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A mildly amusing story of female-female spanking.

The ones whose meekness and devotion to God and Christ were unnerving to the sisters: those, they left alone.

Her skin was amazingly smooth. Her lips amazingly soft. Her eyes amazingly honest. Her breasts amazingly ripe, her ass the same, her vagina... He left his thoughts there.

Without realizing, he had reached down to grip her head in his hands and was by now slamming his hips against her lips, silently. His cock was so swollen, it was a wonder that he had not spilled every ounce of his life's seed down her throat. In the ten years he had been a priest, he had adopted a discipline of iron. Perhaps that was it, he mused.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to stand. Quick to obey, she was on her feet and when he commanded that she disrobe him, she did not hesitate. By now she must know, he thought.

And she did. Ashley knew what was happening but she had lived a virgin until now. She had kept her body a temple for God and in her mind it was just as well to offer her temple to a man of God here on earth. Father took her to the altar and she guessed he wasn't expecting anyone around this time.

She glanced at his manhood and noted how rigid it appeared. She knew it felt as hard as any rock she had experienced. At the altar, he pulled her shirt open, disregarding the buttons, a few of them popping off. She could hear them rattling across the floor. Next, he jerked up her bra to free her breasts. He sighed and closed his eyes, as if in pain. She reached out to comfort him but before she could touch his face, he slapped her hand away. His eyes opened and he pinned her with that gaze.

His hands lifted to her breasts. He tugged on the nipples, began to twist the nipples, was soon mashing her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She kept her eyes on him, watching how his lips stretched into a grin of pleasure as her own twisted into a grimace of pain and soon salted with tears.

He hitched up the plain black skirt she wore around her waist and pushed her panties down so that they fell around her ankles before she could protest.

Aaron had heard her whimpered 'No, please' but he thought it was because she was understanding and not ready. Jesus looked down on them both as the father reached between the lips of her smooth cunt to test the hot liquid clinging to her flesh.

Blood. It should not have aroused him further but it did. By all rights, it should have stayed his hand. Stopped his fevered brain, killed his destructive quest. Any other man, priest or not would have had mercy, but Aaron was pushed beyond limits. He and Jesus stared at the tips of his fingers.

Ashley cried silently. She was so embarrassed. She had been suffering with pains all day, how could she have forgotten? Such an idiot, she should have remembered and warned Father.

"I am so sorry, Father. I want to please you and God. I forgot, you see --" She was cut short when his fingers dipped again, three of them this time into that small, hot hole. The small of her back pressed against the heavy table and she used her palms to brace herself against it.

With his free left hand, he pulled her right thigh up around his waist. Replacing his right hand with his cock, he plunged deep into her, yelling Irish obscenities from his younger days that he thought well-stifled. He had both her legs around his waist now as he plunged back and forth inside her, harder and more vicious thrusts each time.

Ashley's head was thrown back. She could feel the head of his manhood pushing against some back wall inside her. Every invasion was more brutal than the last and she prayed deep in her heart for the fullest, heaviest punishment to cleanse her of her sins.

The tips of her breasts pulsed with ecstasy and she could not help but to whimper. She began to believe this was religious ecstasy; nothing had ever felt so wonderful. Such a sweet pain delivered by this man of God.

Aaron's mind was blank of all religious ties as he drove into her tight body.

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