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Continued from homeless to sexy sissy.

Cecilia's comment about a Poker game and making "it interesting with the bets" also worried her. Cecilia was pleasant, but didn't give her any clues about her thoughts concerning the streaking incident.

Jason was both scared and excited about his session with Cecilia Friday night, but was afraid to say anything or ask her about it. When he visited her room he looked up at the drawing of himself bent over a chair, figuring that probably was how he would be spending Friday evening.

He was smart enough to take Cecilia seriously about what was on his computer. Over the past year he had downloaded several hundred pictures of nude women, a few short sex videos, and some erotic fiction. He transferred the files to a CD and deleted them from his hard drive, then cleaned his registry and deleted his temporary folders and Internet files. He pulled out a drawer from his dresser and taped the CD to the back, thinking he could at least keep that from his new girlfriend. Making and hiding that CD was something he later would regret doing, but at least now his computer was cleared of anything Cecilia might find objectionable. Wednesday night he stood nervously while she went through his computer to see what was on it. She not only was looking for pornography, but also for any sign he might be cheating in any of his classes, and any other possible secret.

Cecilia studied, did her rounds as RA, wrote up dorm residents for miscellaneous violations, and attended to her duties in class as Burnside's unofficial assistant. In the evenings she grilled Jason about his progress in the class and then had him put her to sleep by massaging her. She let him know that Saturday she was the duty RA and thus could not go out on a date, but the following day, Sunday, she wanted him to accompany her shopping.

"Cecilia, why couldn't we go out Friday night? I mean I could get you back in by midnight, for your shift."

Cecilia feigned a surprised look.

"Jason, don't you remember? Friday night's when I'm punishing you for what happened Sunday. We're not goin' out. We'll be together Friday night, but we're not goin' out."

Jason felt his heart in his throat. No, he was not getting out of being punished.

Finally Friday came. Cecilia found out that Lisa was planning to go dancing with Mike, which would leave her room unoccupied until very late. That detail made the RA decide to move Jason's punishment from his room to hers, because the RA's room was at the end of the hallway and her only next door neighbor was Lisa. With Lisa gone, and most of her other floor residents at pledge parties, Cecilia would have plenty of privacy for Jason's punishment.

At 7:30 p.m. Cecilia went to Jason's room and knocked on his door. He was obediently naked, and had followed her instructions to get cleaned up and make sure he didn't have to go to the bathroom. She warmly kissed him, and then told him to get dressed. She gave him a seductive look with her sarcastic smile, and took his hand. Without saying a word she led Jason to her room, her hand rather firmly gripping his.

When they entered her room, Jason saw two thick, very sinister-looking belts laid across his girlfriend's bed. His heart raced and his breathing became difficult.

Cecilia handed him a shirt and a pants hanger. He obediently took off his clothes and hung them up. She took his hand, squeezed it, and sadly looked into his eyes.

"Jason, I really care about you and I want the very best for you. You understand that, right?"
"Yes, Cecilia...I understand."

"Do you understand why I gotta punish you?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Please explain to me what you did wrong."

"I...sorta did something stupid last weekend...and I almost got into a lot of trouble. I didn't think about how it was gonna hurt you, I was just thinking know...that dare and having some fun."

Jason stopped, his eyes full of tears.

"Please continue.

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