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She goes down town for a close shave.

With both of them laying on each side of me. I took turns kissing them and telling them thanks. While I kiss Jake I reached down and give his semi soft cock a little squeeze causing him to moan little bit. In turn it was causing his cock to become hard again and that surprised me some what. God was this boy ready to go again I thought to myself. We just laid there for a few second catching our breath so to speak. And then Jake got up to use the bathroom. Niki was cuddling to me tightly. Niki pulled her mom's face to her and gave her a passionate french kiss sending her softly as Niki ran her fingers thru her mom hair. God I love you mom.

Karen was still stroking my cock as she told me all of this. Then she reached over the the end table and grab this new lotion. Karen looked at and told me that she was going to show me what this new lotion felt like. As soon as she put it on my cock, I felt it as it slowly heated up. Oh my god I told Karen. Karen laughed as she kept on stroking my cock until it was rock hard. I told Karen, not to fast baby. I want to hear this whole story. Karen laughed again, telling me this was going to one hell of long story and she bet I could cum at least four times before she was done. I just smiled and said oh my god baby.

I told Karen to keep telling me what happened. Karen laughed and asked me if I was enjoying her weekend story so far. I smiled and said hell yes. Karen said that while Jake was in the bathroom, that Niki just laid beside her and stroked her face and looked into her eyes. Karen asked Niki why Jake had changed. Niki asked her what she meant. I said last time Jake was in a hurry to just stick inside of her and cum. But that now he was more romantic. Like he cared what Karen was feeling this time. Niki said that Jake has done a lot of growing up since their baby.

Niki said that Jake also saw how Bob made sure you were happy and came first before he did. That every man should make sure their mate cums first. Karen said she just smiled at Niki and said thank you. Then she gave Niki a passionate french kiss. But after the kiss, Karen said her head was buzzing too much. She told Niki, I need a small rest before we go again. Niki kissed Karen cheek and said no problem. For her to take a nap. After all they were here for the whole weekend With that Karen said she closed her eyes and see felt Niki getting out of bed.

I asked Karen where did they go? They went down stair to watch some TV I guess. Karen said she fell asleep quickly. Her room was dark and she was all alone in our king size bed. Being it was summer time, Karen just slept on top of the covers bare ask naked. Again Karen kissed my cheeks and said how much she loved me. And then she gave me a puzzled look on her face. Talk to me Karen I said. Karen then said, promise me that you will not get mad. Of course not I told Karen. She said thanks, because what happen next she had no idea was going to take place.

Karen said she had been asleep for roughly three hours and it was still dark in her room. She was half asleep and she felt some one crawling into bed behind her. She kept her eyes closed and pretended to sleep. But then the person turned towards her and was spooning with her. Right away she knew it was Jake because she could feel his semi hard cock wedging between her butt cheeks. He started kiss her neck and then gently started rubbing her tits softly. Karen said it was very nice and made her moan softly. Karen said she just kept her eyes closed and she was enjoying things.

But then again she felt the bed move as another person was in bed in front of her. Of course Karen thought it was Niki and kept her eyes closed. Karen was on her side and Jake whispered into her ear. Tonight we make a baby and tonight we make sure you are pleased. As he said this, He raised up one of her legs. This left Karen bald pussy wide open. Then she said she felt a semi cold hard on her pussy. But it didn't stay cold long as he had that special lotion all over her hand. Her clit came to life fast.


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