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Old woman and new servant have fun.

.. and you're not worth it!"

He thought of her being in front of Nick, having to do what she did, being humiliated in that way... for him no less! And now he had acted like an ass, forcing her to stand before him now and be questioned like this. He felt miserable. But just as quickly as he felt remorse, the image of his beautiful wife with her long sexy legs wide-open, rubbing her gorgeous pussy for Nick flashed into his mind. The thought of Nick watching as she came for him was seared into his brain. He was infuriated by the thought!

"I think you need to get your shit together Jamie. I'm going to be 45 soon and I don't need this kind of stuff in my life. I'm always having to rescue you from something... or someone!"

She choked back on her tears, unable to comprehend his anger toward her. Didn't he see that she only did it for him?

"Then don't Steven. Maybe I don't want you rescuing me... if you would just trust that I can take care of myself, you wouldn't have to feel like you have to rescue me all the time."

Steve laughed through his tears and his anger.

"Take care of yourself? If I don't interfere, you're always in a predicament!"

"If that is the way you feel why did you marry me then?" She was rapidly getting angrier than he was.

He wanted to make her hurt the way he was hurting.

"I married you because you fuck like a whore." He lied.

She slapped him... as hard as she possibly could! "Go find some other whore who will fuck you now!"

She had once promised him she would never slap him; she broke her promise and she didn't care. His words had broken her heart in two, and the tears flowed like a river now. As Steve stormed from the room and headed down stairs for a drink, Jamie took a few things from her closet and shoved them in a knapsack. She quietly slipped out the back door.

Steve sipped his scotch and thought of everything that just happened. He was furious at his wife, but it wasn't because she slapped him, but because he couldn't get the image of her masturbating for Nick out of his head. He would make Nick pay... not so much for threatening him, but for what he had done to the woman he loved.

But Steve hated himself for losing control and saying the awful things he did. He married Jamie because he fell in love with her, because without her there was no reason to live; Jamie was his life. He realized that in his anger he had gone too far, and went back upstairs to tell his wife he was sorry, and to beg her forgiveness. He looked around the room, no sign of her. He had never felt so alone in all his life.

Heads turned as Jamie walked into the bar; they always did. But tonight she didn't even notice the men looking at her, she didn't want to... That's what got her into this mess in the first place. She sat and asked the bartender for a shot of grappa.

"That's a pretty strong drink for a woman" said the man who sat next to her. He was in his mid 50's, clean cut, handsome. Jamie assumed he must be some kind of businessman as she noticed his Hugo Boss suit. He didn't look at her as he spoke. She gave him a polite smile.

"Well that's what I need, a good stiff drink... and a job".

Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, just drank. The man ordered her another drink, paid his tab and hers, and threw down a huge tip before he spoke to her again.

"You know gorgeous, if you do need a job, I happened to have an opening for someone with your looks and personality."

She knew enough to ask questions before she agreed to anything when a man is involved. She had been reminded of that again this morning.

"What kind of job?" she asked curiously. He started to explain, "I own a string of topless bars" but she cut him off.

"No thanks" she mumbled, not sure whether to be flattered or insulted.

Undeterred, as if used to the reaction, he continued.

"From the size of the rock on your finger, I didn't figure you for the stripper type. It's a hostessing job at my swankiest club."

He paused for a second; No drink in his face was a good sign.

"You don't ever have to take your clothes

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