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Just how much trouble can a girl get into?

A week later and I was still at the window, afraid to leave my vigil, frightened she might be crawling injured towards our home in need of my help. Mom had already fallen in to the mad pit of depression that had eventually claimed her life. At a time when I had needed my big sister the most she had disappeared on us.

I had assumed she was dead but now I knew the truth, she had just grown bored with us and thrown her lot in with the gang members. Sudden, chocking fury rushed through me. How could she do that to us, how could she leave us alone when she knew how bad mom was getting? All those years I'd struggled just to survive and she was frolicking with the bastards that had helped make my life so fucking miserable!

"What's your problem?" Michael asked, not brothering to look at me as he sat watching the T.V. I saw his pale wrist rise above the couch as he casually changed the channel.

"Nothing." I said, struggling to control my flaring temper. "It's nothing."

"Really because all the time you've been down here I haven't sensed even a hint of a temper. Truth is I'm surprised you've got one. I assumed single living had beaten it out of you. So what's happened to tick you off? You thinking of that bastard?"

"No," I said evasively, a little freaked that he could so easily read my emotions. "How do you know what I'm feeling?" I asked softly. The few days that had passed since he had collected me from the Irishman's room had wrought a subtle change in our relationship. Michael stopped doing everything in his power to frighten me and started to encourage conversation. It was one hell of a relief for me. I hadn't realised just how highly I strung I was until I started to relax. Not that I was totally stress-free, I wasn't a complete idiot after all. For the love of good I was living with a monster!

"Its a neat trick huh." Michael said casually, his face still averted as he watched his T.V. "So you going to tell me or what?"

"It's private,"

He rose up on his elbows and turned to look at me. His eyebrow arched slightly as our eyes met.

"I'm just thinking, it's nothing specific." I paused for a moment and then decided what the hell. "Can I go out for a while?"

"You want to go out on your own? After what happened last time?"

"Is that a problem?" I asked hesitantly.

"Not really. I'm just surprised is all."

"So it's okay?"

He shrugged and gestured towards the door with the remote. I took the hint and slipped outside, closing the door quietly behind me. I moved quickly through the hallway leading to the main hall, stepping out without too much hesitation. My roaming gaze immediately aligned on Jonnie, who was leaning casually against a wall with his usual lackeys circling him. Our eyes met and he started towards me but suddenly he seemed to think better of it and step back. He made a shooting gesture towards me with his hand and then said something to his group that had them all looking back at me and laughing.

Clearly the Irishman had taken Michael's warning to heart. Personally I couldn't have cared less that they were reduced to pointing and laughing at me as an alternative to attacking me. In comparison it wasn't exactly hearting chilling. Still, seeing the malignant expression on his face was enough to make me drop my gaze. I wondered if Michael's threat would linger for long or if the other man would try something else. Clearly someone was protecting him.

I moved a little further into the hall, keeping close to the edges in an attempt to avoid any further trouble. I looked around for a while and eventually picked out a young girl on her own. She had a mildly distant look on her pretty heart shaped face but outwardly she didn't seem terribly threatening. I made my way towards her and let out a tiny cough to gain her attention. She turned slowly towards me, her doe brown eyes wide and bright with some sort of drug she'd probably taken earlier. "Yes?" She asked, smiling softly.

"I'm looking for someone.

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