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He tantalizes her in her fantasy.

I'll do whatever I have to in order to get it. Is there anything I can do to change your mind?" His response was to run his hands over her legs and ass.

He asked, "Do you really mean ANYTHING?" Marcy responded by grabbing his cock through his pants.

Mr. Gibson plopped her onto his desk and continued to run his hands over her legs. Marcy had picked up the cues correctly. He had a thing for her legs. His hands never left them and they were soon joined by his tongue. He licked up and down her legs, over the top of her hose. He pushed her legs up so he could run his tongue over the high heels. He groaned with pleasure. Marcy looked to his crotch and saw the bulge in his pants. He was getting very turned on just touching her legs. She wondered what he'd do if she sucked his cock.

Marcy lifted her ass up slightly and slid her skirt up. When he saw that what she was wearing were thigh highs and not full pantyhose, he dropped his mouth to the small patch of skin that was left exposed. His tongue felt so good on her skin. She squirmed a little bit as he continued to use his tongue and hands on her legs. His hands occasionally ventured further up, grazing her pussy. Each time he did, she bucked slightly. She wanted his fingers on her clit. She knew he was excited, so why didn't he just touch her already?

Mr. Gibson slipped one of her shoes off and began sucking on her toes. She never realized how exciting that could be. It was almost as good as him touching her. She felt his hot, most mouth through the hose as his tongue worked her toes just as if they were her clit. She was damn near cumming. She begged him to touch her clit. He stood her up and slid the tiny pair of panties down her legs, stroking them as he did. His face was right near her pussy. She wanted his tongue on her and deep inside her. He brought his hands up and started fingering her. She arched into him and threw her head back. She finally felt that touch. He worked her well until she was near the brink, then he withdrew his fingers. Marcy groaned in agony. She wanted more. Mr. Gibson plopped her back onto the desk then attacked her pussy with his tongue. Oh, she was in ecstasy. He expertly tongued her clit until she thought she was going to come, then he would thrust his tongue deep into her hole.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his head, pressing her thighs against his cheeks. The feeling of the hose on his face excited him more. He gave in and licked her to her orgasm. Her juices dripped down his face as he tried to lick her. She bucked and groaned with pleasure, pressing hard against his mouth.

When he finished her looked at his watch.

"Oh shit," he exclaimed. "I have a meeting in just a few minutes, but I'm not done with you yet. Are you still willing to do anything to get the job?" he asked.

Her pussy still tingling, she replied, "Whatever you want."

Mr. Gibson explained that he would have a client coming in at any moment. He wanted Marcy to get under his desk and give him a blow job during the meeting. It was her job to be discreet so the client didn't know what was going on. He said this would add to his excitement. Marcy was no sooner kneeling under the desk than the client, Mr. Lewis, came in.

Mr. Gibson stood and shook his hand, taking care to hide his throbbing cock pressing against his pants. Once he sat down again, Marcy quietly undid his belt and slowly lowered his zipper, stopping every inch or so to see if there was any indication that Mr. Lewis had heard. The two men continued chatting, so she freed his cock from his pants. She was pleasantly surprised with what she saw. He was about average size, but slightly thicker. She was going to enjoy sucking his cock.

Marcy slowly lowered her mouth taking in inch by inch.

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