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A trip to Boston brings trouble.

He seemed very ambitious and energetic for it being so early in the morning, especially on a weekend.

I replied, still shaking off the sleepiness, "Good morning. I did, I did. Breakfast looks great! Did you come to bed last night? I didn't hear you..."

Dan's hands trembled slightly as he poured me a cup of coffee. His eyes met mine only for a second before looking away, his mouth curving to a slight mischievous smile as he answered, "Actually, I fell asleep in the office last night. Crazy right?"

He chuckled, "Besides, I'm sure you enjoyed sprawling out on that big bed and having it all to yourself for once."

I nodded, smiling. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't."

Dan then walked up behind me, wrapping his arms around my hips, rocking me slightly side to side as he kissed my neck.

"You know, what? I'm not doing any work this weekend. I'm going to keep you nice and warm tonight, baby. I owe you something extra special, remember?" he whispered.

My legs felt weak. I wondered if Dan was feeling guilty and was trying to make it up to me or if he was genuinely turned on by the fact I pleasured myself while fantasizing about a threesome with Kira. Either way, I wanted him right there in the kitchen. Dan then pulled away, grabbing our plates of omelets and fruit and sat down at the table, motioning for me to join him. This was the first time in weeks we had sat down to eat breakfast together. I relished every moment.

Later that evening, as Dan sipped a beer and watched football in the living room, I drew myself a bubble bath. "Tonight is going to be extra special," I thought. I lit a few candles around the tub, slipped off my robe and slowly dipped my toe in the water. The water was hot and steamy. The heat gave me a rush as I eased myself into the tub, my body disappearing beneath the lush bubbles.

What began as sharp, stinging heat settled into a deep warmth that traveled throughout my body, making a long layover between my legs. I felt that familiar tingly sensation in my core. I rested my head on a bath pillow, further sliding my body down in the water. I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip as I felt the hot water lapping at my breasts, listening to the crackle of little bubbles popping around me.

My mind once again swam with arousal. What was coming over me? I had not felt so sexual in months. Something was burning within me. I ached to be taken, to be caressed, to be dominated, to be dirty.

I called for Dan, knowing I could no longer wait for him to initiate love making. He entered the bathroom and stopped abruptly as if he was intruding on me. He tried to play it off.

"Well hey there, beautiful. Is everything okay?" Dan inquired sweetly.

As he stood there trying to be the innocent, doting husband I teased, "Weren't you supposed to give me something extra special tonight, Dan? I'm ready..."

A look of slight confusion washed over his face as if he had forgotten his promise to me. I could tell he was buzzed from the alcohol. I raised my legs out of the bath water and rested them on either side of the tub.

Never taking my eyes off him I began stroking my labia under the water and sighed, "You promised, baby, remember? It's been so long since you filled me up, Dan. I miss you. Do you miss me?"

In the glow of the flickering candlelight I could see a bulge forming in Dan's shorts. He nodded, seemingly hypnotized by my body and my words.

I groaned, "Your sweet wife is so dirty, Dan. I like being dirty, baby. Take me."

Dan's eyes glazed over, he smirked and replied, "I love it when you're dirty, too, baby. But how is your husband supposed to give you his extra special gift when you have your fingers in your pussy, hmm? My gift is so much better than those little fingers."

I giggled, standing up in the tub, feeling the soft bubbles slide down my curves.

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