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Double down, nothing else would work.

Jenny began to chant. "Oh god, oh god..."

Daniel said, "Bruce, pinch her nipple. Good... excellent."

Mary recognized Jenny's successive screams as those of orgasmic release. In reaction, her nipples strained to push through the thick costume.

"Uh, uh, uh," and then Bruce moaned, long and low.

The bedroom became silent for long seconds.

Then the springs squeaked, as Bruce got off. "Thank you wife. That was very satisfying."

Mary heard the rustle of clothes, as Bruce continued, "I will reward you by making your fantasy come true. I'm going to bring in your old governess to rub ointment on your sore backside."

Jenny shouted, "No! Please don't shame me in front of her!"

"But, Jenny, don't you wish to feel the hands of another woman on your bare flesh? Hmm? I'm just giving you what you want. You satisfied me, and now I'll satisfy you. I can't bring in the governor's wife. But, I can bring in Silvia. She loves you. Besides, she needs a roof over her head. She wouldn't dare say anything and risk eviction."

Mary jumped when Bruce stuck his head through the door, and said, "We're ready."

She kept her eyes downcast, as she entered the room. The camera clicked and lights flashed.

Bruce, still bare-chested, handed her an open jar of ointment, and said, "Miss Sylvia, Jennifer has been punished for her sinful behavior. Please apply salve on her welts."

Several seconds past, while Mary stared at the jar in her hand. Finally she looked at the woman on the bed. Jennifer was lying flat on her stomach, the nightgown up around her shoulders. Her crimson buttocks glowed bright against the white sheets.

Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Mary dipped her fingers into the jar and reached out to apply it. She warned, "This may sting," and then gently smeared it over the red skin.

Jenny moaned.

The angry flesh felt hot under Mary's fingertips. "Does it hurt?"

"No it feels wonderful. Soothing and cool." Jenny raised her bottom by pulling her knees underneath.

Mary continued to apply the ointment and Daniel continued to move around for different picture angles. Jenny's inner thighs were shiny from sex and he seemed intent on getting shots of Mary's fingers close to Jennifer's cleft.

Lathering up both hands, Mary decided to give them their money's worth. She knelt behind Jennifer and massaged both cheeks, working them apart and then back together, exposing her sodden lips.

Jenny moaned into the sheet, "Oh, that feels good, Miss Silvia. Thank you so much."

Click, click, click. "You're doing great, Mary. That's very erotic."

When semen began to drip from Jenny, Mary stopped and got off the bed.

Bruce looked into his wife's face and asked. "Are you going to be good now?"

She grinned wickedly, and said, "Probably not."

"Miss Silvia, untie her ankles, and then you may go."

As she did, Bruce kissed his wife and untied her wrists.

Mary had enough pretending and went directly to the dressing room. The beet red face she saw in the mirror belonged to someone else, not her.

"I did it for the money," she said to the condemning reflection. Quickly she changed her clothes, ready to collect her $200 and pass go.

When she reentered the bedroom set, Bruce was the only one in sight, and still wearing the ruffled shirt, unbuttoned.

He saw her confusion, and said, "They'll be right back. Daniel had something for Jenny to take care of." He smiled as if it were a joke. "More wine, Mary?"

"No thank you. I'd like to look over my pictures, collect my money, and leave."

"We appreciate your willingness to play along today. It was an... exciting addition. Actually, when we arrived, Jennifer and I were hoping you were the person willing to play the role of Clotho in another scenario Daniel has dreamed up. He has quite an imagination." Bruce sipped some wine. "You'd be perfect for the part."

"I'm not interested. Today was a fling, a walk on the wild side." Mary sat down in a chair beside the bed. "What are Daniel and Jennifer doing, exactly?"

He looked off into space, thinking for a second

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