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Domme allows sub his annual orgasm.

" and with these thoughts she made straight for that bald cunt with her impatient tongue.

Fred knew he was close to shooting his load, he slowed his hand and gradually came to a stop, "Hell she has fucked her Mother why not her loving Dad too." quickly he stripped off his bearskin and stood there butt naked his cock jumping and twitching as he tried to calm his thoughts and stop himself from cumming. He fully opened the door and walked to the bed, standing directly behind Amy, her face was buried in Pebbles crotch and he could hear wet slurping and sucking noises as Amy tongue fucked his daughter, Amy's dress had ridden up and her ass was in plain view to Fred, and man what an ass, hard, tight and pear shaped to perfection, and between the cheeks was a pussy to die for, fully shaven around the cunt lips which were now shiny with Amy's secretions, and as she gave Pebbles a tongue lashing her pussy was puffing up and as Fred watched her love tunnel seemed to open by itself as if in invitation.

Pebbles opened her eyes to take in the view of Amy dining out on her cunt, and there behind her lover was her Dad, and he had the biggest smile she had ever seen splitting his face, Pebbles noticed he was naked and she couldn't help but look between her Father's legs and there was a cock almost as big as Dino's, "Mmmm' Pebbles moaned inwardly as she thought of that monster splitting her beaver wide open, Fred looked at his baby girl and smiled, Pebbles smiled back and licked her lips an obvious sign to Fred to carry on and do his worst.

Amy's face was slick with Pebbles cunt juice and she was drinking down as much as she could, suddenly she felt a hand rest on her hip, she pulled her face out of Pebble's slimy twat and cast a look over her shoulder, there was Mr Flinstone staring directly between her legs and sporting the biggest dick she had ever seen, Amy had many a wet dream about being fucked by Fred Flinstone and it seemed to her they were about to come true. She felt the head of his cock push at her already dripping cunt, "Ohhh that is so huge" she thought, "it feels like a grapefruit trying to get in." she relaxed her cunt muscles and Fred pushed slightly and Amy felt the knob split her pussy wide and slip into her.

Fred pushed harder and the first 6" of his hungry cock entered Amy's vagina, he felt her clench her pussy muscles and the walls closed around his invading dick, he withdrew slightly then rammed hard, all 14" disappeared up Amy's sopping cunt and she let a loud scream of pain as she felt herself being stretched beyond anything she had known before. Pebbles heard her friend yell out and watched as her Dad pumped his prick into her, she reached out and pulled Amy's wet face to hers and poked her tongue into her friends mouth, she could tatste her own juices in Amy's mouth, as Amy started to french her like there was no tomorrow.

Fred had waited three days for a fuck and now here he was fucking his daughter's friends 18 yr old cunt, and he knew he was going to blow pretty shortly, quickly he pulled out of Amy's protesting cunt and straddled both girls his cock aimed at their kissing faces, "I'm cumming babies, I'm cumming.

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