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The fight is not over.

"Sebastian darling," she said sweetly pulling off the glasses so he could recognise her with the new blonde hair style.

"Nik sweetie, where have you been, I haven't seen you since last year?" He asked smiling in a friendly but professional way keeping her at arms-length where he might have otherwise embraced her.

"Oh, I have been busy you know how it is. Do be a dear and help me get my locked box won't you?" She wheedled hoping not to have to meet with the manager.

"Come right this way and I will let the manager know you are here while you sign in," he led her to the stairs leading up to the first floor. She cursed under her breath and followed him up the stairs. She took a seat after signing into the private vault and waited for Sebastian to return with the Manager.

"It's lovely to see you again Miss Maris," the balding gentleman who was the branch manager approached her.

"Thank you," Nik stood and graciously held out her hand toward him.

"You're wanting to access your locked box I hear?" He continued to talk as they walked into the private vault with him keying in the pin code on a pad hidden from the view of anyone looking on. The glass door slid open, and they walked inside together as she spoke. She told him a carefully concocted story of a deadbeat boyfriend who had left in the middle of the night and taken everything, draining her bank accounts and even stealing her credit cards from her wallet. She was destitute and desperate which is why she need the contents of her box before her family found out she had let herself be robbed blind by the man they disapproved of.

The manager clicked his tongue in disapproval and commiserated as they entered the room and he went to a wall of small locked doors opening one and pulling forth a long slender steel box. He went to walk away but was stopped by a sudden anguished cry.

"Oh no, I forgot I needed the key. It was in my jewellery box, and the bastard took that as well," she began to cry. She wasn't pretending to cry she was so angry that the tears came naturally when she saw the flaw in her plan. She didn't have the fucking key. How could she have been so stupid? She turned her tears on the manager. "Do you have a master key or something? Could we call a locksmith? What if he realises and comes to get this as well?"

"No one but you can access your box, Miss Maris. I'm afraid I don't have a master key. All Master keys are kept at the head office, in Sydney, we could fill in the paperwork for unusual circumstances and asked to have it couriered to us tomorrow," he suggested.

"Tomorrow? You expect me to wait until fucking tomorrow?" Nik stood her rage building rapidly as she turned a fiery gaze on the manager. "Listen here you little man, do you know who I am," she stalked toward him holding the large steel box threateningly. "I can bring a whole world of pain to you and your pitiful little bank. You better fucking open this box for me in the next five minutes or I will show you just who you are dealing with." She threatened.

"There is nothing I can do," he spread his hands. "Now if you would like to fill in the paperwork with me I am sure we can have it opened by tomorrow."

"You will open this box now!" she screeched at him and threw it, hitting him I the chest with the heavy steel making him fall backwards. The box tumbled to the floor the lid opening slightly to spill some of the contents on the floor.

"Holy fuck! I didn't lock it," she laughed remembering that she hadn't locked it in case she had to use it in an emergency. Ignoring the manager who lay sprawled on the floor gripping his chest and gasping she gathered up the spilled contents and the box from the floor and took it to the table. She quickly looked over everything and threw it into her bag. The bank manager had managed to sit up and had begun to get to his feet watching her warily.

"I'm so sorry about that, I was distraught, I'm sure you understand," she smiled sweetly.

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