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The participants have a moment of reprieve or do they?

With one hand, Charles unsnapped my brassiere. This proved to me that Charles had both talent and strong fingers as other men either needed two hands or tried to rip my good lingerie off. Charles held me close so my breasts touched his chest. I felt a surge of excitement at the intimate touch of my womanly pride against his manly, hairy chest. Charles caressed one breast on the side and then the other, raising my excitement and the moisture content of my panties. Charles then alternately kissed each erect nipple. I thought my orgasm would surely be triggered by Charles tongue as it glided sensuously around and over the tips of my breasts but he suddenly stopped.

"Woman, I want you now. I want you to shag me the same way you did last night."

"No, Charles. You must take me this time. This Chinese woman is all yours to do with what you want. I want you to have me your way. I must have your big white willie thrusting between my yellow thighs again. Don't stop Charles. I made your willie work last night and this time you'll make it work all by yourself. Yes, fuck me, Charles. Fuck me."

"Fuck" is not exactly one of the words we learned in English classes in Hong Kong Schools but my mind couldn't think of anything else to say. Charles unzipped my skirt and scooped me up in his arms as if I were a sack of rice. To tell you the truth, Mei-Ling I was so consumed by desire for that huge willie between my legs that I had as much life in me as a bag of rice. Charles placed me gently on the bed clad only in my panties. Despite my professional clothes, I had taken care to wear my "therapy" lingerie underneath. I must have been a sexy sight with my erect breasts and skimpy thong panties hiding Charles' objective. Charles quickly undressed. His willie hadn't lost a millimeter overnight and it stood out straight from his body. Charles took a condom from the drawer by the bed.

"No Charles. Leave it there. I want you to experience how I really feel inside, the real feeling of a Chinese woman. I want to feel you and to feel your seed inside me."

Charles didn't argue with his doctor. He knelt on the bed and slowly removed my panties. His eyes opened wide as my wetness followed the crotch of the panties down the inner part of my thighs. Charles spread my legs apart and inexpertly tried to push that huge willie past my tight lips. Well, why should I have expected Charles to be an expert? He had only gotten past this point with a woman once in his life and I had done all the work. I reached down and took Charles willie with one hand. I thought I had grabbed the handle on a cricket bat. It was that thick and just as hard. With my other hand, I parted my outer and inner lips and rubbed the throbbing head of Charles' willie up and down from my vagina to my clitoris.

I could feel an orgasm building so I stopped. It would do Charles no good in building up his confidence if we both came at this point. I brought up my legs and placed the tip of his willie at the entrance to my vagina. Since Charles wasn't using a condom, I had to make him last but I also had to tell Charles what to do without sounding like a white bitch.

"Feed me that big white willie of yours slowly, Charles. You will feel the inside of me better, you'll last longer and you won't hurt me. Be careful of me, my Giant."

Charles pushed his bulging tip past my entrance and I felt my insides being deliciously spread apart in the same way as the previous night.

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