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Sarah & Julie go shopping.

"Wow," she said, reaching for my cock and wrapping her fingers around it, "I'm going to enjoy tonight, I can tell. Now step out of your pants and underwear." I did that while she grasped my cock and moved her hand on it. "You wanted a blow job, so let me start with that," she said as she started to kneel down.

"No," I said, putting my hands under her armpits and lifting her back up. "I want to start by holding you and feeling you and kissing you. I want to enjoy your perfect body before we get on to anything more."

"O.k., I'll like that, too. But when we start, I need to start sucking you off because you're going to cum quick. Then when we get you up again you'll last a lot longer as we're fucking."

I put my arms around her and held her close and leaned down to kiss her. She kissed back, like the best date I'd ever had with a girl. I picked her up and carried her to the bed and lay down next to her and kissed her again as I moved my hands up and down her back, feeling her lovely ass as I did it. She did the same to me, finally moving her one hand between us to grasp my cock again, which was about as hard as it could get by now. Then she started kissing my face, my neck, my shoulders, then down onto my chest, One hand kept hold of my cock as the other moved ahead of her kisses, feeling my body. She licked both of my nipples, then sort of slid around to a different position as both hands got to my cock. Her lips followed.

She fondled my balls as she licked up one side of my cock and then the other. She licked around the head then moved down to kiss my balls and suck on them, first one and then the other. Then back up to my cock. She spread her mouth open and got her lips over the head, her tongue working inside her mouth. One hand continued sort of playing with my balls as her other hand held my cock tight and moved up to meet her lips. She then lowered her hand, sliding it down my cock again as her lips followed, her tongue licking around inside on me.

It was like she was masturbating me with both her hand and her lips, up and down over and over, slowly at first and then faster. She lifted her head free of me and looked up at me. I could see a string of saliva running from the head of my cock to her lips. She continued to jack me off with her hand. "Jake you have a truly great cock. Just beautiful and sexy and delicious." Then she got her lips around it again and took most of it into her mouth. I could feel everything happening, her tongue licking me, her mouth sucking on me, her lips moving and her hand moving in tandem. I could feel my inside starting to react.

She lifted her head free again and used her hand to grab the base of my cock really hard, squeezing it. "I like this, Jake, I don't want you to cum yet, I want to get a little more of you before this ends." She kisses my abdomen, all around my cock, onto my thighs, then looks up at me and grins and gets her face back over me and her lips around me and starts over again, licking and sucking. I don't know how long she kept this up, it felt so great and seemed to go on forever but finally I erupted. She kept me in her mouth as I shot out my load. She seemed to like it, licking and slurping. I could see her throat moving as she swallowed. She finally lifted off me, licked her lips, then took me back into her mouth and seemed to milk me and lick me clean before she pulled back. She still held my red and softer cock and just stared at it and smiled, then looked back up at me.

I sat up a little and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back up next to me and kissed her as I felt her body, running my hands all over her.

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