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Wife learns a lesson the hard way.

'No Helen love, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You've been under enormous stress with Barbara for a long time now, since Luke died in fact. Until I came on the scene you'd had to cope with that on your own - and knowing what had happened between them made that even harder for you. Then I appeared out of the blue, all the tension and stress that had been bottled-up inside suddenly had an escape route - and you wanted Barbara to feel as free of it as you did. Your love for her was able to show itself in a different way - and maybe because the problem had in the first place been caused by sex, sex became the natural route for those emotions.

Most people have some deep-seated feelings, or at least a sense of curiosity about sex with a member of their own sex and although society tends to encourage most of us to suppress those it doesn't mean they're not still there. Because of the unusual circumstances, the three of us being together like that, the sudden sense of freedom both you and Barbara were experiencing, I think yours suddenly exploded in the way it did. I'm sure that's all it was, a strange combination of circumstances, I'm certain it doesn't mean you're strange or peculiar yourself.'

Her hand gripped mine tightly and a flicker of a smile reappeared on her face.

'You're so good for me Roger, so understanding. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found you.'

'Likewise remember.' I said, then got up and went around to her, pulling her to her feet and hugging her tight, feeling all the tension and worry flowing out of her as my arms held her close to me.

We stood there, locked in each other's arms until I was sure she was calmer and then I suggested we clean-up the breakfast things and decide what we wanted to do with the day - and was pleased to see that as we worked and talked together the sparkle slowly returned to her lovely eyes.

Chapter 28

Follow that Car!

Having finished the washing-up we made ourselves another coffee and to the sound of Barbara bustling around as she got herself ready for Mike's arrival, carried the cups through to the lounge-room and sat down. Although I had suggested various things we could do together it had been obvious that none of them had really caught Helen's imagination and as I could see from the expression on her face that she was thinking about something, I waited.

Like any woman, she didn't come straight out with it but began in a round-about way.

'I've never asked, do you like watching cop shows on TV Roger?'

'Some of them.' I answered, totally bewildered by her question.

'There was a great one a few months ago - I can't remember the title - about this detective who'd been set-up for a crime he'd never committed, there's nothing unusual about that I suppose - but there was a terrific sequence, where he was following the people he thought had really done it. The tension was fantastic, you thought they were going to spot him any minute - but they didn't.'

I admit I didn't have the faintest idea what she was talking about, just sat there staring at her, wondering what had triggered that topic - until she continued that is.

'Could we do that do you think?'


'Follow them. Without them seeing us.'

'Barbara and Mike?'

'Yes!' She answered excitedly. 'Follow Barbara and Mike.'


'To see what they get up to of course.'

I said nothing for a minute or two - and thought about the implication of what she'd said. Follow them - could I? Did I want to? Did I want to see whatever they got up to together? Barbara and Mike stripped, fucking each other - again.

'I don't think I could Helen.'

'Why not? He doesn't know your car - and as a passenger Barbara wouldn't have any way of seeing it.'

'That's not the bit I meant Helen. I might be able to do it in the city but Mike has a 4-wheel drive vehicle and once he hits the tracks, apart from the fact that it will become much more obvious that he's being followed, I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with them.

Anyway, even if we were lucky enough to somehow do that, I doubt we'd actua

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