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She went on to explain that Bob's Personal Assistant traveled with them most of the time, and there was some big deal problem back at the home office and they had to fly back to New York. Happens all the time, she said, so she's use to it.

She was going to leave the ship at the first port-of-call after going through the Canal and fly back home.

"That's who you saw with me the other night, his secretary," Jen said, matter-of-factly, her strong hands and fingers now working the inside of my legs, my thighs, her finger tips barely brushing my 'honey spot' as she did so.

Hearing what she said, I started to stammer a reply but was shushed by her laughter, "Don't be embarrassed," she said to me, "I was getting a bit of a thrill knowing you had been watching us for a while, that's why I moved the chaise to the partition, so that you could get an eyeful." Her hands came to rest on my ass cheeks, briefly, before she lay on her own chaise, on her stomach.

"Do me, now," she said, handing me the bottle of lotion. And I did, undoing her own string-strap, once I had secured my own again. Her skin was soft to my touch and I got into what I was doing while trying to apologize for the other night.

"Nonsense," she said, "Don't worry about it, I certainly won't."

As I worked her legs as she had done to me, her voice dreamily asked me if I had enjoyed the 'show' the other night.

Pausing my hands, wondering what I should say, she asked me not to stop, to do the insides of her thighs. Thankful for the brief reprieve of answering her question, I started doing the insides of her thighs.

"Well?" she asked again, "Did you enjoy it?"

I told her, truthfully, that I did enjoy it, enjoyed it immensely. I saw a smile spread to the side of her face that I could see, and I felt her legs spread slightly as my hands worked their way up the inside of her legs, of her thighs.

"Higher" I heard her say when my fingers had reached her suit bottom, her legs spreading a bit more, "Higher, let your fingers brush my nookie" she said, adding matter of factly, " You know, I know you know."

"How 'do you know'?" I asked, my finger tips brushing her 'nookie' through her suit bottoms.

"I heard you stifle your orgasm, and you orgasmed because you know what I was doing to her feels like." She said, simply.

"She's his secretary, but she's my 'personal assistant," she added in a self-assured tone.

Lifting herself from the chaise, her unencumbered breasts falling free, she turned to me, shielding her eyes from the sun, "Any chance you can get some time away from your husband?"

I mulled her question for a few moments, my eyes centered on her rather attractive boobs, and said, "Maybe, why?"

She laughed and said, "You know why, don't play that game with me, sweetie."

I laughed with her, and told her that Ray wanted to play some blackjack tonight in the casino, and that I usually find it boring so I'm on my own for a few hours, and we're both okay with that.

She sat up so that we were sitting next to each other on her chaise, but facing opposite directions, shoulder to shoulder. She put her bra-top back on quickly, and she dropped a hand between my legs, which I covered with a towel, out there in the open and all, which caused her a small giggle.

She apologized for forgetting that there were about a hundred or so other people out here with us, but as she said it, her fingers were stroking Ms. Priss through my suit bottom. She definitely knew what she was doing, I thought, closing my eyes for an instant, enjoying the feeling under the towel.

"After dinner this evening, you and I will walk your guy to the casino, have a drink with him, and then how about you and I come back to my cabin for a little fun?" giving me a quick kiss on the mouth as a punctuation mark on what she said.

"Okay," I weakly whispered in answer.

Oh boy, I thought, what the fuck am I doing?


"Ray, a 'situation' has developed and I'd like your input, okay?"

So I told him of my encounter with Jen at poolside, of her busting me for the other nig

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