her wonderful scent. "It doesn't have to end. Come to Prussia with me. You can be my lady in waiting."

Lila jerked away again, fire in her eyes. "I am no one's servant."

"I'm not asking you to be my servant. I'm trying the only way I know how to keep us together. Come to Prussia with me, and Pieter will never question our closeness."

Lila shook her head. "It's not the life for me," she muttered. "I love life in the camp. I adore never being in the same place for too long. I could never give up the music. I don't want to be cooped up in a castle in Eastern Prussia as your slave girl."

Aidan grinned playfully. "Hmmm? You don't want to be my slave girl? I like that thought. Be my slave girl, Lila." She reached out to caress Lila's cheek.

"Now is not the time for games."

"Now is the only time for games if you are not going to follow me to Prussia," Aidan responded. She took a step back, smiling seductively as she loosened the ties of her dress. It whispered down her body into a pile. She stepped out of the mass of material, taking a step toward Lila again. Even though Lila's expression was still angry, her eyes were transfixed on Aidan's body. Aidan removed her corset, her breasts spilling free. They were larger than Lila's, with coin sized areoles and thick nipples. Her waist was trim and her legs pale. Lila's eyes focused on the nest of red hair at the juncture of Aidan's legs. "Are you sure you don't want to be my slave girl?"

Lila came into Aidan's outstretched arms. Aidan wrapped her arms around Lila, smiling into her lover's eyes. Their bodies pressed against each other. Lila could feel Aidan's nipples rubbing against her skin and the prickle of the middle class woman's bush brushing against her own smooth sex. Aidan rotated against Lila, controlling her lover with her body. Lila exhaled, trying to ignore the sensations, but she couldn't defeat her body's reaction. Her nipples tightened and grew longer. Warmth rushed between her legs, a steady, wet throbbing. Her heart thudded and she pressed closer to Aidan's body.

They fell back on the bed as they kissed, their tongues fighting for mastery of the other. They rolled until Lila was above the wealthy woman. She straddled the girl, kissing down the valley between Aidan's breasts. She blew across each nipple, teasing them with light tongue strokes. She used her teeth to nip the plump flesh before trailing her way down Aidan's stomach.

She pressed her lips together and blew against Aidan's mound, her shoulders between spread thighs.

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