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Opinionated girl pushes teachers buttons.

My voice takes on that come-fuck-me tone.

12:45 p.m.: "I love killin' you this way...and just so you know, my hands have wandered."

I think I'll run out to the store - we're definitely not going out tonight. I buy the ingredients to make beef stew, some fresh bread and the coffee ice cream you adore and head for home. I slide the stew into the oven a little before 2:00, setting the temperature very low so that it will cook slowly for hours. Time for another voicemail, I think.

2 p.m.: "My nipples are so hard, baby...I'm wishin' it was your hands on them instead of mine. Actually, I'm wishin' it was your mouth."

2:30 p.m.: "I'm guessin' your cock is hard right now and you're tryin' to hide it." I grin, knowing that one is so true.

Another text arrives on my phone: "im rock hard u bad grl."

Okay, I admit, this is really fun and I'm not even thinking about doing any work today. I'm thinking about how to welcome you home. So, I leave you a couple more voicemails.

3:45 p.m.: "Come home, love. You won't have to hide that rock hard dick anymore."

4:15 p.m.: "I'm soooo fuckin' horny, baby, thinkin' about your cock. And I'm tryin' to be good, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out."

Time for a shower. I'm arranging myself on the bed when I hear your key in the lock. You're early. I smile.

The aroma of the stew is the first thing you notice. "I'm home," you call out. "But hunny, I thought we were going out to dinner..." You stop still in the doorway to the bedroom when you see me. I am leaning back against the headboard wearing panties and a fitted tank top that shows the outline of my breasts and nipples. My knees are propped up, my hands dangling between my legs.

"Hiiii love, I am SO glad to see you," I say as I slowly move my hands away to reveal the very wet crotch of my panties. You're staring at the wetness and your jeans are oh-so-tight around the bulge in your crotch. Exactly the response I want.

I smile and say, "Come here." You walk over to stand by the side of the bed. My hands reach out to unbutton your jeans, but you stop them with your own hands.

"Noooo, you don't get to do that yet. Not after the way you made me crazy all day," you tell me. Your voice is rough, the way it always is when your dick is hard and needing relief.

You lower your lips to mine, your mouth warm and open as your tongue finds mine. I drink in your kiss, gasping a little when your fingers push my panties to the side and run up and down my wet slit.

You plunge two fingers into my throbbing hole. You know exactly how to finger fuck me, curling your fingers in that certain way inside me, making me buck against your hand. You brush my clit with your thumb, nearly sending me over the edge.

I open my legs wider, knowing you can feel and smell my heat and wetness. You suddenly slide your fingers out of me, rip the crotch of my panties and slide your tongue into me. I am helpless under your magical mouth, my hands on your head, pushing up against you. I feel the spasms start and I can't stop them.

"Oh goddddd, love, I'm cumming," I moan. But it's not like you don't already know it. I feel your lips curve into a smile against my hot, wet, trembling cunt. I cum in waves against your face, coating it with my juices.

I finally come down from the high. You are still standing next to the bed, but your hand's inside your jeans, stroking your cock. There's a wet spot where your dick is leaking pre-cum. I need to touch it, taste it.

Sitting up, I undo the buttons on your fly slowly, watching your hand inside your boxer briefs. You can't get your shirt off fast enough. I reach up to caress your chest and stomach with my hands.

"Let's get the rest of your clothes off," I say, pulling your jeans and briefs down in one motion. You step out of them, and your cock is right in front of me, hard and pulsing.

You close your eyes when I ask you to, and I reach for the little bottle of flavored lube I've kept nearby.

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