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She's bathed, prepared, and humiliated by servants.

"Who's going to be next to lose their clothes?"

"Ah but what happens if you lose again?" Eva said, recovering her wits.

"We'll have to think of a forfeit," Paul said

"Yesss!" hissed Eva and almost grabbed the cards across off the table as I dealt.

They both leaned forward with renewed anticipation and once again the birthday star got away with it; Eva lost this time.

It was our turn now to clap and laugh but she never hesitated as a she slipped off her jeans and stood in front of us in nothing but a lacy white thong that matched her bra.

Paul was nearly bursting out of his trousers by this time and he kept moving about to relieve the enormous erection that he quite evidently had. I was desperate for him to lose and take his clothes off, but for all his bravado I was sure he would chicken out in front of the now nearly naked Eva.

But he of course he didn't lose; Eva did again.

This time she made an even great show of stripping, holding her bra in place with a hand cupping each breast after undoing the catch, then with a flourish, throwing her arms up in the air with a shriek to reveal her breasts completely. They were gorgeous; Paul couldn't take his eyes off them as they jiggled and swayed slightly with her excited movements. And it was clear that she was VERY excited too as her nipples stood out like two hard thimbles.

Things were getting to fever pitch now and I could smell the warm, musky aroma of my own sexual arousal that even my perfume couldn't conceal.

"He's got to lose soon," Eva said in my ear, leaning over so that her naked thigh was against my shoulder.

We had almost forgotten the rules by this time and had no idea whose deal it was so I picked the cards up and threw them round the table, keeping my arms high and allowing my breasts to sway in front of the other two as I did so. I didn't know quite what I wanted to happen really. Paul's threat of a forfeit had put an excited knot in my stomach as I knew that he was fairly drunk and very excited, enough of both to demand something outrageous, and I knew I would probably do whatever he asked.

For one delicious moment I thought the time had come and I had lost again, but once more it was Eva who had the losing hand.

Paul threw his fist in the air in triumph and demanded the removal of Eva's pants. He couldn't believe his luck; he was going to get to see the lovely Eva as naked as his wife already was.

But Eva rose to the challenge and thought she saw a way to stop him winning so easily; she never did like to lose.

"You said the next hand was forfeits," she cried and crossed her hands theatrically across the small, lacy, white triangle that was the only thing that stood between her and exposing her womanly charms to a man who was so obviously desperate to see them.

I could see he was about to argue but he then also saw the possibilities of the situation.

"Ok," he said with a lascivious grin, "a forfeit it is, and I get to choose. You've got to passionately kiss the person on your left."

Now whether he genuinely got his left and right mixed up or did it on purpose, I don't know. I'm sure he wouldn't have passed a chance to snog Eva and get to feel her tits in the process, but I was the person on Eva's left not him. It took a moment for this to sink in but when it did Eva and I doubled up with laughter.

Paul sank back in his chair with a groan, his chance of getting Eva naked gone without even the consolation prize of a French Kiss and a furtive grope, but things were about to outstrip his, and my, wildest dreams.

"Come on," Eva said pulling me to my feet, "forfeit time," and she put her arms over my shoulders and touched her lips to mine.

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