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Faith's first BDSM party.


It was a kind of cotton skirt, a bit like some women tennis players wear. It was very thin, and around 12 inches long. But what was the point if I was wearing speedos already?

"The point of this is that it does not hold down an erection, and we can all see it. Being white, it also shows if you have produced any mucous. Of course, you need to wear it next to your skin, otherwise it is pointless."

This was shocking. She was correct that I got erections - who wouldn't - but walking around wearing a white skirt and an erection sticking up. No way!

Olga had heard this all before, and she explained that it was just diagnostic. The real point was to remove the erections.

"I'll give you some condoms, Mike. When you get an erection, use one to release yourself - yes, I do mean masturbate - and bring me the filled condom to show me you are serious. Also, if any of us see an erection, they might tell you to go and release yourself. Is that OK?"

Well, I was not given a choice. But it seemed fairer when Olga explained that Sue and Eve would also be wearing white panties, and I could ask them to masturbate if I saw any mucous showing. I agreed, and went off to put on my new garment in private.

After my scheduled massage, Olga came to give me my enema again. Predictably, I had a huge erection which lifted my white 'skirt', but Olga was forgiving. "I know that many men have an enema fetish, and I will ignore your erection at this time" she said, and proceeded to administer a 2 pint enema.

During the evening discussion time, I managed to sit with my knees crossed, to conceal my erection - this was essential, because the subject arose. Olga pointed out that Peter had been many times before, hence did not need to be monitored. He could wear black speedos, and Olga was confident that he would not get an inappropriate erection. As for Joanne, she was in fact allowed to wear thicker black bikini bottoms because of her experience, but she welcomed the extra monitoring for spiritual purposes, and chose to wear thin cotton panties, as we could see.

After the discussion, Olga announced a meditation session. "We will sit in a circle, cross-legged or lotus pose, and meditate on raising our energies up from the lower chakras." Unfortunately, this involved standing up, and my skirt revealed an erection. "Mike, I think you need to go and release your tension. We will all wait."

I did not expect this to be announced in public, but when I returned with a full condom and huge embarrassment, I got smiles and praise all round. And it worked! I could meditate and forget the fact that I was surrounded by semi-naked women.


Rising at 6a.m as usual, I realised that I would need to release before exercising in my skirt. Speedos or baggy shorts would not show a problem, but I was not allowed them. I used a condom, and took it along to the exercise class for Olga.

"Look everyone", she said. "Mike has released again. That is so considerate. Peace and love, Mike!". Everyone wished me peace and love. I felt a great warmth, which overcame my embarrassment.

The day continued as normal, with a slightly bigger enema. At morning juice time, we drank copious amounts of juice and water as normal. The only difference was when Olga announced that we could not urinate until the midday juice session. She would explain why then.

At midday, we re-convened. "Now everyone" said Olga. We are going to begin the ancient practice of shivambu, or amaroli. This involves drinking your own urine. Yes, I can see worried looks from you newcomers, but it is not as bad as it sounds, and it is very beneficial. Now, I would like you all to go back to your room, and fill a glass tumbler with the mid-stream of your urine. You can discard the rest for now."

In a few minutes, we returned with our glasses.

Olga explained that Joanne had been drinking her urine regularly, and Olga asked her to demonstrate.

Joanne proceeded to sit on the floor in full lotus, roll her eyes up, and drink her glass, slowly and calmly.

"Thank-you Joanne - we will now let you m

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