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He gets incentive to switch companies.

She learned, at that moment, she was in control of him some of the time, and one of those times would be when they were in bed today. Study time was over, the physical exam was about to begin.

Frank looked at her when she arrived back at the copilot seat. "Okay, what are you smiling about little princess?"

"You had another chance to take my virginity. It seems that you are never going to get to pop my cherry, Frank. I have a feeling God has other plans for that little piece of flesh that you lust after. I offered it to you freely, with no restrictions, and still, something came between us. It looks like you and I are just not going to be lucky enough to get together."

"We will have plenty more chances to take care of that as we go through life. If it is not today or tomorrow, it will happen eventually, I am in no hurry as long as I am with you. I will try to keep you happy, but most of all I will keep you safe from harm. That is how important you are to me."

"Frank, are you trying to get me to take you off my hate list?"

"I would not know what to do with myself, if I was not on that list. It would mean you would almost like me. I am not sure if I could live with that assumption."

"That was a good answer Frank. I do not know if I could go through a complete day, without saying how much I hate you."

"Stuck up princess bitch."

"I hate you, you fucking bastard."

"Eat shit and die, Your Highness."

"You are the lowest life form on the planet, you hateful bastard."

"Do you think that's enough for now Antonia?"

"Yes, I got that out of my system for a while. I am good until at least dinner. I may have a few more choice words for you by then."

Zed9245. This is Center, over.

Center, this is Zed 9245, over.

Zed9245, the next time you guys want to play a game like that, please make sure your microphone is not on, over.

Zed9245, Roger, Out.

Frank looked at Antonia's hand and sure enough, it was on the microphone switch. He smacked her hand. "The next time you do that, I will add a smack to your ass."

"Frank Who died, and made you king?"

"I gave you your title princess, which means I have been king all along."

"There you go getting all logical on me again."

The remainder of the flight into Pisa was uneventful. Upon landing, Frank and Antonia were required to fill out forms about the near miss and the aircrafts GPS system was pulled to certify its performance.

The second aircraft had not yet landed, and was now passing Naples continuing southbound. The authorities were beginning to wonder if it had enough range to cross the Mediterranean, and reach the North African coast. If it did, it was definitely a drug courier aircraft, and warranted special attention.

Frank made arrangements for the aircraft for two days; filed a flight plan to Milan, and departure time for midnight on the second day.

When Antonia asked him why he wanted to arrive in the middle of the night, he said, "We have no idea what arrangements have been made by your father's family. I do not want to arrive and have to make a phone call to someone I do not know and say, 'Hello, we are here', come and get us. I would much rather be watching them, than them, watching us."

"Frank can we go to a hotel so I can shower and change. I was not joking when I told you I pissed my pants, when I saw that other airplane pass us. If it gets hot outside, everyone is going to look at me, and know what I did."

"We are going to the hotel, now. It is nothing fancy, because if they are looking for us, that is where they will be looking. It will serve our needs very well. It is a beautiful bed-and-breakfast, and it is within walking distance of the tower."

"That sounds wonderful to me Frank. Let's go."

They arrived in time for an early breakfast, but all they wanted was to get to their room and shower. Antonia said, "Frank you go first, while I unpack some of my things."

As soon as she heard the water running, she stripped off her clothes, walked, softly, into the bathroom, and ea

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