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A wet dream and the party begins.

I looked straight into his deep brown eyes and he smiled and I couldn't help but smell his sweat, something I love. Not stale and dirty but from that day's labour.

I sat back down on the new towel at one end and Dave filled his glass before sitting at the other end, leaving just the one between us free. It's a strategy we've used before and does mean even if our company doesn't undress or doesn't play, they know the (unspoken) offer is there and we can compare notes about what we've both equally seen afterwards.

So he told us his name was Gerard, he'd been self employed for 13 years almost since he left school, he was single and lived about 10 kilometres inland from us. As he was telling the story, he removed his shoes and socks, then his trousers before sitting on the towel in his briefs (black and tight) and his tshirt. I lay down again, on my back so he could- or had to- see my cock and Dave remained sat up. He sipped his drink as he spoke before also getting ready to lie down. He raised his arms to put behind his rough labourer's hands behind his head, causing his tshirt to rise and I took a peek at the size of his bulge and the amount of hair he had between the bottom of his tshirt and the waistband of his briefs. I also took advantage of getting a good deep breath of his masculinity from the damp underarm and could see the hair protruding from the short sleeve of his tee. I guessed he didn't use a deodorant, something else I like in a guy who showers regularly.

After 10 minutes or so, Dave poured the last of the bottle in to our glasses, only giving us about an inch each and Gerard would have protested as he was driving but for the fact there was so little. The small amount in the sun and shelter of our garden caused his face to redden a little and I guessed he was hot as he removed his tshirt too, leaving him there just in his sexy but unbranded underwear. He smiled coyly as I looked at his chest, firm and his body hair was trimmed. Nice nipples too, medium sized and dark coloured, something I thought as my cock stirred a little, that I could suck on for a while...

He turned over and his back was smooth, his butt looked quite muscular too in the briefs, and he took a last gulp of his drink. Our glasses were all empty and I rose to put them all out of the way, forgetting I had a semi. Dave noticed and I think Gerard did too, he just smiled at me sexily.

"You guys never worry about burning?" Gerard asked.

"Not this time of year," I said but he had a point, we have both once burnt at the beach in high season before now, with work and one thing and another, sometimes sunscreen gets forgotten. I told him he probably wouldn't burn much being olive skinned but he corrected me and said it happens if he isn't careful.

"And black absorbs the heat so you won't burn, just cook in those," I said, tugging at the leg of his underwear just where the base of his butt cheek met the top of his leg. He looked me straight in the eye, didn't say a thing, remained face down too and then removed his pants. He then placed his hands under his face and I caught another sniff of his armpits, so when he turned away from me and faced Dave, I raised my head to check out his arse (slightly hairy and very shapely) and take a deep inhale of those natural masculine scents. Wow, with the total nudity of the 3 of us, his testosterone aromas drifting my way and the buzz of the drink, I couldn't help but grab one of those cute hard little ass cheeks.

"You'll be fine," I said "but we've cream if you want it." I then thought better of it and wondered if I'd overstepped the mark so took my hand away but he rolled over on to his back, I wanted to check out his cock straight away but decided I'd check out Dave, predictably checking him out.

Gerard had returned his hands to behind his head and was buck naked in between the two of us and his cock was.

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