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Josie falls in love with Mistress Calista.

Stepping back he smiled and said, "I'll take that as a yes." Gently kissing her lips he felt the hunger come from her return. He had to moan, as he slowly reach down squeezing and teasing her nipples that were extremely ripe and ready for him to devour. In time he thought in his mind, that was now whirling as he explored her body, slowly moving down to take first one then the other hard nub into his hot wet mouth.

"Ahhh" came the reaction as she arched against his face.

Suckling and teasing back and forth his hands wanting needing to explore her more, wanting to see exactly just how much she longed for him. He reached down over her stomach reaching farther yet and finding the answer he so hoped was the answer he'd desired, she was soaked. Not wanting her to get any pleasure just yet he only cupped her in his hand. He wanted so bad to slip a finger in and make her scream his name, soon he told himself.

He looked up at her and said, "God you feel so good, I want this to be the best you've ever had, will you let me do anything that I desire?"

She looked at him lust blurring her vision she breathed out, "Do what you must, but please do it soon."

"Oh! Begging already, oh this is going to be a wonderful night for both of us my little vixen!" came his strained reply.

Reaching for the bucket that he had prepared ahead of time, he pulled out a cube of ice and gripped it in his hot hand and let it drip down her hot body.

She writhed under the drips and breathed, "Oh god yes!"

He got close to her ear and barely breathed, "Just wait!" placing a corner of the cube on the very tip of her nipple then waited for the reaction.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she screamed and squirmed under the feel of the ice.

He moved it from one nipple to the other, replacing the ice with his hot mouth as he moved from one to the other sucking hard and flicking his hot tongue across them.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum!" she screamed.

He leaned back and stopped leaving her begging and pleading with him to let her cum. He only looked at her, smiled and shook his head. "Not yet."

"Oh please master!" she begged.

How could he resist, when he himself was on the verge of explosion. An evil lustful look came to his face and he placed an ice cube into his mouth. Holding it as he kissed his way down her belly and over her navel, sticking his tongue into her navel.

"Oh God yes!" she moaned and writhed under his torturous lips.

Not saying a word he spread her lips and devoured her clit with his mouth, placing the ice on it then removing it and flicking with his tongue.

She couldn't believe that her wildest dreams were coming true, moaning and begging for him to fuck her. "Please master! I want to feel you in me, you long hard throbbing erection deep inside me, please!" She cried out.

"In time my darling, in time. I want you to realize just how much I've wanted you and for how long." he spoke to her in a quiet deep voice, she almost couldn't her him through the lust filling her ears.

He continued with her for sometime, she showered his face and even squirted him a few times, which about made him cum right on the spot.

Finally, he could stand it no longer, stopping just short of her oragsm. She groaned until she saw that he was between her legs stroking himself to show her how hard she had made him. She looked up into his eyes and licked her lips. That took his breath away, he so wanted to slide his rod deep into her mouth, but the need to be in her pussy far out

weighed that desire. Placing just the tip at her opening he slide in and out slowly, teasing her. She arched and ground her hips in an upward motion toward him begging him to take her, that he'd fit and they were meant to be.

"Two become one" she whispered.

Looking deep into her crystal blue eyes he understood what she said and thrust deep into her very wet, hot waiting pussy.

"Mmm you feel just right master!" she moaned.

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