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Together, from Mike.

The close-up of the saliva dribbling down the side of the shaft seemed 3 feet high.

"WOW!- now THAT'S a picture!" she giggled, still shifting around.

What was on the screen, Phaedra sitting on my couch, and my growing hard cock conspired to make my head swim.

With the system playing the incredibly hot scene before us, I knew I had to make my move.

"I have been dying to see something," I stammered.

"What?" she quizzed.

I leaned over and kissed her lightly at first, then plunged my tongue into her mouth. She responded likewise, and we became entangled in a tight embrace. As I messaged her tight, smooth ass, her hand moved to the inside of my thigh and slowly stroked the length of my throbbing cock through my pants.

Slowly, I moved my hand underneath her skirt to find she was not wearing any panties and her pussy was absolutely dripping. I inserted 2 fingers, slowly pushing in and out of her with noticeable squishing noises.

Pulling away from the kiss, I whispered: "We'd better go upstairs- this can get messy".

Grabbing her hand, I helped her to her feet, and led up the stairs and into the bedroom.

"I've got something I want you to try on- not to say that the skirt you have on does not turn me on, but I've got something else," I said as I went into the closet.

"You interested?" I asked, forgetting to ask her before-hand.

"Sure!" she giggled.

She bent over, stretching her skirt and accentuating her ass.

"I need you to help me unzip," she says coyly.

I reached over and started to unzip the skirt as she wiggled teasingly and kicked off her heels.

"Stop that you!" I kid her- "I might have to discipline you if you cannot calm down."

"Oooh!- you know I like that!" she said.

She stood in front of me, completely naked, holding and cooing over the feeling of the smooth, red, shiny latex pants I gave her.

"First you need to put powder on your body so the latex slides easily and make sure you do not pull tightly and watch your nails and sharp objects." I lecture.

I help her apply the powder, smoothing it all over her waist, thighs and legs.

As soon as she was thinly covered in powder, She grabbed the pants, and while opening the waistline, slid her legs inside, first the right one, then the left. She had to lay down on the bed to wriggle into the rest of it to be able to pull up the zipper, but she did.

She stood up and smoothed down the material along each leg with both hands and put on her heels.

"Oh my God- this is incredible! I wish I had tried this on before!" she proclaimed with a big smile on her face, still stepping into her footwear.

"But that's not the whole thing" I interrupted, while stepping up to her.

I pulled her to me, and kissed her deeply, reaching around her waist and in between her legs.

I could feel all the parts of her neatly trimmed pussy through the smooth latex- from the little wisps of hair and outer pussy lips, to the heat of her wetness and super-hard clit. It was at her clit that I decided to play. The squeaky friction of my finger creating a stutter-like vibration which caused her to shutter.

"Oh that's incredible!- don't stop!" I kept messaging her pussy and clit through the pants, holding her up all the while as her knees started to buckle.

"I'm coming!" she exclaimed, shuttering more and more.

She gasped for air, her eyes closed, and suddenly, as if I could feel the actual wetness, her crotch got very hot. She started grinding her legs together like when a child has to go to the bathroom.

"One good deed deserves another" she says slyly.

Bending over, she unzipped my pants and reached in for my now overly hard and pre-cum dripping cock.

By this time, she was on her knees, and instantly engulfed the head in her wet mouth. Slowly messaging my balls as she encircled the head and shaft with her tongue, she slid the whole length into her mouth.

She started a semi-fast sucking, bobbing up and down, in unison with her hand, making slurping and suckling noises.

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