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Hmm. The fridge? As I opened the door to the big, restaurant-sized refrigerator, I realized I'd hit the jackpot. First, I was confronted with a tray full of breasts. On the shelf below that, some exquisitely carved pussies. And on the very bottom, cocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Wow, I had never before been simultaneously turned on and hungry! The aroma was distinct - the suggestive tidbits were all carved from marzipan.

I quickly ran out front to see if anyone was coming, and then just as quickly made my way back to the kitchen again, the refrigerator door still open. I knelt down so that I was eye-level with the tray of cocks, and slowly reached out to grab a small one, thinking I could rearrange the others on the tray and nobody would notice one missing.

With the stolen cock in one hand, I shut the refrigerator door with the other and walked over to the counter, where I found some chocolate syrup still sitting where Jonathan had obviously been using it to decorate some of his most recent creations. I drizzled a bit of the chocolate onto the end of the marzipan cock - marzipan and chocolate had always been one of my favorite combinations - and slowly sunk my teeth into the delicacy. As I savored the delicious flavor combination, I was slightly surprised at the combination of feelings running through my body - not only was I hungry for more, I was also turned on by the imagery, sliding this sweet little cock into my mouth.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt an arm around my waist, and a familiar voice in my ear. I spun around, shocked that I hadn't heard anyone come in, and was face-to-face with Jake. "I see you've discovered the loot," he said, a quirky little smile on his face.

Completely embarrassed for several reasons, I stammered, attempting to explain and apologize all at once. He responded by putting a finger to my lips.

"Don't worry, Kaylie, I'm not upset. We shouldn't have kept you in the dark for so long. As you've obviously discovered, Jonathan and I are actually running an erotic bakery. We sell custom cakes and cookies both here in the bakery and also online. But in a town like this, we'd never be able to hang up a shingle proclaiming what we do, so we have to do things kind of under the radar. I hope you'll still be willing to work here?"

"Oh, absolutely - I'm not offended by this stuff. In fact, I have to admit, I was turned on by finding all of those cocks in the refrigerator!" Again, I found myself saying something to Jake that I never would have said to another man, because I knew he was gay.

"You tried one of the small ones?" When I nodded, he quickly walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out one of the larger marzipan cocks - almost life-sized - and brought it back to me. "You should really try one of these, we put nuts in the bigger ones."

Before I could stop him, he was feeding it to me, shoving the candy-sweet cock into my mouth. As he did this, his other hand dropped to my thigh, his fingers tracing their way under my short skirt until his hand was on my panties. I gasped, the marzipan rod still in my mouth, but couldn't help but respond to his touch.

"I see you're already wet. How would you like a real cock in your mouth?" He pulled the sweet treat out of my mouth long enough for me to reply.

"B... but, what about Jonathan?"

"Oh, don't worry, he's not coming back this afternoon, and I already locked up out front. We won't be interrupted."

"No, I mean... um... won't he be jealous?"

"What? Why?"

Puzzled, I decided the best thing was just to be straightforward. After all, the man was cupping my wet crotch. "Aren't you gay?"

He laughed an honest laugh, obviously not offended, but also obviously entertained. "Oh, I see, when Jonathan introduced me as his 'partner', you assumed we were partners in all senses of the word?"

"Well, yeah! Aren't you?"

"No - we're best friends, going way back, and we love being in business together.

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