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Andrea dishes about Michael and Robert to her best friend.

She stubbornly held her legs close together.

'No thank you, Mister Gordon,' she said with haughty demand in her voice.

'Well if you've been exposing yourself to the afternoon sun, the inside of your thighs would be an unpleasant place for you to get burnt. It would be up to a week living with discomfort if you get sunburn there,' I explained.

She hesitated, than admitted, 'I suppose so.' She reluctantly complied moving her feet slightly.

I took up my position behind her and held her ankles and moved them about two feet apart and lodged my knees between hers.

'That's about right,' I said.

Then for the next minute I checked her over from close up, every detail only this time I could see her pretty little cunt. With such a heightened state of arousal I was experiencing, the sight of her vagina had me mesmerised. It was all I could do to control myself.

From a kneeling position between her feet, my hand slowly crept up her inner thighs, one at a time until I could run my fingertips in the crease between the top of her legs and her arse cheeks.

'That's close enough!,' She snarled at me.

I stopped for a moment then began to spread sun block on her buttocks.

'Don't touch my bottom Mr Gordon,' she demanded, trying to sound as cross as she could.

'You might get sunburn there the same as anywhere else,' I replied.

'Give me the Sun-Block. I can do it myself thank you.'

I handed it to her and watched while she tried to do it from a lying position without me catching a view of her tits. It was awkward and she soon conceded that I would do a more thorough job than she could. She closed her legs again.

Once again I poured lotion on her, covering her bottom and she could feel it seeping down between her cheeks and over the rose of her sensitive arse hole. It must have tickled her as her buttocks tensed and relaxed, shuddering for a few seconds.

I continued spreading the liquid sun-block on her and trailed my fingertips down the cleavage between her arse cheeks. She remained perfectly still.

Her protest, 'Stop. Now. Please. Mr Gordon,' was without any force.

'You're getting sunlight between your arse cheeks Ariel. You should protect yourself there as well of course,' I asserted logically.

I moved her ankles apart as I had done before and I began to trail the lotion in the firm cleavage between her round buttocks. I ran my fingers down, stopping short of her opening for about half a minute, then I ran my fingertips very lightly over her anus like a string of pearls, with each finger applying a little more pressure with each approach until slowing, I stopped with my third fingertip resting in the middle of her pink/brown daisy flower like anus.

I thought I could feel her raise her buttocks to my finger, but I maintained the same pressure on her arse hole. When she relaxed again, I began to lightly revolve my fingertip around in both directions with light pressure against her rear entry but without penetrating her for about another 30 seconds. I thought I could feel her resistance dropping away.

She asked me, 'What are you doing Mr Gordon?'

I didn't answer her, but I just kept revolving my fingertip on the surface of her anus. I could see it was causing her arousal to intensify.

She raised her head and declared, 'You really must stop doing that Mr Gordon. It's so bad for you to be touching me on my bottom.'

I said, 'Yes. You're right Ariel. Just lift up and let me finish applying this lotion.

As I was agreeing with her, she continued to follow my instructions. She was decidedly uncomfortable, but she reluctantly complied anyway and raised her beautiful firm arse up to my full inspection and access.

I could hardly believe my luck. Here was this gorgeous girl without her clothes, with me, positioned where her cunt was fully accessible to me, her legs apart, her chest, cushioned by her beautiful round tits were on the mattress. In my estimation she had become highly aroused.

I knew it would be beyond me at this time to fe

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