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A sensual sauna encounter.

"Exciting women?" said Maya.

"Of course you are very attractive. When young you both would have been beauties."

"We were fairly good looking then," said Maya, quite happy to hear herself described as a beauty, "but now?"

"Better. All the wisdom that has since accumulated within has given you a presence that is almost sensuous." Though I was telling them what they wanted to hear I was not speaking falsehood. They were attractive.

"You are uncircumcised."


"Can we see what is underneath that fold?"

"Certainly, please retract the skin."

"Can we touch?"

"Of course you can."

"Do most women touch?"

"Most women put it in their mouths."

"We know. Fallatio it is called."

"I think for the present you better retract that skin." said Maya. I retracted the skin and they again gasped.

"The glans," said Maya.

"Those who are not professors call it the rose," I said.

"Red rose," said Saras.

"Why don't you both touch? It may feel slighted if you do not." Hesitantly they approached, both at the same time. I have seen children touching snakes in parks with the same fear. They ran their fingers up and down.

"It's warm," said Maya

"I believe the erect one gets quite hot," said Saras. "Now young man we want to see it erect."

"Unfortunately getting the penis erect is not like raising an arm. For that to happen I want your help."

"What help?"

"You both must remove your clothes." They screamed. "Yes you must." They looked at each other. They knew at some point they had to do it. They were bracing themselves for that move.

"I'll die rather than expose myself to Saras," said Maya.

"Same here," said Saras.

"If one of you were to hide in the bathroom the other can expose and then the roles can be reversed."

"No young man," said Saras in her most authoritative voice, "that won't do. We will not feel safe to be alone with you."

"In that case I have a suggestion. I get the feeling that both of you do not like to be the first one to get nude. It can make it happen at the same time. You both remove your blouses and saris. If you are using knickers you can go behind the curtain and remove them and unhook the bras. At the blow of the bugle I will remove the bras, both at the same time." The aunties appreciated the fun atmosphere of the proceedings by giggling, but they were still uncertain. I used my charm to soften them. Finally they agreed.

The blouse and saris came off but not without much giggling. They disappeared for moment behind the curtains and soon they were back in their skirts with the bras unhooked. I stood behind them and made the sound of a bugle blowing, and off came the bras and the girls were topless. Both covered their breasts instinctively with their hands, but I was stern. In the best cadet voice I ordered them to clasp their hands behind their backs. They did not obey with the alacrity expected of cadets, but they did eventually, laughing and giggling the while like teenagers. I gave a resounding wolf whistle, and with good reason for these two had magnificent breasts with just that sag one would expect from virgin breasts that yielded to gravity alone.

It was a funny sight, these two middle aged women standing with hands clasped behind their back, topless, with breasts proudly protruding, faces red with shame, but with smiles that depicted extreme amusement.

"Loosen the skirt tapes," I ordered in military tones and the girls laughed.

"Not with hands clasped behind our backs."

"Sorry," I said sheepishly. "Unclasp your hands and stand to attention." They did so. "Loosen skirt tapes." They did that too somewhat uncertainly. "Hand back behind the neck. Ready." They nodded. The smile was gone. Like children who had lighted the cracker fuse they we waiting for the explosion.

'Now," I said, and as I made the sound of beating drums I pulled down the skirts.

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