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Work is interrupted by something more fun.

I almost bought some from a shop feeling guilty that you should give it to me free but then I thought you might be offended as you insisted I let you fuss over me like that."

"Selina, it is my little offering to you from a man much older than yourself as a token of my appreciation having such a delightful tenant who is no trouble."

"Mr Singh I'm sure you would do the same for your next tenants as you are so nice a man. If she is a young lady like me struggling financially she might well appreciate your thoughtfulness."

They chat about nothing for a few minutes and she realises she must get back to her chores after constant fidgeting to look more modest the way she is sitting back in the big recliner. "I must go, Mr Singh, I feel so full now and there is much to think about and I must get dressed properly, I feel so foolish in this silly torn shirt."

"Before you go, may I suggest you don't wear that torn shirt out of here in case someone sees you and thinks I have been up to no good. I have a very good reputation and would not like anyone to think that so I will give you something proper to cover you up."

"That is very thoughtful Mr Singh. Yes, I will wait." He returns a minute later with an ankle length Indian robe. "That should do the job of covering me up," she laughs, as she tries to sit up. "Now how do I get out of this chair? I am so far back I can't seem to sit up."

"Just stay there a moment and I'll adjust the recliner, I'm not used to this thing I usually leave it in the one position," he lies.

He purposefully gets behind her and lets it drop back suddenly, apologising profusely for adjusting it the wrong way. Selina finds herself suddenly on her back again, her shirt halfway to her navel this time. Before she can move from her prone position, he shouts in mocked alarm, "quick, that spider, that rotten big spider I've been trying to catch it all week. I think it's a dangerous one."

Selina shrieks, kicking her legs up in the air trying to sit up. "Where is it? Where is it?"

"I'll get it!" he shouts almost tripping over his drooling tongue as she tries to get up off her back. She makes it to a sitting position as he shouts again. "There it is! It's on the bottom of your shirt! Quick! Lift your arms up high and I'll get it."

Selina screams in fright and instinctively throws her arms up high in panic as he grabs her shirt on both sides and drags it triumphantly over her breasts and head and throws it to the floor. He stomps on the shirt to make it look good as she sits rigid, trying to cover her breasts with her hands. "I think I got it!" he shouts and throws the shirt into the corner. "It is one of those dangerous ones that can make you very sick."

Bursting into tears she cries out, "How horrible, how horrible!""What if it's already bitten you somewhere?" he suggests convincingly.

"Selina is mortified by the possibility with nothing on under her shirt. Her panic turns to near seizure and her head spins. She feels suddenly dizzy and goes into a panic attack. She's frantic about spiders and the possibility one bit her pushes her towards a blackout on top of the previous upsets. Realising she is suddenly naked in another man's room is all too much and it hits her in the head like a boxer's clenched fist

He sees the glazed look in her eyes as she starts to lean sideways and is about to fall to the floor. He rushes to her. "Don't fall off the seat, you are fainting. Did the spider bite you? I'll hold you up," he blurts, putting both hands around her firm bare breasts to stop her going over the side of the armchair. "Quick, better you lie down for a moment until you get your bearings; I'll help you."

This landlord is not backward in coming forward. This is better than a year's rent he thinks to himself knowing there is no spider, but she believes him. He knows he hasn't lost his touch.

"Selina, you must trust me.

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