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Chpt 10: An unusual threesome story

"So, I used to come up here as a kid?"

"You sure did, I think my husband taught you and your sister to swim a little. Your parents were always great friends of ours. They were always so nice to me when I first came up here. We used to have these epic barbecues long ago. Oh, Those were the days!"

"It's so strange to hear about me as a kid sometimes."

"You were always the cutest thing." She said with a big smile "And I'm glad to see you still are."

"Thanks." I said with another sheepish grin and a quick look down.

"I remember your sister got married not long ago, what about you? Are there any lovely ladies in your life right now?"

"Me? No, no one special right now."

"Come on! I find that a little hard to believe." She said with a laugh. "You're what? Eighteen?"

I nodded in response.

"I haven't really had the time." I replied, then added "Well, there is someone I'm sorta seeing while I've been up here."

"Ah! The truth comes out! Who is it?"

"Well, you probably wouldn't know her."

"Try me."

"Uh, girl I knew long ago. We used to hang out a lot as kids, Bonnie Matthews?"

"Bonnie? Bonnie Matthews..." she said as she thought about the name. "Come with me."

I followed Maria into a huge family room loaded with books, photos, and antiques of all shapes and sizes. My eyes zeroed in on a huge stereo system built into the wall and an equally huge music library that ran the length of the room.

"Wow! Now that's what I call a system!" I said as I looked at the gear, it was all high-end material. "Bose, McIntosh,"

Maria was looking through the bookshelves for something.

"Oh! You like that, huh? My husband and his brother put it all together last time they were here. I think they want to outdo the Baldwin boys."

"Outdo them?"

"Oh yes...they're still competing with those guys after all these years. I'm not allowed near it. Maybe you can show me how to work it."

"Sure, I'd just love to look at all the albums you've got."

"Ah! Here it is!" Maria said as she pulled a book from a shelf. "Speaking of albums..."

We went back into the kitchen and she plunked the book down on the large wooden butcher block table and started to flip through it. It was an old photo album. She finally came to a page and pointed to one photo.

"Is that her?" she asked

It was a photo of me with Bonnie from long ago. We were sitting poolside with a woman I didn't recognize.

"Who is that?" I asked

"I think that's Bonnie's Mom, I only met her once. Now look at this photo."

She now pointed to a shot of a younger me wearing a Red Sox t-shirt sitting next to a smiling, attractive woman. The woman looked awfully familiar.

"Uh, is that...?" I said hesitantly.

"Uh-huh, that's me." She said smiling "Probably not long after I got married."

"How old was I?"

"Hmmm...I got married when I was 24 and I'm 34 now. You're 18, so that would make you about 8 years old."

"Man..." I said shaking my head.

"And you were just as cute then as now!" she said with a giggle and a little hug.

"Thanks, this is a real time trip."

"Oh, I love all this reminiscing." She said as she idly flipped through the book. "So many stories here."

Just then the phone rang and as she got up to answer it, I began to flip through the pages of their Holiday photos, cookouts, baseball games, vacations. I suddenly stopped at one page. It was the same woman seen with the younger me, only she was with another man and an older looking man in a silk bathrobe. The photo was faded but the resemblance was there.

It looked like, nah, couldn't be!

Hugh Hefner?

That's impossible.

And was that Maria with him, in a rather low-cut dress?

Impossible, or was it?

Maria hung up the phone and came back over to the table having refilled her tea glass.

"Uh, I hate to ask, but is this...who I think it is?" I asked

Maria nodded.

"That's Hef, all right. And there's my husband, when he was a little younger. We met him at a party for the magazine."

"Wow! That's incredible!" I was amazed to discover this. "When was this?"

"Just before we got married

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