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The swiftness of her initial attack slowed now, as her body coiled, again and again, around the man who struggled valiantly to shed the offending body that so overwhelmed him and stole his freedom. But no move he could make would postpone the inevitable, the assured outcome evident in a few moments' time, when he was wrapped from neck to foot in a luxurious mass of coils.

And what a luxurious mass it was. Not at all what I was used to in those snakes I had encountered in life- all the ones I had stalked and killed and taken back to our village to be skinned and roasted and eaten. Those creatures were scaly and somehow vulgar, with evil ways about them as we saw them capture and surround their jungle prey, holding them still as they swallowed them whole, defenseless animals with limbs still twitching as their bodies surrendered to the all-encompassing maw. No, these coils were soft, and lush, and seemed even from a distance as we viewed them to be a comfortable place to be held, indeed.

But the man struggled nonetheless, twisting and turning as best he could, while she just remained poised above him as he lay, prone on the ground before her. He looked defiantly up at her, as he panted to regain his breath after such a struggle. And then he saw something that made his eyes grow wide with fear, his mouth to fall open, and caused him to shake his head and to struggle even harder to free himself.

The course of their conflict had caused them to be turned such that her back was to us, and we could not see what he was seeing, not immediately anyway. As we watched, they turned again, and soon we could see the cause of his horror.

What I had not noticed during my first view of the warrior women, was how their bodies transitioned from that of a woman to their snake half. At the point where a woman's abdomen would normally give way to midriff, then buttocks, groin, and thighs and to legs, there was a barely perceptible cleft which we had not noticed before. We now saw a parting of this cleft, and the emergence of a tube-like thing that slowly issued forth. On and on it came, as the trapped man recoiled from its approach, first toward his face as he jerked away in fright, and then to wander lower and lower down his enlaced torso.

Of course, he was powerless to do anything to thwart whatever purpose the probing tendril intended. The woman creature gently stroked the man's hair, caressed his cheek and seemed to be soothing him with what we heard so faintly as the sort of cooing a mother might use to settle a restless child. And as we watched, she began to release the man's legs and lower body from their bondage, all the while ensuring that his upper body and arms remained firmly within her control. Only his head, his fear-stricken face could be seen, as his eyes remained locked on hers, and his demeanor more defiant than ever.

Our attention was drawn back to the tendril, the probing tube that wandered casually over the warrior's body, searching for something. The fleshy appendage was moist, as one would expect it to be as it emerged from the depths of the woman creature's body, and everywhere it came into contact with the man's body, brushed his skin, it left a hint of moisture.

It was at this point that I first thought that I caught a hint of something on the breeze that came to us from across the clearing where the two parties of combatants now stood.

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