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Young college professor enjoys a student.

I was shocked for only a moment as I felt Gloria reach under me and run a finger along my very wet cunt. It felt strange, not that is was girl's fingers but that I had a cock in my mouth and there was a hand fingering me at and same time, It was strange but oh, my lord it was exciting.

Don must have thought so too because he started to cum. He moaned and there was a few drops of sperm that dribbled on my tongue. I looked at Gloria and quickly pulled away to give her a turn to suck up some of his weak sperm. Gloria let out a moaning sound as if she was getting the best load of sperm of her life. That is when I knew she could make any man feel as if he were a superman. I learned some thing that day.

Don quickly went limp. Gloria did not get to her feet as I had. Gloria moved a few inches and cupped my ass pulling me closer and spreading my legs as she did. There was a chair near by and Don helped me lift one leg placing it on the chair so my pussy was gapped open. Gloria was very good at this switch hitting and her tongue was talented as well. Her fingers were now touching my tiny ass and wiggling as if they wanted to get inside of me.

Don had talked about anal sex and he had applied K-Y jelly to my anus but had only tickled it to show me that this was another spot used to arouse one and he also said it was a great way to enjoy sex if I could learn to take a cock up my ass. He said I had to complexly relax and to think that this was a wonderful way to experience sex. So I relaxed.

Gloria had her talented tongue licking my clitoris and when she felt me relax she ever so gentle pushed a finger tip on to my ass. I jumped slightly but it was different I had to admit that. She wiggle the finger as she licked my clit... my legs wobbled and I nearly fell. Don took me by the arm and moved me to a large sofa. I sat with my ass near the edge of the seat, Gloria was soon back between my legs and her finger was once more up my ass. Don was now standing up on the sofa with his limp cock hanging down in front or my face. I took his cock in my mouth.

I climaxed and it felt so good. Gloria was a pro at licking pussy she was the best I ever had up to this point in my life. There would be others later on. Now it was my turn. We changed places and I was about to lick my first pussy when a heavy knock came at the door.

We all froze and were soon out of the mood as we returned to Gloria's apartment. I left with a promise that I would see her later in the week.

Once home I remember thinking I needed to take a time-out as it were from my newly found joys of life. However over the next week or so I started to feel as if I was missing something every time I sat at home with a good book. I had not learned about reading sex stories on the internet yet. That would come later and Im-ing with men and talking trash would come still later on. So I got my old ass up dressed and headed out for a night on the town.

The Stark hotel is a bed of mixed company during the day. Men and women from out of town, in town on business looking for a fast trip around the world while they were away from husband's and wives. But I did a slow pass of the hotel and decided to try the River Front motel and lounge. As I pulled into the parking lot I heard the music coming from the open door that faced the river below. I did not allow the valet to park my car. No particular reason I just drove it around the side and parked close to the kitchen entrance.

From here there is a narrow path that leads down almost to the river.

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