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Former cop exacts his revenge.

The drunk man had been sent to the local hospital to treat his injuries after the beating Mel had given him.

It seemed the incident on the pier would be the last they saw of him for a long time because between the time in the hospital, the repercussions of violating the restraining order, his attempted assault of Leah, and his flight of a hit-and-run and DUI charge in Boston, Frank was going to be out of commission for some time.

Leah was quiet for most of the afternoon, but later she walked up to Brandon as he was talking with a few of the other adults and asked, "Mr. Brandon will you be my daddy?"

That simple question started an internal wrestling match for Brandon. Part of him wanting so bad to admit the truth right there. She looked so hopeful, but he knew he couldn't tell her, not for sometime.

"Leah, I'm afraid it doesn't work that way." Brandon said after gathering his thoughts. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Why not?!" She asked crying, "I want a daddy like you Mr. Brandon why can't you be my daddy?" He searched for an answer and it killed him to see her in this much pain. It was not fair to either of them that he had to deceive her. That he could not tell her that he was her daddy. He wanted so much to hug her close and tell her how much he loved her and always would.

"Because," he said, "You already have a daddy, and you only get one. He's very special Leah and I know he misses you as much as you miss him."

"How?" Leah asked skeptically.

"I've met him. It was a long time ago before he moved away. I also know he would have loved nothing more than to stay with you and be your daddy, but he had to go. I remember him telling me that the hardest thing he ever had to do was to leave you and Kara behind." Brandon said all this softly hoping the 7-year-old would accept it. Then thinking quickly he said, "You know what though I just remembered something else, I made him a promise and I think it will help. You know what he asked me the last time I saw him?" Leah shook her head and Brandon said, "He asked me to help take care of you and your sister in his place. So they way I see it I can do his job until he gets back. So all those things you would want a daddy for I can do, how does that sound?"

To his great relief Leah smiled, "I'd like that a lot Mr. Brandon." She then asked about fishing and Brandon told her they would go when thy got back home. Leah then ran off to play.

Later that night Brandon sat alone on the porch at Kelly's house thinking about the day's events when Mel's mom sat down next to him.

"That was a great thing you did this afternoon."

"Saving Leah, Hey no problem. Anybody would have."

"Especially her father." Kelly said calmly and Brandon looked at her in shock.

"But I'm not..."

"Brandon you're a good guy and you maybe able to fool a 7-year-old but you're a horrible liar."

"How did you know?" Brandon asked.

"I knew the day I met you for Melissa's birthday. I took one look at how she acted around you and said to myself 'Well Kelly if there's any man can give you grandchildren it's him.' Looks like I was right."

"So that's why you were so nice to me." Brandon said smiling.

"Hey if I learned anything from Andy and my daughter it's that a woman must have her priorities and I wanted grand babies." Brandon laughed and she continued, "However don't think I haven't noticed the changes in my daughter since you've been in her life. I love Katy dearly and she takes care of my Melissa like no man could," She said then glancing at him said, "No offense."

"None taken," Brandon said

"That said Melissa definitely needed a strong sensitive man in her life to show her that you are not all bad. After what her father did I didn't think she would ever care for a man again much less let one get her pregnant. Of course the fact that you're some kind of sexual dynamo didn't hurt I'm sure." Brandon again stared in awe at the normally reserved Kelly.

"What?" she asked seeing his look of sho

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