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A night of romance and passion.

"It's going to be lonely without James," Alyssa offered.

Lewis nodded. "I know but he needs to go," he replied and then smiled. "I don't know who enjoys the trip more, James or William. Besides it will give us some time alone. "

When they got to the high country meadows, they let the cattle roam. They would fatten up on the lush grass. The wanna be wranglers would camp overnight and return to the valley the next day. Lewis went to help James take care of Joshua but the boy wouldn't have it.

"My horse, my job Dad," James said. Lewis nodded and stepped back.

After James unfastened the cinch, the big horse knelt so the boy could pull the saddle off his back. Then Joshua held his head down and James removed the bridle. Lewis just smiled at the relationship that had developed between Joshua and his son.

One week later Lewis and Alyssa drove James and William to Love Field in Prescott. They watched the plane take off and drove back to Eagle's Nest. As they pulled up in front of the ranch house, Helen came out to meet them.

"Alyssa, your granddad has been taken to the hospital," she told them. "I called your cells but you didn't answer."

"We left our phones in the truck when we went into the terminal," Alyssa explained. "What happened?"

"He was working with a new colt, the animal spooked and kicked him. He's at the Yavapai Regional Med Center's ER."

Lewis and Alyssa didn't even get out of their truck. He turned the truck around and raced back to Prescott. When they arrived at the Medical Center, Lewis did a power slide to a stop in front of the ER. Running into the hospital Alyssa questioned a clerk concerning her grandfather. The lady checked a computer screen and told them a doctor would be right with them.

"Mrs. Randal?" The doctor asked a few minutes later. Alyssa nodded and he said, "I'm Doctor Davis. You're listed as Mr. Benson's next of kin and emergency contact on the card in his wallet. Mr. Benson was kicked by a horse and sustained critical internal injuries. We had to operate immediately."

"Is my grandfather going to be okay?" Alyssa asked fearfully.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Randal. Mr. Benson passed away during the operation," the doctor replied. "The extent of his injuries were too great for him to survive."

Alyssa turned pale and she leaned against Lewis for support. He led her to a chair so she could sit down. She cried softly with her hands over her face. The doctor followed them, worried about Alyssa.

"Josh's been kicked before Doctor," Lewis said. "Why was the damage so extensive this time?"

"Mr. Benson was kicked just below the sternum," Doctor Davis replied. He motioned for Lewis and they stepped slightly away from Alyssa. "I didn't want to go into details right in front of Mrs. Randal," the doctor explained.

"Mr. Benson's ribs and sternum were broken by the force of the blow from the horse," Davis told Lewis. "Both of his lungs were punctured as well as his spleen and one of his kidneys." The doctor paused and added, "There wasn't much that we could do. In fact I'm surprised that he was still alive when the paramedics got him here."

Lewis and the doctor walked back to where Alyssa was sitting. She was softly crying but the color had returned to her face. Lewis looked at her with concern while taking her hand. Alyssa returned his look and gave him a small sad smile as if to say I'm okay.

"I'm sorry we couldn't do more for your grandfather Mrs. Randal," Doctor Davis offered. Alyssa nodded and smiled at him. Davis shook Lewis' hand and left.

As he walked away Tom and Helen Casey stormed into the waiting area. Lewis' explained what had happened and the outcome. Helen immediately went to Alyssa, sat down next to her, and put her arms around Alyssa. Tom was standing with Lewis when a severe looking woman came out from the office area.

"Mrs. Randal, we need to settle some insurance matters and make arrangements for someone to pick up the body," the woman said.

Lewis turned and seemed to swe

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