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Maria meets an eager young lover.

ing back and saying, "You liked that didn't you slut, but now you want to taste and feel it in your slut mouth don't you?

"Its to big Leroy, I don't think I could take it in my mouth."

"Well you are going to suck this black cock and I'm going to fuck your face before you take it up your cock hungry cunt"

Leroy grabbed Molly's hair again making her cry out as he forced her to open her mouth, he pushed his huge engorged tip forward, I saw her wincing as he forced her lips wider than was normal until his cock head disappeared into her mouth, her lips stretched tightly around his huge shaft.

"Suck it bitch, suck that big black cock."

Molly began to suck on Leroy's cock and also slowly moving her head back and forth as she tried to see how much of his dick she could take in her mouth.

"Fondle my balls you white slut."

Molly immediately complied as she continued to vainly try to take Leroy's cock all the way into her mouth.

But Leroy was eager to fuck her face "You slack cunt," he said as he took her head into his hands and thrusting his hips forward he forced his big swollen cock head into her throat.

Molly stopped fondling his balls as she gagged on his cock. Leroy pulled his cock back into her mouth allowing Molly to suck in some air before he once more thrust his cock back into her throat saying, "Wait till you get it shoved up your cunt slut."

He was fucking her face now with long slow strokes and Molly was gagging on it as he forced it into her throat on each inward thrust, spittle drooled from her mouth each time her pulled back so she could inhale through her nose.

"You like that bitch? Its what sluts like you really need a good hard face fuck."

Meanwhile Molly had now somehow got over the gagging and was now looking up at Leroy as he used her mouth like a cunt, taking his pleasure from it without any thought for her.

Laura wiggling on my lap said, "You're turned on watching Molly being forcibly fucked aren't you Bob, lets strip so I can sit on your lap with your cock up my hole I'm so hot and wet, I want to ride your cock while we watch your slut wife being used like a fucking whore."

I was horny like Laura said and the thought of her riding me while we watched Leroy having his way with Molly was just what I needed.

We hastily stripped and as I sat down Laura knelt and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it to full erection.

Then she stood on the chair with her back to me straddling me as she got into a kneeling position and I guided my cock to her fuck hole, she moaned loudly as my cock stretched her sheath as she slowly lowered herself down until she had the full length of my cock inside her. She was so hot wet and tight on my engorged cock. I reached around her and cupped her tits in my hands squeezing them hard as I let my fingers rub over her already erect nipples eliciting moans of pleasure.

She sat still savouring I think the feeling of being stuffed full as our attention once more focused on Leroy and Molly. Leroy had pulled his cock from Molly's mouth and was rubbing it all over her face and lips again. Then he said, "Open wide and stick your tongue out slut."

Molly was slow to do as Leroy asked her so he reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled it hard making her cry out at the pain, she quickly opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue with Leroy still holding her hair. Holding her steady now he began to spank her tongue telling her what a dirty slut she was and how he was going to give her the fucking of her life.

"On your knees bitch ass up and shoulders down, you wanted to have a black cock fucking you well now you will know what it feels like buried to the hilt in your fuck hole."

Once more Molly reacted slowly so he picked her up and carried her crying out over to the settee and forcibly bent her over the arm and kicked her feet apart, holding her pinned down with one hand in the small of her back he stood at the left hand side of her and began to spank her ass hard.

"Stop, please stop it hurts Molly cried out."

Ignoring her pleas to stop he continued to spank her ass a

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