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Introduced to my team before your punishment.


Then it moves to a slide view of his large cock squirting cum with every thrust.

"Wow, sounds like he really likes it! You weren't lying, that's a big cock and a lot of cum. With this you might want to put down a shower curtain," Christina tells her. To which they both giggle.

"So would you ever be down with sharing?" Christina asks.

"Maybe, do you just want to fuck him or do you want to be fucked?" Shannon asks.

"Well I saw the size of his dick, so I'd want both," Christina said.

"We'll see" Shannon says.

So they take the toys to the cash register and Christina rings her up. As Shannon leaves the store Christina tell her to have fun and bring more videos.

"I will" Shannon says and leaves the store.

As soon as Shannon gets home she takes her new cock and washes it off. She then takes off her old one and puts the new one on. She looks down at her new cock with a sly grin. She grabs a hold of it and strokes it feeling the bumps as she slides her hand down the shaft. She can't wait till Eric gets home. She puts her sun dress on. She looks down and she can definitely see a bulge. She pulls her dress against herself and a clear outline of her large cock appears. Wow she thinks to herself I wonder if he will notice.

A few hours later Eric gets home. Shannon comes in from the other room. Eric watches her as she walks into the room. She is wearing a sexy sun dress. He loves how it shows off her large breasts. As she walks towards him he notices a bulge in her groin. She puts her arms around him and gives him a deep passionate kiss.

She presses her cock into his thigh. He steps back "Do you have a cucumber in your dress or are you happy to see me" He asks.

"Oh I'm happy to see you and I have a cucumber in my dress." She slowly starts lifting her dress up teasing him all the way. It finally comes up over a large bumpy cock. "You like what you see?"

"Wow babe I see someone's been to the toy store" he says. Eric watches her as she stands there stroking her new cock. Watching her hand slide down the length of the shaft makes his cock start to get hard and push against the front of his pants. "Let's go upstairs" he says.

She grabs his hand and leads him upstairs. Once upstairs they undress. Shannon pushes him on the bed. She starts to slowly stroke his cock she teasingly bites the head of his cock. Then she puts it in her mouth and sucks real hard on the head. She lubes up the shaft of his cock with saliva. Stoking the shaft with her lips she bobs up and down on his dick. She pushed hard against his cock and slides the head down her throat and holds it. Then slides it back out.

She reaches over and gets a tube if lube out if the nightstand. She squirts some out on her fingers and puts large dab on his ass. She takes his cock back into her mouth and starts to rub his ass. As she slides her lips up and down his cock she slides her finger into his ass. He tenses a little but relaxes as she slides some out. She slides the finger in and out while sucking his cock.

She stops to add more lube to his ass then re inserts her finger adding a second. She pushes and slides them in as far as she can get them. As she slides them out she pushes up until she hits his prostate which makes his cock jump. She begins to rub his p spot and his cock begins to leak cum. He's starting to moan loudly so she slows it down. Shannon takes his cock back in her mouth then pushes harder on his prostate and sucks cum from his penis. She then again starts to slowly fuck his ass with her fingers.

When she thinks his ass is ready she stops. "On your hands and knees" she tells him. Just like the other times he was quick to obey. She smacks him playfully on the ass and says "I almost forgot." With that she gets off the bed and gets a stool from the corner and her iPad. She sets them up next to the bed. "You did say I could record this."

"I did" he said.

She presses record and gets back on the bed.

Shannon starts by lubing up her cock and stroking it for the camera.

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