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A morning of mutual pleasure.

After what felt like a considerable pause, she walked over to the bottom step and called up, 'have you gotten lost up there?'

A moment later Alex reappeared a the top of the stairs and began to descend.

'No,' he replied on his way down, 'I was giving you some privacy.'


Katie felt herself blush.

She rolled up onto tip-toes and pecked a kiss onto his cheek when he came within reach.

'Thank you kind sir.'

Alex smiled.

'Ready to go?' he asked.


Katie slipped her hand into his as they walked out to the car together.


'God I'm glad that's over,' Katie said as she dumped her bag down onto her front door mat.

'I've never seen traffic like it,' Alex confirmed, 'two accidents, plus the M4, plus Friday afternoon rush hour, clearly equals hell on wheels.'

'And we were heading into town. Imagine the poor souls trying to get out.'

'I should think they're still sat there.'

Katie pulled her keys out of the bag and unlocked the door.

'Welcome to my humble abode,' she said as she stepped in and switched on the lights.

Alex followed her in and caste his eyes around the converted Victorian warehouse.

'You live on a film set,' he exclaimed, 'this is gorgeous.'

'I quite like it,' Katie said with a grin.

Alex scanned the vast, open-plan space. The majority of it was dominated by a large working area, which was full of canvases, several easels, and work benches covered in paints and pots of brushes of every imaginable colour and size. To one side was a kitchen area and a casual living space, with a sofa and a couple of chairs. On the other side of the cavern was a mezzanine level, with a stunning wrought iron spiral staircase leading up to what he assumed was a bedroom. Beneath this was a door that was open just enough to see tiles on the floor and guess the bathroom was inside.

'It costs me a fortune in rent,' Katie continued, 'but I don't think it's more than a separate flat and studio would be combined. And it's so lovely to be able to work or chill whenever I fancy.'

'And what a view,' Alex added, looking through the vast windows that dominated the far wall.

They were on the sixth floor of the large, converted building, and looked out over thousands of twinkling lights of the city of London.

'Different to yours, but beautiful in a different way,' Katie agreed, then noticed that he still had a rucksack over one shoulder and a suitcase in hand.

'Chuck your bags down anywhere. Do you want something to eat?' she asked, 'though I'm not sure what I've got in.'

'I think my stomach is still reeling from that meal,' Alex replied as he set his bags down behind the sofa.

'Oh me too. How did they get it so bad?'

'Special training for motorway services I can only assume.'


'Mmm,' Alex nodded.


'Why not.'




Katie went to the kitchen area and pulled up a bottle for a small rack at the end of one of the counter tops. Alex slumped down onto the sofa and watched her uncork and pour. He never tired of the delicious glugging, sloshing sound of wine pouring from a full bottle.

'I love the...' they both began, before pausing to let the other speak.

They met each others eyes.

'The sound,' they said simultaneously, and grinned.

Katie sat down next to Alex on the sofa and offered him one of the two, large and exquisitely delicate glasses. They chimed beautifully as they tapped together.



The wine was bright and tangy; driven by fruity strawberry and raspberry flavours, with a mildly peppery tingle.

'Very nice, thank you.'

'You're welcome,' Katie smiled, 'I suppose as your host I should be offering you an exciting night on the town. Guide you through the London night scene.'

'Hmmm,' Alex hummed, 'or we could just sit and drink wine.'

'Oh yes,' Katie sighed and slumped lower into the sofa, resting her head against the back rest, 'thank you.'

'It was a torturous drive.'

'Horrible. What time is it anyway.'

Alex glanced at his watch.

'Just after nine thirty.'

'When did we leave?'

'About eleven thirty.'

'Oh, god.'

The pair sat i

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