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She began to lick the shaft. His hand tugged the hair, rather sharply.

"No/" He ordered gruffly. "There is the whole night to lick and love it, now just make your mouth a cunt and fuck it."

For a moment she got angry, she liked what was happening but she would be damned if she was order around. She tried to move away from the cock, and his grip on the hair got harder, the head hurt. She yelled in pain. His grip got stronger as he tried to pull her up with her hair.

"Listen." He growled. "Listen carefully for I say it only once. Your sole purpose of life, now, is to pleasure, obey my every command to the letter. Do that and I will reward you, don't and I will punish. Believe me you won't like meeting your husband with whip marks on your ass."

He let go of her hair.

"Now fuck my cock with your mouth."

As the cock returned to her mouth, her heart racing, scared and aroused, Carla began to fuck the cock. His grip returned on the hair, this time guiding her head, so that each thrust took the cock to the depth of her throat and returned it to the lips. A few such thrusts and she was cumming, the feeling of the thick cock in her mouth, the knowledge of being taken by force, the sheer erotic nature of her position made her cum. That only made her eat his cock even more ferociously, hungrily. And when he began to harden, she felt her pussy throb.

"Yes, yes." He growled, loud. "Yes, drink my cum, drink it all. Drink..." The last word was yelled as his entire body stiffened, his cock began to spew the hot lava into her mouth. She gulped to swallow it, it was the tastiest cum she had ever tasted, she sucked the cock and swallowed the semen, her own mind a whirl of orgasm. When his cock began to soften he let go the grip and pushed her back so she fell on the comforter.

But he did not give her respite - she needed a cigarette - he fell on her, his mouth on hers, strong, power arms pinning her down. And felt with a shock a cock throbbing between her pussy lips. She had never seen a man get so hard so quickly, the feeling of the cock rubbing the insides of her lips set her off to another orgasm.

She shivered a little as the man's lips circled around her nipples and began to suck it. The cock finally split the lips and entered her wet slithery pussy. She moaned, she moaned aloud. Her hands were in his, spread apart, his cock pinned her down. She was helpless, deliciously helpless in the arms of this rough, uncut brute who was taking her as she had always wanted to be taken. Roughly, forcefully, like she belonged to him.

His thrusts were slow at first and then his thrusts became harder, forceful, ram, ram, ram. His cock rammed into her pussy, her cunt began to flow. Ram, ram, ram. His cock hammered her and her body shook and trembled with every thrust. His lips were everywhere. On her face, licking and kissing her tear stained face, on her nose. The nose that her husband doted on, the lips on her lips, taking away her breathing, asphyxiating her, making her cum that much harder with each thrust due to the lack of oxygen to her brain.

He was on her tits, sucking hungrily one nipple then another, licking the sides of her tits, biting the tits, and no doubt leaving teeth marks for all to see later.

All the while his cock hammered into her pussy.

She lost count of the number of times she had come, she lost track of the pussy juice, of time, and of the pleasure her whole being was subjected to. She wanted to stay in this state forever. He was up now, holding her waist as he thrust even harder.

His hand reached to hold her face gruffly, roughly.

"You like it?"

She nodded, still blindfolded, wanting to rip it off and see the man, the master of her body.

"Say it." He was louder, his growl at once sent a shooting orgasm to her clitoris and scared her.

"I love it, oh fuck me I love it." She wailed.

He turned her around on her belly, her hand still in his hands, gripping her behind her back and he entered her from behind, the cock seemed to hit the g-spot with every thrust.

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