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The professor meets Lady Amber for the first time.

She invited us both to her home the next day so Trent could take some photos.

Trent and I left the beach and drove back to his home. He suggested I have a shower to wash off the sand as he got us a drink. I wandered around the house naked of course, after my lovely shower. I found him out in the backyard standing in his pool having a beer. He had a beer ready for me, which I sat down to drink.

Trent got out of the pool with a beautiful hard-on. I told him to come over to me because I badly needed to use his cock. He stood next to me and I took his cock in my mouth. There was no need for any 'go slowly' foreplay! My mouth started fucking his cock as I squeezed on his balls. He warned me that he wouldn't last long, but I didn't stop, I pumped his cock hard, deep into my throat. Then he moaned and a torrent of cum filled my mouth. I slurped and sucked it down as I squeezed his cock dry. It all became too much for him and he pulled his long shiny cock from my mouth. I told him he had better recover quickly because I was badly in need of a good fucking. He said he had taken a little tablet called Cialis, so he should be hard again very soon.

We finished our drinks and he told me to follow him into his bedroom. He grabbed his camera and asked if I would masturbate for him. I lay on the bed and went straight for my pussy. I opened my legs wide for the camera. I was dripping wet and hyper-sexual as I wriggled around on the bed with 2 fingers buried deep inside of me and 2 fingers rubbing on my clit.

Trent told me to get up on all fours and continue, he got behind me for a few photos and I nearly shot off the bed when he gave me a good old fashion spank on an ass cheek. I started to orgasm instantly and collapsed onto the bed.

I felt a now hard cock, pushing between my ass cheeks. I arched my hips to allow him access, and I felt a beautiful long cock slide deep into my molten hot pussy. He started fucking me with deep, long, slow strokes, then he lifted my hips up to get me back onto all fours. I told him to fuck me hard. The first full stroke took my breath away, he was so deep inside of me! He was fucking me with serious strength, we were rocking the bed and my pussy was getting the hard hot fucking it needed. His balls were slapping at my clit and I had another orgasm. He kept the pace up, grunting loudly as he was trying to cum himself.

A minute or so later I felt his thumb push at my ass, I yelled out, "Yesss," and he pushed it into me while his cock pumped away in my cunt. It was enough to send him over the top, and me again when I felt his hot cum in my cunt. It was a great fuck and a real calorie burner! I was showered and heading home not long after my very long but sexy day!

The next day was a Saturday and Trent picked me up. We arrived at Sue's home around 11 in the morning. Sue said she was going to paint a bikini on me, she laughed that she was a nudist and painting a bikini! She had a sarong around her waist and was obviously very comfortable being near nude at home while she worked.

I stripped off and Trent took the occasional photo. Sue started to paint the bikini bra on and I apologized about my protruding nipples. She put extra paint on to allow for that. It was a blue bikini with small yellow checks. It looked great, and then she started on the bottom, as Trent clicked away.

The final part was with me bending over a chair as she painted my ass and pussy. I admit it made me feel very, very sexy, and of course, Trent was clicking away. Sue took some photos and Trent took more. We all agreed from about 3 or 4 metres away you could not tell I was nude. Trent suggested we drive to a nearby clothed beach to test the theory. Sue put a top on and we headed down to a mainstream beach.

I sat carefully, but did spoil the paint a bit on my bum. So, I leaned over and Sue touched it up. I then headed straight for the water line and walked along it as Trent and Sue watched from a distance. Some people noticed, but less than half was my guess.

We ended the da

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