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Trish's reaction was instant - she tried to push Bella off, squealing in shock and surprise. She'd entered fight or flight mode and she was ready to do both - fight Bella off of her and then flee, damn the consequences. There were going to be consequences anyway.

"Hold still," Bella whispered furiously. "Just do what I do."

From somewhere, Trish didn't know where, she pulled the strength to stop fighting Bella.

If Bella thought she knew what to do, Trish would let her lead the way and hope for the best... oh god, if only she could shut out the sounds of everyone cheering them on. It felt like her skin was crawling with all those eyes on her. Tears slid down her cheeks as Bella began to kiss down her neck and to her shoulders.

The worst part - the very worst part - was that what Bella was doing felt good. Despite her anxiety, despite her fear, Trish knew that she was already wet between her thighs. Not that she'd been dry all morning - that was the other part of what Jordan had done to her. All his little touches, caresses, hadn't just accustomed her to him, they'd also been designed to arouse her. Arouse, but not satisfy. To be feeling it now was humiliating.

But it didn't stop her from moaning when Bella reached her breasts, squeezing the small, soft mounds. She shivered as Bella sucked one nipple into her mouth. Bella's lips were softer than Jordan's, more unsure, and yet the touch felt just as good. Maybe better. Her tongue caressed Trish's nipple. Straddling Trish's hips, Bella started squeezing Trish's breasts even harder, pulling her head back as she suckled on Trish's nipples. It started to hurt, but in that good way that Trish's body reluctantly responded to.

"Oh nooo... please stop!" Trish moaned as Bella's fingers pinched her nipples and tugged, elongating them, turning them a dark pink with her harsh treatment. It was one thing to fake arousal, another to actually become visibly aroused, especially with pain. Trish grabbed at Bella's wrists, trying to pull Bella's hands away from her nipples, but the other woman was more solidly built and stronger - not to mention having the advantage of being on top.

Wetness rubbed against Trish's pussy mound, and she realized that Bella was becoming aroused as well - except that Bella was becoming aroused by molesting Trish. Which horrified Trish even more, as well as making her relieved that she wasn't the only one.

Lowering her head again, Bella sucked Trish's nipple into her mouth, sucking hard on the sensitive nubbin. Releasing Bella's wrists, Trish grabbed for Bella's head as her back arched, thrusting her breast up into Bella's mouth. She could hear the noise around them increasing, and she tried to block it out, she really did...

But then Bella started moving down her body, kissing down Trish's stomach, and Trish knew the other woman was heading towards her pussy. She immediately felt the loss of Bella above her. Now everyone could see her; her dark pink, elongated nipples, the flush of arousal on her cheeks, all of her expressions...

She looked up to see Jordan, who looked like a little kid with his nose pressed to a candy store window, salivating to get inside. He wanted to be on the bed with them.

"Oh God..." Trish threw her arm over her eyes, blocking out the sight of everyone else, and especially of Jordan. She didn't want to watch him watching. Didn't want to see his expressions. Didn't want to think about what his enjoyment of this might mean or what could be in her future.

Bella pushed Trish's legs apart, and Trish whimpered, but managed not to fight her.

The soft touch of Bella's tongue on her pussy made Trish's hips jump.

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