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Treachery, the environment and logging unite.

After a few hours I was feeling sun burnt so I retreated under our umbrella.

"Let's go swimming," pleaded my wife.

I told her that I needed the shade but suggested Jerome go with her. She slowly walked with Jerome out to the water, her breasts slightly rocking with each step. She looked so hot in that tiny bikini. It didn't take long before they got into a splashing fight. A large wave knocked her over and she managed to spring her ankle. In pain, Jerome carried her back to the beach. The sight of this muscular black man carrying my almost naked white wife was unbelievable. I couldn't help but imagine Jerome carrying Becky to our bed and giving her the fucking of her life.

My wife and I continued to watch interracial flicks and fuck like rabbits. A month later I invited Jerome over to have dinner. Half an hour before he was to arrive Becky changed into short tan shorts, shed her bra and put on a tight red shirt.

"Honey, don't you think that outfit is too revealing?"

With a smile, Becky turned around and said, "You are the one who wants me to fuck him."

I didn't know if she meant she was going to fuck him or if she just wanted to tease me. When Jerome arrived I could tell he enjoyed my wife's attire. After dinner I took Jerome out to the porch to smoke a cigar and have a beer.

I leaned over to him and said, "I think tonight is the night."

I knew that Becky had never said anything about making my fantasy a reality. I told Jerome, "Let's go inside and talk to her about it. This might not go well."

She was finished with the dishes when we came back into the house. I mustered up the courage and said, "Jerome and I were talking and we want to act out my fantasy. I think you want it too, otherwise, you wouldn't be wearing that."

Becky's nipples started to harden and she turned beet red. I took her to the guest room, pulled down her shorts and felt her pussy. "You are soaking down there. You can't deny you want to fuck Jerome."

She started to tear up and confessed, "I know that I told you I would never do this but I am completely infatuated with Jerome. I don't want to cheat on you. What happens if this is a horrible mistake?"

I held my wife close and told her she would not be cheating on me. All three of us wanted this.

"What about condoms? Since we decided to have kids we don't have them anymore and I haven't taken the pill in months."

I could tell she really wanted this to happen. She was tearing up again, not because she was afraid of fucking Jerome, but of not being able to realize our fantasy.

I convinced her that if we were going to do this she should take him bareback.

"What are the odds that Jerome would actually knock you up? The first time needs to be special"

"I don't think I can do this if you are watching," she replied.

My heart instantly sank. All this work and now that my fantasy was going to happen, I couldn't watch it. I couldn't risk her changing her mind so I agreed.

Becky and I came out of the bedroom and let Jerome know our decision. He extended his hand out to my wife and led her to the master bedroom. Walking down the hallway, she looked back at me. Her eyes were almost pleading for me to stop this but at the same time begging me not to interfere. The door shut.

I started to panic. I remembered that there was a small hole in our bedroom closet. I went to the guest room and to my amazement I had a direct view of our bed.

Jerome was already down to his boxers. Becky's back was facing me as I watched Jerome slowly undress her. First, he pulled her shirt over her head. He began making out with my wife and gently rubbing her beasts. He slipped one hand into her shorts and massaged her ass. I could hear them kiss and Becky started to moan. After several minutes, Jerome reached down to unzip her shorts.

Becky pulled away and whispered, "I don't know if I can do this."

I thought I was going to die and my thoughts started to race. Luckily Jerome was a pro.

He spoke in a soft voice, "I tell you what Becky.

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