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Carrie and Carl trade naked pictures of each other.

Even more surprising but definitely arousing was watching Tammy lick the other girls pussy and later 69ing the girl while Dave fucked her.

The next day Tammy came over to trade back tapes. I heard her and April in the kitchen talking about what all happened the night before and as we expected they were fucking while watching our tape too. I heard Tammy say we need to do something like this again. To my amazement I heard April say that maybe we should do live performances for each other then I heard Tammy say hell yes! I quickly walked into our bedroom so the women didn't know that I heard them. About two minutes later I heard the front door close and a couple seconds later April walked in the bedroom smiling.

She said she wanted to ask me something, but as you know I already knew what it was. She asked if I really enjoyed the video last night. I told her I thought it was a lot of fun. She then asked if I would like to take it a little further and do it live. I asked when she wanted to do it. She said that Tammy wanted to do it tonight and she was eager to do it too. I agreed so she called Tammy on the phone immediately. She was bouncing off the walls the rest of the day.

It was about an hour away from the time the women had set for us to come over and we had just finished taking a shower. We were getting dressed when she began telling me that what we were about to do had been a fantasy of hers for a while now and she was getting wet just thinking about what was about to happen. I have to admit that it really sounded like a lot of fun to me too.

I had never seen people fucking in real life before not to mention the fact that they will be watching us fuck at the same time. Before last night I had never dreamed of actually doing anything like this. It was only something you would read about in a magazine or on a porn video and now I was about to do it with my wife.

April was wearing a short dress and I must say looking very hot, I was looking forward to sliding my hands up her dress and removing the thong she had put on. The thought of another man seeing my wife naked strangely turned me on. As we walked up to the door, Tammy opened it before we even knocked. I could easily tell she was excited too! She smiled and told us to come on in. She was looking really good and I could hardly wait to see her in action, showing all her goodies. When we walked into the living room I could see that they had arranged the furniture for the occasion. I also saw the video camera set up across the room which I kind of expected. Dave saw me look at the camera and told me he would make us a copy of the evening.

I wondered how we would start this off but that question was quickly answered when the women at the same time walked up to us and started removing our clothes. Both Dave and I stood there while they stripped us down to nothing. We stood about four feet from each other as our wives all most in synchronization began to fondle our manhood. After stroking us to total erection they finally broke their duplicated actions when Tammy removed her dress and April dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She pushed me down on the sofa and began licking my balls. Her short dress was now hiked up showing her ass in a thong.

Tammy was now only wearing a thong after she removed her bra, letting her tits bounce as she sucked Dave sitting on the couch.

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