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Daddy finds his long lost girl.

The pressure on the underside of his dick as he slid across the slippery roof of her vagina was amazing.

Frank could only hold on and enjoy the motion, as Denae was in complete control. He locked one arm around her waist to keep her from moving to much and forcing him to fall out of her, and moved his hand down to slowly frig her clit. The other cupped and caressed her breasts, his fingers gently twisting the delicate nipples there.

Denae started moaning his name and he knew he was getting close to exploding. "Bend over, Denae. I want to feel all of that sweet pussy around my cock."

"Anything you want, Frank," she purred. "You can do anything you want to me. Just don't cum in my pussy, I want it in my mouth. I want to taste you."

She bent over and grabbed the bench once more and thrust back, burying him once more into her all the way to the hilt. He backed out slowly until just the head remained inside and then slid fully back into her. He took about three strokes before she looked back at him with an almost angry look.

"Faster, damnit!"

"OK, ok," said Frank admonished. He began picking up his pace and soon was had all 10 inches of his cock pumping in and out of her like a jackhammer.

Denae was moaning his name loudly and thrusting hard back against him. "Yeah Frank that's it baby. Tear my pussy up. Make me scream baby. Make me scream!"

Her stead stream of dirty talk and the scalding spray of the shower combined to take his mind back to his encounter with Tara at the waterfall. Denae's attitude was just like Tara's had been, but that was abnormal for the tall redhead. He marveled at how different than Tara Denae was, both in attitude as well as the feel of her pussy. Denae had no trouble taking his cock, were as Tara's pussy had seemed stretched almost to the breaking point. Even so, Denae's vaginal muscles squeezed him tightly with every thrust as though she were relaxing to take him, then clenching to hold him from withdrawing. As he pounded into Denae, he had yet to crash into the back wall of her deep cunt, where as he had needed to be careful not to hurt Tara by thrusting too deep too hard. The harder he fucked Denae, the more she squealed in delight.

Frank grabbed Denae's hips firmly and pulled her to him with every thrust, pumping harder and deeper than before. He felt her body start to shake and saw her drop a hand to her clit. She drove her fingers across her clit as he furiously pounded into her and another intense orgasm coursed through her, drawing another high pitched scream of ecstasy from her. She continued thrusting as the spasms of her pussy milked his cock to the brink of explosion.

"I'm gonna cum Denae," he said in warning.

Her own orgasm suddenly forgotten, Denae lunged forward off his cock and spun around, sitting heavily on the bench. She reached out and grabbed a handful of his balls and roughly pulled him forward. He took tow ragged steps and gasped as she buried his cock as far down her throat as she could manage. She sucked and licked his cock as her hand pumped furiously at the base. He eyes were rolled back in pleasure and she moaned around his cock. Suddenly she backed off and started pumping her fist up and down his shaft faster than Frank would have thought possible. She smiled as she opened his mouth and stuck out her tongue, running it back and forth on the sensitive underside of his head.

Frank could felt he pressure building and couldn't help but let out a low groan as his balls finally released his seed.

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