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Too late to tell the truth to her friend?

When she finally did explode into her orgasm she gripped the back of his head tightly and pulled him into her body. Her hips shook and his face was coated in a fresh layer of her juices as she cried out.

He lingered between her legs for a long while after she came and she moaned contentedly. Ron probably would have stayed there for a long while more except for the knock at their door.

"Housekeeping," the muffled voice called through the door.

"Shit," Nancy said as she rose off the bed and hurriedly wrapped the sheet around her body. Before she even got to the door the maid had keyed it open and stepped inside.

"Oh!" the maid gasped, "I am so sorry!"

"It's OK," Nancy replied in a calming voice that seemed to let the maid regain herself. "We'll probably be leaving in about an hour. Can you return then?"

"Yes ma'am," the maid replied before adding, "enjoy your morning." It almost looked as if she didn't really want to say that last part and she looked a little embarrassed once she did say it. However, it was clear that she knew she had caught them fucking and wasn't quite sure how to react.

"That was odd," Ron commented after his mom shut the door and began walking back to the bed. She smiled at him and he added, "I guess she'll have a good story for the girls after work tonight."

Nancy let the sheet fall away from her and crawled into her son's waiting arms. "If she only knew," Nancy said as they both laughed and shared a long kiss.

They remained in bed kissing and holding each other for a while before Nancy suggested they get cleaned up and get something to eat. "Do you want the first turn or should I go first?" she asked casually.

Ron caressed her ass and replied wickedly, "I was hoping my mommy would give me a bath."

Nancy moaned excitedly and they kissed wildly before rising and walking together to the bathroom. Once there they quickly decided to try a shower instead as the tub was barely big enough for one let alone two. They adjusted the water and both stepped inside the curtain.

They took turns lavishly washing each other's hair and bodies. Ron lingered over her tits and at her pussy and ass. She too seemed to spend more time on his ass and cock than otherwise but when he tried to kiss her and become more intense she stopped him and whispered, "Save some for later. Let's just be together now."

They stayed together softly kissing and touching each other under the warm water for a while longer. They toweled off together and then each got dressed. On their way down the hallway they again met up with the maid. "We're out now, so you can get back to our room whenever you want," Nancy said. The maid didn't reply but her embarrassed smile showed that she was thinking about the secret she shared with Nancy and Ron. "If she only knew," Ron thought to himself as they stepped into the elevator.

Nancy took Ron out shopping and told him to pick out something for himself as a birthday present. He leaned close to her and whispered, "You've already given me what I wanted the most."

She smiled and excitement danced through her eyes. Ron had to resist the urge to embrace her in a deep kiss right there. As remote as the chances were he was afraid someone who knew them as mother and son would see them.

The rest of the afternoon and evening passed fairly quickly as they shopped and generally just hung out. Despite Ron's protests Nancy took him to a nice restaurant for his birthday. All he wanted was to go back to the hotel and fuck and she knew it. "Patience is a virtue, my son," she teased in response to the wanting in his eyes.

Dinner was torture for Ron as Nancy's subtle touches on his legs under the table were driving him wild. The restaurant had long table clothes and they perfectly concealed her feet as she started to run them up and down his lower legs. She loved watching him squirm and struggle to remain composed as she teased him.

He had to walk carefully to conceal his hard cock on the way to the car and

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