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HSWriter arrives at Laurel & Manu's house.

She snatched at my iron-hard cock. 'Please, please...' Her voice trembled and she pulled me towards the bed and we tumbled onto it, her underneath. She pushed at the elastic of her white lacy knickers and I drew back enough to pull them down and off. At once she opened her legs. 'There, you see,' she muttered.

There was a tuft of pale hair above the slit, a little darker than her head. Otherwise the labia were bare. The inner lips lay open, pale pink but also darkening, the clitoris peeping coyly from the upper end. Her vagina was opening as I caressed the clitoris, and she began to come.

'Don't wait!' she gasped, and I plunged in, feeling as I slid home the pulsations of her climaxing cunt. She seized my hips to pull me in and wriggled her bottom to extract the maximum from the orgasm.

She went limp and we lay still a short while. 'Why didn't you do it?' she asked, and I answered, 'Because you might have wanted to go again.'

'That's thoughtful,' she said, 'But I can only do it once at a time and need a rest. And it's better if I feel the man having it, too.'

'I'll remember that,' I said.

'You're assuming there'll be another time.'

'I certainly hope there will be,' I assured her.

'We'll have to see. But you've still not done it. Don't you want to?'

'Would you kneel up and let me in from the back?'

'Ah, you're a bottom man. All right.'

She obliged and waggled her bottom. 'Like it?' she asked, and I did, especially when I glided into her oozing slot and pressed my stomach against the cheeks.

'Does it feel good in there?' she asked, and I began to come as my cock lingered in the vestibule and then glissaded inwards. 'There it goes,' she said, pushing back and gently moving her bum from side to side.

Some women require silence during sex, but others like a running commentary, as I do. Bianca was a talker, during and after. After I had withdrawn and we had lain down face to face she wanted a post-coitum discussion.

'Oh, I needed that. I haven't done it for a month. Last time was my fianc__. Well, he was, but he found out I'd had another man and broke it off. The only reason I had the other one was because my fianc__ was away and I couldn't hold on any longer. I've had to have it regularly since I was seventeen. When I saw you were interested I was so relieved. I thought this place might have no-one.'

Evidently I had been appointed regular partner, and I was naturally delighted, though I warned her we would have to be circumspect.

'That's all right,' she said. 'I'm very quick. Just touch my little trigger and go into me and away I go. Just remember to go, too.'

We never slept together, but what she meant by 'regularly' turned out to be almost every day, sometimes twice, especially at the mid-point of her cycle. Sometimes her need was so urgent we had to do it elsewhere than in our rooms, for sneaking off upstairs during the day would have been suspicious, and we dared not visit each other at night too often.

But I will sum up my one term of servicing Bianca by recalling the November day we did it three times, beginning after breakfast when she murmured over the second slice of toast, 'Can we?'

'I'm on duty,' I told her, which let her know how we could manage it.

For I had to be outside as the day-boys arrived and joined in the prep-school games of football and French cricket. She would come out in her coat, as if taking the air before attending the daily assembly, and stroll round to the back of the building where there were outbuildings, including an open-sided garage in which the head's car was kept.

My patrolling could plausibly take me round there, so I quickly joined her, already erecting from the knowledge she would be knickerless. Into the garage I went and onto the bonnet of that useful Wolseley saloon she lay down, skirt pulled up beneath her and vagina open. So that all I had to do was drop my pants, jiggle her clitoris and slam into her.

We came together at once, stayed locked together only a moment or two, then I reluctantly withdrew, helped her to her feet, pulled down

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