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A lonely woman rediscovers her wild side.

' As usual, she was being loud and annoying.

'Could you please try to keep your sexual deviances to yourself?' David pleaded with her.

'Shut up,' she responded coldly. 'I'm talking on the phone here.'

Ruthlessly shameless, as always. David decided to try to keep out of her way. He went for a shower to think about his experience with Sarah yesterday. About 5 minutes in, he heard the door open, and Isabelle walked in.

'Woah, try knocking first!' David exclaimed.

'Yeah, yeah,' she responded. She sat down and even over the shower, David could hear her peeing. Thats kinda gross, he thought to himself. Did she have to do that while he was in there? His thoughts then changed to those of panic however, when he heard her flush. Whenever the toilet was flushed while someone was in the shower, the temperature would spike and become extremely hot. In a hurry, he clambered out of the shower for a few minutes while the water cooled down. Then he turned around and looked in the mirror, only to be greeted by Isabelle's face. She continued washing her hands like normal before looking down at him.

'Nice cock,' she said. 'Bet you could give a girl a real good time with that thing,' she joked.

David contemplated something in his mind, before thinking, it worked once, why not try it again?

'Wanna try it out?' David asked her.

That wasn't the response Isabelle expected, as she was clearly shocked.

'Sure, sounds interesting,' she replied, not at all bothered by his question after recovering from the surprise.

David didn't actually expect her to say yes, much less begin sucking his dick right there and then. That got him hard in her mouth almost instantly.

'You naughty boy, getting a hard on for your sister.' she teased.

'Like I could help it,' he responded. 'You're kind of sucking it.'

She carried on giving him head. He noticed she wasn't as good as Sarah had been, but she was still amazing at sucking dick.

'Oh yeah,' David moaned, enjoying the sensations running through his dick. 'Just like that.'

Then, she did something that surprised him. As she was sucking his dick, she popped a finger up his ass. This new sensation was recieved with mixed feelings, as it felt weird but strangely good with the blowjob. Her lips were like a vacuum around his cock. He felt every tiny motion, and it made him so horny the way she looked up at him with lustful eyes, her mouth hungrily swallowing his meat.

'I'm gonna cum!' David warned, to which she took him all the way as he blasted his load down her throat. She swallowed every drop, and then bent over for him.

'Lick my ass,' she requested.

'What?' David replied.

'Didn't you hear me? I said, lick my asshole!'

Wanting to continue, David did as she said, putting his tongue to her ass and giving it a massage. He put a couple of fingers in her pussy and began thrusting them at the same time, dipping his tongue inside her ass occasionally. It didn't really taste of anything, he found.

'Mmm, just like that,' she moaned, her pussy making a schlick, shlick sound with every movement of his fingers.

'Oh, yes, I'm... I'm cumminnngggg!!!' she shouted, her juices splattering to the floor. As she recovered from her orgasm, she made another request.

'Fuck me doggy style, I want that hard dick in me right now!'

He definitely wasn't going to turn down her request after that, so he repositioned his dick at her entrance and pushed inside. She was even tighter than Sarah which surprised him, and she was just as wet. He found it hard to move inside her, her pussy contracting with each thrust. He knew he'd have to be rough if he was going to get anywhere, so he fucked her hard and fast just like she asked.

'Oh, yes! This is amazing!' she exclaimed. 'Don't worry about cumming inside me by the way, it's a safe day. At least I think it's safe today.'

That made things even hotter.

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