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Liam heads back to the resort and Matt.

She slid them down slowly over her bum, and down her slender legs. She wore the skimpiest of black, lacy knickers. She turned back towards me, turning slowly to show off her sexy body to me. She looked fantastic - and she knew it.

She showed me her sexy, softly curving body, her long legs, her firm bum, her perfectly rounded breasts. All tanned a soft coffee brown, and covered by nothing more than her tiny black lingerie.

I groaned out loud as I looked at her, my cock throbbing painfully.

She dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached her hands up to my sides and grabbed the waist band of my shorts, of my underwear. Slowly, smoothly, she pulled them down, her eyes never leaving mine. She knelt up higher and kissed my nipples, sucking them, biting them. She sat back on her heels and watched as my cock bounced free of my shorts. She looked down and gasped as she finished undressing me.

She gasped at my cock, standing out proudly from my body, my balls hanging heavily. I looked down. I don't think I'd ever been harder, or longer, or thicker.

Her hands looked so small as she reached up to cup my balls in one hand, and to slowly peel back my foreskin with the other. Then it was my turn to gasp as she pulled my skin right back, and held it back as she exposed my red shiny cock head, as she leant forward and flicked her tongue across me, as she looked up at me and licked away the pre-cum that was pouring from me.

She pushed my cock up against my belly, and ran her warm, wet tongue up and down my length. She licked me quickly a few times, leaving my cock shiny and wet. I reached down and held her head as she licked my cock head and beyond - up to my belly, to my chest, to my nipples.

And then down again, her tongue swirling around my cock, poking at my hole, before sliding wetly down to my balls. She sucked one, and then the other, into her hot mouth, her tongue licking me, her teeth nipping, exquisite pain and pleasure flooding my body. As I leant back against the table, her tongue delved deeper, lapping at my balls and beyond. She ran her lips along my cock, smearing me with her red lipstick.

I sighed and moaned as he let my cock fall away from my body again. She looked at me, my balls back in her hand, my cock rigid in front of her. She leant forward and sucked me deeply into her mouth. I thrust my hips forward, pushing deeper between her lips as she sucked me harder. She wanked me with long slow strokes with one hand, the other one massaging my balls. I groaned out loud as she wanked me faster and harder, matching her sucking.

I rocked my hips forward, fucking her mouth in time to her hands, to her lips, to her tongue. I fucked her mouth harder, her lips stretched around me. She pushed her fingers between my legs to probe my bum. I told her I was going to cum. She sucked me harder, wanked me faster, and then pushed the tip of her finger inside me.

My moans filled the room as I came, as I held her head to me, as I drove my cock into her mouth, as jet after jet of my thick cum poured from me. She clamped her lips around my cock, still sucking me, squeezing me, taking all my cum into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed, as she looked up at me, before standing up to kiss me, still holding my cock.

We kissed, our lips hard together, our tongues sharing the feel, the taste, of my cum. As we kissed, I turned her so that she was leaning back against the table.

Now it was my turn to kneel. I kissed her tummy softly, my tongue exploring her tiny belly button. I eased her knickers off, over her hips and down her legs, watching as I exposed her to me. She sat back on the edge of the table, pulling her legs up, opening them to me. Her pussy was smooth and naked, her lips pouting and wet, her clit pink and erect.

I leant forward and kissed her belly again, running my tongue over her warm flesh, downwards.

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