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It was clear from the determined efficiency she put into her efforts, Palin knew exactly how to make herself feel good. Watching the way her knees seized up a little higher into the air with each passing second, it wasn't long until the presumably high thread-count sheet covering her body morphed into a crude magic carpet dancing in waves above her.

Narrowing my gaze the best I could, I leered on as an spine tingling orgasm eventually tore through Sarah Palin's body. Watching her head cork-screw side to side on the fluffed pillows, it appeared as if her knees had become wings, and for just a brief instant, I swore she was going to take flight when she came.

Absorbed completely by what I was witnessing, I'm enough of a man to admit I was touching myself as well watching the visceral display on the pixels in front of me.

Assuming Palin was done when she collapsed into the fetal position beneath the now strewn sheets, I leaned back and tried collecting my breath until she reached up and grabbed the bottle of spring water on the nightstand.

"Well..that was a Hell of a show," I thought to myself, thinking her next step was cutting off the light after she'd replenished her fluids.

Once again, I couldn't have been more wrong.

An insane, almost Jack Nicholsonesque voice cackled over and over in my head," You just saw Sarah Palin masturbate and you got it on tape!"

On some level I knew I was witnessing something that would be worth a lot of money in the right hands, but for the time being all I could do was sit there in breathless silence watching as she pulled the sheet down to her knees to allow her overheated crotch to cool off. Even though the quality of the recording wasn't perfect, you could still see the puffy, bubblegum pink lips of Palin's vagina glisten in the lamp light as she reached down with her left hand and rubbed her fingers through the dense patch of pubic hair.

My heart fluttered in my throat a few seconds later when she reached up with both hands and pulled her tee-shirt up over her chest, allowing each of her tits to spill free. Caressing both her palms around her more than ample bosom, I watched as the Governor tweaked and twisted at her visibly plump nipples like they were dials on an old radio as she allowed herself time to recover from her orgasm.

It was difficult to see Palin's face and get any sort of read on her mental state. Watching her chest rise and fall as she slowly regained her breath, I assumed she was just settling herself down before eventually switching off the light and going to sleep. When she rolled both her hands down the length of her belly and clamped them down over her still steaming crotch however, I sensed she wasn't done.

"Bitch is insatiable," I muttered under my breath, staring a hole in the glowing monitor in front of me.

It wasn't long before Palin's breasts began to swing out to each side of her arms as she leaned forward slightly and dipped her fingers into her still spasming pussy. Watching the sweaty woman play with herself for another minute or so, I literally jumped backwards in my seat when Palin lurched up unexpectedly from the bed. Like a zombie that had just risen from its tomb, the half naked Governor staggered across the room until she'd dug her hands anxiously back inside one of her personal luggage cases.

"What is she digging for?" I wondered, thinking I might have a "Marion Barry" situation on my hands if I caught Sarah Palin reaching for her stash of coke.

Focusing the best I could as Palin fumbled through her bags, I held my breath when she pulled a smaller bag from the bottom of the larger suitcase. Flexing my fingers together as she reached inside, I exhaled with frustration when she pulled yet another wrapped package from the smaller bag, this one covered with a large piece of fabric or scarf.

"Must really be something if she went through that much trouble to hide it," I thought as Palin turned and carried whatever she'd retrieved back to bed.

When I finally realized what it was, the

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