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Neighbours strengthen their relationship.

Um, let's see how we're doing on our list of priorities, so we can all get back to our packs and prides."

"Hold up. Wait a minute. Let's find out what's bothering her. We can get to that Alpha business in a minute," said Claire, and then she froze for a second, as though she'd spoken out of turn. She'd never spoken up like that when she was in meetings with male Alphas.

Julie thought nothing of the interruption, in fact she apologized saying, "Of course you're right Claire. Becky what's the matter? Did our conversation upset you?"

"No, not at all," she replied, as she dried her tears with a tissue. "It actually sounds exciting. I've always been curious about how it would feel to be fucked by a Black Panther. I mean we've all heard the myth.

"I was crying because of the pain I feel when I get sexually aroused or fuck, every since my mate was killed. He forced mated me and I hated him for that, but I still bonded with him after he marked me, and now that he's dead I never feel really happy.

Her revelation both saddened and excited Julie. While her heart ached for Becky, she knew that she could help her.

Meanwhile Becky continued telling them what's she'd been dealing with, she said, "I'm fine after I've played with my vibe, or my realistic human cock dildo, or my beast knot dildo, or my butt-plug, but as soon as I think of a man in a romantic way, I feel sick.

There were a few raised eyebrows for a second there, at the mention of the variety of toys that have been in her box.

Before the silence became awkward, Julie said, "Becky, your wolf sure looked like she was having fun at the Alpha's retreat, when Alpha Smart's wolf was fucking her."

"The sex felt great when my wolf was doing it, but I was physically I'll for several days afterwards," she responded, sounding somewhat defeated. "The way I'm feeling is really wearing me down mentally, and I can't imagine living this way for the next hundred years."

And then Anne Bonny spoke again, she said, "I remember feeling sorta like that when my mate was killed while we were raiding a cargo ship. Our pack had been a band of pirates at the time. I was sickly for a long time afterwards, until I ran across this old wise woman, who had to be more than two hundred years old. She told me I'd never feel good again until I broke my bond with the spirit of my mate, and stop loving him.

"She warned me to tell no one the secret to freeing yourself from being marked, or the mating pull, or I'd surely suffer the consequences."

"It feels like a piece of you dies when you do it, and I've never felt that type of love again. The pain and sadness still happens, but it's not as bad as it was. On the good side, life has been worth living and I've enjoyed men and fucking."

When she finished speaking she looked at Claire as though she was waiting for her to chime in. Julie could sense that there was something powerful happening. Something she didn't understand.

Claire kept her mouth shut and looked as though she was frightened. At that point Lacy said, "Ahem, Claire, please tell Julie about you and Joe. It's important. Remember, this is just between us, and no one's going to judge you."

After taking a deep breath, and then licking her lips before she spoke barely above a whisper, she said, "My husband Joe and I have been swingers for years. We cats bond with our mate, but it's not done the same way you wolves do it. It's painful when we cheat, but sex with a lover can be very pleasurable if your mate permits it."

Then she looked at Julie and said, "Joe and I are good Alphas, and we have a well run Pride. We'd love for you to visit us any time.

"It just so happens that both our Cats are dominant, but his human loves being a Cuck and my human is very sexually submissive. He prefers to watch, and I like to be fucked hard and nasty. That's why we allow others into our bedroom."

With that the room fell silent again until Becky actually lifted her hand as if she was waiting for permission to ask a question.

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